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UPND announces the immediate suspension of GBM

Headlines UPND announces the immediate suspension of GBM

GBM addressing a news conference at the UPND secretariat on Thursday, April 4th 2019
GBM addressing a news conference at the UPND secretariat on Thursday, April 4th 2019

The United Party for National Development has with immediate effect passed a vote on no confidence against its Vice President Geoffrey Mwamba for gross misconduct.

This is pursuant to article 70 and 71 of the UPND Constitution.

This was after long hours of deliberation by the national Management Committee yesterday afternoon.

Announcing the development after the deliberations, UPND National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango said the vote of no confidence against Mr. Mwamba polled 75 of the secret votes while those for Mr. Mwamba polled 0.

Mrs. Nalumango explained that Article 71 of the UPND Constitution provides that Deputy President, National Chairperson, Secretary General and Treasurers General may be disciplined by two thirds secret ballot vote of no confidence passed by the National Management Committee who may decide on whatever sanction to impose against the erring official as per UPND Disciplinary code of conduct on recommendation from the NEC.

She said the National Management Committee further resolved that Mr. Mwamba exculpates himself within seven days effective yesterday during which he will remain suspended until final determination after the exculpation.

Mrs. Nalumango said during the period of suspension, Mr. Mwamba shall not be allowed to perform any party functions.

UPND National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango addressing the media at the secretariat after the NMC meeting.
UPND National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango addressing the media at the secretariat after the NMC meeting.

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    • Not surprising at all. First they cook up a story and accuse him of being bought by PF immediately after Kambwili’s NDC wins Roan parliamentary seat.

    • We told you this party is for Tongas, few days ago GBM and HH had a press conference saying we’re still together with Upnd, mutale nalumango was also at the press conference. Today the same nalumango who agreed with hh that the marriage between GBM and HH is still good has fired GBM. Tonga party kwashala imwe Ba Nalumango, you’re the next in the line.

    • Tongas are not different south Africans. When they want to use you they will call on others to work together with them and when they feel like they have used you to the maximum they dump you. Typical of HH, he now feels kambwili is the right man to give him or confuse the bemba vote.

    • Are we going to find time to work or it will be politics 24/7 no wonder we dont develop……Politics has taken over no one talks about work anymore

    • GBM has some medical issues and he not the same GBM of few years back…….Can I tell you what will happen next or you know it already…….GBM will or has abandoned UPND and he is about to re-join PF…….remember what happened to Miles Sampa….And now you know what these so called politicians are after…..just to fatten their pockets…Kambwili,Musenge,HH,Lungu,GBM all have the same agend….stealing and corruption

    • Bhoy’ Oh Bhoy !!! … GBM has been given the HEXHIT (aka BREXIT).

      This was written on the wall from word go. We have preached this time after time. HH is a USER.

      If you become an Attack Dog going after Lungu. He will “Shower You with Love” and “Box You” in his corner camp.

      HH has used many political figures in the past. One can name a few:

      Edith Nawaki, Silva Masebo, Tilyedji Kaunda,
      Charles Milupi, Felix Mutati, Elias Chipimo
      Nevers Mumba, Mike Mulongoti, Cornelius Banda, Fred Mmembe, Godfrey Mwamba

      And now Kambwili Chishimba, a flavour of the season. And it will all end up the same just like with others.

      HH has seen that Kambwili has beaten the establishment. He sees in Kambwili as someone who can help him penetrate the copperbelt. So GBM is expired goods…

    • Cont….

      To be fair to HH, GBM has offered nothing to UPND. Plus he was never welcomed in UPND because of his tribe and the past encounters.

      GMB ( Was Not ), ( Is Not ) and (Will Never ) be a Politician.

      He does not have a political mind set. He just has money and knows how to make money. Plus funding Political Parties to get influence.

      I hate to say.. We Told You !!!!

      The next you will hear is GBM insulting the UPND Establishment. Yes, he knows how to insult opponents. Be warned *****

    • Very sad indeed. Instead of being in opposition by taking the government to task on current government policies and strategies, they are busy “opposing” themselves within their parties. Its politics of opportunities !!! I don’t see how HH can “erase” the so-called tribal tag, it’s clear the so-called UPND political advisors are worthless, they are advising a losing strategy. It’s hard NOT to believe the speculation that HH is now aiming for 2021 with CK. In politics they say, never say never but at the moment it’s hard to imagine Kambwili in VP role. This strategy is doomed to failure. Again that is my opinion but hope their alliance works out for the betterment of this country.

    • Cont….

      GBM joined HH to fix and hurt Lungu.

      Now it ends up he has “Hurt” and “Fixed” himself. So the boomerang has come back to whack GBM. OuuuCH!!

      Just like Miles Sampa and Mulenga Sata who had to come back and eat from the same plates they “Smeared Faeces”.

      And that is back into lungu’s leadership.

      These guys. They “ALL” go into politics for two reasons.

      1. Make Money via corruption
      2. Fix and Hurt anyone they don’t like

      And the loser is always Zambia. ©

    • Imwe guyz, if you breakup with girlfriend or go on separation with wife, do you have to tell family the REASON why such suspension? You don’t need specific REASON to go to hell.
      In business ethics, we encourage not to disclose the reason of separation either in employment or partnership. We encourage everybody just to say “thanks for now, maybe days will bring us back together”.
      Which is true, GBM may use the National Dialogue to reconcile with Katuka.

    • At least Carnisius Banda lasted a bit longer.
      GBVM has been used and now been trashed like a used CNDM.
      No one is safe in this grouping unless you’re one of their own.
      It makes blind followers, so called pact members, wondering what they are signing up for.
      They can’t be trusted these tribals. So worked out and bigoted.
      We tried to warn GBVM like we are warning blind followers that mulibe Dzabwino Muchipani cha upndead.
      Now I am wondering what double h has done to you. I can’t wait for CK to join or sign up for the pact head first. He too needs to be deflated. Hey double h, CK is yours. Ask Sakwiba and Chisanga.

    • GBM was suspended for gross misconduct. You shallow minds who are immediately rushing to play the tribal card are in a party where no one is suspended for indiscipline because you have no rules. You cannot tell the party president to keep away from UPND structures in Kasama like they belong to you. That actually calls for immediate dismissal.

    • A movie or book with the Mystery, Thriller, Suspense and intrigue genre is usually bad asz
      Stay tuned to the political soapie orchestrated by the devious double h. He wants to scoop it at all costs.
      The question is, is CK menacingly, knowingly wanting to replace GBVM. I think there is damn more than meets the eye. The truth of the matter is that the UPNDEAD has reached extremely dangerous levels just to get to plot one. The rants from upndead youths that lead to his suspension can not heal the wound. We know the pride GBVM has. This is a part company exercise.

    • I just wonder why a genuine hard working no nonsense guy like GBM even joins politics….he can not lead in politics as he is too emotional and doesn’t want to follow as he is an ambitious man…just be like our Asian colleagues of Pakistan and Indian origin in Zambia who are millionaires in dollars doing business in the background whilst we foooooools fight over crumbs. GMB has invested a lot of money in PF and UPND with zero returns its cost his businesses dearly its high time you just took a back step and focused on building your empire.

    • In life we must learn to treat people with respect, GBM during his peak years as a businessman politician was a very rude and ruthless person. Karma has really come back to hit him hard. However I do have some sympathy for him in that this is really a sad and unfortunate way to treat the man. What is happening is they are basically positioning him to leave and make way for another.

    • GBM is a catholic, he knows that he doesn’t need to have a SIN to go for confession.
      GBM just need to go tell the disciplinary committee that “… please forgive me, for I am a sinner”. And Nalumango will say “..you are forgiven my son”. Chapwa!!
      Not ifya ma reasons.
      GBM traust me mudala.

  1. This is was bound to happen sooner or later. I shudder to think what would have happened if UPND had won and this arose.

    • Why are you not “shuddering” for past 4 years with election of convicted (on his own plea of guilty) Endemically Corrupt Leader and his free-wheeling criminal advisers/Constitutional appointees?


    • Imagine meaning there’s no independence of thought among the members coz 2 weeks earlier small gbm was with them at that same press conference. The Mujahideen of Zambia kukosa

    • Hmmmmmm oooouuuuch!! It’s disheartening to see and read about all the politicking going on. It’s sad Zambian politicians are still babies, but don’t blame them. Nostradamus and your colleagues, please spare them!

    • Imwe! GEM was not the best fit in the first place. You will recall insele atukile Tayali….?

      And then you talk about tribe, are you serious? Tongas have been bemdong backward every step of the way and you can’t wait for an opportunity to smear them with tribal manure. What a people!

  3. Now I come to understand when ECL says HH will never rule or go to plot and I strongly believe he is a tribalism.how can you win the votes from all the Zambian people while you put all Tongos on top leaders you expect to win? HH use your common sense and strategy.look the current government people from all 10 provinces are on top the same people help you to campaign.GBM is going to some sorts of words to dent your picture and you will get nothing from these kolwes and koswes Inonge wina she is there to lozis shame on you .it really shows GBM was just ladder to get votes from kolwes.

  4. Hahahaha ,things fall apart and its for real .Now GBM is in uncharted territory its like a 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

  5. As long as you are not from the privileged provinces, you cannot survive in the UPND the Mujahideen of Zambia led by their terrorist leader

  6. UPND is a cult and that’s why for me no matter the diffulties we’re facing as a nation I can’t vote for this party coz I know their intentions and the powers that be should never allow HH to be near Statehouse whatever the circumstances

  7. Kkkkkkk….GIVE US
    IWE….kkkkkk!!!Where is “spaka?” Majority Zambians warned GBM that HH was just using him to win the bemba votes because UPND is a well known tonga party.After Kambwili’s NDC won in Roan,HH now sees Kambwili as a person to attract bemba votes to UPND in 2021.But that wont work because GBM will decampaign UPND greatly before 2021.HENCE,THE ONLY LOSER FROM THIS GBM SAGA IS HH!!!Believe you me,GBM neutralised UPND’s tonga tag.He gave this party a national character which has disappeared now!!Moreover,Kambwili has more presidential ambitions than GBM so HH does not know what he is doing!!!ANYWAY,WE’RE ENJOYING THIS SAGA!!!More popcorns please…….kkkkk!!




  9. If All that is being said, reported reflects reality, then it’s Good Night for UPND. With such confusion, the PF are bound to manipulate the vote, come 2021, again!

  10. GBM is in support of the nonsense going on in kasama. How can a normal person support the suspension of the provincial chairman by a district chairman surely? Ka njimbu above, kakopo saana.

  11. It’s unfortunate that we have not been told reasons which led to GBM’s suspension. But anyway such are politics that’s what exactly politics are. You remember Mulongoti vs Lungu saying Lungu was a foreign and made every1 to believe it. Later on Mulongoti turns round and says I didn’t mean it. You remember how good the relationship between Kambwili and Lungu was. So in politics you live a life of anything can happen at anytime and anywhere. Why do pipo call it a dirty game. Politicians are just manipulators. They always have hidden agenda to what they say/do. They make you believe them but do things their own way. So any sensible person will never join politics.

  12. Why do some bloggers rush to give this issue a ‘tribal ‘ connotation? Is that all you see? How backward.

    • How’s the weather in SP? Njala izaminyonkola so that you can crawl back into your caves and live this peaceful nation to continue on its development trajectory. You deranged and dirt f1ools

  13. I have said time and again that HH is not a politician. Now I hope you have believed. He wants to use people and then dump them along the way. Remember he had Dr Banda as his vice president and got rid of him. Banda complained but no one heard him. Now its GBM who meets his fate and next with be CK all he wants is to get power at any cost. Beloved Zambians how can you trust a person like this? Come 2021 let HH learn a lesson. I am confident that the Zambians are watching the game quite well. CK please watch out and do not accept being used by this hopeless party Unprogressive Party for Nation Disaster (UPND). GBM I wish you the best of luck. Good day. Dr. J. P.

  14. This was a long time coming. The same GBM who was a “saint” in UPND will now be demonised and made to look like he is Satan’s Vice President. We will be told of all his sins committed before he was their Vice President. Question is: why then was he appointed Vice President in the first place?

    In saying that, I am not a fan of GBM regardless of his next political move. Kambwili too!!

  15. With this small brain ka-njimbu thing on LT, it’s always “bemba vote” in the morning, “bemba vote” in the afternoon, “bemba vote” in the evening. Kikikiki I’m sure he dreams of the “bemba vote” when he is snoring like a p!g at night. And he turns around and points at other people of being “tribal”! What a hypocrite

    • You’re just tribalists you f1ools. We know what your intentions are and we will not allow you to destroy this country. Even if you will let even your cows to vote, you won’t be allowed near the corridors of power.

  16. Just stop this tribal talk. One cannot be suspended from performing their duties merely because they belong to a certain tribe. I think Upnd was good having Mwamba around. Rather consider the real reason behind his suspension. That would help.

  17. Articles 70 & 71 blah blah. What about the article that talks about the party’s convention and the party presidential term limits? And why were you denying that GBM was suspended? Just admit that you prefer Kambwili to GBM. Kambwili is all empty air. Just wait for the Roan euphoria to die down.

  18. I do not see Mwamba continuing in politics. He needs to take care of his businesses. Most importantly, Upnd was not providing an outright hope to kick pf out. UPND lost so many elections, its tiresome to remain there.

    • When is UPND going to hold a convention. The issue of convention to elect a president is never talked about at all. Is Double Hyena life president.

    Whether you like it or not,the fact remains that GBM attracted thousands of bemba votes to UPND in 2016.HH has completely failed to win the hearts of majority voters in the urban Zambia(CB and Lsk),Luapula,Northern,Muchinga and Eastern since 2006.This was confirmed just a week ago when UPND lost terribly in Bahati.Look Pungwa,elections are not won by dreaming or insults-you need to be REAL and TACTICAL.your HH does “a cimbwi no plan” kind of politics!!CONSISTANCY IS VERY CARDINAL IN POLITICS!!!How many useless ALLIANCES has your HH entered into since 2006?kkkkkkk…several and all in VAIN!!

  20. There’s tavern talk among the kachema members that GBM had received 50pin from the PF. What’s 50 pin to GBM? That’s how disrespect these people can be.

  21. Upnd no difference with zeeworld. They play around circle around talk around jump around appear around flash around political views…..etc etc on an already full stop. Please upnd open your eyes to erase your own self dotted full stop. The only political party in our country with highly learned intellectuals who have commas hyphens brackets apostrophes…..etc but always end in a full dotted stop. Y YYYYYY?

  22. What goes around comes around. GBM thought that he was very popular, he like Kambwili bought honourary doctorated degrees with the view of supplementing their perceived popularity. GBM like Kambwili have no real intelligency other than sturboness. HH is more intelligent than the two gentlemen, his (HH) problem is lack of wisdom, having taken over the party in very very questionable circumstances, too egocentric, too proud and very strong tribal inclination. These are values that do not and cannot inspire the majority of the electorate in Zambia (Tonga or otherwise). For Kambwili, he just have to tread carefully, the Roan seat should not deceive him into believing that he has arrived. GBM is an outright dull chap who has bitten more than he can chew. Whether or not he can make a dent in…

  23. … GBM is an outright dull chap who has bitten more than he can chew. Whether or not he can make a dent in the UPND remains to be seen. Whatever happens Kambwili is making calculations on how to proceed in this new found love. We wait and see the moves that will be made by the “monkey” and the “Cow”. Whatever the result our great nation will still holdfast as a great nation inspired by our history and oneness.

    • Like I said, these guys are banking on Kambwili, but Kambwili shouldn’t think that’s more superhuman than GBM. What they have done to GBM can and will easily happen to him.

  24. Our Zambian politicians surely know how to keep us busy. They are so obsessed with getting to Plot One. I know for a fact that the Ruling part and Opposition do not have it all to develop Zambia. Why can’t we be humane enough and consider a government national unit than ‘first beyond the winning line to rule’. Look here they fail to even dialogue. I thought dialogue in simple terms was going to be a platform to agree or disagree?!!

  25. There is no rock to hide under for a man running hither and thither looking for a warmer place to malfunction in. It was only a matter of time for GBM to reap what he sowed. You can’t make fact from fiction.

    Oh how sad, how the mighty fall on their own swords.

    This is life folks!

  26. Vote of no confidence because he failed to deliver the Bemba vote? No wonder GBM never let HH out of sight until he got tired of tagging along wherever HH went. Abantu babi.

  27. UPND is democratic, GBM did not fit in from Day 1, PF is thuggish party, they fire from the bars at least these guys have a no confidence vote among its NMC. HH is better to let GBM go, bembas will not vote for him anyway, Bembas are very tribal ask late LPM, that was the birth of PF when MMD fielded a non-bemba. We all know that …..

    • At least the one party was more democratic than Upnd. They held a convention every 5 years to elect Members of the Central Committee and pretended to elect the party president. At least they did something.

  28. GBM (Great Bemba Man) jump the united party for distroyers. CK imbwili ,learn from GBM’s treatment

  29. GBM is not a puppet of hh this is the main reason why upnd is not comfortable with mwamba ,even if the suspension is lefted the cracks have started appearing .GBM brother be careful pumbwe afwilile palyakwe!


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