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TAZARA Workers Continue to strike in demand of the payment of their three month salary arrears

Economy TAZARA Workers Continue to strike in demand of the payment of...

Unionized workers at the Tanzania Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA) have continued with their strike to press for payment of their three month salary arrears.

The strike which has now entered day 14 has paralyzed movement of both goods and passenger trains on the Zambian side forcing management to step-in to move locomotives between Kapiri Mposhi and Nakonde railway terminus.

And Crews and Allied Workers Union of Zambia (CRAWUZ) President Bevis Silumbe said the workers have vowed not to resume work until their salary arrears were paid.

The workers have gone without salaries for the months of January, February and March.

Mr. Silumbe has since appealed to government to assist management at TAZARA to offset the salary arrears in order to restore industrial harmony at the railway company.

He stated that TAZARA still needed financial support from government to meet some of its operational costs and paying salaries.

TAZARA Managing Director Bruno Ching’andu could not be reached for a comment.

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  1. The late payment of salaries and wages is now the new normal. How can you go for three months without pay let alone very little pay? Even in Kaunda’s days when we thought the economy was so bad, however, we got paid on time,including council workers. Now the vuvuzelas are saying the ”economy is doing well” but the economy does not even have the capacity to pay salaries, I think the so called ” doing well” is based on sand.

    • What a hopeless country! Tazara not paid Unza not paid CBU not paid Zampost not paid Times of Zambia not paid
      Ministers Paid President Paid Presidential jet supplier Paid

  2. We have a cash crunch problem though government won’t admit it. This problem will continue as these guys never take advice or warnings. IMF and everyone has been advising these guys on our debt but everything falling on deaf eyes and we have zero austerity measures in place with rampant corruption

    • It’s this kind of thinking that is destroying the economy. UNIP had the governance structures in place but was let down by these social scientists who can’t run companies. Now some under 5 chaps want to be a president wannabe with the support of social media

  3. That’s PFoools for you, can’t get anything right, all of them are dander heads with a debarred thief wanna be lawyer who stole from a widow and sold cold storage as president, Jona meno meno the worst president in the world

  4. It happens when priorities are misplaced.All they know is to find money for bye elections and campaigns ,its is disheartening really 3 months ! and some f**k is busy criscrossing the country in a pimped up jet bought at 68 million dollars commissioning toilets and bus shelters.All he knows is scheming political opponents constant arrests and addressing PF goons at departure points ,he actually does not realize that he is a president of the country across political affiliation s.
    The laziest thing

  5. Mushimba (Dr?) has failed to run Tazara but dreams of airline and fast train. The Dr embarrases himself and his PF government for his continous fake promises. He has failed to pay Tazara workers, will he manage to pay zambia airways staff if at all it will resume as he hallucinates?

  6. This is utterly becoming embarrassing! Every month this headline is expected. Ministers are paid on time but I blame you Zambians! U never speak out!!!! Sata, was right”educated people are the biggest cowards.

    • Please NEVER make the mistake of praising the Late Old Demagogue Sata.
      Sata’s lack of vision, & limited education is the reason he left Zambia in the hands of the MOST USELESS HUMAN BEING to enter State House, & sit on the Throne Governing Zambia.
      Don’t tell me Sata was NOT aware of this Man Jona’s Alcoholism, & dishonesty, embezzling a Widows cash.
      Therefore to you Yebo, I say give it a rest, all this nonsense of Sata this, Sata that.
      Sata, & Ba Jona Chakolwa are cut from the same cloth / 2 peas in a pod!! THEY BOTH ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DAMAGE, & CORRUPTION ZAMBIA IS CURRENTLY FACING!

    • Remember the main 2 things that killed the Zambian economy was the 8 hours of loadshedding by zesco in satas time. Most industries felt the real crunch at that time because how do you work when there is no power. Secondly the shifting of the dollar from K7 to K14 during satas and chikwandas time. Because of this all if not most prices doubled because they were dollar based.

  7. Government cannot fix the salaries problem because they never feel it. President should halt minister salaries until the workers are paid. You will be surprised how quickly the problem will be solved.

    Enjoy 3 months of Zero ku fola, + njala yeka, whilst (Ba Chawama Chakolwa Jona), fly’s about aimlessly in his new luxury toy costing Millions of U$D Taxpayers cash.
    ZAMBIANS, YOU ASKED FOR THIS, DANCED FOR IT, & EVEN INSULTED H.H. who eats 3 square meals daily!
    Manje’ yaku nyonkola njala wa believa ka!!?
    Muza sanduka [email protected] International na P.F induced njala iyi.
    [email protected]!!!

  9. I have never been to our northern border before but would it be possible for tazara to make business transporting cars coming from Japan up to Kapiri so importers only collect from Kapiri? Just wondering

  10. Noting getting paid ,closing learning institutions,firing workers who are protesting for not getting their salaries,threats from cadres,looming hunger,rapid inflation rate,police intimidation and arrest of the opposition,has now became our national identity,trade mark,national policy and political will .Employment is offered on grounds of patronage and interviews or instructions on who is be offered a job comes from PF Secretariate; one way of infiltrating cadres in all circles of life
    Furthermore ,corruption cover-up,misuse of donor funds,debt crisis induced by Chinese billion dollar empire,mismanagement of parastatal firms and government agencies,unstable policy making and implementation,low export volume and kwacha nose diving is now our oxygen . This country is a christian nation…

  11. This country is a christian nation with humble president and able leadership,the only nation on earth whose leadership came from heaven or chosen by God. Out of 6 billion humanity on the planet God chosen this country with 15 million people on the Central of part of African continent as HIS choice. Are you sure?

  12. It’s not the job of Government to pay salaries for Parastatals because they are supposed to make their own money and remit dividends to both the Zambian and Tanzanian Governments in case of Tazara… but UPND sycophants and zealots and enemies of progress here do not know the difference how dull can one be all because of group think mentality

  13. In our small company, the workers only get paid when they bring in the money. If they do so within 30 days, brilliant, there will be salaries at month end. If it’s after three months, three months arrears will be paid. There is no debate about this Riot Act.

    Why would workers who don’t make money expect to be paid? TAZARA management should make money or resign. But first, they should fire all idling and non-performing workers. This nonsense does not happen at Zambia Railways. Yet TAZARA is far better endowed than ZR

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