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Don’t undermine Dialogue Bill, Chief Madzimawe urges stakeholders

General News Don’t undermine Dialogue Bill, Chief Madzimawe urges stakeholders

FIRST Lady Esther Lungu with chief Madzimawe of the Ngoni people in Chipata after she paid a courtesy call on him at his palace

Chief Madzimawe of the Ngoni people of Kasenengwa district has appealed to stakeholders not to undermine the Dialogue Bill on the Constitution Amendments saying they should instead offer solutions on how it can be refined.

Chief Madzimawe said in an interview today in at his palace that all stakeholders should support the bill which was recently approved by cabinet to give a legal framework to dialogue ahead of the commencement of the constitution refinement process.

He stated that the church should not take over and run the whole process.

“It is just one of the stakeholders and that it will not be right to give one particular stakeholder to run the whole process. The church is not the only place where we can seek wisdom.” He said.

“Though we appreciate that the church is the most respected institution in the country but what matters most is the people who are driving this institution, you can have a state of the art vehicle or aircraft but if the drivers or the pilots are not serious, I don’t think you can enjoy the machine at hand. So I advise that we give chance to Government which is in the driving seat,” he said.

The traditional leader said there are many wise people in various communities citing retirees and the elderly as some of the wise people who can offer counsel on the process.

He stated that traditional institution form the basis of leadership in the country because traditional leaders are at the grassroot saying they equally want to be considered in the process.

Chief Madzimawe noted that the country appears not to be going forward as it is going back and forth due to some opposition political parties and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) who are in a habit of opposing everything that Government puts of the table.

“They should not oppose just because they want to fight Government, they should offer solutions and support what is right for the sake of unity and peace,” he said.

He said that he expects political parties to behave where those in Government are given the opportunity to work while those in the opposition should offer checks and balances.

Chief Madzimawe said that parliament, which is a representation of the people of Zambia is better placed to consider the bill through its various stages before the bill is enacted.

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  1. Bribed chief’s with little to no understanding just okying the PF,s agenda.Are we a nation of yes men without proper consensus and basic thought.
    Come on chief use your head it’s our children and children’s children to suffer for surrendering common sense to corrupt politicians that have messed up and would like to stay in power for as long as they can just to delay prosecution.

  2. This is not the first chief to elaborate that statement.Two weeks before ,we heard chief from southern province claiming that government should work on bill of rights now and opposition political parties and civil Society leaders should be involved to it.This appeal from traditional leaders is aimed at bringing peace and tranquillity among their subjects.They have noted how politics has divided their subjects and every meaningful leader has to call unity in the country.I think chiefs also should voice their words,its a pity that churches are letdown to humanity.

  3. The chiefs are paid what is wrong with church led dialogue? Government has a hidden agenda and we know it HH will contest in 2021 and dialogue will only take place under the auspicies of the church

  4. The next government should ban Chiefs.The f00ls have always dissapointed,why should a ka chap be considered a vessel of wisdom simply because of who popped him out it is very retrogressive and the tuma 1diots have consistently dissapointed us,apart from abusing their powers to alienate land…

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