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Justina Mutale named in list of 100 Most Reputable People on Earth

General News Justina Mutale named in list of 100 Most Reputable People on Earth

Justina Mutale
Justina Mutale

Zambian philanthropist, Justina Mutale, Founder and President of the Justina Mutale Foundation has been named in the 2019 List of 100 Most Reputable People on Earth.

The List, released by Leading reputation management consultancy firm, Reputation Poll International recognises and honours individuals, organisations and brands who consistently impact lives positively around the world.

The 2019 List features renowned individuals from across the globe involved in diverse sectors such as entertainment, politics, religion, education, philanthropy, and business among others.

Notable individuals on the list include Queen Elizabeth II, 92, who is the oldest person on the list, and the youngest person is girl education activist, Malala Yousafzai, aged 21.

Several Heads of State and Government are featured on the list including Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Maktoum, Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai, who is also Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda, Sahle-Work Zewde, female President of Ethiopia; Jacinda Ardern, female Prime Minister of New Zealand and Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada.

Entrepreneurs featured on the list include Jack Ma, Warren Buffet and Tim Cook, CEO of Apple while those from the Entertainment industry include John Legend and Oprah Winfrey. Motivational speakers include Les Brown and Tony Robbins.

Ms. Mutale has been globally acclaimed as one of the 21st century new leaders and influencers of our time, who are challenging what we have known for ages, challenging the stereotypes, challenging the norms and creating their own reality, which resonates with the needs of people around them, leaders who lead by maximising resources around them to create powerful ripple effects that are changing lives around the world, using the power of her gifting, vision and creativity.

Winner of numerous other Awards, Honours and Accolades around the world, Ms. Mutale has previously been featured as a Hero in the Capital Finance International Journal, which brings coverage and analysis of the drivers behind change by combining the views of leading multilateral and national organizations with thought leadership from some of the world’s top minds.

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  1. Philanthropist according to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defined as “..a rich person who helps the poor and those in need..”,doesnt our very own Kasaka ka ndalama qualify?

    • If only such a woman can leave London and go back home and more who left the rot in Zambia can get back soon to bring the rot to an end, it can be more helpful! ‘In Ndola the roads have been closed for two hours plus before Edgar Lungu can decide when and where to go’…

      This Lungu chap has shut down Ndola, How many man hours are being wasted by all this rot for him to win Roan? Lungu is committing crimes against humanity everyday. He will just go to jail.

    • This is a absolutely a very big lie:
      Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Maktoum, Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai, who is also Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda, Sahle-Work Zewde,

    • I thinks Linda Kasonde is humble and on the right track, this Mutale girl would end up like Margaret Mwanakatwe.

      Let’s hear Mushota’s opinion. I think Mushota’s opinion would count the most here.

    • analyser
      Am very impressed with your evaluation of her,i went on this Mutale’s Facebook page and all i saw was a woman who is too full of herself even calling herself Her Exellency,she is another Mwanakatwe in the making no doubt…only difference being being Bemba she is likely to be worse.Dont get me wrong,i am Bemba and i know my sisters

    • I don’t her well but she’s Zambian and therefore represents all the smart people of the Zambians Enterprise; that’s all that matters.


      Let’s rill …

    • Ha ha hs ha ha ha ha ……….ha!
      Which earth??
      Are we running out of people?
      You need to live in London to laugh at this!

    • When I said let’s hear from Mushota, I didn’t mean that we roll! Anyways, now that we are ‘rolling’, the Zambian enterprise might be going into receivership/administration, a bit like Debenhams, with Lungu as Captain who runs a government that will not pay workers but presides over the distribution of money and food in Roan while he flies there in ‘his newly acquired’ $80m luxury plane. This current CEO of the Zambian Enterprise, Lungu, will just be arrested like the former CEO of Nissan, Ghosn!

    • Lungu has taken the Zambian enterprise quite a few steps back! Remember when roads would be swept only where Kaunda was going to pass. A minister was recently quoted apologising to Lungu for the sewage stuff he was subjected to in Kabwe, which the people of Kabwe always put up with as a norm! Is the Zambian Enterprise going or coming?

    • Sorry, with is a risk of shifting attention to the lady of the moment, Justine, Markets such as Buchi, Chimwemwe, Chifubu, Mpatamato, Choma, Monze, Pemba or Mazabuka would be swept and moped or shined! Money for floor polish would be found for this seemingly important visitation. KK was the real deal then! To get back to the point, KK has produced people like Justine Mutale and most of us but do we need all this now? I don’t mean needing to produce good learned people, I mean cleaning markets and sewers for only one guy?

    • I know…totally ridiculous. Goes to show just how much people want to remain relevant.
      **One wonders how credible “reputation poll” is?

    • I do follow this woman on many media celebrating herself and telling everyone what she does: doing [email protected], meeting the prime minister of Slovenia, Croatia or something like that. She also shows off as being well travelled and Schooled. It’s better to let her feel good about herself. I am sure it’s ok. She is either a self-made Philanthropist with her own Foundation or she is a genuine article. She also represents a once marginalised gender which, I think it’s ok, besides she’s Zambian like most of us. Let’s celebrate her as our own Oprah Winfrey. She’s also cute, would be nice to meet her in London.

    • analyser – I too have her on my Facebook list but switched her off as everything with her is carefully choreographed, I have followed her from her beauty contest organising days to hosting Zambian musicians in London…am sure Zambian musicians will tell you their opinion of her.

    • So basically what you and I are saying is that Dr Justine Mutale can F-off!, without seeming like we are shooting down our own sister.

    • At least we give our opinion about something happening in our locality unlike those bloggers in USA like that drunkard Nostrad…ass… who comes here to joke around not giving us info on the people donating second hand crap Firetrucks to Lazy Lungu’s Chawama wife Ester in USA.

  2. Watch “Lungu Built a shopping Mall In Uganda – Kambwili” on YouTube
    What is the name of mall?
    When was it but?
    Source of funding?

  3. I have absolutely no knowledge of this famous Zambian woman. Can someone give me her biographical background – when and where she was born, the schools/colleges/universities she attended, her occupational career, etc?

    • Justina is founder of List of Most Influential People of Earth.
      You can also just start your own list.
      Just start with #1 then forward to people in your contacts with a threat that they will die if they don’t add anyone to list within 10 minutes!

  4. Don’t mislead the world about my mbuyas. These are thieves here in Zambia. Even the president presented statistics that 6/10 are hardcore thieves

  5. I have not heard of this woman before and I would consider myself quite well informed. So I just did a quick google search about her. Her profile and biography do not make sense! It seems her only accomplished is being ‘accomplished’ and well honoured with award after award and accolades for being ‘accomplished’. Nowhere does it say anything about something of tangible she has achieved. She seems superficial, fake and someone who loves the limelight. Not even fair to compare her to Maggie K because at least with her she had the cv in the private sector (banking) that she could point

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