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Opposition Alliance disgusted with the arrest of Sean Tembo

Headlines Opposition Alliance disgusted with the arrest of Sean Tembo

The Opposition Alliance Members
The Opposition Alliance Members

The Opposition Alliance has lamented the detaining in police custody of its chairperson of media Sean Tembo for two days without giving him any charge.

Chairperson Charles Milupi says his Alliance is disgusted that the Police has arrested and detained Mr. Tembo for such number of days when they have not determined what kind of charge to slap him with.

Speaking when the Alliance gave solidarity to Mr. Tembo at Lusaka Central Police where he has been warned and cautioned, Mr. Milupi reminded the Zambia Police that Mr. Tembo is a citizen of Zambia.

Mr. Milupi, who is also ADD president, states that the Zambian constitution is very clear that no citizen must be arrested and detained before thorough investigation is done.

He states that the Opposition Alliance is now wondering why Mr. Tembo who is Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) leader, is still detained while the Police are continuing with their investigations.

And opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has observed the need for Zambia, a Country that calls itself democratic, to respect the rule of law.

Mr. Hichilema says the arrest and detaining of Mr. Tembo without charging him with anything is a clear demonstration of the breakdown of rule of law in the Country.

He states that the correct thing the Police should have done as opposed to picking him up like an armed robber from his home, was to send Mr. Tembo a call-out to appear for questioning.

Mr. Hichilema says it is unconstitutional for the Zambia Police to detain a suspect beyond 24 hours without charging him with an offense.

Others Opposition Alliance leaders that were present at the police station to give Mr. Tembo solidarity were NDC consultant Chishimba Kambwili and NAREP president Elias Chipimo.

Mr. Tembo is reported to have been arrested for allegedly defaming President Edgar Lungu.


  1. He is just reaping the rewards of his stupidity. He is going to rot alone while you hh who was sending him to defame the President is enjoying your rights outside.

    • Let him rot in the cells the people who sent him to insult the president are enjoying T-bone and oxtail from Zambeef. By the way , is he still on hunger strike?

    • Mental illness is a disease just like flu.

      If you are seen sneazing and coughing a lot, well wishers can ask you to seek treatment.

      I mean who in their right mind would arrest well wishers? On this matter, Sean Tembo rests his case.

    • If the opposition are serious they should not just talk. Why not hire a lawyer to challenge this “illegal”detention of this Mr.Tembo? What solidarity? If you believe in what you are saying bo Milupi tomorow morning we want to see your lawyers lodge in urgent application at Lusaka High Court to challenge this “ïllegal “detention. ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS.!!!

    • Fake sympathy….if you have a good heart why don’t you work with the ruling party PF to help develop Zambia….instead you’re busy prophesizing doom and misery on the people of Zambia….and you praying for violence

    • What the constitution needed to state was the number of hours any person can be detained by the police without being charged. Here in South Africa the pombos are not allowed to detain anyone for more than 48 hours without a charge. Otherwise he can sue them.
      Elyo defamation of the president should not be a criminal offence in a democracy. The president is not a God

  2. Whatever Sean Tembo said about Edgar best describes these opposition leaders. The solidarity of dimwits, even the Buju are also the same. How do we expect the country to move forward with such kind of thinking? So Milupi thinks insulting or saying something derogatory about your political opponent is democracy? If Sean were arrested for voicing out against the Chamber of Mines whose members want to continue to buy electricity at a tariff that isn’t cost reflective, I could have stood with him, not those things he said

  3. But even if it is democracy it does not mean insulting the head of state with impunity ..no guys. Let us learn to respect the head of state for we will lose nothing by doing so.

    • Calm down please.

      Mental patients are people with an illness that can be treated. It is refusing the obvious and refusing treatment that causes problems.

      If Tembo had claimed Lungu had HIV, all Lungu would have to do is go for a test and publish results.

      Suggesting that someone might be sick based on observation is not a criminal offence.

      Lungu’s behaviour is erratic at best. The decisions he has made are not that of someone thinking straight. He has thugs as ministers, some of whom Sata fired.

      Let us learn to be fair, and stop creating small gods like Lungu. Zambia is bigger than Lungu.

  4. These foo.ls called opposition alliance, all of them are d.ull. they have even failed to differentiate between the president and the office of the president. So you think you can just wake up and start insulting. Lock up that foo.l

    • The oppoption is weak.

      The government is corrupt and full of thieves.

      Dear Lord, who will save Zambia?

  5. Go and get the head of the drunk who pees him self examined, you will find it is critically short of functioning brain cells, they are all damaged with the alcohol that he drinks to extent where it becomes abuse. PFoools is a party of dander heads just this ka useless drunk ka president useless moron of the highest order

  6. Change the law on defamation of the president. It doesn’t matter who’s the president you will be arrested if you commit the offense.

    • That is what opposition MPs should be pushing for. Unfortunately they will be in parliament for flimsy insignifcant bills. Whe n serious bills come up for discussion they troop out to the bar for jin?& Tonic.

  7. The opposition in Zambia like one very important thing please learn to say this is wrong when it is due. Even in your homes you can not allow your children to insult you in the name democracy or human right are you thinking with heads or your stomach. WHEN SOMETHING IS WRONG IT IS WRONG NO TWO WAYS

  8. We said that this Tembo thing he’s inviting trouble for himself.He kept on abusing his political rights by deliberately insulting the Head of state.
    HH write to pressure groups to intervene as you did for prime tv spending sleepless nights knocking door to door seeking for help from both foreign and local organizations.

  9. @nora 1.5 you are right. if the opposition are serious they should adopt a strategy of hiring lawyers to challenge all illegal detentions If you look at South African opposition they are good at this. They always have a lawyer ready to challenge ruling party’s illegal actions

  10. So your occupation is posting insults from morning up to to sunset. Lt should close the window for comments because its being abused.

  11. Normally I wouldn’t comment’ but lmao compelled to do so now.
    You compatriots in the alliance you have now completely lost it. Honestly even if its democracy of speech, you can just work every day, but insult the Predident. Surely even if you don’t like the incumbent, please give us a break. Focus on policy issues and what you are going to deliver to the Zambian people. You are behaving like first year Unza students. You have definitely lost my Vote, unless you change tactics.

    • I agree. you don’t need to add insults to make impact. watch bbc. cnn. they don’t insult like zwd

      Some people are very constructive with good comments. only problem is insults

  12. The strategy of provoking those in Govnt then seek public sympathy will never win this useless alliance any election in Zambia.Democracy is not about insulting the president.Sean Tembo is simply getting what he asked for.If anything,he must be sent to jail so that other fo0ls in this alliance can learn a lesson!!HH must know that ECL is our president until we vote again in 2021,so let him focus on policy issues-explaining to Zambians how he will improve our economy if voted into office.Mr Michael Sata focused on policy issues and Zambians saw sense in him,hence voting for Sata’s PF in 2011.IT IS DAMN HARD FOR ZAMBIANS TO SEE SENSE IN HH AND HIS USELESS ALLIANCE FRIENDS WAYS OF DOING POLITICS!!!Hope these alliance leaders saw the PF’s MAMMOTH RALLY IN KAFUE YESTERDAY-kkkkkk….there is…

  13. What Sean Tembo said is true, how do you waste money like that? The trip of Esther to the US, the jet, the unnecessary trips around the Country and outside, the expenditure is such a waste just total madness . No consideration of important needs visa vi the purse, just spending without thinking

    • That aeroplane is the same type. Even previously between Mwanawasa or Chiluba the old one was sent to Canada if I remember correctly and a new one delivered. Please note, it’s not Lungu’s aeroplane it’s the presidential plane.


    • By laws of Zambia if you insult or threaten another person ( not just the Republican presid) you can be imprisoned to a term not exceeding 3 years or fined. The gentlemen in the alliance should consult their lawyers on this. Even if Lungu is not God but like any other citizen he is entitled to protection against insults.

  15. “And opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema said if Zambia is a democracy there’s need to uphold the rule of law. …” So insulting other people is upholding the rule of law? Then this man has funny way of understanding the rule of law.

    • If somebody says I suspect person A has this problem/illness for the following reasons. Where is the insult?

  16. Today you insult the president and tomorrow you are at his mercy like the
    Other colleague. So criticise with respect.

  17. Lungu has right to protection ? W. hat about the protection of our national money? If Lungu is senseless in his spending of the taxpayers money who is going to protect if not citizens like Shown Tembo

  18. What Tembo is saying is that look guys I have seen something peculiar here which is strange and he has given reasons. It is now upto those responsible whether to respond to one of the concerns from a Citizen by doing what needs to be done. Definitely an arrest is not on the equation. Afterall the suspect was very clear that he was just suspecting.

  19. These PF chaps who have lamentably failed are just typing things that don’t help. I think Galileo was found innocent by the Roman catholic church long after his death. Do these people know what an insult is? What Sean Tembo said to Sunday Chanda is definitely an insult but what he said about other people is just an opinion and can NEVER be termed an insult on any give day. Mumvesesa?

  20. You can’t understand the trib.als, they stand for nothing but noise and bullyshiit. And in the end they achieve nothing jail time for thise who cannot afford lawyers. Trib.al Hacks will never hire a a lawyer for this nsenga fo.ol. Is he not aware that trib.al Hacks is known to hate nsengas? Not said by me but chief trib.al himself!

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