Thursday, May 30, 2024

Tourism Ministry PS refutes claims of Salary Delays


Ministry of Tourism and Arts Permanent Secretary Howard Sikwela
Ministry of Tourism and Arts Permanent Secretary Howard Sikwela

Ministry of Tourism and Arts Permanent Secretary Howard Sikwela has refuted reports that two statutory bodies of his Ministry are not up to date with salaries.

Speaking at his office this morning, Reverend Sikwela said the National Heritage Conservation Commission has had their salaries paid and are up to date as opposed to the impression created by unions and published in some sections of the media.

Reverend Sikwela said the only individual institution that is behind in terms of salaries is the National Museums Board.

He said statutory bodies under his Ministry that want to depend entirely on Government funding to pay workers’ wages should pull up their socks before he is left with no choice but to recommend that they are converted into departments.

Mr. Sikwela said the controlling officer also called on media houses to verify all information with relevant line Ministries and other relevant authorities for accuracy of stories before they publish them.


  1. Salaries for Civil Servants have never been delayed since His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu the visionary became president of Zambia

    • But National Museum Board is also under Ministry of Tourism…..what is this man saying i don’t get it????….so its true Salaries are not up to date

    • Almost every institution is struggling with salaries in Zambia…mines, private companies etc….when its month end HR departments start sweating….chibe paka paka and thats not a good sign….if you supply something forget about getting paid

    • Obviously you live on another planet and not Zambia to acknowledge that this government continues to breach it\s contract obligations to pay civil servants salaries salaries on time. People needs to band together and sue this government from time to time. Certain individuals will wise up. Very irresponsible government!

  2. Yes,his Exellency the great leader of this great nation and Commander in Chief Edgar Chagwa Lungu`s Government is not in the habit of delaying salaries of civil servants,this mis-information is the work of the opposition who are bitter that the PF government is delivering on all it`s promises,as we speak civil servants have started getting their march salaries.

  3. Now he is even threatening statutory boards not to depend on government for salaries kikikikikikikikikiki….whoever is drilling this ship must park it somewhere nseluke, i think nafika ine

  4. He is an exited lot. The only choice he should remain with is ensuring that he advises the government to pay its workers on time and not trying to scare statutory bodies to be ‘demoted’.

  5. Statutory bodies are part of government often offering a specialized service and are not profit making so where are salaries suppose to come from?

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