A 35 year old Tanzanian national has been crashed to death by a Tanzania Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA) goods train at Nakonde in Muchinga Province while one has suffered multiple body injuries.

Nakonde District Commissioner Filed Simwinga has confirmed the incident to the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Nakonde yesterday.

Mr. Simwinga said that the incident happened around 13:30 hours yesterday when the duo while riding a motor bike were trying to cross the rail line into Chiyanga at the Zambia Tanzania border.

The deceased has been identified as John kandonga while the injured victim has not yet been identified but is also believed to be a Tanzanian national.

An eye witness told ZANIS that the duo while riding on a motor bike failed to stop at a railway crossing despite seeing an approaching train which was also honking.

The eye wittiness added that the rider and his passenger of the motor bike ignored the warning of the train and proceeded to cross the rail line and were hit and dragged for a distance of 150 meters with the motor bike trapped under the train.

The body of deceased is lying at Nakonde district hospital mortuary awaiting post mortmain and repatriation to Tanzania.

Motor bikes in Nakonde are mostly used by cross borders to and fro Tanzania.

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    • That is LT and Zambian journalism for you. They think that their job is just to make noise and you will figure out things for yourself.
      They are talking about an incident on Tazara but the picture they are carrying is for another company altogether.


  3. Condolences to the mourning families. Unfortunately a train cannot be liable for such accidents. The family will have very convincing evidence of neglect by the Railway Authority if they are to get any compensation.


  4. The Citizen published a report that Tanzania Govt is stopping exporting cereal, and junior minister deny that, now why should citizen paper misleading the public? Are they writing their masters scrip? Stop being a puppet for your master. Do the research before you publish, His masters voice. We have a new tune now, hapa kazi tu. Magufuli, CCM & Tanzania Oyeee. If the Govt will ask where did you get your info you will run to your masters to defend you, freedom of speech. Lords Dreams Are Unbounded. A. R. Msimbazy



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