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Friday, February 21, 2020

President Lungu expected in Mazabuka today for a one day working visit

Headlines President Lungu expected in Mazabuka today for a one day working visit

President Lungu and wife arrive for the Commonwealth Law Conference in Livingstone
President Lungu and wife arrive for the Commonwealth Law Conference in Livingstone

President Edgar Lungu is today expected in Mazabuka, Southern Province on a one day working visit. This is according to a programme released to ZANIS in Choma by Southern Province Permanent Secretary Mwangala Liomba.

Mr Liomba said President Lungu is expected to be in Mazabuka in the morning to flag off the first export of Nickel Mineral extracted from the Munali Nickel Mine.

Munali Nickel has resumed production after some years of being under Care and maintenance.

Meanwhile, Mr Liomba has thanked President Lungu for ensuring that operations at Munali Nickel Mine are revived creating job opportunities for locals.

He said the mine is producing the most valuable mineral with a lucrative price on the international market.

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    • He is supposed to have issued a statement condemning the thus that PFools sent to threated an innocent whose sin he has done was to tell Zambians the truth and win an Election .

    • Honestly Gary Nkondo should be present to show his constituency. Unfortunately, UPND may fire him tabakwata reservations.

    • Adding so much sauce to the national treasury yet some flipper will come here and say they will only develop areas that vote for the ruling party.

    • He should tour as much as he can before he says goodbye. The constitution only allows for the president to be elected only twice.

    • Working visit to Mine started by HH. Gary is also a major shareholder that’s why he was there.

      This mine was once closed by PF because it’s main shareholders are supporters of UPND.

      After winning battles in court PF has now finally opened it.

      Lungu and PF ni bachimbwi no plan.

    • Lungu has no shame at all. Him and his cronys have stolen civil servants salary money.

      This drunk will dies in plane crash because I doubt if his plane is even serviced properly due yo lack of money. If he dies Zambians will celebrate!

  1. When does he ever sit in the office to plan for the country. Why doesn’t he emulate the two good Presidents Zambia ever had in KK and Mwanwasa. Takwali ukwenda kwa ifi

    • Every President has flaws and good moments as well it’s called a balancing act… There is no perfect President in the world though they all strive to being one

    • Forgive me if I am mistaken, but wasn’t Mwanawasa the first to be termed the tourist in state house whose health was affected by traveling fatigue?

      Am just asking.

    • @Milonga, you must have been yesterday. KK used to travel a lot and during his time when he was traveling within Zambia everything closed, schools, businesses including markets. KK used to go on a month’s visit to east Europe and Asia.

  2. Hope he is going by road so that he sees for himself the bad job his Inyatsi friends did! The road is already full of potholes! Kafue-Mazabuka road is very treacherous road! Drive carefully!

  3. Jona Meno Meno, the guy doesnt know if he is going or coming, the worst president in the world clueless dander head, only good for stealing from people

  4. Welcome sir to the land where the parents of those retired in national interest and public interest live.The same land where mapenzi,choongwa,vespers etc come from.The God of justice and immense grace has been keeping us

  5. Its too late sir.

    We gave you an opportunity and you ‘ve messed up.

    Why should you be elected 3 times

    PF is now under siege. On the north there imbwili. On the south there is upendi

    Mr president PF has no way out. Why can’t politicians learn from chiluba and rb who ended up embarrassed

    Why should a president build structures all over while citizens are suffering and watching and talking about it.

    Retirement home was introduced because the head of state has no time for building houses.

    But we see you playing pool and dancing when Zambians are suffering.

    Look at the dollar today

    Sir, you have abused the trust and good will we gave you.

    Am a non partisan political consultant

  6. The attitude of politics of southerners towards OTHERS is bad. NO WONDER KK spent 27 years no any official visit he made.

  7. As a leader, you do not wave a fist at people like a boxer intimidating his opponent. Primitive leadership style of Edger Chapona Lungu. I dare you to do the same when visit civilized countries like Canada, Uk, USA, ETC.

  8. Well done for creating 400 jobs,

    but again this is the lazyness of PF GRZ….

    is mineral extraction the only thing that can happen in Zambia ???

    When is lungu ever going to officiate opening a manufacturing or even an assembly plant ???

  9. Well done for creating 400 jobs,

    but again this is the lazyness of PF GRZ….

    is mineral extraction the only thing that can happen in Zambia ???

    When is lungu ever going to officiate opening a manufacturing or even an assembly plant ???

    If it is not shopping malls it is mineral extraction….

    Common mr lungu ,

    • Lazy Lungu is a simple dull Chawama man …this is a man who had no pot to piss in before he was President today he is a millionaire in dollars. He wouldn’t understand what you mean.

  10. Kikikiki..Ati PF under siege. The loss of the Roan seat to the United Opposition should by no way make you underestimate the capabilities of the Mighty PF. Such unwarranted overconfidence is what makes the gullible accuse PF of rigging the elections when PF wins an election. Wait patiently for 2021 and see what will happen. No, not 2021; even before that. A lot shall come to pass before 2021 which will make even the sucklings believe that PF is a party for the people..especially the vulnerable.

    • Main factor that led to the victory of NDC is the non-participation of UPND in that bye-election.I doubt that UPND will forfeit its chance in 2021.In the event that UPND fields a candidate in the Roan Parliamentary election, NDC may lose to PF. So its not so much about the popularity of NDC but the combined effort that should take the credit.

  11. Our president is supposed to be a president for all Zambians. If this is true why does our president persist in giving the PF party salute everywhere he goes ?!!

  12. Visit reminds Zambians that when a leader says can only develop areas that vote for him begs belief, when did Mazabuka ever voted for Edgar Jonathan Chagwa Lungu as president?. The deception of “vote for me or my party to bring development in this area” is utopia at best, worse portrays that leader as insecure and vision-less.

  13. Honourable Gary Nkombo is a honourable man but UPND members are not allowed to be seen or associate with government of the day. What kind of policy is that?

  14. That mine operated before. It is re-opening. Does the ‘entire’ ECL have to be at every little ceremony? Commissioning classroom blocks, extensions, houses etc. He is all over the place, but really doing nothing. The so-called district commissioners could ‘grace’ these occasions.

    How about a press conference or address to the nation on the state of the economy and the way forward? Not to forget taking questions, even from a scared and compromised local press.

  15. Did You KNOW?
    in the Southern we only visit same one day with TAKEAWAY lunch from lsk, in the Northern CB inclusive it’s a one week working Holiday DRINKS inclusive with JERABOS, in the Eastern it’s LEISURE TIME in Mfuwe, before he Hits eSwatini.

  16. May God who chose you to rule continue to Bless you Your excellency. We continue to hold to Romans 13 and we will continue to Pray for your well being and Good success.

  17. Romans 13

    Submit to Government

    13 Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. 2 Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves.

  18. 1 Timothy 2

    2 Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, 2 for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence. 3 For this is good and

  19. Edgar is the only sitting President who goes into any town in Zambia, stays for several days and gets back to Lusaka without meeting members of the local chapter of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He doesn’t meet the business community. On the Copperbelt he wines and dines with jerabos, they’ve easy access to the President. So we are beginning to know the kind of person he is. It was by chance that he did law.

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