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YALI says imposters sponsored by known Zambia politician to create parallel organisation


YALI President Andrew Ntewewe

YALI President Andrew Ntewewe

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) has notified the Registrar of Companies that imposters have been sponsored by a known Zambia politician working and civil society activists to generate confusion in an attempt to legitimise a body that is not legally recognised by Zambian laws.

In a letter dated Monday, 08 April 2019, YALI President Andrew Ntewewe stated that some imposters whose intention is to conduct anti-government operations in Zambia while running unregistered entity not recognised by the law have been sponsored to destabilise the operations of the Young African Leaders Initiative which was duly registered on 6th January, 2011 under the laws of Zambia.

YALI was formed in Zambia in November, 2010 following attendance of the President’s Forum for Young African Leaders (PFYAL) held in the US and officially registered in 2011. For any organisation to operate in Zambia, it must be legally registered by either the Registrar of societies, companies or NGOs. YALI has received funding from the US Government and other foreign Governments from 2011. In 2017 YALI received funding in excess of K1 million to conduct the TechCamp in 2017 in Lusaka involving youth leaders from Namibia, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe and other countries outside the region.

Mr. Ntewewe has stated that the directors of Young African Leaders Initiative have no desire whatsoever to effect any change of name to allow an illegal entity not recognised by law to champion an anti-governmental agenda. Mr. Ntewewe said these plans to destabilise YALI by placing various imposters have existed for a while

YALI has since instructed its lawyers to prosecute any individual found breaching Zambia’s corporate laws in its name. A Mr. Wilfred Chilufya has purported to have been elected as Young African Leaders Initiative Regional Leadership Centre South Africa (YALI RLCSA) Zambian Chapter, an organisation that is not recognised by law in Zambia and is operating illegally.


    • HH has pressed a button with Embassies in Lusaka. Soon u.ll see statement from white fellas. Just stop attacking him and land walk quietly.

    • Like yo fightin spirit Ntewewe. Attended your 1st briefin in 2011 @ American Center when YALI was formed, how the Americans came out to xpress pride. 4get these chaps who dnt know where YALI name came frm b4 it was later adopted as US program

    • me think DT justified to cut funding for YALI program. When u see unregistered entities fighting using the lawful means and fighting lawful entity, then u know the prog has produced danderheads

    • True, u guys ve built an entity that has upset power balance in civil society, expect more fights and forget these boys and sponsors

  1. YALI you ve created enmity with US officials coz of yo recent support for GRZ. Its not those boys fightn u really

  2. It’s always sad to see hungry people like Mr. Nthetwe pushing political agendas for corrupt politicians. What will you do when the US which funds the real YALI exposes your lies?

    • ikanifye ba makaka ba @JourneyMan, dont u know YALI has existed since 2011 in Zambia as registered entity. Muleishiba utuntu. Yes some US official received letter from Alliance partners and unleashed the boys, they may comment soon but YALI is registered

  3. I knew when Diggers rushed to publish some correspondence without checking verifying with such institution is recognised by law in Zambia there was something bigger brewing – it has not come out yet. Lets keep waiting. Ntewewe tone down your support to GRZ over Dialogue Bill

    • Diggers and Nthawewe is spark! Nthawewe needs begin speaking same language as his other anti-government CSOs, those former Post Employees wont give forgive Nthawewe same way they have not with Edgar

    • @Peter C Njobvu, even your father is still young. There is no definitive age for young, most MPs Zambia has who are above 35 are still young but no longer youth

  4. Just come join politics mudala so u sink together with the Ship in 2021. Those fighting u re bigger than HH u always speak ill about.
    Sad part is when u leave that NGO, it dies permanent death in Zambia, that voice wil be gone

  5. YALI is not supposed to be political. From the language, you can tell this Ntewewe must be a PF cadre. BTW, When are they choosing new leadership next & how does one contest for leadership of YALI?

    • You are right ba Gomani, equally LAZ was UPND when Linda Hakasonde was LAZ president. She has been promised the position of Chief Justice since 2011, 2015, 2017 and now 2021. tuleya tulekota ka! finshi mwashokwa! mano mwashota! @CHEF 162

  6. This is known Divide & Rule game. I dont normally agree with Nthewewe but someone who sent those boys to divide YALI will literally come up with statement to pass a ruling. The iceberg concept. But we know YALI existed after 2010 & before Obama announced the adoption of new YALI name as Mandela Washington Fellowship from his SA visit. Anyway, Andrew should now see that those who helped form YALI in 2011 aint happy with his support for National Dialogue Bill

  7. Andrew Ntewewe is a PF cadre. And he has no choice but to support PF because his uncle ECL is protecting him from prosecution after those donor funds he and the other guys stole in 2016. Right now YALI is being funded only by government, no donor has funded YALI since the 2016 financial scandal. Even Andrew himself knows his days are numbered; USAID is American and in America umulandu taubola. Some of the guys he was jointly accused were fired from their positions by organizations they were working for at the time. Andrew is being protected, that is why he has to bark for PF and government louder than even Amos Chanda. But this news is a sign that pressure is beginning to mount on him. It’s just a matter of time. Scum have no shame.

    • @ Kalanda

      The difference between your comment and mine is that I was making a factual statement, and you are hitting back with a political statement. But just to make things clear, CSOs funded by UPND are not participating the stealing of tax-payer’s money. No matter how much you passionately post your tuma narrow-minded comments on Lusaka-Times, when time comes for Andrew Ntewewe to defend himself in court and jails, you will not be there to help him – you will probably even change your name. Yellow-bellied coward.

    • @ Judge Masipha

      There is no difference between your comment and @Kalanda, The only difference is that you are too full of yourself with ” i- know- it- all ” mentality like your small god of dundumwezi. what is factual about your statement or your are just listening too much to zambian watchdog. finshi mwashokwa or mano mwashota

    • What Nteweqw ought to do is drop his support 4 PF, these guys from opposition ve complained to US embassy, hence maneuvers to discredit what they had hand in. New breed of officers witj own version of things

  8. Someone must be dull. How can you use unregistered entity to fight registered entity in Zambia ati we bear same name? ???? Fact that USAID or anyone adopted name which was already recognised by law doesn’t make name their own. Besides we remember US officials at Comesa building talking about how this current Yali was formed from Obama 2010 meeting. What has changed?

  9. Someone needs to write a good article to explain background of yali as we saw it getting formed at american centre in case some people have forgotten where it traces its roots. I smell a rat. Same white guys joined hands with opposition to silence Nthenthwe. 2021 battles

  10. Someone smelling wind of change! if I were u, I would let Yale die in Zambia a natural death, u be done wht u can 4 decade!

  11. Hear yali will go to elections when UPND does; and it’s leaders will retire when those to they found on scene like Lifukas, Chipenzis, Bishop Mambo etc retire, lol

    • @Wilfred you have made my day. kikikiki .My friend UPND will only go for an intra party election when the small god of dundumwezi dies. Chifire, Lifuka, Mapenzi, Longwe, Miti and Mambo will only retire when they go Chingwere or Leopards hill.

  12. You lack impartiality Andrew, you have brought this on yourself. You have been one sided my friend. If you really mean well, step aside and let organization continue without you. This beauty with this world is that no one has the monopoly of anything

  13. Keep fighting Andrewe. Thoz who well know yalii history will know what American hand went into there. Stop responding 2 illegally operating entities. Stand up 4 yo country and yo govt. Its called patriotism! nice u registered yo entity than if u left it at mercy of the founding foriegn hand like those boys.

  14. This fight is a failure of diplomacy among those tasked to manage relations within US Embassy. I for one are beneficiary of Mandela Washington Fellowship program but neither member of YALI in Zambia or the so-called South African Zambian Chapter. Appears to me both are being run by former US alumni members. USAID funds one but US Government has been funding the other long before USAID adopted YALI brand name in 2013. USAID. So the two can’t be separated from the US hand except one has legal personality while the other operates unlawfully.

  15. Well said. Thinking y Trump is not withdrawing more funding from the YALI prog and spend it on Americans. Program has stopped producing ambitious leaders but now producing power hungry chaps. How could boys who just graduated from South Africa even fight thoz who were on first prog in America? What’s the interest of hub in SA favouring one US Inspired govt program over another? Anyway, this is political. Appears someone within system isnt happy with Nthewewe stance over Dialogue and Constitution and now using boys to fight him. Am not a fan of Nthewewe and his pro PF stance but do respect his right to say what he says and contribution to governance in Zambia


  17. There is more to this fight than meets the eye. They are serious battles within US Alumni, others feel those alumni running YALI are more visible than alumni members running other institutions. US has no favourite alumni body????

  18. Anglo-American SLAVE on unmasked ENEMY.NO WONDER I hate him.

    It’s SAD that HE has produced PHYSICAL DEMONS who will defend and protect him even fighting tooth and nail.

    The game is known especially for those who knows politics.WE ANTICIPATED this long ago….

  19. Trump must shut down the Obama program, its failed to produce desired result as can be seen with this current bickering between groups that should have learnt about conflict resolution mechanism. So what has this Chilufywa guy achieved from his malice, he was busy posting links in all groups and UNZA watchdog yesterday thinking he scored but boom, a hard punch now from those who devised and registered YALI name!!

  20. Had glimpse of wht Isaac m. Mwanza posted on his wall and can’t wait for his article on this. Appears lots of drama and guy seem to want to give public detailed info to rest debate.
    Questions from my mind is, does USAID YALI program train people who fail to resolve issues behind scene and call these Africa%s leaders?

  21. Just sit down and resolve issues. Andrew is a good voice and his patriotism is the country is no different than how any American would be patriotic to their country. It is within his rights to support government of the day. We know HH is bitter about this but ECL is more sober than most of these opposition leaders. YALI, as we know it, has enjoyed strong ties to America

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