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Government should pay allowances for all the delegates to the National Dialogue Forum

Headlines Government should pay allowances for all the delegates to the National Dialogue...

ZCID Board Spokesperson Jackson Silavwe
ZCID Board Spokesperson Jackson Silavwe

The Forum of Political Parties without Parliamentary representation under the Zambia Center for Interparty Dialogue has proposed that section 15 in the National Dialogue Bill be amended that Government should provide for the payment of allowances for all the delegates to the National Dialogue Forum.

The Forum has also proposed that section 14 (1) be amended by extending the initial duration of the National Dialogue Forum to 30 working days and not the 10 days as stipulated in the National Dialogue Bill.

Further, the Forum has proposed that section 5B be amended to increase representation from registered political parties outside Parliament to the National Dialogue Forum to three (3) per political party in the National Dialogue Bill.

Reading out the resolutions of the meeting at a media briefing today, Forum Chairperson Jackson Silavwe said the Forum fully supports the National Dialogue Bill based on Constitutional and Institutional Reforms, Separation of Powers and Judicial Independence, Tolerance, Civility in Politics, Public Order Act, Electoral Reforms and Political Parties Bill.

Mr. Silavwe said the Forum wants section 15 amended to enable government pay them sitting allowances, subsistence allowances and Transport refunds.

He said the Zambia Center for Inter Party Dialogue recognizes that the National Dialogue Bill affords the Zambian people an opportunity to amend the Republican Constitution and subsidiary legislation.


    • Prime TV, your news caster says today is 1st May instead of 1st April, your graphic guy does not know the spelling of distances and writes disastances, and the other guy plays a lucky dube song different colours one people in relation to xenophobic attacks in SA and yet the attacks are blacks on blacks and not different colours.

    • Iwe Silavwe … please sit down. We are not paying you allowances for sitting down to cheat chat.

      We have civil service personnel to catch up on salaries before we can think of any such sorts for unproductive shenanigans.

      Shaa …

    • We all know why ZCID, it’s allowances, and could prolong forever.
      The church didn’t ask much, except lunch and mazoe.

    • Why are we not surprised by these ZCID scumbags ….if PF had their way these foooools would have even conducted a national-wide meetings to all corners of the country just to run the bill

    • So you thought it was only the clergy who wanted to harvest from the dialogue process? If the dialogue process fails it will be because of hunger in Zed.

    • no wonder we are easily bought….its stomach before anything else…..these organizations are in serious money business…so just a thick brown envelope and everything works out in your favor

    • @Halfpant even if you hate the PF so much, this not coming from PF but the broke parties without representation in parliament. The PF are already getting allowances to advocate for such. Is this why people want National Dialogue so much? I thought the had issues to sort out not get paid allowances. I kept wondering why people keep talking about national dialogue when we have a government and sitting parliament to sort things out

    • @ kci,
      ZCID scumbags are integral part of PF structure. Just another bunch of pseudo intellectual beggars.

  1. Dear Editor,
    Tel them stupid allowance at the expense of the poor civil servants. What dialogue and with who? NAWAKWI? I believe in the prediction made by the Arch Mpundu. It starts from Kasempa and we are already at war – if one declares “NO GO AREA” One Zambia One Nation ceases.

  2. We can’t be wasting money over such issues.Is that the reason why you are making noise – allowances?Do not pay them and we will know people who are genuinely concerned about Zambians.

  3. You *****s, you mean you can’t sacrifice for your country without asking for payments. when I was fighting for independence, I never got any allowances from anyone but you lazy chaps are only thinking of money. No wonder the country is in a mess

  4. Where is the magic money coming from then? This dialogue is for a bunch of disagreeable folks to sit and argue about nothing people care for. People are hungry, we can’t pay for talk when we could offer free food!

  5. Austerity measures do not just apply to ordinary Zambians leaving politicians, PF boma is broke get this in your thick heads. Those who cant sacrifice for the county must go away. ZID is an embarrassment. Always talking about allowances.

  6. Its time to enrich yourselves in the name of national dialogue at the expense of govt already depleted coffers. Lets go zambia lets go….lets go!

  7. I hope this time around I will be a delegate at Mulungushi International Conference Center and not a mere commentator. Some are already looking forward to receiving the hefty allowances that go with participating in a national forum. Surely, what a motive!!!!!!!

  8. Mr. Silavvuwe, whyvis your selfish Alliance asking for increasing
    1 Number of working days from 10 to 30 for the National Dialogue?
    2. Number of representation to 3?
    3. Asking Government to you sitting and subsistence allowances for 30 days and refund transport for all ?
    Could it be the reason you are hired to castigate the the other Alliance which is not asking for what you are asking for?
    Pls put the interests of the Zambian first. knowing the financial difficulties the country is undergoing through.

  9. This is a typical Zambian attitude. That’s why we are thieves. Money goes before anything else. People formulate organizations and companies purely to distort money from government.

  10. Comment:You fool shut your mouth and sit down. Civil servants have not received their salaries for months and you are speaking of nonsense. I wonder if you even have brains.#cryingformycountry.

  11. During NCC we 300 billion kwacha for talking and palast UPND asambamo under everything crashed!!!!!!! again just to discuss national issues ati kesh mwebantu mwe.

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