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Open Letter to GBM: My hard take On UPND Vice President, his Self Audio Recordings and Suspension

Columns Open Letter to GBM: My hard take On UPND Vice President, his...

HH and GBM at the meeting with ECZ

Dear Mr.Geofrey Bwalya Mwamba,

Good morning sir

This is a concerned citizen dropping this quick one to your office.I hope and pray this reaches you and l know it will. I am one person who like saying things as they are, otherwise this isn’t meant to injure you ,and the UPND party or any other surrounding you.

Sir,l have followed your current standing as VEEP in the UPND party and l can tell things have changed. Where there are two or more people, its normal and very human to have some frictions but it takes maturity and sincere love for the people who believe in you to amicably find a better way of resolving your differences without stressing those who follow you or indeed the party you belong.

I must say, l have been receiving so many audios purported to have been released from your angle carrying your voice talking so many unfortunate stuff about your party UPND and its leadership..I was going to come out just when I listened to the first one but l could not just believe it could be you not until l listened to this latest one where you threw so much tantrum and allegations on the party and its leader Hakainde Hichilema

Say as it is, Zambia deserves the better Vice President and time to shake off and re-align is now..UPND is a party, an organisation and no one is important and can claim ownership….it has rules and procedures..

My advise Mr Mwamba…if you decide to go and rejoin PF, Kalaba..or indeed form your own party, please put aside your EGO. Your ego is detrimental Sir the earlier you realise that the better for you in this political field. We know and understand you have the money but that shouldn’t make you feel more important than everyone else! Its wrong. That is your money with your family. Zambian people need sound national leadership that will improve their livelihood and not interested in your money and all.

Believe me l supported you from day one when you joined UPND not until after listening to this particular audio.

At first l refused thinking it was as usual the PF propaganda not until this audio where some unknown person from Chingola called you…from no where you started saying all sort of fake accusations on the party and the party president HH..trying to dent his image and that of a party…who does that?

Politics calls for maturity otherwise with that mentality and attitude even where u go they will eliminate you…and just fail in your political ambition.you are a great man but u need to work on yourself.

UPND is for the people of Zambia and not any individual not even president HH. That’s why when the founder father Mazoka died [rip] we still have the party and so grown today..so why should you think you own some structures on the Copperbelt, Luapula, Northern? Are you sure with yourself..and why mentioning Kambwili and Kalabas names in this issue..?? It just shows that you are one of those few people trying to fight the alliance.

Zambian people want the alliance. We want unity in the country to form government and not dividing us…if you have grudges with Kambwili..thats your own personal issues dont dare bring them to the zambian people and the party.Come on Mr.Mwamba you can do much better than this…

if its going… go in peace UPND will still exist with all its structures. Better now than tomorrow. Personally, I’m done. With all that allegations on your President Hakainde Hichilema and the party it will be very difficult to trust you no more going forward.

To the UPND party…better you face this issue now and reorganize by 2021 than facing it when it’s one month before general elections.

To my fellow Zambians especially the youths, this move might be bitter but it might be the solution at the moment for us to move forward and have effective sound leadership in government come 2021.

I’m disappointed to say the least.l supported you all heartedly,but my taste of you is different from today going forward.

Concerned UPND Member and Citizen.

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  1. reading this chaps statement clearly aligns his loyalty to HH, who to him is a saint amongst sinners, so you know upnd has had to change 5 Veeps in 15 year period but never once their president, could it be the reason upnd has been losing is due to the fact that the Veeps have been the wrong kind or is it you the author are blind to reality that the wrong chap is HH, FYI before GBM even released any video the man was sidelined from all UPND programs by HH himself. he behaves like a wolf in sheep’s skin

    I’m breaker I’m transcendent and I approve this message

    • Tribalist are out for gbm. The author is a upnd tonga tribalist. Everyone already knew the tribalism in that upnd but looks like gbm had to go in & find out for himself. Good that now he knows it. Lets hope the loud mouth kambwili will show intelligence for once & not dirt his hands with tribalists

    • GBM is way better than Kambwili for those of you who think Kambwili is ok…..just NEVER TRUST A POLITICIAN….these guys just want to steal and double their already I’ll gotten wealth……i have never come across a honest politician….even in the USA…..all crooks maybe the only country you will find honest Politicians is Iceland….only one country in the entire universe

    • Post those audios so that people can judge you and Mr. Mwamba popularly known as GBVM fairly. You have no shame.
      If you can provide the audios why write an open letter.
      You fear GBVM will brutalize UPNDEAD politically. GBVM may not be Carnisius who moved out quietly but memed by Katuka. We will hear GBVM’s own narrative on Tuesday at the press conference when he opens a UPNDEAD pandora box.

    • I think people who dwell on tribalism and race card are plain ignorant….so my fellow Zambians please stop Tonga this Bemba that….this wont take Zambia anywhere…..and those Kaponyas issuing threats to Liswaniso should be brought to book…..we are in 2019…….ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION……lets fight poverty and corruption as a team….we have enough resources for every single Zambian to benefit…from East,West,North South and all places in between…….lets not be cheated by Kambwili or GBM or Lungu or HH

    • The news that PF had bribed GBM with $50-million came like a fake news article. Then i observed that GBM has never campaigned for UPND in any bye election or been at party press briefings since 2016. I thought it was bcoz PF had squeezed his businesses.

      Mr GBM, $50-million is bigger than suffering of the masses caused by PF00Lish govt.

    • “UPND is for the people of Zambia …..”

  2. just imagine having an id1ot like GBM as vice president of Zambia. Surely God has intervened. I wouldn’t like this f00l to assume any senior position in any political party

    • The fools are the ones that accepted him as a member of the party as they knew exa ctly what kind of person he was

    • Kikikikiki why choose an ***** to be your vice president in the first place..so you mean those who chose him are *****s????

    • This would mean that the person who appointed him is equally an id1ot. He didn’t know GBM on that very day, but from a long time ago. If he knew that GBM was an embecile but still went ahead to appoint him and the rest of you accepted him that says a lot about you all.

  3. Why did UPDN accept him in the first place? They knew very well what type of person he was. What did they expect when you start accepting *****s. This insulted President Lungu, you heard it for yourselves but turned a blind eye. We can have political accepting anything as members you check these people and analyse their motives for joining your organisations

    • No its not a lesson. They are now trying to import an even bigger problem.
      Otherwise mwipontela GBVM. He helped you with 40+% at the 2016 polls. The one you were fussing about with petitions. Though he did not make you win, he contributed to your numbers too.
      UPNDEAD is ungrateful I have just learned.
      Ungrateful mean:
      not feeling or showing gratitude.
      Double h is so ungrateful for everything GBVM has done.
      synonyms: unappreciative, unthankful, thankless, ungracious
      UPNDEAD is so rude and ungrateful for everything GBVM has done.
      Maybe GBVM is now unwilling to fund stingey aishas.

    • Stingy means being:
      mean; ungenerous.
      Double h is stingy and spooky.
      synonyms: mean, miserly, parsimonious, niggardly, close-fisted, penny-pinching, cheese-paring, penurious, Scrooge-like, ungenerous, illiberal, close; More:
      informalmingy, tight, tight-fisted;
      vulgar slangtight-arsed;
      Double h was notoriously stingy during 2016 polls. Waiting to empty CK’s pockets. Muleblocker bafipe.

  4. I am equally disappointed with GBM’S reaction towards the kasama issue. This shows how immature this man is. In his position are u telling me he never knew the best way to handle this than resorting into insult and using vulgar language. I believe what has happened is for the good of the party. God bless u . Little knowledge is always dangerous.

    • He insulted ECL you considered it normal, he insults you you want him out of your party. hahaha, wait for the bigger one soon. Your hope the alliance will crash to its knees and you will again remain Tongas alone

    • Yeah I remember at a campaign rally where he said : HH has half of the country’s beef cattle and kachila ka Edgar nakena pamulandu wa nama ishi. And everyone went into a frenzy. It was OK then because it was not HH at the receiving end.

    • Politics is not for the likes of GBM. If you will insult everyone you differ with how will you attract voters? As a voter I need someone who can articulate issues in my constituency not a bully who just wants political office. He surely needs anger management courses before seeking any political office

  5. GBM is not quality at all, just quantity (amount of money he puts into the party). Many of us wish that these political alliances were based on the quality of leadership that the alliance would provide. Hichilema has a good education. Why he went to the bottom of the pit to get GBM as an ally is beyond me. I hope he does not look at people like Kambwili as allies just because of their loud mouths. I personally would love an alliance between HH and Elias Chipimo. These two gentlemen would do the country a lot of good, in my opinion.

  6. There’s confusion in UPND,to start with GBM is known but just because you thought he can assist you to win the elections you picked on him,so don’t blame him but blame yourselves because people advised about GBM. What about Garry Nkombo can anyone shade light. Your small good HH will cost you even in 2021, you cannot openly say you can win the elections even without BEMBAS, I was expecting someone from the UPND to apologise on that one. Most of us we want a change of government but there’s no any alternative party as at now

  7. What has happened here shows you the type of governance Aldof offers you. Adolf does not care about zambia what he cares about is how he can find the hole caused by politics and fill it up fast. His second desire is to plough misery on ECL. He lives and drinks tribe. The great bag of maize was a soft spot he had two things he shares with Adolf. First is his hate for ECL and PF and second to rerecoup his lost GRZ fed “businesses ” something MCS late halted after he fired the fatman. This is what is fueling these pundits but now it’s game over

  8. God has way of exposing things no matter how hard you try to hide them. GBM has no leadership qualities just like Kambwili. He is the categories of Kapyongos. I mean a thug with a bit of money and a loud mouth minus brains. It’s good riddance one fool out. There alot of people with substance that can occupy that position with brains. UPND would do well not rush in filling out the post.

  9. Shame, tribalism. At it’s best…shame to the herbalists who will never win at all. Shame to the evil tribalists who thinks can win and rule this nation on tribal lines! Zambia is bigger than tribe. Shame on u fools !

  10. UPND IS A PARTY…..NOBODY CAN CLAIM OWNERSHIP. .. Really? Everyone including cattle know that UPND is a personal property of Hakainde Hichilema. He chooses who to hire and who to fire. Remember that unlucky Kafue District chairman? Need we say more.

  11. When we say That UPND is a Tonga cult ,you say that we are tribal.
    Ask kk knows Tonga’s attitude very well.Ubutonga temunobe.

    • You simply display low life behavior. Why should you taunt people about their tribe? You are close to an animal.

  12. GBM is fit to be president not vice. I never supported him now I do. Bakasama balikosa tata. Bakudya nsima nakapenta yokadzinga.

  13. Can we imagine,how can they vote 75 to 0 ? Even if you have lost confidence in GBM.
    UPND you mean not even 1 NEC member has no confidence in GBM ?

    UPND stop bitterness and hatred.HH has destroyed this country because of his bitterness and hatred.Sad that even a one year Tonga baby has tribal DNA of hatred and bitterness for non-Tonga tribes.

  14. United party of naughty demagogues has just obliterated the little support they had garnered in the northern block, and Kopala! 2012;you’ll be duly battered!

  15. Iam very disappointed in the writer of this “nice” article because she or he is putting trust in a mortal man.Plz trust in God and not politicians .They are all the same.its you who needs to change and not GBM ,HH or Lungu.if you continue trusting politicians ,then your troubles have just began.

  16. How come UPND has changed vice presidents more than 5 times but not changed the president for so many years????????? just asking.

  17. Well, I don’t know, ….GBM, is alleged to have made remarks about UPND and HH, which has upset them. But since then, UPND, and it’s followers have done nothing but make allegations against GBM!

    Don’t know why put someone on suspension pending hearing when you play it out on social media. Frankly, GBM and UPND deserve each other! But you feel sorry for GBM for his lack of foresight.

  18. My biggest problem right now is, if elections were to held tomorrow, which party can i vote for? I’m seriously lost

  19. It’s not a Tonga party. It’s just a foolish party that can’t separate individual aspirations from national ones. If the party wants to win it should put national goals ahead of any persons’ need of personal power. Are there any brainy people in this party’s leadership? Do you want the party to win or you want HH to enter state house?

  20. We warned UPND about blindly receiving defectors at the expense of existing loyal members! This was desperation and poor judgement on the part of HH and his NEC! Be careful with defectors! They soon defecate on you! Some are planted as moles! UPND allowed the GBM mole into their bedroom and now that he has gathered all the juicy data on HH and UPND, he has come out at the most critical moment! In Bemba, we say “Ichikupempula echikulya!” GBM was not a factor and UPND have made him a factor! Own goal!

  21. When you look at the tribal comments you know Tuesday is going to be an atomic tribal bomb.The trash talk will be in abundance but like everything it will pass.Some will get excited about it and yet others will be disappointed.There shall be hi fives flying around.But on Wednesday Zambians will wake up with struggle and the economy will still be weak.Like after retirement in national interest yes it hurts very much but one shouldn’t be too disappointed with actioned abuse of those who hurt you.Everything is so tribal these days

  22. Tribalists can’t win an election in our country unless UPND leader behaves like the late mazoka Anderson. Change your leader that is the person we don’t like.you can’t read between the lines.

  23. Politics are nasty. Politics are full of ironies and contradictions. Not long ago, Chishimba Kambwili, Wynter Kabimba, GBM, Fred Mmembe and other PF members were in the trenches fighting President Rupiah Banda, Bene Dora Siliya, Catherine Namugala, Felix Mutati, Chitalu Chilufya and other MMD members. Bene Dora went all over Zambia telling Zambians that PF will never rule Zambia.

    We never imagined that now, bene Wynter, Mmembe, GBM, Kambwili are out in the cold, fighting the same organization they told Zambians was the best to be in government while the people they were fighting, bene Dora, are now Ministers in PF, and are now saying PF is the best to govern. They have swapped positions.

    I don’t know what President Sata is thinking in his grave, but I don’t know if the old man…

  24. Continued……….
    old man ever imagined that his beloved wife, Dr. Christine Kaseba Sata will be receiving Dora at the Airport when Dora travels to France as Minister of Information and Broadcasting in the PF led Government. Dr. Christine Kaseba Sata will be waiting at the airport to receive Dora and carry her bags, run around for Dora and make sure Dora is comfortable while in France.

    Chalo ichi! Tomorrow is not guaranteed comrades!

  25. GBM has no money to talk about. Gentlemen people with money never talk about it. I have personally heard him calling a bus driver enroute to Chipata asking how much money they had made on the trip. That to me doesn’t show me a person with money. No political connections to contracts now.
    GBM cannot lead. I shudder to think what would become of this our beloved country allowing ba kaponya like him into power. That is where we have a problem in Zambia where we allow mediocrity to lead us. But its their power base of ba kaponya and those who want to eat off them.

  26. With comments as above what bridges can be built when everyone seems to view the issue through lens of alignment? Mostly the views are laced with prejudice of sorts while ignorant of the genesis of the GBM – UPND saga. The Concerned UPND Member and Citizen reveals he or she is UPND and weighs in an opinion addressing GBM yet discussants take a different tangent, tribe, wealth, personal attacks on both GBM and HH, etcetera instead of addressing the views expressed in the letter! I too am not personally happy that politicians tend to immediately rush to disparaging each other for public court forgetting that the club (party) they belong to has rules! And why would an internal party disciplinary matter be shared with the media without efforts by the senior leadership to discuss behind closed…

  27. I wish to reqister my views on this statement, iam very much dissapointed to note that my dear brothers and sisters have continued walking on a path of distraction. This idealogy of aligning ourselves with regions and tribes makes my heart to bleed with sorrow. Out of politics we are one inside politics we apply identification codes of regions and tribes, why should this be like this? We are not politics we are humans of a one nation of the Rebuplic of Zambia. Having different tribes under one roof does not invite us to separation or start thinking that our tribe is better than the other, NO! Having different tribes just shows how uniquely God has put us together and thus,we are called to compliment each other and not hurt one another. Mind you, the supreme owner of Zambia is God,we are…

  28. So the constitution of the UPND ( under prevelaged national destroyer) allows only to Change Vice presidents and not the President? This has clearly shown that if HH takes over leadership he will refuse to leave office and either turn Zambia into a Monarch or dictatorship Government.GBM go on disclose every thing don’t hide anything. It is a blessing to have leaders like you,God is on your side

  29. Yes the supreme owner of Zambia is God but the supreme owners of UPND are Tonga’s especially HH who is a sole president of UPND

  30. Brothers n sister am sure from the comments above its so clear we have two sides of pipo those against and for,this makes a complete set for a debate. However this is politics care must be taken how we handle this. Its so true the majority are using just commenting based on what they think and what others told them but reality will always be real.
    This country belongs to all Zambians and so leaders can come from any region as long as they have what it takes. Its so interesting the same group that praised GBM yesterday today is saying he’s not a factor but why! Similarly others said they have a fool for a VP all he knows is insulting today they are saying he lucked foresight on the ungrateful leader he accepted to work with but why now? This should tell you something about politician n…

  31. Any well meaning Zambian needs opposition…strong1 but all as well needs it in democratIc way… i would personally like the main opposition to choose office bearers through some elections…or convention & even Mr HH can be challenged say by MrGBM; I do know he can still win considering that he has put in so much.This wil win them confidence by voters & also silence the critics.
    Zambia is a Democracy & let’s treasure it. ‘Opposing views must not be silenced.

  32. Anyone seen trib.al Gay Jay. LT, please locate him and guide him back. Probably lost his way in trib.al stronghold, confused with GBV and Trib al Hacks episode…… kikikiki

  33. There is nothing tribal about this open letter. The sensitivity to tribe is detrimental to our development dear folks. Its high time we dealt with issues objectively. We know there could have been squabbles in the party but we expected better from GBM. He is a Leader of the party. Wasn’t he suppose to call for a meeting and sit Katuka down than going to the media? If he is wrong, shouldn’t he be advised simply because he is Bemba and should the party be afraid that the Bembas will rise? Uyumungulu tawatwipaye mu Zambia. This problem is now becoming national and we can see it everywhere. If a Tonga misbehaves, shouldn’t he be disciplined pantu aba Tonga balalanda ati he is sanctioned on the basis of tribe? Quit this foolishness Zambians. Let us respect Character and abilities above…

  34. Here is statement on UPND; first and foremost UPND has really diverted from the vision of its founder Anderson Mazoka (MHSRIP). UPND has a clear succession plan set out that was hijacked following the death of Andy. Further UPND has always had two Vice President positions this was done to bring about balance within the party structures. However when it came to selecting a running mate clearly HH hijacked the process going against the principles once again. I feel that the president of the party holds too much power and if the party itself cannot deal with this while in opposition I wonder how then can he be accountable once in office. So in truth this GBM situation presents an opportunity for the party to really reshape itself. Let them hold a national convention and let a leader for 2021…

    • Of course HH has contemplated stepping down but he’s too selfish, too proud to accept “defeat “. Ati kuti mwala seka

  35. Time is running out fast and every opposition member cherishing a burning desire for their leader to take over through the ballot in 2021 should answer the question “if elections were held tomorrow who would most Zambian voters cast their vote for”. Before the GBM / UPND wrangle one would have given UPND a chance. Suddenly the situation has changed because of gross misjudgement and mismanagement of GBM issue. Gary where are you and uncle VJ please talk. These two are really cosmopolitan.

  36. Trust politicians in politics and trust God in matters of God. Judge not. In education trust a teacher not God. In healthy trust a doctor not God. If so stay at home and conduct 24 hour prayer when under Ebola attack. Hahaha hahaha. Stop making noise at hospitals, simply ask for permission to allow your sick members back to your church for prayer and see ….
    Results will conclude kikiki

  37. This an interesting situation which serves to illustrate the bankruptcy of Zambian party politics. Politicians hope from party to party, depending on opportunity to gain. GBM isn’t the first one to move on. The debate here should be about our aspirations as a country and whether the environment serves us well. I believe that whatever is happening has been driven by our lack of appreciation that a complete revision of our laws and constitution will be needed, in order to reset.

  38. Dont trust a politician who brings GOD in politics, think of a qualified engineer who spends time to do up or recondition an old engineer. With all his learned he manages to fix back all new engines part, put oil and all wires the way he has learned. Then he rest to say I will start the engine after 24 hours prayer. Hahaha. If you are good you are good. Dont use the word of God in Vain.

  39. Politicians hop from party to party, depending on opportunity to gain. Let’s correct all this by insisting on a constitution that brings decency, defines quality through qualifications and goals of political parties. The next President should be given a limited term and tasked to implement the new constitution, which is available if our countrymen and women want it. Otherwise, the saga goes on.

  40. This is the issue Zambia shall continue to face , there is too much politics of hatred and mediocrity and this will never improve for better and out of what you have said it”s clear you must be a upnd member and seeking some interests.

  41. The Star Wars movies show the World a lot about Good and Evil. It’s a good thing that a lot of adults have grown up and Youths have watched and heard about these movies. They leave an indelible in-print about the megalomania and Evil of Darth Vader. While Vader roosts with no face let alone smile in his Empire, the resistance whose “vote” he meanly courts perpetually defeats his vanity might.

    People of Zambia continue to resist reincarnations of this vanity might. People cannot be patronized and fooled for one’s self-glory. Its why MMD lost and Sata won. Trump won similarly and UPND will forever lose with the chicanery of Darth Vader.

  42. There is time to come and time to go. I repeat, GBM is not a vice president material but presidential material. Any party that will invite GBM to be vice president will be inviting friction. GBM should be invited to lead a party. By the way, HH is so quiet on this issue, why? I am curious.

  43. People of Zambia please, let’s be honest to ourselves, even if we don’t have a better person to point at. You can’t be serious be saying, GBM is in the right here even if you hurt the other person, just for once try to be human, and be honest, we all know GBM from before that he is selfish.. We all know that GBM does not care for anyone but himself, . even before he joined UPND .he was not a person I could choose. I voted for PF becoz of GBM. Let me Remind you a bit when, when was in Government do you know that he held a lot of tenders in the government whilst the locals kept on crying that they are not getting any tender. Anyways this is just one, what am saying is, lets not just support someone coz he is something to us..
    Kabwili, I don’t know , if he is also better than GBM, to…

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