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PF rubbishes reports that the party is scheming to have NDC disqualified on Polling Day

Headlines PF rubbishes reports that the party is scheming to have NDC disqualified...

Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo on a Door to Door Campaign in Luanshya distributing campaign materials to voters
Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo on a Door to Door Campaign in Luanshya distributing campaign materials to voters

Roan Parliamentary by election PF Deputy Campaign Manager Bowman Lusambo has described as Day Dreaming, allegations by the National Democratic Congress that the PF has printed T-Shirts with the NDC Logo which they intend to wear on voting day.

NDC National Youth Chairman and Deputy Campaign Manager for Roan by-elections Charles Kabwita says he has received information that that the Patriotic Front has printed T-shirts with National Democratic Congress Party logo.

Mr. Kabwita said the PF are planning to put on the NDC regalia on the 11th April, on Election Day, to deceive the Electoral Commission of Zambia so that the party is disqualified from this election.

But Mr. Lusambo has described the assertions as an act of desperation because the NDC is nonexistent in Roan Constituency.

He has urged the NDC to concentrate on their campaigns and explain to the people what they intend to do for them other than making wild allegations which they cannot substantiate.

And Mr. Lusambo said the PF has no money to dish out to the electorate to woo them to vote for them on 11th April as insinuated by the National Democratic Congress.

Mr. Lusambo said the PF only has money to deliver development to the people of Roan after April 11th after Joel Chibuye is declared winner.

He said victory is guaranteed for PF in Roan because the party has done its home work very well.


  1. Boring stuff, trib.ams where do you draw the line? Chimbwili thought he could win by aligning with trib.al upnd? He does not know that he is cursed as a trib.al together with his trib.al partners?

    • CBU closed, Luanshya has massive unemployment, high levels of poverty and yet some people still think PF can save them. Why do people refuse to hold this government accountable?

    • @1.! Hold HH accountable also for killing Roan. There is no alternative to PF as at now. UPND is full of frustrated politicians now than it was in 2011. your hunger for numbers is quickly pushing you out of the zambian political equation.

    • Hehehehehehehe
      Pressure is mounting on NDC. This is a real test.
      Indeed, concentrate on compaigning.Stakes are high on both sides but entertainment zero tolerance to violence.
      Seshekeans need to be talk a voting lesson.

    • I hope these foooools are taking videos and photos like that picture so you go to court with something or you will end up like the Luo court case where evidence disappeared.

  2. Roan is a bye election but from the time it was declared vacant, the confused Kambwili who is clearly fighting for his political survival has not mentioned anything regarding developmental plans for Roan constituency. All you hear from this big gorilla is insults targeted at President Lungu and the PF. Kambwili, the ancestor of gorillas has been MP for Roan constituency for 13 years and today there is nothing he can point at other than his unsubstantiated corruption accusation simply because he was booted out of PF.
    People of Roan needs a sober minded MP loyal to Government whose primary focus is to bring the much needed development and this is no other than Charles Chalwe of PF. Let Kambwili start concentrating on the strategy to beat HH to third position in 2021 assuming HH will be…

  3. @ Obatala
    Closing of CBU when the students loose their minds and begin behaving like stray d0gs is the right thing to do. So imwe mu UPND, why do you encourage lawlessness and violence kanshi? Those politics of stone age are long gone and if you think by supporting evil doers you will get sympathy votes, you in for a rude shock. These are modern times where people want nothing but civility, period! UPND and HH are a violent and chaotic party andd Zambians detest that to the core.

  4. It is sad the cadre culture is killing Zambian politics. There is no objectivity in the way issues are analysed. Every statement or news item is polarised, usually between PF and UPND. Now DP and NDC are prominent. I can see who belongs to which party as a hard core cadre. This for me is what is killing our nation. Why is it a crime to point out bad things regardless of who is responsible for it? We must be able to criticise our own as part of nation building. Offering alternative opinions even within a party is good. If today one criticises (not insults, the two are miles apart) a leader of a party one belongs to, then one becomes a sworn enemy to the leadership. Is this democracy really? We must be above reproach in our approach guys!

  5. I saw Kambwili attending a UPND rally in Luanshya yesterday. Red everywhere. I also suspect that the voters on 11 April will be looking for Kambwili’s name and not his nephew’s on the ballot paper, because Kambwili appears to be the one standing. Anyway, brace yourself for defeat and oblivion in the political arena dr Kambwili.

  6. We have received information, we have received information, we have received information, we have received information. Infinite?

  7. This is vote buying .Why did the PF not take all these things to Luanshya before .The people of Luanshya should start the exit process for this Mansion owner in Swaziland .

  8. A lack of rules of engagement, it’s all sangwapo politics, if you ask the ones contesting these elections what the term politics mean, they surely don’t even have a single simple clue.

  9. Soon Luanshya will fall to the PF Zambians forget easily, PF knows this and are capitalizing on the same. The late president Mwanawasa wasn’t wrong and he played this card to his advantage MHSRIP. PF too much stealing and soon Zambian shall be broke, i hope Luanshya teaches them a lesson. Thievery in PF is so rampant.

  10. Lusambo giving gifts to a lady. Bribing. Ati ba political heavy weeeightyyy? Given money and be in the ruling party anyone can be a political heavy weight.

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