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The Presidents physical exercises are publicized for a good reason – Mukwita


President Lungu exercising with member of the public

Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany Anthony Mukwita says the publicity given to President Edgar Lungu’s physical exercise regime is intended to communicate the need to remain healthy.

Ambassador Mukwita said as a national leader, President Lungu shares what he does with the rest of the country to create awareness around the importance of physical exercise and its implication for health.

He said health experts have in the past warned that the issue of obesity is not just a problem of some developed countries but a Zambian problem as well.

President Lungu runs several kilometers every day whether he is in State House or out of station with members of the public joining him on several occasions.

The senior diplomat made the remarks in his office when he received Frank Katebe, the German-based Zambian who recently participated in the Berlin half marathon. Katebe was accompanied by his wife Jana, his two children Marie-Kasuba and Louise-Malaika. He was also accompanied by his trainer Michael Rejske.

Ambassador Mukwitaposes for a picture with  Frank Katebe  his wife Jana and their kids and trainer Michael Rejske

“Physical exercise has a lot to do with our health as a people and President Lungu has embraced it to inspire the whole country to care about their personal health”, Ambassador Mukwita said.

Katebe and his trainer took part in the 21km race, which saw thousands of participants drawn from over a hundred countries. Adorned in the popular green jersey of the Zambian National Team, Katebe ran to also raise awareness around the plight of Idai cyclone victims of Mozambique.

His wife Jana once worked in Beira, the Mozambican port city that has been hit the most by the cyclone. “I was heartbroken to see the city I know personally reduced to nothing”, Mrs. Katebe said.

Katebe and his trainer Michael are affiliated to a German non-profit-making organization, DLRG (Duetsche Lebensretlungsgesellschaft), which specializes in rescue operations that are water or sea-related.

“So our decision to seek help for the victims of the Idai cyclone was informed by what we do under DLRG”, said Michael who has participated in rescue missions before.

The trio wondered how similar tragedies in the developed world in particular would be sustained in the media for hours, days and weeks on end but covered only briefly when they happen in Africa.

On its part, the Zambian government responded by sending medical supplies to Mozambique in addition to an ongoing initiative in which funds for additional assistance may be donated through an account that has been opened.

Issued in Berlin,Germany by Zambia first Secretary -Press Kellys Kaunda


    • Lungu is not an inspiring President…no character and Bashir is out so dont stay in power more than 2 terms…..dont even dream of standing in 2021

    • I think it would be more helpful if he held press conferences to address national issues. So many huge national issues remain unanswered and all the while the president is busy flying around in his new toy, running around, and dancing on stage.
      It would also be helpful if he could sit in his office and do some work.

    • People cannot jog on an empty stomach!
      Civil servants have not been paid coucil workers zampost name them all wallowing in poverty and trying to scrounge around for the next meal all you talk about is keeping healthy through jogging ikona man!
      Be serious bane things are bad!
      Let people jog to the bank first then talk about healthy living next!

    • Zambian embassy in Germany is funded by PF and statehouse. What has Edgar to do with Frank the runner and his family?
      That Mukwita want to take over from the failed Malanji. It can’t be a bad idea.

    • You can’t exercise on an empty stomach.
      Lungu & his Pf00Lish cohorts can afford to jog to shed off excessive fat coz they are eating well while the masses are starving due to their theft, debt & poor economic policies which have collapsed the economy.
      Can zampost worker who hasn’t been paid for 6 months go for jogging?

    • Let him also publicise corruption and abuse of office by this PF government and their cadres.

      But yes, exercise is good for everyone.

    • – Embassies haven’t received funding (from broke PF govt) since July last year.
      – Workers at embassies (including German embassy) havent been paid 2 months now.
      But here is a bootlicker Mukwita who finds it ok to travel 10,000km to sing praises for his master’s jogging.
      Zambia deserves better than these clowns

    • I’d rather have a fat and unfit president who takes us to prosperity (Mwanawasa) than a fit, corrupt, thieving moron who takes us nowhere. He should perhaps be a fitness instructor.

  1. Make the economy healthy too. If only this jogging could solve our economic problems. You know, I think this jogging is training for endurance that once voted out of office they should keep running, coz they know ZP officers will be too obese to keep up.
    If we the general citizenry decided to jog to raise public awareness for the corruption taking place Zambia Police would arrest all of us jogging that day.

    • Marry white women, it’s still a very successful venture. I never met any Zambian married to white woman broke, they all do well. The same, if white guy marries a Zambian woman, they get healthy very fast.
      Best Economics.

    • Nostra, you remember three to four years ago I said I will buy popcorn and wait for implosion. When you have all people that were scavengers in there past life and now they are living big because they found money!!!!!. Question. If they couldn’t make money or manage money in the past how can the manage it now for an economy. Economy is business. Business is also running you little home. My world Zambia will be worse off than KK left it. Were looking at old Mogadishu. Time is the cure. them say everything and lets wait for time. Very saddening

    • Chinyocine tata.

      Ababemba batila ati pacinena tapaba degree.

      Nga nakufita, teti wishibe.

      That is what I heard.

    • Really? I have seen a lot Africans, including Zambians, married to whites get divorced here in the USA. They lead miserable lives.

  2. Either Mukwita is very desperate or he doesnt mind being the proverbial stupid fly that was buried with the corpse.If we wanted a fitness trainer we could not have chosen him we wanted a President, not a fitness trainer….

      Them belly full but we hungry
      A hungry mob is an angry mob
      A rain a-fall but the dirt, it tough
      A pot a-cook but the food no ‘nough
      We’re gonna dance to Jah music, dance
      We’re gonna dance to Jah music, dance
      Forget your sorrows and dance
      Forget your troubles and dance
      Forget your sickness and dance
      Forget your weakness and dance, I say
      Cost of livin’ gets so high
      The rich and poor they start to cry
      And now the weak must get strong, they say
      Oh, what a tribulation, saying
      My belly full but me hungry
      A hungry mob is an angry mob
      A rain a-fall but the dirt it tough
      A pot a-cook but the food no ‘nough
      We’re gonna chuck to Jah music,…

  3. This guy and Lusambo should collaborate to write a book called ‘The Art of Butt Kissing – A simplified guide for Dull PF supporters’.

  4. Grapevine has it that Jean Claude Vandame was Bill Clinton’s physical trainer( I stand 2b corrected), but I don’t remember any media over publicising that…

  5. Running on empty stomachs!! Let those with full stomachs run, we know they are vey happy as they have sacks of money.

  6. He needs to stop running around and run the country from the office.
    Zambia has better role models for exercise.

  7. This is a “Show and Tell” exercise in primary school. People are actually being paid from tax payers money to do these jobs! Physical exercise can only happen after one is healthy. Primary health care is a major under performing issue in Zambia and then one should speak about exercise! Focus and stay in the right lane people.

    • Returning Citizen
      The man fails to provide even panadol in government hospitals but encorages you to exercise, it’s like everything is warped up

  8. This is a gimmick to market Lungu for the 2021 elections including the ads on ZNBC TV to bring Lungu’s name and face to the voters using health messages, they are trying to emotionally connect Lungu to the voters with health messages which also affect the people. They are using a health issue to market Lungu. This is what is called Cause Related Marketing. The product here is Lungu relating to health issues. It is the same as marketing soap and relating it handwasing to prevent diarrhoes. People need medicines in hospitals please.

  9. Jogging around in a country thats so broken is such awful idea. Who ever mooted it doesnt realise its real value to the opposition. Just like the dancing around. These are serious times in the country. Im sure the economy may improve the more he jogs!!!! Lol.

  10. Exercise is good u like it or not let the President show example since he is the Head,if do not want to exercise stay put baba viva ECL ooo cakalipa kuikulikafye capwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  11. Thats a typical zambian thing where someone never used to jog but only start doing so after having access to all sorts of resources at the expense of others..surely Mukwita, obesity in zambia isn’t a very big issue at all, but I unequivocally believe that corruption and general poverty are real issues affecting most zambians now!!! get your facts right!!

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