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Harry Kalaba was obsessed with Presidential ambitions-President Lungu

Headlines Harry Kalaba was obsessed with Presidential ambitions-President Lungu

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (centre) campaigns for Patriotic Front (PF) Bahati Constuency candidate Charles Chalwe at Kaole ground in Mansa on Saturday, April 6, 2019. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2019
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (centre) campaigns for Patriotic Front (PF) Bahati Constuency candidate Charles Chalwe at Kaole ground in Mansa on Saturday, April 6, 2019. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2019

President Edgar Lungu has said that Former Bahati Member of Parliament Harry Kalaba was obsessed with Presidential ambitions, causing him not to develop the Constituency.

The President says all the surrounding constituencies, such as Mansa have developmental projects that are visible.

He says Luapula province is developing except for Bahati because of the Former MP’s obsession to be President.

President Lungu said this before departure to Mansa, in Luapula Province for a three-day visit.

And President Lungu has warned of stern action against anyone that will cause violence in the run up to the by elections in Bahati and Roan constituencies.

He said perpetrators of violence will face the full wrath of the law as the police are on high alert.

Meanwhile, President Lungu said it is the duty of the police to ensure peace and order is maintained before, during and after elections.

While in Luapula, the President will drum up support for Patriotic Front Candidate Charles Chalwe in the forthcoming Bahati parliamentary by election slated for 11th April.

And President Lungu said the people of Bahati should vote for Mr. Chalwe as he understands the needs of the area.

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  1. This man is too empty!
    He is a bad competitor!
    He has no agenda apart from bad mouthing his opponents!
    He so full of hate!
    As noisy as a hinge without greese is a soul without Love in their heart!
    Power is a privilege to serve and not a right for self-praise and belittling others!
    Talk about what you have done so far for the people of Bahati and convince them why your candidate is best placed to do more for the people! We are fed up with your cheap politics and non-stop bye elections! We need to reset in 2021!

    • Why do few people at that rally? They tried to curve the picture to blow number of audience, but forgot to photo shop green colors?
      UPND gathered all Mansa residents, especially from Mansa central…
      Forward Forward let’s roll forward.

    • Says the man that is running for an illegal third term of office.

      And now he is using tax payers money to campaign in Luapula. Ati working visit, these people have no shame.

    • ECL … any Zambian should have presidential ambitions. It’s their God-given right having been born Zambian is they can make the country better.

      You misspoke there … Kalaba has every right to aspire to the presidency like any other person among the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise.

      Now how they achieve that is another question … So, now he’s standing as a contender in 2021. Does he have a chance?? No way but it’s his right to do so.

      I will still put my money on you because we currently don’t have a better alternative and that shouldn’t diminish the fact that others shouldn’t try.

      Epo mpelele,


    • Lungu.. you are WRONG on this one.

      He has the right to aspire and become president.

      Lets not get back to UNIP days. When if you spoke about wanting to be President, you by default became the Enemy of the State.

    • I like this application. It applies well to some people: “As noisy as a hinge without grease (sp) is a soul without Love in their heart!” Quite Biblical!!!
      But for the Presido also no one should aspire to be future president. Is President synonymous to Jona or just whats wrong. Even children in schools say they want to be presidents should we beat them because only Jona can be president. This is not good. People should aspire to be what they want to be no one should punish their wishes.

    • Who..? Kalaba is empty? You are right.. all he talks is corruption this corruption that.. there are so many things to do and corruption is just 0.002%,.. gives what you are going to do kalaba.. Ecl has already said.. and has done alot

  2. Pf is scooping that seat looking at that croud which attended the meeting.Remember luapula province is the zone of dull people in Zambia.

    • @Halfpant … you are full of sh111iiiit!!! For your own information us Luapulans are the smartest people in the Zambian Enterprise!!!

      Ask KK … every other province capitulates but we are free thinkers and free spirits. KK knew that too well that in his 27 years of his presidency he never appointed a single Luapulan as his vice.

      And guess who it was that liberated Zambian from a one party participatory democracy to multi partism??? FTJ, a Luapulan!!!

      I am a life long UNIP and KK is still my hero but his greatest fear was to have a deputy from Luapula. We are capable of outsmarting anyone, us guys and gals from Liverpool

  3. In other words saying it’s more than alright for him to be obsessed with being President and not OK for others to eye the seat?

    LT can you update us on the accident that occurred as people were being ferried from Mansa to attend Lungu’s rally?

  4. People have died in an accident, the video is too graphic. Why have you continued to ferry people from distant places to attend these rallies that don’t even yield anything?

  5. He has done alot of things for zambia.He is good unlike HH. HH has a certificate in freemassonery. He is an Occult grandmaster. kkkkk.Even the most notorious disgraced UPND thug ,mulinda wa mulinda

  6. This is all this utterly lazy bone knows standing on the platform in front of dull cadres but cowers from Press conference…already dozens are dead and injured for nothing. Why shouldn’t Kalaba not have Presidential aspiration you lazy thing? He is a Zambian and sees he can do a better job..
    He is wasting another 3 days that taxpayers will foot again!!

    • Ba Jay Jay one these days you’ll hang yourself while Lungu will continue enjoying himself. Upnd mentality of condemning everything. Jay Jay find work or go back to school, this is not good for you my Upnd friend.

    • Please let me comment just ignore me and focus on your UPND fellow fooooools…Lazy Lungu came yesterday and he will go tomorrow…the more he enjoys the more our people become poorer!!

    • Kalaba was a victim of insults when he was in pf what has changed now jj. No one will take you and your hh with those double standards. Why do you hold hands with people who insults ECL. That’s stupidity. The only thing you know is insults. Tell me any of hh supporter who doesn’t insult. Am yet to see hh supporter who doesn’t insult. Thats how we get to know you…..insults badala are you identity or your trade mark. Am sure your symbol is a big dic.

  7. This is my land, Luapula Province the home base of the MIGHY PATRIOTIC FRONT. Lets develop this amazing and most beautiful land in the entire Zambia. It has better Water Falls which perennial than the overrated Victoria Falls.

    • Yes, everyone says his mother’s cooking is the best in the world when the furthest thy have been is Victoria Town or Chirundu.

  8. Kalaba was ECL,s Foreign Affairs Minister for more than three years who despite his long periods of absence from the country paid better attention to his constituency than most PF MPs. If Bahati Constituency is not developed it is definitely not because Kalaba had presidential ambitions.How can this be?All constituencies in rural Zambia are not developed and people everywhere in Zambia are facing similar problems.What is wrong with having presidential ambitions anyway? Someone will certainly become president after Lungu.

  9. Very difficult to comment on trib.als, because you don’t understand a trib.al do you? Very difficult to understand a trib.al because they are so hateful, so inconsistent that they don’t make sense. Just look at trib.al Gay Jay also known as trib.al Hacks, he criticises anything and everything today, tomorrow he will criticise the very things that he wanted. Trib.al Hacks is such a nuisance of contraditions but trib.al Jay Gay cannot criticise because he is one and the same thing, sorry meant same person… kikikiki
    Wapukunyafye umutwe….. ba trib.al awe sure!! 2099 is very far guys!!

  10. Is trib.al upnd contesting in Bahati? Dead meat! Is Trib.al Hacks campaigning in Bahati? Wouldn’t make any sense!! So why embarrass yourself with a rally attendance of ten or less? Including Katuka and the sen.seless Kakoma.

  11. Mwebantu why HH is not camping in Bahati ? I was expecting him to camp in Bahati the whole Month the way he did in Sesheke. is it the new election strategy he talked about?

  12. Its time President Lungu and the PF Government declared Luapula Province the Tourist industry of Zambia because it meets and over passes the minimum tourism industry requirements and let the billions of dollars start rolling in Zambia. Two thirds of fresh water bodies are located in Luapula, it has hundreds of Perennial Water Falls, beautiful sandy beaches, rich mineral resources and extremely fertile soils, its only us, the natives and children of PF can develop it starting with President Lungu. I know President Lungu has serious plans for this great and amazing Province not Under 5s.

    • Its not as easy as that …even your Kitchen can be declared a tourist landmark tourists wont come fighting to see it…you need tangible policies this is what you dont understand even with looted money in pockets!!

  13. Look at what school has done to the southern most part of Africa.500 000 people displaced by mud and flooding.Look at the development school has brought.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  14. “I will beat the master and the student”.Malachi.The last book of the old testament.Bible.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  15. “And i shall turn the hearts of the children to their parents.And the hearts of the parents to their children.”.”Lest i come and smite the earth with a curse.”.Malachi Bible.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  16. Yesterday i promised HH’s tribal followers to WATCH ECL’S MAMMOTH RALLY AT THE SAME GROUND WHERE HH ADDRESSED about 1 000 people yesterday.I was in Mansa today and my eyes failed to believe what I saw.Hope Zambians watched on ZNBC TV at 22hrs today HOW PF IS LOVED IN LUAPULA!!!Sadly,HH peddled lies that several PF cadres passed away after being ferried to Bahati from Mwense.THIS IS FALSE.NOBODY HAS DIED.Plus Mansa and Mwense are 130 KM away.The few people who got minor injuries went to attend the commissioning of Mwense Trades which PF has built.So HH should stop his politics of lies!!!AM PRETTY SURE THAT HH FAILED TO BELIEVE HOW MAMMOTH ECL’S RALLY WAS TODAY IN BAHATI!!!This seat is 100% for PF!!Luapula is PF’s bedroom!!

  17. “And then shall the son of righteousness rise.With healing in his wings”.Malachi.”And those that remain shall be caught up in the air to meet him at his comming”.Bible.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  18. Njimbu whatever it means. You are more of a tribalist than you tribal competitor Kainde. You advised Sean Tembo not to critise his tribal met Chagwa because other tribes don’t do that. I don’t know which tribes because for us Kambwi is either on Kampyongo, Chitotela and vice vesa. For your information we are waiting for you in 2021. As civil servants are not paid while your Kaponya has resources to spend in bye elections. These bye election are nothing. We want the real one.

  19. This Chap how can he lie like that against Kalaba who has respected him so much. Kalaba has always stood to respect the presidency and you sent him cadres in Kasempa to attack him. Your time is coming and don’t get exercited with tuma bye election. Some of us don’t
    vote in these tuma induced bye election or is it
    erection because they don’t bring the needed change. We are waiting for the big one.

  20. Nice deflection Bwana Lungu its a convenient excuse for your failures and misdeeds too. I’d rather believe Harry Kalaba over you.

  21. Government is responsible for development all over the country. The MP’s role is to lobby for development. If development doesn’t come how can you blame an MP who does not have kasaka?. Politician for once stop thinking that we are that dull to be lied to so easily. On the copper belt it was the same at independent and pf MPs are not working kikikikik ifyabupuba. Harry worked so hard for you to be president at the time you were a nonentity.

  22. Has his excellency campaigned in Roan, or he takes it for granted that PF will carry the day? I haven’t heard about him campaigning in Roan.

  23. flag Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    His thinking is really skewed… let’s follow the logic here: Kalaba was Lungu’s minister, appointed by Lungu. If Kalabo was incompetent to the point where he didn’t develop his Constituency because he was obsessed by presidential ambitions, then why didn’t Lungu, the appointing authority fire him? Kalabo resigned on his own, and was never fired by Lungu… when did Lungui realise that kalabo was incompetent? Should we conclude that Lungu himself is incompetent for not firing incompetent ministers in his cabinet? The buck stops on him Lungu for anything bad that his ministers do. What kind of thinking by this low life, low IQ, corrupt and dictator guy. The people who listen to and buy this n0nsense should have their brains checked.

  24. Tayali make use of your appearance add value to this country.your looks are not that presentable.be sensible mulipachalo not fantasy highland awe..come back to earth

  25. But for the Presido also no one should aspire to be future president? Is President synonymous to Jona or just whats wrong? Even children in schools say they want to be presidents should we beat them because only Jona can be president. This is not good. People should aspire to be what they want to be no one should punish their wishes.

  26. one wonders is attacking opposition leaders development . this man really is wasting zambians time. there is nothing wrong with opposition parties, but pf.

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