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ROAN Results Bring a Bigger Problem: What will Lead UPNDC The Belt or the Kilt?

Columns ROAN Results Bring a Bigger Problem: What will Lead UPNDC The Belt...

HH and Kambwili
HH at Dr Kambwili’s residence

By Wilfred Sameta

“Bo Lukanda ni siziba” (the belt and the kilt) is a succinct but profound Silozi saying.

The Siziba is that piece of traditional attire in the form of a kilt that is proudly adorned by the males of Barotseland at various ceremonies such as Kuomboka.

“Bo Lukanda ni siziba” is thus a proverb that uses a very appropriate analogy in that a person who wears a kilt must inevitably use a belt as well.

The belt and the kilt are very closely connected and the saying is often used when referring to friendships or relationships that are close or inseparable.

The siziba is more prominent and it covers nakedness and the Lukanda while less prominent, secures the Siziba.

Therein lies the problem for Bo HH and Bo Kambwili; they both want to be prominently seen and heard; and neither wants to play the less prominent background supporting role.

The aftermath of Roan has exposed this dilemna. There have been subtle undercurrents of a battle between as UPND and NDC developing.

Bo HH and his people want to take the credit for the win and render themselves indispensible to Kambwili; while Kambwili wants to assert himself as a self-made man over HH.

While all this is going on a sub plot to this soap opera has GBM also complaining about being marginalised and alienated. The UPND Vice Chairperson has made it clear that he was invited to join UPND as HH’s vice President and that he cannot be subjected anything less.

However with NDC scooping Roan, Bo HH has shifted his “friendly attention” from Mwamba to Kambwili. The situation is headed for an explosion of humongous proportions. Roan is thus likely to be a short term gain for Kambwili and Hichilema; but a long term loss for the UPND alliance as their egos and temperaments will eventually come to a head. Roan could yet prove to be hollow victory.

In the aftermath of the Roan by-election UPND has been quick to claim the credit. The UPND Copperbelt Youth Chairman has played the role of a lead singer in his gloating; while the NDC have been drowned and relegated to playing back-up vocals for their own victory.

Is the new found friendship between the NDC Consultant and the UPND leader strong and resilient enough to hold as _“Bo Lukanda ni siziba”?_

Or are the belt and the kilt going to disengage and expose the dishonourable moral nakedness of the two?

Coming to think of it; between HH and Kambwili, who is the “Lukanda” and who is the “siziba? It is hard to decipher. The truth is that each one of them thinks of themselves more highly than the other!

There is only room for 2 on the ballot paper, so where would the equally larger than life ego of Mr Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba the UPND Vice President fit in the equation?

What about the “royalties” of the shrewd calculating “Owner of the NDC Franchise”- the unpredictable Mwenye Musenge?

If the belt were to come loose and Hakainde and Kambwili were naked in front of each other (a’la Adam and Eve) would they be comfortable and not afraid of each other? I doubt it!

Bo HH doesn’t trust Kambwili and Kambwili’s sentiment in this regard towards HH is mutual.

During his tenure as Roan MP, Kambwili raised a lot of questions in Parliament and outside the house that exposed Bo HH as being sognificantly responsible and culpable for the misery that the miners and people of Luanshya suffered after the Privitisation process in which Hichilema played the part of valuator/Negotiator.

Then there’s the question of Kambwili insulting the whole tribe of my traditional cousins. His shockingly disrespectful comments that even if the Messiah were to stand in an election against Bo HH, the whole of Southern Province would still blindly vote for Hakainde. Apweee! What an insult!

Bo HH may pretend for the sake of being seen to warm up to the NDC Consultant, but I’m certain most of my cousins across Southern Province still think Kambwili is that chifuba-fuba (foolish person). This may yet prove costly to UPND and Bo HH in his stronghold.


The idea of temperaments is that we are born with some aspects of our personality.

It is generally understood that there are understood to be four main temperaments; namely Phlegmatic, Choleric, Melancholic and Sanguine. For now we will not discuss the details of all the four temperament but we will only touch on one that seem to straddle across the personalities of HH and Kambwili.

According to experts, Incompatibility of temperament means _”not able to live in harmonious or agreeable combination”_.

When there is conflict in the pattern of behaviour and reaction it is said to be “incompatibility of temperament”. This is due to the different manner of thinking and behaving of a human being.

Interestingly, this is a ground for divorce in most states in America, when a married couple no longer have desire to live together due to incompatibility of temperament. On the local scene, it could well be grounds for Kambwili and Hichilema to “divorce”. So much for the belt and the kilt!

Their mutual revulsion aside, the truth is that Hichilema and Kambwili have similar temperaments; and therein lies the problem; they are both choleric, hence incompatible.

The choleric temperament is identified as the most powerful (yet destructive) of the temperaments.

Expert psychologists assert that It is not unreasonable to state that the world’s greatest feared dictators and diabolical criminals were perhaps of the Choleric temperament.

As Kambwili and Hichilema’s temperaments would illustrate, the Choleric is extremely self-centered and the needs of others do not matter, they are perfectionistic and even their own flaws are flawless. (Have you ever heard HH apologise?)

When they are wrong they will not accept it, theirs is the only way that is correct and matters.(Doesn’t this remind you of Kambwili?).

Cholerics like HH and CK don’t like being subject to authority, even though they want to be authoritarian.

They want to be on top of the food chain and be on top. As mentioned before, they will use any trick in the book. (Like forming “alliances” around themselves and taking credit for the Roan Parliamentary By-Election.)

Cholerics want to have total control over themselves and anyone around them and are of the opinion and belief that they know what is best for those around them.

Two extreme cholerics like Kambwili and HH can never be “Bo Lukanda ni siziba”. They will instead strip each other’s nakedness to the public.

The stealing of NDC’s election thunder in Roan by the UPND Copperbelt Youth Chairman and GBM’s growing agitation with his increasing alienation is just the beginning of the loosening of the UPNDC belt; the siziba will not hold.


While the UPNDC has been celebrating winning a constituency, the UPND has been suffering an increasing haemorrhage of through an increasing loss of ground in its strongholds.

The recent wins by PF Mitete ward and Chavuma wards in Western and North-western Province respectively as well as the ruling party’s triumphs in Kafue, Chilanga and Mangango demonstrate major incursions by the ruling party into former UPND strongholds.

While Bo HH is jumping for joy celebrating the Roan Result; his once-upon-a-time backyards of North-western and Western Province are steadily being swallowed by PF. Even his “bedroom” Southern Province (including Monze ) does not guarantee him an automatic vote like before.

Voters in former UPND strongholds have become frustrated and exasperated with his prideful arrogance and his opposing anything and everything for the sake of opposing, as development eludes Southerners, just because Bo HH does not allow his Members of Parliament and councillors to engage government officials. Nothing stays ignored forever; consequences eventually come forth (Like Kafue).

At the end of the day Bo HH should open his eyes – he is losing more than he is winning.

On the other hand even though PF significantly lost in Roan, they have comparatively by and large in terms of numbers taken more away from UPND.

After the Roan results were announced, the immediate reaction of the ruling party was to be magnanimous to congratulate NDC and indicate that they were getting back to the people to listen to them and receive feedback.

This is a worrying situation for UPNDC because PF loss in Roan gives them the opportunity to review the feedback well ahead of 2021, giving them an opportunity to do something about it. Afterall like the Easterners say “Munda wakudala si ivuta kulima” (An old familiar patch of land is not difficult to cultivate).

As for Bo HH and Kambwili, they are far from being “Bo Lukanda ni siziba”

The belt has been worn threadbare by their mutual distrust and self aggrandisement; the kilt is falling; they will be caught pants down…

The Writer is a retired Journalist based in Kabwe, Central Province of Zambia.


  1. The only problem is Chishimba Kambwili wants to be President and HH wants to be President…remember PF and UPND…Sata and Hakainde…..both want to lead…and this is the problem

    • Unfortunately the marriage of inconvenience between NDC and UPND wont last….you heard Chishimba Kambwili on Prime TV… he is already asking Zambians to vote for Chishimba Kambwili as President of Zambia in 2021 and where does this leave HH….definitely HH wont agree to be just a running mate….he refused when Sata gave him that chance…..
      PF will take advantage of the confusion that will surround the marriage of inconvenience between NDC and UPND

    • Why are you “anonymous”, you are wise a bit but you are such a coward. Toughen up your balls, be real.

    • Looks like Zambians will be played again….Chishimba Kambwili has already started reaching out to known PF bandits….he is busy inviting then to Join him….so now we will end up with no opposition because PF,NDC and UPND Will be one party…..so 2021 vote UPNDCPF…….and i always tell my fellow citizens NEVER TRUST A POLITICIAN….all politicians just worry about their stomachs…..

    • @1.2 Nostradamus
      I live a very quiet life…peace of mind in my anonymity….i always lay low
      Please Nostradamus advise HH to stay away from NDC otherwise people will start thinking he has no confidence in himself and UPND…..

    • You chaps are dull and more especially the author , his analysis is skewed and typical of PF biased reporting, all UPND needs to win elections in Zambia is a 50% trail and command in the copperbelt vote, remember KAMBWILI, Chishimba in 2016 had 11,000 and upnd’s KAYEKESI, Andrew K had 5000, lungu had 12,000 and HH had 6000, so can you see the half margin trend, thats all UPND needs in CB because in our stronghold PF always perform desmorly. In this case credit goes to HH for showing magnanimity and not fielding a candidate in Roan, UPND has more supporters in Luanshya than NDC and if HH wanted to do ukufilila munsenga he would have put a candidate and PF would have won. The people to be worried here is PF whose strong holds will be divided by Kalaba and Kambwili, UPND is intact and you…

    • Hello Larry
      You have a point but out of context of the article and debate. Unless you are confirming that HH will go alone in which case your rationality stands. But the debate is about who leads. Thanks

    • Whatever the circumstance it gives HH an upper hand in 2021. Lets say Kambwili disturbs PF in its stronghold then UPND will carry the day.

    • typical MUSELA KWAKABA. 2021 will have a re=run and greed will play its part. HH does not give while mwamba gives. Kamwili is a good public speaker exactly the person hh needs to kill pf in cb. the common denominator which will make all of them fail is EGO. The smart one here is HH though. his southern vote is intact for now. if kambwili wins another seat but now from southern or northwestern, this friendship will be nomore

    • After roan constituency loss this morphine dosage is highly recommend to easy the pain, this article is one morphine dosage for b is used to treat severe pain. Morphine belongs to a class of drugs known as opioid (narcotic) analgesics. It works in the brain to change how your body feels and responds to pain.roken and hurting pf hearts.

    • It was just Roan, don’t get worked out.
      People want development, I pray for the MP, that he delivers.
      The seat was UNIP then PF then NDC. What does that tell you? People are looking are looking for solutions. Otherwise maybe they love the person CK. It aint personal. Get over it.

    • Yes hh can win but he wont enter states house because he will get less than 50+1

      CK is PF and if rerun is called hes likely to surppot his party. CK is a hardcore PF cadre and his fight is not with PF but LUNGU

    • @1.6 wandi, it is shallow thinking for you to ask who will lead the Alliance, Just 1 MP we helped Kambwili to win should not make you think HH and UPND are invisible. its like asking Milupi to win sehsheke and just that 1 Parliamentary seat should make HH irrelevant. i stand by my analysis, UPND is now at its strongest point because our strong hold is intact, its PF being ripped apart. we are confident of Our strategy UPND can even still go it alone and win because PF, NDC and Harry Kalaba will be dividing their tribal Northern block vote. VIVA HH 2021. And do not be fooled HH will be on the ballot Paper as President Alliance or No alliance. To us in UPND we will even be Happy to go it alone so that PF and their salogates are scattered waufwa!!!

    • If only level headedness can prevail to let self introspection guide that though the presidency has cheapened in Zambia those who want to lead have to match themselves with the level of the skilled people and workforce that they will be presiding over! Zambia is at a stage where its intellectual and professional capabilities need to be attracted into running national affairs with the one in the driving seat able to stand shoulder to shoulder with critical world leaders fearlessly and not timidly! Yes, any grade 12 graduate can be president of Zambia but where does this person place themselves among other world leaders on knowledge of issues or capability to intelligently communicate and canvass for the country? So far Zambia is in stagnation for the led are more knowledgeable than the…

  2. Bo Sameta, that’s something exciting and full of wisdom. Lozis are wise but lazy, so disappointing. Look at Milupi, he is the 2nd richest in the alliance, but he is not ticking like Sean, GBM, Elias and now Kambwili has taken over from Milupi. Lozis.
    “Iwe naiwe nalaisa”, sorry that was my woman calling from bedroom.
    I suggest both UPND and NDC cut this “UPNDC” one of them has been screwed with 2 letters ND.
    it’s holy week but uyu mwanakashi….Ok good night/morning, I have to go “secret ku bed, nga naisala door”.

  3. Hh has been used as a stepping stone by ck. How can you trust someone who forged PACRA document

    How can you trust someone who forged academic credentials

    How can you trust someone who registered his political party with no transparency, and today he is being told to apply to be president for ndc

    We were told by ZWD he grabbed a golf course to feed his cattle. Today he is a hero

    This guy is PF and he is calling on genuine PF members to regroup. He is also inviting Bo HH to join NDC

    Fellow Zambians . PF has destroyed this country. And these pf simply want to adopt a new name under CK

  4. Interesting Analogy. However on PF winning bye-elections, it’s neither here nor there. It usually doesn’t reflect the outcome in the general election that follows. Ask MMD. Besides bye-elections are easy to manipulate for the ruling party – Bamene bali nakasaka kandalama ni aba batete!

  5. @ Its Political… try sometimes to be as neutral as possible when commenting on certain issues not each time you comment,you are tribal. This makes your contributions useless even when they have some sense in them.

    • I have simply described ck as loud mouth fraud just as I always describe ecl and lungu

      Whenever I unmask a particular politician am always accused if being tribal

  6. You chaps are dull and more especially the author , his analysis is skewed and typical of PF biased reporting, all UPND needs to win elections in Zambia is a 50% trail and command in the copperbelt vote, remember KAMBWILI, Chishimba in 2016 had 11,000 and upnd’s KAYEKESI, Andrew K had 5000, lungu had 12,000 and HH had 6000, so can you see the half margin trend, thats all UPND needs in CB because in our stronghold PF always perform desmorly. In this case credit goes to HH for showing magnanimity and not fielding a candidate in Roan, UPND has more supporters in Luanshya than NDC and if HH wanted to do ukufilila munsenga he would have put a candidate and PF would have won. The people to be worried here is PF whose strong holds will be divided by Kalaba and Kambwili, UPND is intact and you…

    • Bwana thats were you differ with ck to claim upendi has more material than ndc in luanshya true as that may be.

      The writer says ck under PF went round CB telling miners that HH sold the mines.

      If you carefully listen to ck he is calling on on Hh to join ndc

      Lastly ck strongly believes in Satas dream. Truth is that Mmd was a far much better than PF.

      PF has destroyed this country

    • @ Larry Mweetwa some votes for UPND will also go to Kalaba and Kambwili.But I know for copperbelt Kambwili is their kind of politician. He’s a people-oriented person.Copperbelt is going to NDC in 2021 come what may.And when copperbelt prefers a certain politician you know what it means. I would also urge Kambwili to penetrate rural areas so that he does not repeat Sata’s mistake of 2006

  7. There we go again. Zambian mentality. Just one election and all focus is lost. Can we focus on things that will solve our immediate problems like the declining kwacha. The people who voted in Roan are adults and surely they know why the voted the way they did.

    • Let ECL and his team sort out the declining kwacha.Mwanawasa and team managed to do so till we started buying the dollar at K3

    • Sometimes it’s a question of coming at the right time. Remember during Mwanawasa’s time copper went as high as $11,000 per tonne. When Edgar won the election in 2015 the price of copper dropped to as low as $3,000 per tonne which lead to massive pruning of miners. Since then the graph has been dipping down. Also remember Levy managed to poach Magande as his finance minister. Currently all the good brains do is to enjoy government failures. They criticise but are very economical with solutions, that’s if they have any.

  8. Not sure why people just wake up and create things that don’t exist. The time this guy spent writing this article could have been better used planning how to cultivate one hectare of a cash crop. Please note there is no rivalry between UPND and NDC. Also note that assuming both HH and Kambwili want to be Presidents, there is absolutely NOTHING NOTHING wrong here, it is even very good that both should have ambition.

  9. The problem parson is the HH muselela kwakaba that is what happened with him and GBM bt this time he is sidelining him just because NDC has won the loan by elections. Nowander he has lost 5 times and he has no confidence in himself

  10. This analogy is true. In my opinion, the HH and CK should agree now all the terms of their alliance including for future national elections in 2021. The best way to beat PF is to let CK, HH, and Lungu all compete for the presidency including Kalaba. In this way, PF will be weakened as some of their members in strongholds will go for CK and Kalaba too. Between HH, CK and Kalaba, let the best man win as this is a democracy.
    Banda lost to late SATA because of HH equation on the ballot. Thus between HH, CK and Kalaba fielding one man will not give the desired results and will strengthen PF. It has not worked before and will bring squabbles. For MPs, they can collaborate in by-elections but for the presidency in national elections, let all compete. IF Sampa had not joined UPND alliance and…

  11. Politics of today they just want there business to go well and there stomach to be full while the voters there stomach are empty one will control this nation lets just put every thing in the hands of God.


  13. Was the total number of voters in ROAN less than 25000? Why is such a big deal? I think the biggest win is CK proving his popular in ROAN but does that give him bragging rights to the whole Zambia? Wilfred Sameta “Bo Lukanda ni siziba” is a deep analysis factual analysis. Call it what you wish one day we will all see it for what it is. I have not always been able to put a finger 100% on my dislike for HH until now. Congrats CK for ROAN job well done. One Zambia..

  14. My analysis of the situation is that NDC has its own structures and UPND has it own structures come 2021, UPND is going to field its own President and running mate while NDC will also do the same for the simple reason that in doing so the general enemy of both parties will be disadvantaged because the relative regional strengths of the two parties will work towards respectively depleting, the PF presidential votes in the two regions i.e copperbelt and the HH strongholds, coming to the issue of Members of Parliament, it will be prudent to allow regional heavy weights in the alliance to put forward their candidates while allowing members of the alliance to support such candidates just like it happened in Roan, this formula is the only sure way of taking PF out because it will ensure that…

  15. this formula is the only sure way of taking PF out because it will ensure that the majority of members of Parliament also come from the opposition. in the unlikely event that the PF president went though, he will be a weak president and can easily be taken out though parliament because the majority of MP’s will be from the opposition. WHAT IS IMPORTANT IS TO BURY THE PF AS WE SHALL ALL ACT AS UNDERTAKERS.

  16. All of you who have commented above do not appreciate the author’s intellectual prowess. To me, this author is a genius and deserves to be congratulated for his strong analytical skills and eloquence. Those of you who are not selfish and compromised will agree with the author 100%.

  17. Material Stright out of the drawer of one the chanda boys….

    Total crap….ati
    ” What about the “royalties” of the shrewd calculating “Owner of the NDC Franchise”- the unpredictable Mwenye Musenge?..”

    Musenge is dead and buried , only his family can vote for him …..

    Ati….” PF loss in Roan gives them the opportunity to review the feedback well ahead of 2021, giving them an opportunity to do something about it….”

    Again wrong, PF and GRZ are broke , just paying salaries will be a struggle…

  18. and I quote
    “May I also add that Lungu is a finished product that has passed its used by date. In 2021 he will regret ever wenching a war against original PF members, the jokers he has remained with cannot stand on any podium and convince the voters to vote for the PF who have completely murdered the livelihood of 95% of the population”

  19. You made me read your analysis of the the UPNDC-Roan Constituency to the end.

    Very well written, clear and precise.

  20. Political alliances and groupings cannot work in an environment of mistrust. HH cannot give space to Kambwili nor Kambwili do the same. HH has a great following as compared to Kambwili who has just formed a party which is still in it’s infancy. If Kambwili stands as a president the votes for PF strongholds will be divided. This will create space for HH to consolidate the already support that he has. I feel for PF because most of the electorate are now tired of the harsh economical policies thy have been subjected to. Zambians should not be taken for a ride. When the time to react comes, Pf will be kicked out. It is high time Pf takes an introspection about the policies they have subjected the nation to. They have deviated from the platform on which they were chosen as an alternative…

    • Well said….

      only the last part where you say PF need to take an introspection of the harsh policies citizens are under ?
      How will they do that, the investores they hoped will pouring in have not come, no jobs. Lenders are weary of giving them anymore money , principle amounts on debt due soon,

      PF are stuck between a rock and a hard place…any wobble in either world economy or weather will spell big trouble for them…

  21. There is a simple English saying to explain a political relationship of sorts, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. HH and Kambwili already know they won’t share a bed and it’s the least of their problems right now, their bigger problem is defeating a common enemy – the PF: responsible for the untold misery towards the people of Zambia.
    You can think of this relationship as the allies trying to defeat the axis led by the Nazis. While the USA and Russia didn’t agree on much they settled their differences to eradicate an evil of astronomical proportions, and eradicate they did.

  22. Writing a long academic article to justify your own prejudices.Seated in a room HH and CK and there is a black mamba ,their immediate duty is to kill the snake first and then proceed to decide their sitting arrangements.The priority and urgency now is to remove the thieving and totally immoral PF regime before this country is totally destroyed. Mwenya Musenge`s role in all this equation is zero. GBM has of late voluntarily forfeited his position as Vice -President by his lukewarm participation in UPND political programmes which Mrs Nalumango has capably fulfilled. HH can not sit perpetually with people who are not adding value to UPND`s struggle to remove PF from power. In fact, UPND should urgently consider going for a convention to remove people with whom it is impossible to win…

  23. ….a national election.There are many Zambians who can revitalise the UPND and give it the necessary spark, not only to win in 2021 ,but to provide the necessary leadership to run the country post 2021. The grassroots have been demanding this for a long time. Note however that,among the opposition leaders in Zambia, HH has made the most contributions and sacrifices in providing effective checks to PF misrule.His leadership ,despite certain shortcomings, is therefore deserved. Political partnerships are always and everywhere difficult to achieve and operate,but they are sometimes necessary in removing evil regimes. CK is the best political organiser for urban electorate in Zambia today.He has his shortcomings but angels are in heaven.

  24. PF is winning come 2021!
    The fight will be between PF and its rebels in CK and Kalaba! UP and DOWN has a clown on top and has not kept itself clean of Puff contamination. We told you that getting GBM into UPENDI was a big political blunder!
    Zambians, don’t go back to your vomit – CK and Puff! A new movement is needed to clean this country! We have enough capable Zambians who can group themselves and emancipate this country from the current malaise!

    • How do we relate to an imaginary yet non -existent new movement ? Capability of Zambians should match with willingness and availability “to group themselves and emancipate this country from the current malaise”. In the meantime what? You prefer saving to buy a new and distant home than renovating and cleaning one you already have.

  25. I agree with the author Mr Sameta. T0he only thing that he has left out and which is very critical is the trib.al stench associated with Trib.al Hacks and his trib.al upnd which puts off the majority of voters. After the Dundumwezi saga, many voters are waiting and seething to teach Trib.al Hacks a lesson in their areas. That trib.al stench partially explains upnd’s losing ground in his strongholds. And Trib.al Hacks has done nothing about it hoping that people will just ignore it. You cannot have trib.al as your official policy and expect Zambians to continue supporting you.

    Then again there is the dictator in Trib.al Hacks, e.g. no convention since 2006.
    And now with Chishimba and GBV, now Trib.al Hacks is playing them like women of the night, which raises the question of morality…


      hehehehehe…….bachembele….why are you powered and possessed by HH ??

  26. Those talking about HH and Kambwili signing a pact must realize that these are crooks (according to Kambwili 22 August 2015) who are not different from the ones in government. Already it’s confirmed that Katuka has suspended GBM. Now can Katuka do that without HH knowing? Read between the lines.

  27. ….Then again there is this dictator animal in Trib.al Hacks, e.g. no convention since 2006.
    And with Chishimba and GBV, now Trib.al Hacks is playing them like women of the night, which raises the question of morality in his politics, ask Canissius Banda.

    • You seem to wakeup to HH , eat HH, see HH during the day, see HH in the toilet, go to bed thinking and dreaming about HH ??

      Let go badala, HH is not the whole world.

  28. Every body suggesting PF go back to roots , listen to voters bla bla bla ….

    You are all looking at wrong solutions for a gaping hole in the boat……..the economy.

    Unless of fix the economy to provide jobs and reduce taxes no amount of dancing on stage will save PF.

    So PF chaps on LT , you better start providing solutions fast to PF for an economic fix….

  29. Every body suggesting PF go back to roots , listen to voters bla bla bla ….

    You are all looking at wrong solutions for a gaping hole in the boat……..the economy.

    Unless of fix the economy to provide jobs and reduce taxes no amount of dancing on stage will save PF.

    So PF chaps on LT , you better start providing solutions fast to PF for an economic fix…..

  30. Hey hey guys take it easy, as usual you are using emotions rather than brains to make conclusions here. The loss of Roan to PF in their bedroom, its base, is actually very painful but remember that its got the entire PF leadership thinking day in day out not only about Roan defeat but the entire landscape and for you to write them off like that, you are making a very big mistake. Infact, its UPND and HH who must be very worried because the entrance of NDC on political scene has actually thrown this party to 3rd position in my analysis. Yo can bet here and now that Kambwili will be presidential candidate on NDC so is HH on UPND. Unfortunately for Akainde, there is absolutely nothing he can do or say to shift the Copperbelt from PF. Remember all that PF has to do is to listen and address…

  31. contd
    Remember all that PF has to do is to listen and address what Kopala is asking and President Lungu will be announced winner in 2021. There is nothing new that HH has introduced on the political scene to excite anyone other than overrating himself. PF needs to thank God for causing the bye-election in Bahati and Roan at this hour because they are many lessons it has learnt. Kudos to Kambwili for waking up the sleep PF. Now get to work and let the best lead this great nation. By the way, we used to advise GBM that HH cant be trusted and you see now how the guy has used you as a doormat? I heard the audio from Radio Mano and its clear that GBM is very hurt. Trust HH at your own peril, we told you.

    • The problems on the Copperbelt lies in the mines. These companies are doing things the way they want to. Government or the people are not benefiting from them. They have declared employees redundant and then re- employ them through contractors who are paying pea nuts. We don’t have adequate laws to fight these tricks that’s the problem.

  32. i predicted that GBM would soon be in trouble. My next prediction Kambwili will rejoin the PF as running mate to ECL

  33. Well analysed article, and though others have seen malice imbedded in it, it is balanced. He who has got ears let him hear and see what is being offered on the plate. HH and CK must be magnanimous enough and litsen more to what people are saying than to their own imaginations. Winning an election is a huge project which requires embracing and carrying along everyone with voters cards.
    All things being equal people would want to part company with PF in 2021, if only credible alternative party can be noticed. Otherwise ba CK and HH kuwayawayafye!

  34. Other than the gentlemen’s agreement to work together as a united Opposition against P.F in the run up 2021, there is no other binding agreement in this opposition alliance. This therefore leaves everyone to pursue their ambition and to do so as aggressively as possible and to the best of their ability in their respective and individual political parties. But one commendable thing to every open minded Zambian is these guys have so far managed to close ranks and field a single candidate in the by-elections held so far in Bahati (it’s a pity Harry Kalaba didn’t throw in his 2 Cents), Roan and yes… Even in Sesheke!! This a fact that P.F will not want to acknowledge. So let HH campaign freely and express his intentions to stand in 2021, afterall even in P.F KBF has ambitions of the…

  35. flag Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    Great writing, nice reading! Awesome analogy and very articulate with great command of the English language.

    However, the writer is definitely on PF’s payroll. The PF have everything to worry with the loss of Roan because they dared Kambwili. I do agree though that if HH and Kambwili put aside their egos and come up with a winning built on mutual trust they could kick out these PF crooks. The problem is too much greedy in Zambia, politics isnall about their belly and not about people.

    Having said that PF easily loses any clean, rigging-free elections anytime, every day of the week. They rely on rigging, intimidation, interference and using public resources, even though they won’t admit it. It’s ridiculous!

  36. I hear

    20 members of the Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD Milupi) intend to join CKs NDC
    100 members of the United Party for National Development (UPND HH) intend to join CKs NDC
    50 members of the Democratic Party (DP Harry Kalaba) intend to join CKs NDC

    How shall CK handle this situation?

  37. All the advises for HH are very stupid including HH himself .As a head was suppose to advise katuka not to do stupid desion of dissolving the entire excuctive in Northern province but he is quite as if he is doing good things.HH you can not be a good leader with such stupid behavior , come on the board and advise katuka . This is not the time of losing GBM otherwise 2021 as UPND you are heading nowhere with such stupid move.HH!HH! HH!HH! be a leader twakukomba kolitondezya kuba musololi wacipani.

    • @ Ndaje Khakis at least Imbwili has shown is capable of delivering to the benefit of the coalition and the other needs to get back to the drawing board and recapture the lost ground! However both are very important!

    • Spaka are you for real? Just been looking at the archives and seen how you people insulted Kambwili eg from one Divide and Rule: Who voted for this piece of thrash. …..But today Kambwili is not a piece of thrash.

  38. KAPATA MUKAYA the system which was used during apartheid error is what is been used in UPND.The alliance will not work the belt and the kilt soon will be broken.GBM should have the eyes of an eagle which able to see from afar.

  39. Everything having been said, the analysis seems to be based on roan results, which many are completely ruling pf out of centext completely. This is wrong. And if we base our coments on mare hatred for pf or ecl in particular. We bound to make serious errirs. Mind we, there is a large populous that still believes in pf. Dont rule them out based on roan results. It will shock us all. Let us look at 2006, when there was an uprising towards the third term bid for Ftj. What did the dribler do? Having realised he would not manage the bid, he just brought in a person who was perceived to have no dent. What happened? MMD continued to rule at their lowest level of popularity. The simple advice is in our quest to redeem ourselves from the economic downfall, lets not focus on ecl or else we…

  40. contd…. leaders! People please put selfishness aside and place yourselves in positions that you have capacity to tend! High time Zambians started celebrating achievements of daughters and sons in spheres of the development agenda and recognize that only they can share their experiences and skills to move forward with the rest of the world!

Comments are closed.

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