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An Alliance of Forgery, Deceit and Foul Language

Columns An Alliance of Forgery, Deceit and Foul Language

By Sunday Chilufya Chanda

Just what is going on in the UPND Opposition Alliance?

Firstly it has emerged that Sean Tembo the UPND alliance chairman in charge of finance cheated the Botswana government out of Hundreds of Thousands of Botswana Pula, as a result of a data collection report he forged and falsified. He went, he deceived and fled with the money! With such a person in charge of the “alliance” kitty, what hope is there for the UPND “alliance”?

And now Garry Nkombo presented a forged letter before the house with intent to

Nkombo produced before the floor of Parliament, a forged letter allegedly confirming a payment of K3 million in favour of Patriotic Front Secretary General Hon Davies Mwila, which was purported to have been written by ZESCO.

ZESCO Ltd , in their response established that the said letter was forged, and malicious.
Infact,everything about the purported letter was fake including the letterhead, the tag line, type of paper and the signature.

The UPND alliance and its leader are specialists in all that is fake- they cannot be trusted with anything-especially state craft. Even the smiles they show one another are forgeries. The truth is that they don’t trust each other because each knows how fake the other is.

Is it a coincidence that the Late President Mwanawasa in his memoirs refers to UPND leader Mr Hakainde Hichilema as a person who cannot be trusted, labelling him as “Liar and a Cheat”? (A Deceiver!)

Is it a coincident that the bulk of online fake news is sympathetic to Mr Hakainde Hichilema, UPND and his alliance “partners”?

How come Mr Hichilema and his “alliance partners” have never condemned fake news?

How many times Zambia has witnessed numerous pieces of UPND “Black propaganda” — where they fabricate false information and malicious materials that purportedly come from a source in government, government agency, or the ruling party; yet it comes from them.

What do you call an association of vulgar tricksters, liars and smooth talking conmen? The UPND opposition alliance!

They are truly an “aLying-ance”!

The Author is PF Media Director

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  1. You are not good either with the mansions in Swaziland and your br0ther with taken donor funds which disgraced Zambian as a nation internationally.

      Sons and daughters of the devil. Conniving Demons. Characters working in cahoots with the chilling remnants of hell bound spooky creatures.
      The devil is the father of lies, therefore, those are symptomatic manifestations of the devil’s maneuvers. The evil league of digruntled citizens.

    • There is football today.
      Why this idyot childish thing on website. How much did it pay you which we can’t match?

    • And the humble angels in pf lied to kabwe residents on the opening of mulungushi textiles even deadNBC has footage of the humble commissioner of recommissioning projects commissioning start of production.

    • …..and how do you describe the Alliance between PF and the so called corrupt party MMD ??? You cannot even argue against me because the core basis you campaigned against MMD is that they were totally corrupt.

    • So if one member of the family is caught on the wrong side of society so is the whole family?

      According to the the person who is attributed to have authoring this story, yes!

      So if your brother is a thief, so are you. I read something about a thief who stole from Zampost; it was said he was a brother to the person who is attesting to this kind of reasoning.
      So it goes without saying then that it would fair to say he is also a crooked thief.

  2. You are not good either with the mansions in Swaziland and your br0ther taking donor funds which disgraced Zambian as a nation internationally.The I million dollar fire tenders is not a good story either and should never go away anytime soon till someone gets to court for it .

  3. “An association of vulgar tricksters, liars and smooth talking conmen”

    That’s Akainde and the UPND dogs.

  4. There goes the devils advocate from a party of thieves,kaponya’s and drunks,what a combination dull as they come…. PFoools ba pompwe imwe

  5. Remember kki air port,nrdc,znbc,zafico,state house,letter from zesco,bani bela ma vote,hh will be in state hse in december 2016,in the bush for 6hrs in Sesheke,bafuna ku ni paya,no maize in zambia,when we form govt in 2011,2014,2016 now 2021.Ku beja kwala kwala,its like ba sulila mwiida ba sankwa aba!

    • We remember the bwengwa kidnapping of PF by highly trained UPND comandos also the GBM training UPND militia to attack ZDF using golf clubs and catapults…inyatsi mansions , mukula moving in the dead of night when others are sleeping, $4 million toll gate, 42/42 And the convict fraudsters wife using $1 million of tax payers money to view 2nd hand fire trucks worth $50k …….

      By the way chanda , when are those 2nd hand fire trucks arriving ?? I don’t think they will arrive …..

  6. We ask chanda when are the 2nd hand fire trucks the first lady spent close to $1 million arriving ?????

    We ask chanda this because it was him showing off her certificates of archivments she was collecting that will benefit not one Zambian…

  7. So this is news, politicians pointing fingers surwa. The letters you allocate to this nonsense Lusaka times is very unproductive. Please report real issues, issues that are affecting the people, the land and the future. Ten years from now will the two criminals in upnd be relevant ? Most of us dnt care about these business politicians.

  8. Double H is not good for the Zambians but good for the du11est Bantu Botatwe who cannot read between the lines. Zambians see how f00lish your self acclaimed 2021 president. An 1d10t 1ndeed

  9. Just die in peace, stop this you sh!t, you are a batch of liars too and thieves. We have eyes remember that

  10. PF why didn’t you allow the petition to go ahead?? So that the chairman of ECZ could have explained what happened.We still have a clip where results were announced., someone got votes more than registered voters;PF Liars as Hon Mweetwa would say

  11. Do these PF thugs know that they are in government? Why should you focus on attacking the opposition but neglect to govern? You are failing to pay salaries, you are failing to manage the economy; how is that the opposition’s fault? Sunday Chanda, if you are allergic to stealing, begin at home and tell us how your blood brother squandered poor people’s money at ZamPost. Tell us about what PF has done with the Eurobonds, tell us about the $1million substandard fire engines, tell us about the $400,000 ambulances, tell us about the solar milling plants that failed to lower the price of mealie meal, tell us about the logic of buying a $70 million jet when you are failing to pay $14 million for a bridge. Mulekwatako insoni ba Sunday Chanda!!!

  12. Chanda, confirm Lungu has another wife who has just given birth to a baby boy fathered by Lungu. Frequenting South Africa when in fact living with a wife in Swaziland, abdicating presidential duties.

  13. PF must concentrate on governance instead of insulting opposition day in and day out let us practice politics of civilization.The prime mister May,rarely or her spokes person talk of opposition we know PF has failed to govern call early elections so that others can govern

  14. How are u at the PS Secretariat who sure fought and we’re appointed and left at the Secretariat? only the Secretary General , Deputy Sec. Gen. and a Mr Yamba plus the Secretary to the Secretary General.The rest of you were away and name calling ad giving the late President Sata (mhsrip) constable , Chimbwi no Plan etc.Today you are on top of your voices singing songs of praise to the PS. You don’t even know the platoon which baked the cake you are sharing leaving behind people who fought for the freedom of the Party.Shame.

  15. Why does PF have low calibre left, right, centre, top, bottom? Is this director material? Napo bali ati nalishiba ukulemba ichisungu. Really pathetic. Hope your thieving PF has some money left to pay GRZ workers next week.

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