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President Edgar Lungu expected on the Copperbelt for a three day working visit

General News President Edgar Lungu expected on the Copperbelt for a three day working...

President Lungu addressing Copperbelt residents at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe Airport

President Edgar Lungu is tomorrow expected on the Copperbelt for a three day working visit.

According to a programme issued to the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) by Copperbelt Province Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe, President Lungu will commission expansion works at Mukuba University Campas in Kitwe’s Itimpi area.

Mr Nundwe further revealed that President Lungu is also expected to check on various developmental projects in the region, among other engagements.

The Head of State will touch down around 14:30 hours at Simon Mwan?sa Kapwepwe International airport in Ndola district.

The PS has since called on senior government officials and the Copperbelt community to join him in welcoming the Head to the region.

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    • No the man is lost. I have never seen a president who never makes policy statements and direction of the country but Only deputy ministers work and councillors work he’s fully involved in. Anyway not entirely his fault but his advisors are illiterate so we don’t except anything better. He could do well with a good team behind him but what he has defies normally of a governing enterprise. Thanks

    • Like I stated on Friday…the lazy bum will go to CB he cant wait to dance on stage like the foool he is.
      Wasted Lungu Years!!

    • Those in opposition have ALL the ammunitions to win the elections in 2021. If they don’t , then kaya!!!

    • When I call him Lazy Lungu you think it’s a joke….he spent 3 days in Kabwe now he gone again I guess the boy Amos Chanda is in charge.

    • A married man sleeping out 4 nights a week for 4 months in a row!? What kind of a wife can soak it up forever?

    • What Lungu is being allowed to do will now be entrenched in the Zambian society and will be a norm. The current generation will grow up to know only what Lungu is portraying. Remember Kaunda and the generation that grew up in them years, they were stranded in the KK way of thinking and it took a revolution to change the mentality. The KK mentality still lingers on in some up to now, good or bad. But the Lungu mentality will ruin the country in a big way with devastating consequences. Lungu will not care because he benefits from all this! Lungu go away!

  1. “AKASAKA KANDALAMA” I have just watched this video clip. Honestly speaking , there’s a big problem with our president. Big big problem in Zambia.

    • … and some poor guy was detained and is facing charges for saying that such a president has mental problems. Zambia is a country that glorifies stupid!ty of the highest level at the highest level. This is the way the Zambian society is being shaped for the future and we are all responsible for it!

  2. He is obviously just going to campaign and at taxpayers cost instead of his party. I bet the bulk of these so-called developmental projects he will be in Luanshya, Roan in particular!!

  3. This habit of welcoming the President needs to come to an end. It is a waste of time and money. The President does not need to be welcomed, I have never heard of this welcoming non sense in any European country, we don’t even know when Thesera May leaves of comes into the country.

    • Besides being president, Lungu is a father and grandfather to someone. To call him ‘chipuba’ is very wrong

    • @ Jonny
      If you are traced, fished out and charged for openly and willingly insulting the REPUBLICAN President, which the constitution clearly forbids, dont say its persecution, you asked for it, it shall be given to you, JAIL for not less than 10 years. Ask the likes of Sean Tembo, they thought it was a joke to insult the President until they sampled what it means to in there. So guys, watch your language and dont blame anyone when fished out. You cant hide behind anything, remember?

    • Tell the id!ot to come and arrest me, you think every country allows that sh!t you have in Zambia,with ur ka half baked democracy

  4. Ba UPND imwe baiche, why do get concerned about what others do in their party when infact you have bigger and mountain of problems in your party? Please leave us alone with our President, he is touring ALL our strongholds to ensure they receive and benefit from the campaign promises we made. Why cant you ask your small god to visit Southern Province too? We wont even notice your lost leader in any case.
    Now that Kambwili has openly stated that he wants nothing less but the position of presidency, where do it leave your weakened HH and the opposition Alliance? Mukose bane. Start fighting for who will emerge number two between NDC and UPND in 2021, thats your battle!

    • Tax payers money baba, people are not paid. He should try using his savings so that we can see how many tripes he will make.

  5. Lungu must take more time visiting Southern and Western province for these working visiting/dirinking visits.

  6. In all honesty,what time does our President attend to paper work and read on what is going on.He is in the field like a oil company sales man! He was in Eastern,Muchinga,Central,Kafue in past 4 or so weeks!Awe ba ECL, this is exhibition of not knowing your job as CEO of country.There is limit to delegation.We are in trouble.

  7. Chishimba Kambwili has really made some people sleepless especially with his threats of arrest.You can visit the Copperbelt ten times a month but the end will surely finally come.With all the allegations and revelations of corruption it must be really dreadful to think about the end.So kuyafye kuku jaiva. These days even chosen heir presidents from the same political parties turn against their mentors just three days after taking office (Mozambique,Botswana,Angola) so as to avoid the corruption labelling .The Presidency is sweet but in Africa the exit is uncertain particulay with labels like corrupt,pompwe,dictator,political and constitutional manupulator,etc.

    • Recep Tayyip Erdogan was on track to lose control of Turkey’s two largest cities for the first time in his 16 years in power on Monday, as voters punished him for a painful economic downturn.
      The Turkish president’s party suffered defeat in Ankara, the nation’s capital, and saw a string of other provinces slip from its grasp in local elections that took place across the country, preliminary results showed.
      In Istanbul, after a tense stand-off that lasted through the night on Sunday as both sides claiming victory, the president of the country’s election board put the opposition alliance narrowly in the lead.

  8. Amazing, same people condemning the president for foreign trips saying he should focus on problems in the country, now he wants to see whats going on the country because most people he work with are lying to him, you are now questioning when he does paper work in the office. I am sure if he remains in the office you will still condemn him for what you call lazy Lungu. Now how do you want him to work? Interesting. So many people with good ideas on how a country is supposed to be run.

  9. H H can be a good president now the only problem is his people they are not they treat other people like in South Africa. I like him BUt

  10. ‘The PS has since called on senior government officials and the Copperbelt community to join him in welcoming the Head to the region.’…this is counterproductive. Government offices grind to a halt just to welcome one man. Zambia this has to change. Airport will be choked with unemployed cardres as it is.

  11. All very well trib.als, but when we look for someone to replace Lungu there is zero. Look here trib.al Gay Jay, Trib.al Hacks is no option for Zambia. We are anxiously waiting for a new leader to emerge and replace Lungu, lazy as you call him, he is preferable to any trib.al, by far.

  12. UPND cadre finished your school as a daily schoolar that is the reason why you are thinking like that in future take your children to boarding school so that they can think differently than you. To me tribal is not an issue.

  13. And no press conference Zambia twasebana, just way of avoiding questions from the citizens I miss Mwanawasa and Bwezani.

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