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Lusaka Businessman arrested for shooting dead a driver

General News Lusaka Businessman arrested for shooting dead a driver

Zambia Police spokesperson Esther Katongo
Zambia Police spokesperson Esther Katongo

Police in Lusaka have arrested a man of Matero north identified as John Lungu aged 44 years who is a businessman and owns a fleet of Toyota Haice Minibuses, for allegedly shooting to death Kenny Makoba Chimfwembe aged 43 of Lusaka’s Garden House area using a pistol.

The incident happened yesterday at about 17:00 hours at Speed Star tyre Fitment Centre situated on Lumumba Road opposite Road Transport and Safety Agency Offices.

All is reported to have started when the accused person’s driver identified as Davies Zulu driving a Toyota Hiace mini bus registration number BAF 9727 was confronted by other drivers from Lumumba bus stop after they found him loading passengers along the road.

Zambia Police spokesperson Esther Katongo said it was at that point that the driver reported to the accused person who later went and confronted the drivers and there was exchange of bitter words and in the process the accused person pulled out his TKW 9milimeter pistol and shot Makoba (who is now deceased) on the right forehead and he died on the spot.

Mrs. Katongo said the suspect is detained in Police custody and the pistol alleged to have been used in the act has been recovered.

She said the body of the deceased person is in UTH mortuary awaiting postmortem.

In another development, Mrs. Katongo said Police in Lusaka have arrested two suspects identified as Mwangala Mubita aged 41 of Chilanga and female Chitembo Chipili aged 35 of Lusaka West for Making False documents contrary to section 344, Forgery and Uttering contrary to sections 342 and 352 and Forgery of Judicial Documents contrary to section 349 Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

She said the accused persons are alleged to have been involved in several fraudulent adoptions of foreign nationals without following laid down procedures.

Mrs. Katongo said the accused have been charged as stated above and are in Police custody soon to appear in court.

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    • Pistol culture was promoted by Kaizer and Miles Sampa. Do you see pictures of cadres with pistols?
      Look what happened to vibrant Keith Mutaka.
      Now citizens are just killing each other.
      It’s time Edgar clean up everyone pockets from pistols.
      This is outbreak is worse than cholera.

    • Apparently Zambia is now being engulfed by the gun culture that’s usually characteristic of Western countries . It’s slowly evolving into something like the violent cities of America. In these violent cities, people settle their differences, even petty differences, using guns. Most likely all kinds of shady gun runners and gun dealers have already invaded Zambia, while clueless Lungu is fast asleep. There’s nothing that keeps investors and tourists away from a country than gun totting maniacs like this guy, who shoot others over petty issues. It’s not too late yet. Zambia needs to control the flow of guns in the country, and have very strict requirements for one to own a firearm. Don’t just allow all kinds of crazy people to own guns, including some mentally unstable ones…

    • Lungu, wake up and protect the innocent Zambians from trigger happy fools like this guy in the article. Start the gun control process now, before it’s too late.

  1. That’s failure to control emotion. Going there with a gun indicates he was prepared to use it and that’s sad. Are we heading towards South Africa taxi wars now?

  2. Immediately you own a gun, know that problems are waiting for you. Ask Keith Mukata; MP, Lawyer and businessman

  3. “She said the accused persons are alleged to have been involved in several fraudulent adoptions of foreign nationals without following laid down procedures.” Two stupid Zambians, A lot of Zambians have an inferiority complex, more especially the women. By bringing these people into the country, don’t you know you are harming yourselves because sectors of the Zambian populace look at foreigners with worshiping eyes, they will get benefits you wont.

  4. A lot of Zambians have got no idea on controlling emotions in relation to a gun. You should always use a gun if your life is really under threat. Not an argument of loading buses and you produce a gun, very f0olish

  5. #2 Ndanje Khakis, it is possible that maybe Esther Katongo and/or LT are referring to a person who has two heads, then “right forehead” is perfect English… kikikikiki

    But then it’s our national English where even the public national broadcaster ZNBC headed by DG Richard Mwanza no less is trying to teach us “new english”. Their newscasters always say “retaliated” (hit back, revenge) when they mean “reiterated” (repeated, emphasised). Tune in to the 19:00hrs news tonight, 65% chance they will say it.

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