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Zambia to make it difficult for foreigners to own land

Economy Zambia to make it difficult for foreigners to own land

Minister of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Jean Kapata
Minister of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Jean Kapata

Lands and Natural Resources Minister Jean Kapata says government is in the process of formulating the national land policy which will make it difficult for foreigners to own land.

Ms Kapata says government wants to give land ownership to Zambians.

Ms Kapata said there is a tendency by foreigners who come in the name of investment, acquire huge chunks of land ,then demarcate it and start re-selling to Zambian.

She said with this policy, land will only be given to investors for a specific project period after which the land is repossessed.

And Ms Kapata disclosed that government has started the Moringa planting projects in Central and Luapula Province.

She said the Ministry through the women empowerment initiative has planted Moringa seedlings to be given to out growers.

Ms Kapata said the idea behind is that government wants to help people to adopt the culture of growing drought resistant but high value crops.

She was speaking when Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Li Jie paid a courtesy call on her at the Ministry of Lands.

And Ambassador Li said China will continue supporting efforts the country is making in fighting climate change.

He said as Zambia continues to grow economically, China will be there to offer support so that lives of Zambians can be improved.


  1. But what will happen to those that already own land and with titles..?
    Most Zambians sell land to foreigners bcos of poverty.

    • They should reverse it, Zambian land is for Zambians. I have never heard of any Zambian owning land in China and farms in these western countries. Why here? I support Mugabe on this one.

    • It’s the case of closing stable doors after the horse has escaped. We’ve been singing this song for a long time but now after all prime land is in the hands of Chinese, ati we’ll make it difficult for them. Mxxxxm!!!

      PF will go down as the worst Govt to reverse our independence gains, our HIPC debt-freedom gains, our media-freedom, freedom of speech gains, etc. Their ending & downfall will be painful.

    • Too late. indians own the whole lusaka CBD. chinese own 90% farming and mining regions. This woman is urgly she should have been UPND

    • You can’t succeed in making it hard for foreigners to own land in Zambia, without making it hard for foreigners to become Zambian citizens at the same time. You have to do both at the same time. Because as soon as you announce the policy, more and more foreigners will scramble to acquire Zambian citizenship at any cost, including through corruption. In other words, stop giving citizenship to foreigners anyhow. You can even make it that foreigners can only become Permanent Residents and not citizens. That’s how they do it in China. It’s virtually impossible to become a citizen in China, even if you’re married to a Chinese citizen. But in Zambia you give citizenship to foreigners for free. You need to stop it. Secondly, foreigners will start using native Zambians to buy land on…

    • … their behalf, to circumvent this law. So make sure that you make it a crime for any native Zambian to buy land on behalf of foreigners. Thirdly, you’ll see marriages between foreigners and native Zambians spike, so the foreigners can use their Zambian partners to buy land for them. This will prove hard to prevent, but one way is to limit the land size that even a Zambian can acquire. Any Zambian wanting to buy acres and acres of land, should be heavily scrutinized to make sure they’re not buying the land on behalf of foreigners, including their partners in their sham marriage. So this is a great idea you’ve come up with. Because if you don’t control land ownership in Zambia, most of the land will be owned by foreigners and native Zambians will become landless in their own…

    • Ba Kapata,
      That would only be achieved if you and your colleagues stopped your corrupted behavior. Have you stopped accepting bribes?

  2. Cheap talk. After you have given huge tracts of land to the Chinese and other foreigners? After you have lined you pockets through corrupt deals? You have already sold our country to foreigners.

  3. Ubupuba ba minister. After selling 90% of good land to foreigners and benefit from it and then talk nonsense. YOU have been in power for 2 terms and you have done absolutely nothing about this

  4. In a global village such policies are not good. Just fix the leakages you may end up creating problems for legit businesses. You can reduce the lease years and have a no sale period etc

  5. The land problem that Zambia is facing now is because of experimental leadership in the name of FJT Chiluba. His poor thinking that Zambia will become a paradise if investors come and invest in the economy was misguided. Tis unfortunately is the thinking of double H and his cattle.

  6. After selling the country to foreigners now they want to BLINDFOLD US with useless cosmetic policies!! After chopping and smuggling all Mukula trees they now bring moringa planting with a foresight on how to restore the ecosystem with original indigenous trees!! We SHOULD EFFECTIVELY DUNUNA THESE CHAPS IN 2021 AND AFTER,TO RESTORE SANITY IN OUR MOTHERLAND!!

  7. This is not something you publicly announce that we are going to make it difficult for foreigners to own land, what you do is go behind closed doors and change regulations and most importantly enforce the new regulations. Now all foreigners have got a headstart on becoming zambians… Rather than encourage medicinal moringa cultivation, why not encourage land owners to grow food stuffs, remember its poor nutrition and poverty that bring about illnesses and diseases. Remember the paprika craze. People stopped growing food crops and grew paprika, only to find that the paprika buyer had left town. So you guys in authority, watch what programs you support. Lets work on food, you can never produce enough food, congo market is yawning wide open

    • In Zambia’s history, mate! Maybe even in Northern Rhodesia’s governments. Nobody can be less competent than Jean Kapata


  9. The land debate is based on lots of ignorance and Xenophobia.

    Start with basic facts of how many hectares of titled land is held by foreigners and first-generation Zambians of Foreign Origin.

    As for Foreigners, none for sure because the LAW DOES NOT ALLOW. Foreign-owned companies incorporated in Zambia can, however.

  10. Comment:why make it difficult instead of impossible .useless government.i guess it’s time we just give ourselves back to slavery than being sold by our own leaders without benefit.

  11. In Zambia, a foreigner can own land for 10yrs = the same 10yrs one can be a citizen of the country, this is stupidity!

  12. u r just stealing money yo constituency is suffering wth water crisis, pooor road network, gabbages r all over th compound no drainages nothng nothng …. wer ar u takin th money for improving yo constituency? ???? u cnt even build few road in mandevu useless

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