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Breaking the Bemba Myth, UPND can still win in 2021 without the Bemba vote

Columns Breaking the Bemba Myth, UPND can still win in 2021 without the...

UPND National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango addressing the media at the secretariat after the NMC meeting.
UPND National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango addressing the media at the secretariat after the NMC meeting.

By Elias Munshya

Everything being equal, the UPND can still win in 2021 without the Bemba vote, as long as it maintains its current hold on the Zambezi provinces (Northwestern, Western, and Southern) while the PF support disintegrates to NDC in the Bemba speaking corridors of Luapula, Northern, Muchinga and in Lusaka and Copperbelt.

NDC is more likely to take votes from the PF, more than it will take votes from the UPND. The UPND remains a very strong party in Zambia due to its sway over the Zambezi Provinces.

Unless a political party emerges that challenges the UPND’s hegemony over the Zambezi Provinces, Hakainde Hichilema remains a favorite to win in 2021.

What should be HH’s strategy?

  1. Encourage the growth of the NDC. In fact, he needs to help the NDC usurp PF structures in Lusaka and the Copperbelt. It appears like HH has not quite gotten the urban areas.
  2. Focus UPND energy on the Zambezi provinces and ensure that they maintain the turnout from those provinces.
  3. In a 3-way race for the presidency, the UPND is more likely to hit the proverbial 50+1 solely relying on the strong turnout from the Zambezi, as PF and NDC split the votes in Lusaka-CB and the Bemba-speaking corridor.
  4. Regarding HH and the Bembas, he is damned if he keeps courting them, and damned if he stops. With the impending departure of GBM, HH’s relationship with the Bembas will become even more precarious. What can a man do? He has tried his best to court the Bemba areas, but to no breakthrough. Solution? Take his efforts elsewhere knowing that the Bembas might turn to him after they notice his momentum in the Zambezi.

We need to add something here.

GBM’s reaction to the UPND is a double-edged sword. If GBM alleges that the UPND is a tribal party, he is likely to anger the Zambezi provinces even more and as a result, the UPND is likely to emerge even stronger in these areas as they will be in the defensive. Is GBM likely to make the Bemba vote difficult for the UPND? I really do not think that what GBM says about UPND will break the low support that HH enjoys in Bemba areas. HH’s support in Bemba areas cannot get any lower. There is no point in GBM destroying HH among Bembas as there is really nothing to destroy there. Even with GBM in toll, HH never had a significant penetration of Bemba areas.

UPND in the Zambezi provinces can quite easily just heap it all on the Bemba GBM. They could just drive the narrative that the Bemba veep became ungovernable. UPND will not lose any support for that.

The author is a Zambian lawyer based in Canada

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    • Ba Elias Munshya, your solution can work in a comic book for children under the age of 5. GBM will frustrate UPND as he has been thrown under the bus. We all know that NDC will can not make a dent on the political scene.

      I still stand by what I have always been saying – let HH resign and let others run UPND. Others can make it attractive. UPND requires massive rebranding.

    • What hogwash from a very f00lish tribalist
      I am so disappointed that such terrible write up can be brought here with pride from an educated fellow

      Is UPND out to unite or merely out to govern tribes?

    • This is the most f0000l1sh kakamania we have been subjected by Elias. UPND need all votes and Anderson K. Mazoka (MHSRIP) FOUNDING PRESIDENT of the United Party for National Development, born on March 22, 1943 in Monze, Zambia understood that fully well.

      That’s why I stood by him … he was a rare breed among the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise who treated everyone from every tribe equal. He was by far the best General Manager, Zambia Railways had and since his demise that enterprise has never been the same.

      Rest In Peace, Andy … Please Rest In Peace!!! Your party is being destroyed. I just wished you made President and I know you would have done a heck of a job.

      Andy, I knew and Andy I so dearly miss. A real President who never got to be. A real Tonga Bull to reckon…

    • Continued …

      Andy, I knew and Andy I so dearly miss. A real President who never got to be. A real Tonga Bull to reckon with, how the good ones have fallen, leaving us with nincompoops … only Heaven knows why

      Please Rest In Peace, Andy & may Heaven help us all …

      Epo mpelele,


    • UPND will only become relevant if someone else takes over….HH is not helping UPND and what is all the talk about Bemba vote…come on guys we are in 2019 please…why are we still so tribal?


    • Munshya is a theorist, he has always been. He does not appreciate the dynamics of Zambian politics. That’s what one Dr. Neo Simutanyi was feeling towards 2016 election. The learned goon does todate not know what hit his heavily tribal composition of bigoted individuals grouping.
      Seek countrywide support not bemba or tonga support.
      No wonder you mislead yourselves. No wonder you go to court and invoke petitions. No wonder you miscalculate.

    • I am a Bemba who is in the majority of us Bembas who don’t belong to Elias MushOta’s Bemba vote. Bembas being so urban don’t vote for tribes. We were not in the tribalistic strategy of GBM’s perceived followers giving UPND a vote. Nor are we in Kambwilis camp. We are just progressive people who will vote for a progressive politician. Injuga sha mishobo shenu



      They are also weary of and don’t want the bemba block either ……

  2. PF has already penetrated HH strongholds.They have the best strategy trust me.His ECL is loved by many Zambians.

    • Mr. Mushya is quiet myocopic in his analysis.
      What he has to know is that people from the northern part of Zambia ain’t fools.
      Let him go back in history, which shapes our future, I suppose he will learn a great deal.
      The so called Zambezi provinces is priding himself about, can’t usher in UPND into government… He has got it totally wrong.
      His party, UPND needs the northern vote more than the northern vote needs his Zambezi provinces vote.
      By the way, let him undestand that people from the so called Zambezi provinces, feel have confidence in the party which has been in the opposition for ages and shall continue in perpetuity.

  3. Yep, as long as CKs NDC chews chunks out of PF in CB and northern , and combine votes in central and Lusaka , lungu and his gang will be in court telling us how they bought 42/42 And $135 million on a jet for lungu using a zimbabwean middle company to profit….

    • Focus on what you shall do for the Zambians should God graciously allow you to govern the Zambians.
      Please submit to Him, the Alpha and Omega of all creation.
      This culture of insulting and demeaning God’s people will not take you to State house, but leave you in the opposition for years to come.
      Try to be courteous in your comments.

    • Typical of Zambians. Even in soccer it’s like if Cameroon beats Nigeria and Namibia draws with Mozambique then we ( Zambia )will qualify for the 2020 Africa cup.

  4. Why so emphasis on Bemba. Is it only Bembas who vote against your Zambezi region. You are trying to be divisive with your poor analysis. Your analysis only shows that HH had sinister hidden motives for appointing GBM and never really did it whole heartedly.

    • yaba ba analyst.i feer for mother zambia.it seems UPND is vs bemba.u cant have such a political party.iam also scared to vote for this party.Ba kambwili careful otherwise if u go UPND that will be yo end.its like this partys followers hate bembas and wanna use them just for power.Awe stop dividing zambia ba analyst ba UPND

  5. Boss you’re in Canada not Zambia don’t encourage people to vote on tribal line .lawyers don’t think like that even kabwili can be told to stop what he is doing and he can stop if ……………..

    • Munshya is an educated danderhead and sycophant and zealot who is into group think mentality typical of the UPND enemies of progress…who cannot win elections unless they see tribe

  6. Educated ignorant, these are the same chaps who are making politics tribal. Can people learn at least for change.

  7. “The author is a Zambian lawyer based in Canada”.

    Most likely a trib.al too. Tell him his analysis could work in Treadeau’s Canada. Here Trib.al Hacks is a hated unelected undemocratic trib.al dictator. And a risky Rwanda genocide proponent.

    So Zambian’s are not like trib.al Munshya, they think quite the opposite.

  8. Let us not be pre occupied with which tribe wins or losses as if its a tribal conflict

    Let us have a bigger picture . The economy is down and it has nothing to do with tribe

    PF must recall ecl because he is doing damage every day

    KBF must be fully supported by all patriots. You can not have 3moths without pay and the president is quiet. why cant he hold a press conference. Are we ready for another 7 yrs with this kind of leadership.

    Leaders within PF must condemn Lungu and assure the Nation that even these FLATS he has built in LSK will be govt property when he leaves power.

    We are going to accommodate medical doctors and govt lawyers in the flats.

    Finally Both upendi and PF need new leadership.

    • KBF ???

      Another theif who was instrumental in solidifying the fraud convict lungus presidency ????

      You must be joking….

  9. This guy is not even a lawyer, he is a cowboy, mind you munshya what ever you call yourself, don’t put BEMBAS in this stupid tribal voting, BEMBAS are smart ka ! they have made your hh lose elections 5 times so careful with your stink mouth of yours !!!!!!

    • Zodwa, yes truth hurts and you have been hurt. Munshya is a clever lawyer and Bemba by tribe but he looks at issues more objectively than you.
      Do you really want postal workers that have not been paid for 6 months to vote for Lungu so that they continue suffering simply because the better and credible alternative is Tonga. But there is no problem with that if that is what some (not all) Bembas want – we live in a Democracy after all!

    • @Chilyata, Munshya is not Bemba by tribe and is not a clever lawyer but a backward chap trying to promote tribalism in the 21st century. GBM was appointed for HH’s selfish interests and I remember how you defended the appointment.

  10. People like you must be shamed by our party your thinking put it at a disadvantage don’t you think those in power have more resources and power to strategies to tribal line’s than the opposition we want a visionary leader in Zambia we don’t mind his tribe are you saying people who believe in upnd from other tribes don’t contribute to its growth you don’t even know who are bemba to talk about them its people like u who are enemies of upnd and most of are out side now because of your little financial contributions you think you have brains to do politics.

    • AFRICA: It is foolish Africans like you that think with your ars.es Bembas must be courted at any cost.
      Indeed it is idyots like you that voted fool.ishly with your tribe to put Lungu into office with terrible consequences – postal workers not paid for 6 months; huge Zambian debt; high youth unemployment; farmers not paid on time; and now a completely collapsed economy due to thieving from the tribes in power, etc.
      It takes a full time idyot to vote for the PF thieves and even more of the same!

  11. Ba elias ubupuba mumutwe your comment totally shows how trabilism is in your party so you mean bembas are not zambians?

    • With due respect counsel, why can’t you join your fellow learned colleagues back home to bring about real democracy as opposed to being a arm chair critic in a foreign land???
      Spare the Zambians your cowadness.
      Be brave like Garry Nkombo, a perfect substitute for HH, tested lawyers like Jack Mwiimbu, Cornelius Mweetwa, this are among the few UPND leaders any Zambian wouldn’t mind voting for.
      They speak for all Zambians.
      Wake up bwana Munshya

  12. What a load of nonsense. As a Tonga myself I don’t agree with this article& hate politics of Tribe& I will never vote for such crap. its primitive and is taking this continent more backwards. Tribe is a curse on Africa from day 1.Why can’t we people use our brains? scrutinise all candidates offering themselves on a scale of important aspects of a good leader.e.g is some1 a family man& has not abandoned his family but is able to provide for them. What has some1 accomplished in their private life, do they have a diversified portfolio of income streams and understand simple economic/ business principles.?What is their traceable moral and society values? Are they God fearing? Do they have a history of stealing public resources? a history of tribalism?What’s their understanding and…

    • So you are saying HH is not winning elections because ‘he has a history of stealing public resources?’

  13. Lungu and his bemba gang he has licking his boots are the worst tribal dividers Zambia has ever seen.

    They used CK to openly attck Tongas with tribal assults and lies on radio and tv ……and when ck threatened their papet masters position , they had him sacked.

    They knew it posed the greatest danger to their looting and plunder of the country and while spending $17 billion , they exelected every Zambia to give them the vote, but hh gave the serious opposition resulting in them unleashing the worst political violence and oppression Zambia has ever seen…..

  14. BR Mumba,Sr,

    what hypocrisy you have portrayed on Anderson Kambela. Mazoka suffered the same tag HH is suffering of been tribal.You tribesmen “Bembas” hated Mazoka not because he was a bad person but because he is was born Tonga.Poor Mazoka got less then 10,000 votes combined Northern and Luapula province.Sata even got more votes than him in those two provinces just because he was one of their own.

    • @16 Conservative,Mazoka was NOT hated by Bemba speakers.Remember that there were allegations that 2001 elections were rigged to favour Mwanawasa,FTJ’s candidate.Don’t forget that in 2021 even if Sata got more votes in the northern areas as you have said,he lost to Mwanawasa in 2006 in some parts of the northern Zambia.My humble understanding is to win Presidency in Zambia you have to “sweep” urban CB and Lusaka where there is high cosmopolitan population,rural votes just cement the victory!!

    • Iwe conservative Bembas dont live on ly in North and Luapula. They are everywhere. In fact you tribalists have assigned chitimukulu more Bembas than his subjects so swallow your own pride and realise your tribal logic doesn’t hold water unless with your own tribe which does not venture out of its own province

  15. The beauty of democracy is that we can freely debate issues in our great nation but the problem is that HH wants to destroy that by constant hatred sentiments towards E C Lungu who still commands significant popularity in a greater part of Zambia not only the Zambezi provinces as alleged by our learned son of the soil living in Canada. At the moment Mr. Kambwili and Mr. HIchilema can walk hand in glove but in reality these people are like a mixture of oil and water, we all know the result. As for GBM some of us knew right from the beginning that he would not add any value to UPND but that he would only satisfy Mr Hichilema’s unbridled ambition to plot one. The following weeks and months are going to be very interesting in terms of political landscaping, but one thing for certain is that…

    • “…..but the problem is that HH wants to destroy that by constant hatred sentiments towards E C Lungu ….”

      How is being in opposition constant hatred ???

      By calling lungu corrupt is not constant hatred…..let lungu deny that he is not corrupt

    • Spaka – It is up to the accuser to present evidence. You cannot put an accusation on someone and ask them to disprove your accusation. Even when evidence is in plain site, you have to present it.

    • abilima

      The office of the presidency is supposed to be of impeccable moral standing to be emulated by our youth , lungu is the the only president in the world who does not deny that he is a corrupt theif.

      The result is the whole civil service is of the opinion that being called a corrupt theif is nothing , and even if one is called a corrupt theif , that is not a problem until proven so with hard evidence.

      You people have destroyed Zambia.

    • abilima

      The office of the presidency is supposed to be of impeccable moral standing to be emulated by our youth , lungu is the the only president in the world who does not deny that he is a corrupt theif.

      The result is the whole civil service is of the opinion that being called a corrupt theif is nothing , and even if one is called a corrupt theif , that is not a problem until proven so with hard evidence.

      You people have destroyed Zambia.

      Other leaders will sue those calling them a corrupt theif, not lungu, because he is a corrupt theif.

    • By Mweemba Habazoka

      The United Party for National Development (UPND) was formed in December 1998. The Party turns 20 years old in December 2018. Today its desperation has reached an all-time high because time is running out for them to either deliver the country or their soul. The patience of their 20-year-old-financiers have continued to wear thin and thin by the failure of the party to deliver as per their promise despite the financiers’ unwavering financial commitments that resulted in its leaders’ immense wealth which they stand to lose as per deal they signed almost 22 years ago in the run up to infamous privatisation exercise in Zambia. The UPND is fixed between the rock and the hard place as on one hand, Zambians have refused to toll their line while on the other, UPND’s top…

  16. UPND must embrace ALL enthic groups especially the Bembas.
    GBM was never convincing and brought NOTHING to the UPND Table ==> worse than Dr Cosmas Banda
    Take CK on board he has the energy and dog fight to Win CB, LSK and the bulk North areas.
    Good luck.

  17. So there are only 2 blocks in zambia? a zambezi block and a bemba block?
    And these 2 blocks are out to outdo each other? Block Z supports Hh and Block B supports who? ECL?

    If zambians indeed voted on blocks basis then you shouldnt be voting at all. You are not ready to vote as civilised afticans. One party participatory democracy system which was introduced in 1973, is still most suitable for you. In other words political parties should abolished before tribal politics takes root and descends into tribal strife.

  18. Those winning votes in HH strongholds aren’t as a result of huge turnouts but deception and fraud by his party who engage in vote manipulation. This is how they do it. After voting is done the UPND agents in the polling stations start ticking on all those who did not come to vote and cancel most of pf votes. We’re aware about this.

  19. HH must quickly meet CK and make a PUBLIC STATEMENT on way forward.
    Dr Cosmas Banda must be laughing.

  20. GBM lost in his own constituency of Kasama, I think people are giving GBM more credit than he deserves.
    GBM is a bully and a wife beater who only toned down because of his political ambitions. HH has his weaknesses but who doesn’t.
    Harry Kalaba though a nice guy has no clout and should really practice his politics in Europe where the electorate listens to ideas.
    Kambwili, on the other hand, is a natural politician who can cause major problems for ECL.

  21. What nonsense is this?This Elias Munshya thing is a pathetic lawyer.These are the people who mislead HH from abroad.Sorry Munshya,no tribe will take HH or Kambwili to plot one!!!WE’RE ALL ZAMBIANS AND WE DONT VOTE FOR TRIBE!!!Believe you me,if Zambians vote on tribal lines,then only a bemba or an easterner can be ruling us because these two tribes are the majority in Zambia.Munshya should visit ECZ and check how many registered voters are in Zambezi provinces(very low)!!!Besides,PF under Mr Kungo has greatly penetrated North Western.in 2021 PF shall get more votes from Western and N/Western.The only solid province for HH is Southern!!
    Hence,if Zambians will vote on tribal lines in 2021,then VICTORY SHALL 100% BE FOR PF!!!

    • You njimbu just sit down,

      Were you not the one telling us all GRZ connected workers have been paid ????

  22. Unfortunately, the Zambezi provinces are going PF actually for some unknown irrational reason. And thats how the cookie crumbles.

  23. Bo Elias Munshya

    Yours is wishful thinking. There are more BEMBA parties in Zambia today.
    Lungu’s PF could have disintegrated years ago but if the recent Bahati election results are a pointer then you are dreaming big time.

    Kalaba and CK are ejects in Bemba land just like we rejected late FTJK.

  24. CK here is the king maker…..

    PF can bribe him to come back but kapoyongo , kapata and the likes of Lusambo will have to be sacked…..and ck taking Center stage

    Should CK join with UPND and UPND help NDC with their networks PF will lose.
    Then only unseen violence and PF cader and police crackdowns on opposition might save PF

    Either way Lungu and his gang will be spending years in courts like FJT.

    • @27 Spaka,while I don’t totally disagree with your analysis,I can caution that the UPND network on the CB especially in urban areas is likely to crumble witj the ejection of GBM from the party.CK can form his own networks on the CB and may just be a ready beneficiary to coopt some of GBM’s followers in his party to enhance its structures!

    • Zambiaisours

      I would caution patience with regard to the story regarding GBM being ejected from upnd …….let the big players speak before we make assumptions…

  25. GBM thrown out of UPND to join NDC, CK – GBM tandem in 2021 to suck off PF Bemba votes while HH clinging to his strongholds. ECL/PF should be concerned.

  26. The only reason most politicians talk about the Bemba is that they are the most accommodating tribe in Zambia. No wonder so many tribes align themselves with the Bemba and are always welcome. Even Elias Munshya knows that he’s not a Bemba but he feels good to masquerade as one. KK, a descendant of a Tonga missionary from Malawi is considered to be a Bemba. Bravo to the Bemba!

  27. Comment:you can say whatever you may think but the fact will still remain that upnd is regional…Instead of building the party you are destroying take a look at 2001 general election Mazoka penetrated almost in all provinces,this time you are even losing in your strong holds.talking negative either positive about Bemba vote won’t help you.By the way what wrong have we(Bembas) done to you?


  29. Eliars Munshya…should know that there are several parties led by BEMBAS!!
    In 2015 and 2016 we had FDD under Edith Nawakwi (muchinga),MMD under Dr.Nevers Mumba (Northen),PAC under A.Banda (Eastern),then we had UPND greatly backed by several prominent bembas such as GBM,Miles Sampa,Mutale Nalumango,Lupando Mwape,Mulenga Sata,Patrick Mucheleka,etc BUT STILL LOST!!Hence,what is so special about Kambwili’s NDC?The Roan victory was just a one off thing.Several factors were at play in Roan and mostly was due to PF fielding UNPOPULAR JOE CHIBUYE WHO OFFENDED SEVERAL PEOPLE WHEN HE WORKED AS A DC FOR LUANSHYA!!!Thinking on tribal lines will not help UPND in anyway!!!
    As for you “SPAKA” just wait for GBM to destroy your UPND.The real game will start next week when GBM returns home from South…

    • First ,Are all GRZ affiliated workers paid as you said they were ???

      Second , you predicted the mighty pf victory in roan where the whole GRZ camped ,

      It must be said UPNDC read the situation well and held a last minute rally despite the corrupt dictator banning them from doing so…..they calculated that only police violence will stop that rally, but CW lawyers were gathered in Livingstone at the time and political violence will paid a bad picture of lungu…..

  30. Munshya the Roan thing is the biggest test for Kambwili as the voters are expecting him to deliver. And your calling one area Zambezi provinces is very divisive. People will vote according to the way they want. Don’t publish tribalistic rubbish.

    • Ndanji

      “…Munshya the Roan thing is the biggest test for Kambwili as the voters are expecting him to deliver..”

      Ck is on a win win ticket in roan, all he has to do is blame lungu and PF h or unemployment and he has to attend funerals and stand up for jobless

  31. “Everything being equal, the UPND can still win in 2021 without the Bemba vote”

    How can everything be equal without the Bemba vote?

  32. In 2021 there will be no PF and Lungu AND there will be NO upnd and Trib.al Hacks. Think outside the box Zambians, this country is not about Lungu or Trib.al Hacks.
    And CERTAINLY Zambia WILL NOT be ruled by someone who thinks “…it’s time for our trib.e to rule…”. For that very reason, Trib.al Hacks was ruled out of ruling Zambia in 2006 by divine intervention and that is irreversible.

    Lungu has ruled himself out of contention in 2021 by his own pathetic performance.

    Chimbwili, GBV, are jokers.

    A messiah is coming for the people of Zambia and does not need much time to prepare the people, just sufficient time to get printed on the ballot papers.

    Start thinking outside the box, fellow Zambians, trib.als are not going anywhere to waste our time on with sill.y and…

  33. ……Start thinking outside the box, fellow Zambians, trib.als are not going anywhere to waste our time on with sill.y and senseless Munshya trib.al permutations.
    Let’s identify with the messiah even though his name has not been revealed to us yet…

  34. All Munshya is saying is that Bembas are pathological tribalists! Bembas will never vote for a non-Bemba, but they are the loudest in condemning other tribes. Bembas know that if other tribes in the Country were to do as Bembas do, vote on tribal lines, Bembas would be the worst losers! The Zambezi Provinces have supported other tribes before in their areas, but have never ever received reciprocal response from Bembas. The only exception for the Bemba vote can only be in favour of their tribal cousins from the East – never ifo Lozis, Tongas, Luvales, Kaondes, Lundas, Never! So, why waste time in continuing to court them: 11000 votes against 2000, Never! What should work, and it can, is federalism, devolution of power, decentralisation, de concentration, and full democratization, with full…

  35. We are a foolish people indeed. Busy talking about UPND this PF this, the Tongas this and the Benbas that….take time to understand your country and see what is really going on. Before you know it you will have no country you f.o.o.lish lot.

    Does anybody know what’s going on?
    Do you know the real reason why GBM has behaved the way or why UPND have taken this decision ?
    Go deeper and don’t be a shallow people

  36. Shocked this was written by Elias.
    Why comparing oranges and bananas. Bembas are a group of people who speak a similar dialect and your Zambezi Province??? Stop the tribal talk

  37. Roan is a very bad yardstick of assessing Kambwili’s NDC. Pwele won the seat on opposition party, UNIP. Kambwili himself won it on the PF as an opposition. The people of Roan are like a terminally ill patient, desperate to try even the unproven efficacy of a remedial medicine. The government ought to find a permanent solution alternative to jobs in the mines. They have demonstrated that they can take to agriculture, so empower them with proper farming skills/resources.

  38. I agree with Elias!
    The confusion GBM is creating in UPND could be a double-edged sword! It can spell the end of UPND unless it rebrands quickly and the only way forward is to call for a Convention for all office bearers to renew their democratic mandate and most importantly to replace HH who has destroyed the party by his reckless decisions of appointing uncouth individuals like GBM and Canicius Banda to VP positions ignoring potential within the party! I know UPND has a great share of very good people who mean well for this country but the head of the party is rotten! It’s either UPND members retire HH or wait for humiliation in 2022! Take it or leave it!

    • Badala grass roots UPND know and see an HH who took on lungu , a fully loaded GRZ with eurobonds, the police and mafe lungu use the worst violence this country has seen and still be accussed of rigging….my bet is the pf rats who hate hh for nearly bankrupting of and GRZ want to see his back….

  39. Kikiki……munshya???????????? ????????let’s clap for munshya…..munshya is just kidding…lol….what a joke???????? my brother such jokes are treated as total foolishness here….so please next time you feel like jocking try not to touch the bemba vote……bcoz u make HH loose for nothing….. politics it’s about numbers….n Bemba’s no. Is big….just in case u can’t count…..

  40. Jeremiah 13

    23 Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard its spots?
    Then may you also do good who are accustomed to do evil.

  41. Munshya has written an article which has ignored the key voters in Eastern Province. The voters in this province are now aware of the voting patterns kubutonga. My assumptions is that they will endeavour to cancel that tribal vote via the ballot.

  42. Such tribal talk is backward, retrogressive, irrational and should not find any niche in this era of marriages and association along ‘One Zambia, One Nation’


  44. Munshya has stirred an hornets’ nest. PF bears a great responsibility for successfully dividing Zambians on regional lines and turning around blaming hakainde for it. The Zambia of today needs a radical who will say for instance all regions of Zambia (I’m avoiding the tribe sh:!t) must be EQUALLY represented in all GRZ ministries and all positions embassy appointments etc. In the current dispensation you could be forgiven if you felt like me that the talk of Zambia as a unitary state is pure evil hogwash.

    • If you are appointed to any government position you will be banished by HH. I have heard of how you people insult Mrs Wina for belonging to the PF. Shamunene lost his seat because he accepted a job in the PF run government. As we’re talking an MP who attended the opening of the Munali Nickel Mine officiated by Edgar Lungu is facing disciplinary action.

  45. Not ECL and Not HH will rule after 2021. Am so shocked that people can not see leadership in themselves and busy focusing on other people. What are you doing yourself?. Mark my words its Not ECL and its not HH in 2021

  46. Don’t butter HH with poor analysis. And don’t think PF is sleep, they are equally doing their best to UPND stronghold. Every party is working hard to win. May the best win. As we are one Zambia one Nation.

  47. Its minds like these that are taking us backward….One Zambia One Nation,Munshya stick that up yours

  48. For once let us be creative thinkers and find a solution to our country’s economy as one Zambia.We can’t be talking about politics 24/7, 365 days for 5 years.There are be better things in life than silly argum ents.Politicians tell you that there no permanent enemies and you want to f…k sound like intellectuals with your flaw analysis and arguments.

  49. Munshya. No doubt you are correct but only you made one mistake – posting your write up at Lusaka times. Its full of loud mouthed PF brain washed tribalists who don’t think logically. They are the worst tribalists but speak loudest accusing others of tribalism. These guys make the future of Zambian uncertain. People must remember that Zambia has a fault line from the congo pedicle to the confluence of the luangwa and the Zambezi. In 1911 NWR joined NER to form Northern Rhodesia. This fault line might one day crack and break. No one wants to be humiliated all the time

  50. When you are writing someting, use your brain not eyes. We can only build our nation when we are working together. Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success. Lets not be like a leaf that didn’t know it is part of a tree. Zambia will never develop if we continue thinking in tribal lines.

  51. Spaka, do you even know who KBF is really or whose parents where before 24th October 1964? You should be thankful to have such elders. I have lived and been around the world for over 35 years. Munshya is just a tribalist just as most tongas including my baby sister’s husband. I have adopted cousins to Gary Nkombo which you could not do iwe makaka. You think you can based on Southern, Western and North Western provinces? Try me because I am bemba tonga thikala.

  52. This article sounds more tribal than anything I have ever read in recent years. We need to promote one Zambia One Nation. Its not about Tonga or Bemba anymore. Our leaders (HH, GBM, ECL, IW, CK) n many others have demonstrated the need for togetherness as Zambians. It’s normal to differ whether u come from the same region or different

  53. Zambians in Canada are really lost, they have facts wrong like this Munshyaya! Kambwili is just a clown and he can not win any election! Luanshya is his birth place and he should not be fooled that he is popular through out the country! ECL is very popular and is gonna white wash them in 2021! Viva ECL!

  54. Useless article! Your Kambwili is a clown! Viva ECL, will whitewash them in 2021! HH is gone! Opposition in disarray! Zambians in Canada are just confused! Some still believe that HH won in 2016! How could he win with 3 provinces! Despite massive rigging in Southern and Western provinces HH lost to ECL in 2016! Kambwili’s win in Roan was just a fluke, and Kambwili is just play boy! See what he’s doing in NDC already! Total confusion, madness! So Munshyaya just keep your mad expectations to yourself! Like most Zambians in Canada!

Comments are closed.

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