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Only a few members have resigned in Kasama-UPND

Headlines Only a few members have resigned in Kasama-UPND

The United Part for national Development (UPND) has dispelled dispelled media reports suggesting that all UPND structures in Kasama Central and Lukashya constituencies have resigned.

In a statement released to the media, the party has said that only a few members have resigned of which the UPND respects their constitutional rights of association.

The Party further said that the members that resigned yesterday morning were part of the dissolved Kasama District Committee structures which was dissolved by the Party Secretary General, Stephen Katuka, in his letter dated April 16 and copied to the relevant party portfolio holders, for gross misconduct.

The statement further the party is open and ready to welcome the people that have resigned back should they decide to return as it is clear that the people of Zambia have chosen the UPND to redeem the Zambia’s economy and make their lives better.

“ It is already clear that Zambians want regime change and this is what has led to the influx of propaganda by the failed Patriotic Front government to try to finance some party officials with a view to planting a seed of division,” read the statement.

Meanwhile, the party has also refuted social media claims that i the UPND has suspended it party their Vice President, Dr Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) has been suspended, adding that at no time had the Party Secretary General, Stephen Katuka issue a suspension letter to Dr Mwamba.
The party said that urged its members and the public to treat the said letter with the contempt it deserves as it was a ploy by the ruling PF government to divert attention from the victory that its ally, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) scored in the Roan parliamentary by-election.

And the National The National Democratic Congress has dispelled online media reports that its party consultant Chishimba Kambwili intends to join the UPND, saying that Dr. Kambwili is not in the process to be co-opted as UPND Vice president and that he still remain the consultant of the NDC.
NDC accused PF Deputy media director Antonio Mwanza of being behind the false information being traded on social media

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    • Forget all this political noise and wait. PF has the mandate. They must concentrate. The opposition have time to regroup and take on the mighty PF.
      The battle is in 2021. Cool down folks.
      We are reliably informed that the the PF will take on the so called pact, so we pray it (the so called pact) doesn’t disintegrate into breadcrumbs before the due date.
      I honestly don’t give a damn who heads it, Milupi, CK, Double h, Chipimo Jr., Tembo, GVBM our what have you. All I know is pacts forged by crampy oval-head double h is a window-shopping stunt.
      For Roan, it was Unip, then PF, then NDC. The Constituency’s electorates have been dynamically searching for answers and maybe they love ranting CK as an individual. No cause to alarm. Move on.
      Meanwhile, I feel sorry for energy sapped GVBM…

    • …May God strengthen him. An energetic GVBM is force to reckon with within the structureless and strategyless UPNDEAD.

    • UPND that “indoors” banner is for Luapula and the story is for Northern province…..please lets go to work and forget politics for at least 2 years….its not time for campaign yet.
      Now HH has 2 side chicks….Kambwili and GBM but we all know there’s bad blood between Kambwili and GBM……….
      Unfortunately because of power hungry Kalaba,GBM,HH and Kambwili Zambia will still be under PF bandits in 2021…..Kalaba and Kambwili will steal votes meant for UPND

    • Uko, my Luapula people or Liverpool people, I know we gave you the right to say flesi fish for Fresh Fish, but INDOORS for ENDORSE is really a stretch beyond proportion.

      Anyway , I INDOORS no one in this circus

    • Kiki…i really struggled to extract sense from that banner. I INDOORS ohh soley i ENDORSE that article. GBM must have written it.
      How can two people only hold the banner and claim its a few members who resigned. To me majority have resigned and only 2 are remaining.

    • Looks like everyone is “indoorsing” HH….what is it…..HH is now playing indoor games Ping Pong and Badminton….with 2 overweight girlfriends GBM and Kambwili. HH need to up his game in the bedroom or else GBM might abandon him…

  1. You divorce doc. Banda you marry another doc. You divorce and marry another loud mouth doc. with forged academic credentials and FORGED political party and FORGED Pacra documents

    Thats political polygamy

  2. In mythology there are many gods. But one god stands out, he’s calledthe god of confusion. Two friends are discussing as the they stand on either side of the road. Here comes the god of confusion wearing a tunic with two different colors on each side and passes between the two. One friend tells the other what a beautiful red tunic this person is wearing. His friend asks if he’s mentally ok since this person is wearing a blue tunic. The argument becomes fierce and results in fight. Meanwhile the god of confusion has gone , satisfied that his mission has been successful. Good morning Zambia, hope there will be less confusion today.

  3. Who said if people want regime change then it’s under 5 party to take over? You are no longer the only feasible alternative, your fellow clowns are also growing in numbers.

  4. Cadre banner. Can someone tell UPND media team to stop using the same banner on media platforms. It degrades……

  5. Hahaha ,those UPND savages “indoors” HH and GBM for 2021 elections. Zambia is a circus with clueless clowns.

    • 200 people o 198 people resigning from trib.al upnd abandoning Trib.al Hacks, NO difference, same same to me …it”‘s all trib.al lingo… just like INDOORS OR ENDORSE…. kikikikiki

    • This is retrograde ejaculation for UPND!
      It’s all self-inflicted!
      HH is a chance and not a strategist!
      UPND is finished unless the 5 time loser calls for a convention!
      When you overstay in any position, you start making terrible decisions and become irrelevant! We need to understand the importance of succession planning! HH has passed the retirement age of 55 and needs to allow room for new ideas!

  6. That banner upnd shows is for luapula not for Kasama, upnd media guys no plans no bwino bwino kikikiki

  7. pf is really finished , the issue at hand is not upnd , the issue at hand is the welfare of the zambians who are threatened by hunger un employement for the youth, unpaid retirees, the economy that is going down and down in the hands of the pf thieves, while them are getting extremely richer by standard. your insulting the upnd or the alliance doesnt make sense to anyone work out something to bring the country on its feet.

    • Only a few members have resigned in kasama-UPND….That’s the issue at hand bwana, unless you don’t know how to read!

  8. UPND made alot of noise for winning in 2011,2015 and 2016 which resulted into loss. so they have started their usual game and the results believe me will still remain the same in 2021.

  9. Ati “it is clear that the people of Zambia have chosen the UPND to redeem the Zambia’s economy and make their lives better”. These clowns in UPND dont cease to amaze everyone hey, people of Zambia have decided to choose UPND, how? Any economy has dips and highs and certainly Zambia isnt immune to this occurrence. If you fail to take your child to school, because of your irresponsibility and lifestyle, you cant honestly blame your siblings, later alone other innocent people, it doesnt just add up.
    The biggest mistake most people make is to cheat themselves that governments create employment, thats a big mistake! SMEs, that is informal employment like trading, marketers and these odd jobs make vibrant economies tick and not government.

    • Government’s duty is to create conditions that allow people to conduct business, and this is happening. Problem is that people with money opt to go into politics. We condemn foreigners owning mines in Zambia when we can also venture into mining ourselves. Oh no we prefer politics so that we can have escorts as we’re driven around, no headache on planning.

  10. Never trust a politician. MMD promised us they would abolish the position of District Governor because it was a Unip way of paying party functionaries. Indeed they did that but only to introduce the position of District Commissioner. Levy told us that only persons who had a university degree would be appointed DC. He dropped people like Mutisa. But within a short time he brought back the same cadres as DCs

    • I only support the government of the day. Unlike you, my aim as a Zambian is to see that the government of the Republic of Zambia succeeds. You unlike me, you want the government to fail so that your chief tribesman can use the failure in order to enter state house. I didn’t vote for Levy Mwanawasa, but unlike you I supported up to the time of his untimely death.

  11. What is happening in UPND? Can some one with info about the two HH and GBM tell us? If there is a rift let the two reconcile and push the party to greater heights. The two are great managers and I hope they will iron out their differences so that PF which currently is shakey is kicked out of power and kaizer with his other crooks are delt with accordingly.This clique of people has annoyefd a lot of people in Zambia with Amos Chanda

    • GBM has just predicted 2021 UPND loss!
      Never put your trust in politicians!
      They are all liars and their main interest is their own pockets and stomachs!
      Just mind your own business. Politicians are like clouds. They come and go. If you preoccupy yourself with watching the clouds, you won’t do anything constructive for yourself! It is not the job of government to create jobs!

  12. A few members! Please try to be specific; Who are they? The reported list was long.

    The Luapula poster was from Monze.

  13. One may say “only a few” but what they don’t understand is the rule of numbers. All big numbers start with that. The sand that is found in an anthill is the sand that creates the mountain but in bigger quantities. Few can actually be the difference and lead you into loosing or winning.

  14. If I were HH’s adviser, I would resign because his decisions, his body language his associations with other political parties do not make sense. HH was in alliance with the PF, then he co-opted Mr. Godfrey Bwalya Mwamba, then the Alliance of one man political parties, then he is hand in glove with Mr. Chishimb a Kambwili?? What a headless spinning politician? All the alliances that HH has entered into in the past have not added much value to his sole cause (Plot 1).

  15. The analyses here are not different from soccer analysts in England. You get a former Manchester United player giving more chances to his former team compared to Chelsea, Arsenal or Tottenham to finish in the top 4 only to see them lose their next game to Arsenal. Bola ni 90 minutes. Scoring first doesn’t win the game until the last whistle.

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