Chanda Mbao Hits Number 1


Chanda Mbao’s recent single ‘Money Gang’ which features South Africa’s Gemini Major has just shot to the top of various radio charts which signifies a huge shift in sound for a Zambian radio hit. Zambian music fans and pundits have often remarked that English Hip-Hop struggles as a sub-genre in the country and Chanda Mbao seems to be proving them wrong.

On Monday, ‘Money Gang’ shot to number 1 on Hot FM’s Top 10 at 10 after amazing fan love the song received. This was after peaking at number 1 on Power FM’s Hip-Hop Top 5 and climbing Radio Phoenix’s Local Rhythm’s Countdown to number 4.

In addition to performing very well on Zambian radio charts, Chanda Mbao has made it onto the Trans Africa Radio African Top 40 where he is currently the only Zambian artist. If you want to support the song, you can click below and vote as many times as you wish:

Lusaka Times hears that Chanda Mbao is set to release a music video for the song very soon. We’re looking forward to this one!




  1. Leave the man alone appreciate his skills haven’t you heard or seen many Europeans sounding like Americans even winning Grammy awards

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