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Let’s pray against xenophobic attacks in South Africa – President Lungu

Headlines Let’s pray against xenophobic attacks in South Africa – President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has called on the Church to pray against xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

President Lungu says the current situation in South Africa calls for the Church to pray for peace in that country.

The President said the reported xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals is worrying and needs urgent attention from all stakeholders in the region.

President Lungu who is also Chairperson for the Troika organ on politics, defense and politics has disclosed that the SADC Troika organ may convene for a meeting if the situation deteriorates.

The Head of State was speaking to journalists after concluding his three day working visit to Central Province.

Meanwhile, President Edgar Lungu has called for co-existence and tolerance between politicians and Christians.

Mr Lungu said both politicians and Christians must always pray in truth to God Almighty and accept politicians living among them.

The Head of State said both Christians and politicians are one in the eyes of God and hence they should live in harmony as children of the creator.

ZANIS reports that Mr Lungu was speaking to congregants at Don Bosco Catholic Parish in Bwacha Constituency in Kabwe today where he went to attend mass with the community.

He said it was important that politicians and Christians work together and cooperatively strive to develop the country.

And in his welcoming remarks, Don Bosco Catholic Parish Priest, Fr Michael Zhentek, said it was a great honour for him and his parishioners to pray with the Head of State at his parish.

Fr Michael said he received the news that President Lungu was going to pray at Don Bosco with happiness and took the president’s visit as blessing.

Meanwhile, in his homily taken from taken from the parable of the prodigal son in the Book of Luke 15:1-3;11-31, Fr Michael urged parents to be tolerant and forgiving to their children.

The clergy man said parents must always show unconditional love and reconcile with their children when they offend them

He said there were lot of children who were roaming the streets and selling in markets because of poverty, but urged the parents to do everything possible to bring them closer to God.

Fr Michael added that many youths exhibit arrogance and their misbehaviour results in marriages between their parents to collapse if not handled spiritually.

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    • Your asked to call upon SADC to help the South African situation sir and you come up with let us pray???? Surely sir!
      Anyway different request from akasaka Kandalama where we see you dancing and jubilating!! This is seriuos

    • Instead of calling on sanctions to close border and South Africa mines, he is calling for pastors to bring back those killed from dead.

    • Lazy Lungu we will be tracking your new $80,000,0000 Gulf Stream G650ER jet call sign AF-001 on Flightradar…you busy preaching yet you have people going 3 months without pay …shame on you…lazy man!!

    • Let’s just say if you asked me to pray for cyclone Idai to downgrade before it hits Mozambique I would be all in on it …but this man made no.sense ?? Aikona man!

    • Wrongly informed, been there several times and I feel the changes happening in SA especially xenophobia. Thoughts and prayers won’t work. It’s time to just create high jobs pa Zed.

    • When we tell you that Lungu is clueless you think we’re kidding. Here is a classic example of his clueless, thoughtless solutions. Pray for what? I believe in prayer, but what is there to pray for here? Just concentrate on trying to fix the country. When Zambia is economically sound, you’ll not have economic refugees in South Africa, and thus you’ll not worry about Zambians getting caught up in the xenophobia there. But when you politicians steal all the money meant for development, your people leave for greener pastures, and sometimes fall right into the path of trouble. The blood of all those economic refugees dying in the xenophobia attacks, and those dying in the Mediterranean sea trying to get to Europe, is on the hands of all corrupt African politicians. You’re to blame.

    • We have been praying in Zambia for corruption to stop, and to get good governance.

      Where has this taken us?

      Praying alone, never solved a problem.

    • Lungu always telling people who are suffering to pray whilst he is busy filling up his pockets with I’ll gotten wealth

  1. This is what this lazy man is good at…praying. As I stated this is too big for lazy Lungu to handle….let the foool pray alone!!

    • Praying alone never solves anything. Even Biblical scholars with testify to that.

      Lungu should be meeting other heads of state in the region to bring their RSA counterpart to task.

      We are Africans. We were here before the white man came with his Bible imposing Christianity on us, while going back to Europe with Ivory and gold.

      These attacks are not even getting coverage on mainline news here. It is an African problem, that only we can solve.

  2. Zambia has become a violent country with the ascendance to power by the PF. Our own police use guns, pangas and teargas. Pray for Zambia first and let me hear how you will deal with Kasempa violence on Kalaba. Ban PF

  3. “He said it was important that politicians and Christians work together and cooperatively strive to develop the country.”

    This man is truly useless…even something as simple as dialogue headed by the church is a problem for his party….now he is spewing nonsense

  4. Lazy way out as always! Talk of Faith without works – as dead as a cold corpse!
    Whenever someone says let’s pray, they mean, let me hide, I have no clue on how to solve the problem!
    How did we get ourselves to this? Stop overcrowding other countries with your economic refugees!
    I’ll never sympathize with Zambians with their suffering! They deserve the mediocre leaders they get! As most countries become intolerant of foreigners, we need to learn to make our own country better!

  5. @Jay Jay president Lungu is not useless.HH is useless.No wonder he’s called 5 time -election loser.2021 is get another big jerk.You will reap your BITTERNESS.

    • Mr P – Whats your point? Both Lazy Lungu and Hakainde are totally totally useless I know that so why are you calling me out? Fooooolish chap you can take your HH you think I will lose sleep over him…wake up.
      Yes, I am bitter because we have an utterly useless impotent shambolic bum in State House who is simply good at doing The ‘Kasaka Kandalama’ dance in front of his cadres and the whole nation.

    • Mr. P…not all who criticize lazy Lungu are HH supporters. I don’t think HH is any better, but it seems like anybody can be a little more effective than clueless, corrupt Lungu. How people thought he was presidential material is beyond me. The guy will prove to be the worst president Zambia ever had. What a tragedy.

  6. #4 Trib.al Gay Jay “This man is truly useless…even something as simple as dialogue headed by the church is a problem for his party….now he is spewing nonsense.”

    Really trib.al? Where did you go trib.al Gay Jay? You must be the only Zambian who does not know that there is a problem in the church, a problem which cannot be corrected, so dialogue is dead dead dead… just advise your trib.al Hacks to now focus on the Natiobal Dialogue Bill in parliament and ensure that it succeeds. Otherwise the constitutional Amendmemts will be passed without his input even though tr.ibal. And then during his next petition in 2021 the ConCourt judges will be asking him where he was when the Constitution was amended… .

  7. #7.2 Trib.al Gay Jay, no matter how much you try and hide it, you cannotjide thefact that you are a trib.al worshipping trib.al Hacks.How many can you fool? Sorry Gay Jay trib.al, no trib.als in our State House, try your luck again 2099.

  8. #7.2 Trib.al Gay Jay, no matter how much you try and hide it, you cannot hide the fact that you are a trib.al worshipping trib.al Hacks. How many can you fo.ol? Sorry Gay Jay trib.al, no trib.als in our State House, try your luck again 2099.

  9. Praying won’t help mr lungu.

    Follow the lead of the Nigerians. When the SA gov was targeting Nigerians for deportation, the Nigerians shut down mutichoice and other SA companies in Nigeria until the South African gov went begging.

    • Lazy Lungu is thinking about himself…I mean where is he going to take his new jet if he falls out with RSA…it was already there this month on 13th. How is he going to see his property in Swaziland.

  10. Says the man who appointed a useless minister of religious affairs . Lets pray that you lose in 2021 Lungu coz sanctions,economic boycott and diplomatic pressure against SA is what is needed here.

  11. It won’t work Zambia is a sh!t hole country without any manufacturing capacity. Zambies claim that they are educated than SAs, to me its useless degrees. Zambies have plenty of fresh water but modern agricultural practices are non existent. South Africa import fresh water from Lesotho and grow fresh produce to export to docile Zambies. Just try to compete with SA and there will not need for Zambies to leave in squalor in SA.

  12. Here we go,,, theres your president speaking!
    Shamefull! Disgraceful! Incompetent! Poor-Mentality! Docile and Clueless!
    All in one person!

  13. Iwe @spaka , why always you want to twist what others elaborate? I SAID THAT IN SOME NATO STATES,(Canada,Australia,France etc you can’t access CNN) since Trump admin meddled into media business over His Russian campaign scams.
    Spaka be a good listen.JAYJAY hahahahahaha today you’re denouncing your Ayatollah On this blog? Wonders shall never end.

  14. We dont want him to intervene, the chap is dull just like the South Africans that are participating in violence, please keep him that side of the world with you guys, we dont want further embarrassment here, we are already dealing with dander heads like him

  15. Prayer is not guaranteed of results. God hes already given you the ability to think and work to resolve many problems that you and your citizens face. And dont wait till the situation gets worse to hold a meeting. Work on preventing the situation from getting worse. If prayer produced the desired results, the african continent would have very little poverty

  16. Is this all our great leader can come with? And this my dear fellow citizens is why Zambia is in so much problems. Dear God above in Heaven please instill wisdom in the Zambian people so that they can vote out Lungu and his incompetent government 2021, I pray in Jesus name. Amen

  17. President Lungu, let Rev Sumaili call out for prayer, you as SADC defence chair need to call out south Africa. Sometimes even easy things look hard for Zambians.

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