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Government is investigating a political party for promoting homosexuality

General News Government is investigating a political party for promoting homosexuality

Home Affairs Minister Hon. Stephen Kampyongo
Home Affairs Minister Hon. Stephen Kampyongo

Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has disclosed that named opposition political party is being investigated by law enforcement agencies for promoting homosexuality in the country.

Mr. Kampyongo said Law Enforcement Agencies have taken interest in the matter because the act is against the laws of Zambia.

Speaking in his Constituency, Mr. Kampyongo said the named opposition political party has been receiving huge funding from donors to promote such unnatural acts in Zambia.

He said the named political party has also gone to rural areas to sell it’s ideologies to unsuspecting villagers.

Mr. Kampyongo said the law will be applied on any Leader who will be found wanting after the investigations are done because Zambia is a Christian nation.


  1. 3 months no pay and lungu is hiding

    These homosexual party come about because of poverty and big powers out there have ready cash to sponsor

    • Kampyongo is working against his PF. Kalufyanya nafuti. So the investigation is being done by Charity Katanga.
      Let UPND fight themselves, and let PF rejoice for being saved by GBM.

    • A cop shot at 3 people murdered one and this silly boy is concerned about useless issues …what is your ministry doing about ZP recruitment after that shooting incident?

    • A mouse that it was clever by running away from a cat and ran in a hole, but unfortunately the tail was outside which made it easy for cat toto pull it out and it was killed there and then. So ba kapyongo don’t behave like tht mouse. One day u will be pulled out n u will find yoself in the jaws of time. Only time will tell.

    • Any political leader promoting this Western decadence in Zambia should be considered a traitor, and should be jailed to the maximum. This unnatural immoral homosexual lifestyle is unAfrican and should not be entertained in our country. Lock up whoever is promoting this sickness in Zambia.

    • I think in PF we losing it on what’s priority. This is not about our party but it’s about principles and we seem not to learn from the past. I guess we have been swallowed by MMD. This is not the PF I knew when we fought MMD. This is the MMD we fighting again. It’s a shame we can’t seem to be with the people who helped us. We have lost everything we fought for as PF. Surly can’t we see that we have lost direction.

  2. Zambia has indeed gone to the Dogs or Dogs have come to Zambia. The current administration is “kids picnic” to say the least, God almighty have mercy upon the Zambian Pipo.

  3. Comment:Its Political u are a fool. Think before post anything. U are the same foolish people fighting for the removal of Zambia a Christian declaration. Shame upon u living creature. How can u support such rubbish??? Mr Kampyongo deal with that foolish political leader if proved guilty. Nonsense


  5. Good job… Government should also investigate political parties that promote ponography by posting ponographic videos on their social media groups and anyone found wanting should be dropped from their positions because Zambia is a Christian nation

    • Zambia is not a Christian Nation.In fact it is as near to hell as any country can get with churches now turned into centres of sin and political corruption and bribery.No, my friend there is very little genuinely Christian about Zambia.

  6. 3 months no pay and lungu is hiding

    These homosexual party come about because of poverty and big powers out there have ready cash to sponsor

    Are you normal what can that help people of Zambia if they are home sexual mean they will get salary for six months or 1 year?

  7. Why is Kampyongo wasting time and money on an issue about which majority of Zambians know virtually nothing and yet we all live in daily fear of armed robbers,burglars,and thieves about which Kampyongo does nothing? Why is Kampyongo`s Ministry pre-occupied with a politically motivated agenda? Please leave Fred Membe alone with his Socialist Party.He has never entered bedrooms.

  8. Mr Kapyongo,
    How do you think humans multiplied from 2, Adam & Eve?
    How do you expect men with un developed…but with same sexual homones to quench their thirst?
    How do yu expect a woman with small opening to quench her thirty?
    Please do some research.

  9. In other countries the punishment for such stupid acts is death by stoning. I think let’s send these strange characters there and see if they will go on their roof tops to demand for their rights. Don’t waste time even giving them fancy names because they are worse than dogs as Robert Mugabe put it. Chimunthu chikulene na vi ndevu chikokatakatana na mwamalume muyake. Vaupuwa tyala viliye na nsoni. Anakazi ali mbwee mbwee mbwee. Vikate muvi mange viliye makhalidwe.

    • In many proven cases the more homophobic people are the more likely they are to turn out homosexually oriented themselves.

  10. You say Zambia is a Christian Nation why do give licenses to prostitutes and sangoma’s who are busy offering sacrifices to the Magog the devil. Accidents every where. The declaration was spiritually done. So it is only for those who believe in Christ Jesus. No sin is bigger than the other.

  11. This story is total B.S and a diversion from real issues affecting the Country! Even if we assumed for once that this crap were true, how would that help this Kongola twibe party reverse the Nation’s Dwindling foreign currency reserves, pay civil servants, end rampant thieving, end flimsy by-elections etc. etc!!
    Get serious iwe Kampyongo and get to work!! ATASE

  12. I suggest this task should be handled by Religious Affairs Minister. Just to put something in her ‘IN TRAY’, Please!!

  13. This is the same propaganda once used by RB and Dora against Sata and PF. The cointry has enough real problems without these clueless yapping types who only make threats between visits to tarven, can’t they do their actual jobs?

  14. Judge Kampyongo . Since when Zambia as A Christian nation arrested u for malpractice. So when u arrest the homo sexist is ZAMBIA going to be free from sin. Oh I forgot we doing well as a country . I now see that it’s good to declare Christianity . We are on course just like Isreal , second born Christian nation. No national disasters,,,,,,,,,all smiles hahaha

  15. Tell I the truth . Which tribe is going to heaven in this Christian Nation so I came become one ? Minister of Christian defensive-ness .hahaha……kikiki

  16. Christianity is about choice. God does not use a whip to call people to salvation. Whosoever wills will find everlasting life in Jesus. The key word is will. If you are a Christian and you think homosexuals are more sinful than you and must be arrested then you are not a Christian. Homosexuality is about two consenting adults. They are not violating the rights of others. While it is sin and must condemned, I don’t think it deserves to be a death sentence as others want to make it look like. We have people stealing public resources through corruption and bribery, these are people who deserve imprisonment because they are violating the rights of others to access quality health and social services.

  17. Zambia is not a christian country – it’s nearer to being pagan. It is ill advised to continue to mix the State and religion. Let religion operate in the private realm without the need for such declarations. History and contemporary world matters are replete with violence, extremism and conflict that has arisen from trying to mix governance with religious dictates.

    Investigating people or parties on the issue of being gay is also a misplaced priority. Uninformed, ignorant of human tendencies and backward. What adults do privately between themselves should not attract a whole ministries concern and resources. Resources should be directed at those committing serious crimes – robbing, murdering, abusing children and usurping/stealing State resources.

    What about all the perverted…

  18. …. sexual diversions of those adults deemed heterosexual that are carried out in private – are you going to pursue them as well?

    Rape, abuse, especially of children, yes. But adult sexual preferences that do not harm anyone else?

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