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Lusaka City Council shuts down Chinese owned JCS Bar after murder incident

General News Lusaka City Council shuts down Chinese owned JCS Bar after murder...

Lusaka City Council Headquarters
Lusaka City Council Headquarters

The Lusaka City Council has shut down the Chinese owned JCS Liquor Section with immediate effect.

On Saturday, a 20 year old boy was stabbed to death after picking a physical fight with one of his friends identified as Wezi Nkhata who later stabbed him with a bottle at JCS Market.

In a letter addressed to the Director of JCS, LCC Acting Director for Public Health Edgar Mulwanda said the Bar and Cocktail section should stop operating and show cause within 24 hours why legal action should not be taken against him.

Mr Mulwanda stated that an inspection of the premises found that there is use of one liquor license for different owners.

He said the inspection also found pools of water in the toilets due to leaking pipes.

Mr Mulwanda said one of the reasons for the closure of the premises is the failure to comply with authorized offices in providing information.


  1. What job are the council inspectors doing?
    I guess it’s jobs for Cadres.
    Surely do you need a murder to expose all these shortcomings by this establishment??
    Only in Corrupt Zed.

    • So this is the investment Lungu’s protected Chinese buddies come to make in Zambia? Making Zambians drunk in a run-down building with leaking toilets? Obviously whoever was responsible for inspection was receiving bribes. Even the Zambian patrons couldn’t see that the place was not fit for human congregation? And you wonder why foreigners look down on native Zambians. Because we have no standards and do not demand them from foreigners. What a shame.

  2. I would have fired this moron Health Director if l were his boss. He is only learning about those issues now. He is busy getting bribes instead of working. Shame!!

  3. These are the kind of people we have in charge, how do we expect Zambia to develop? If I were in charge, this could have been the last letter that this man was going to sign. It seems we have a very big disease in Zambia. I remember some stories way back that when Gen. Godfrey Miyanda returned from his trip and returned the balance on his imprest, the entire Ministry began to shiver. They were shocked that someone could return money to Government! That’s when they began to scheme to remove him, others even accused him of trying to kill Mwanawasa. If the entire Cabinet had men like him, we wouldn’t be where we are today

    • True, manje mu Zambia you put a Guy in power, who embezzled a client’s cash,.& confessed he had no vision whatsoever, apart from the vision of frequenting Kapoche Bar, & Ndozo Lodge in Chawama, then people wonder why Zambia’s new national philosophy is THE PHILOSOPHY OF UB0MBA MWIBALA, & reverse development??? Kaya!!

  4. Seems like having no toilet at a public service premises is better than having a leaking or flooded toilet. Imagine the alcohol outlets that operate without toilets and they are still running.

  5. So LCC only shows its foolishness after a person is murdered. All this time you have never bothered to inspect these premises for compliance and standards. In anycase what does having a clean toilet and/or individual license have anything to do with preventing future occurrences of murder? *****s!

  6. Is it the fault of the bar owner that someone was murdered? Those two drunk youths just picked a quarrel after drinking and one was killed in the process. What does that have to do with the bar owner? Almost on a daily basis assault and murder cases do occur at these drinking places in these compounds, is it the bar owners that cause these fights? That is why it is always preached that when you drink, drink responsibly

  7. Does anyone get the reason why lcc has closed the JCS?
    – Leaking toilets,
    – single liquor license
    – providing information
    – or murder?

    In the first place non of the members of staff/workers of the same jcs were involved in any scuffle (sp) let alone stabbing of any of their clients.
    Secondly, the other problems above can surely be resolved without having to close the premises. Third, the reason the jcs has been closed is nothing other than this pf mentality of intimidating chinese businesses. The fact is that the idio1ts at the over employed lcc have not been going round for their regular inspections to see if toilets are leaking in lusaka starting from civic center, council markets etc if they had done that they would have started by closing civic centre first, local and…

  8. These are sources of revenue for the councils i.e. fines from business houses that do not comply. Hit them where it hurts most – THE POCKET..

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