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ZESCO denies talks on Bulk Supply Agreement with CEC

General News ZESCO denies talks on Bulk Supply Agreement with CEC

Power Utility Company Zesco Limited has denied being in talks with CEC for the re-negotiation of the Bulk Supply Agreement.

ZESCO has disassociated itself from the story that appeared in both the “Zambia Daily Mail” and the “Times of Zambia” newspapers dated Tuesday, 2nd April 2019 alleging that CEC and ZESCO were engaged in talks for the re-negotiation of the Bulk Supply Agreement (BSA).

ZESCO Director Strategy and Corporate Services Patrick Mwila said the corporation is not engaged in any discussion, nor are they aware of any such process between the two companies with respect to the stated Bulk Supply Agreement.

Mr. Mwila has re-assured all stakeholders that the corporation has no intentions whatsoever, of renewing the said Agreement.

He said in a statement that any claims to that effect are therefore a misrepresentation of the facts.


  1. Zesco is just too top heavy. now it even has the Directorate of Strategy and Corporate Services? When was this department created? When were the jobs advertised? How were the jobs advertised? Was it done through head hunting or public adverts? So citizens should pay high tariffs to sustain salaries? Shame. Cry my beloved country. Then ERB should allow Zesco to increase tariffs?

  2. @ KCI. Why not give your true identity like I always do? And which tribe do you think I’m. You must be so foolish to always talk about tribe. You are definately a beneficiary to the waste of meagre resources I talked about. Do you know how many senior managers Zesco has? Under Corporate. There is senior manager Marketing and public relations who has several juniors. There job is take adverts to newsrooms. Stop thinking in reverse.

  3. @ KCI. Typical of thieves. Why not identify yourself the way I have done? Also stop thinking tribes all the time. Do you know what tribe I’m? Debate with your brains and not your………….. Do you know the number of Directors and senior managers Zesco has?. Do you know that there is a study by serious and non tribal people from the World bank on how to commercialise Zesco? You must be a beneficiary of the waste.

    • Still tr!bal contribution. The only thing missing now is an insult which is characteristic of people from Tr1bal bitter party. The topic at hand is whether or not Zesco is renewing the BSA with CEC but some decided to start counting imaginary directors. By serious and non tr!bal people you mean those imperialist that privatized companies for a song and left a lot of Zambians unemployed and suffering?

  4. @KCI. That is why it is important to reveal real identity. I’m from Chama in Muchinga. I’m not a member of UPND as you insuniate. I’m actually more bias towards MMD. If you were not thinking backwards, you could have understood my comment. Unfortunately you sound a Bemba tribalist who is benefeting from mismanagament at Zesco. Further, do you know why the publication of names of people involved in privatisation has not been published and the story has died quitely? You will shocked most of those involved are of your kind.

  5. Kikikikiki …… does Zesco even qualify to be called a company? It is the equivalent of trib.als, just full of trib.al minded so called “directors” and party cadres.

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