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I’m engaging the Ministry of Finance to Release K50 Million to Recapitalise Zampost-Mushimba

Headlines I'm engaging the Ministry of Finance to Release K50 Million...

Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba
Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba

Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba has said that he is engaging the Ministry of Finance over the release of 50 million Kwacha to recapitalise Zampost. Dr. Mushimba said that government wants to also help Zampost to collect 20 million Kwacha that it is owed.

He told ZNBC News in Lusaka that the recent go slow by workers at Zampost and TAZARA is retrogressive and explained that Ministry of Transport Permanent Secretary Misheck Lungu has been to both institutions to engage managements over the go slow.

Last week, the strike action by Zambia Postal Services Corporation workers entered the second month with no signs of them returning to work.

On 18th March, Postal Services workers countrywide downed tools demanding that they be paid their six months’ salary areas.

With most of them evicted from their houses due to failure to pay rentals and others struggling to pay school fees according to Union Leaders, the workers vowed never to resume work until they are paid their salaries.

A check at selected post offices in Lusaka found the Offices locked with a few customers mostly those that have had their goods stuck at the Post Offices hoping for the opposite.

Customers who use Postal Couriers talked to indicated that they have had their merchandise stuck at the Post Office due to the strike action taken by the workers.

And when contacted, a Union Leader who spoke on anonymity for fear of victimization vowed that the workers will not resume work until they are paid their now seven months’ salary arrears.

He said the workers feel insulted after management offered them K500 to go back to work when most of them are owed over K25, 000.

The Union Leader challenged Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba to help them collect the K20 million the company is owed as most of it is owed by Government Ministries.

He said the refusal by government to bailout the company is surprising especially that they are partly the cause of the financial problems.

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  1. This guy likes to say l, I did this, I did that, like he works by himself. Surprisingly, he’s also the spokesman for the Ministry. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear him say I fcuk my wife instead of saying we have s3x as a married couple.

    • This Minister of Zamtel has no balls. He is as weak as his left hard. Yes you right Social Cash was withdrawn and sent back to UK, blame PF government.
      But Brian don’t make mistake by selling Zampost to LapGreen as well. Zamtel is doing well because of money from Gaddafi, so becareful how to handle Post Office. Try IDC, they just got cash from Indo-Zambia.

    • What have you put in place to ensure that the recapitalization will help the company?
      You need a turnaround strategy to help revamp Zampost. For starters try to recruit professionally qualified managers with a strong post office background.
      Next get rid of excess staff then streamline operations by strengthening the core competencies and introducing innovative products.
      Otherwise you will be throwing good money at bad managers!

    • GBM is being protected by security personnel just in case Akainde tries to eliminate him before Tuesday for spilling the beans about UPND satanism, thuggery and Free Massonry.
      GBM has been having demonic attacks for 6 months. Everytime he goes to Akainde’s house he sees visions of wild beasts and fire engulfing him.

    • This man is really stupid…you would think he is engaging another Private company based in Hawaii…he causally omits who is the biggest client who owes ZAMPOST….I can bet you its Ministry of Finance that owes ZAMPOST money…wasted years indeed with educated foooools in govt.

    • I like Mr Mushimba. He is easy on the eyes but he acts like he didn’t study and work in the USA. He keeps throwing out hypotheses after hypotheses at every problem!

    • Kudos

      Taking turns with UPND cader getting hard-ons and master.bating over the name HH …..

      Cader is resting his hands……

    • I like this minister. He is hardworking and knowledgeable. Tough position he finds himself in with some of the issues with funding.

    • Now that’s what we are talking about.
      But note that if that money is just for settling monthly salaries, we are not helping Zampost. Let them innovate, reengineer their business processes and venture into viable businesses. Since most of their business has been taken over by competition, make them strategise, reclaim their business position, venture into more business prospects like banking etc and become profitable. Don’t allow cadres to run parastatals.
      The Ministry’s funds are not only for beleaguered fund sapping Zamtel, thanks.

  2. And once MOF releases that K50 million,you must put up measures which shall ensure that most of that money wont end up into the pockets of senior Zampost workers!!Most of the Govnt workers are corrupt.All they think about everyday are their pockets.It is high time we started teaching our children in schools about how bad corruption is.We need mind set change and that will take years.No Zambian president currently can eradicate this cancer called corruprion.
    We feel sorry for Zampost workers!!Keep it up Dr.Mushimba!!

    • Keep what up…where was he for 6 months …which ministry do you think ZAMPOST falls under? This man has gone to US, drink driven had accident, stayed in a SA luxury hospital, graduated from UNZA with a phony thesis in that 6 months

    • Mr. Jombo: Fo.olish PF cadre! PF has not paid workers for 7 months, what makes you think they can release K50million at one go? They have stolen everything and anything they see is for stealing. That is how thieving has permeated public life in Zambia. Even the DNA of those monkeys in Govt and their supporters including you is all about thieving. You are all so worried about Haakainde because he is the only one that stop this sh.it going on.

  3. And where was this man all this time people have been suffering. Six months of no pay is just too much time for even those who sleep all year round. Lets be serious. And Luo is quiet over UNZA no pay – whats going on bane. This is a good campaign material for the opposition.

  4. Look at this Chimpanzee from the North called Brian Mushimba! Post Office workers are battling for a matter of life and death, their salaries which they have been denied for 7 months but this Pri.khead Mushimba comes with a story of recapitalisation! The so called minister is a joke – what a wan.ker!
    People have been evicted from their sharks and you are talking about recapitalisation – where do you live! That big balding head of yours is full of nothing but sh.it! We mbwa we!

  5. How many times is the PF Government going to recapitilise ZAMPOST? The K50 m will just disappear into thin air,with the Minster assured of his cut.No, Sir,Zambians are tired of the corruption at ZAMPOST about which PF government has done little. Put it under receivership and make sure you pay the employees all their terminal benefits.

  6. Pay workers outstanding salary and after that get the money owed to the company then you can start talking recapitalisation. Also get ride of all people with long fingers


  8. so WHAT WAS YOUR PS Result in those meetings he had with TAZARA and ZAMPOST? what a useless pair in MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT

  9. Whats the basis of the K50m? What studies have been conducted? Who is going to champion the restructuring programme? Where is the revised strategic plan? If some of these questions remain unanswered, dont throw money there but pay workers and retirees.

  10. Mushimba is a liar. He has been making political lies all the time.

    Nothing happens when this guy says it. Where is Zambian airways?

    Stop lying mambala

  11. One wonders why the president had to buy his jet for such an amount when what is required to revamp Zampost is a parry K40m. It is painful to see this of greed and selfishness on the part of our leaders.

  12. Brian, you lack credibility because you ensnared yourself with the Zambia Airways nonsense. It will be very difficult for you to be taken seriously because (1) The decision to relaunch Zambia Airways is ill-advised. (2). The continuous postponement of its relaunch does not inspire confidence. Seem to have failed even before taking off. (3) Even if/when it launches, it will surely fail as airlines are now a cut-throat business and Zambia is coming quite late to the game. On top of that will be political interference. It is surely bound to fail… AND ALL THIS WILL BE TIED TO YOUR LEGACY!! Anything you try to do or say be it regarding ZamPost, roads etc is tainted because of Zambia Airways. Your accident and then spending time in SA and worse still posting on FB about it has not helped you…

  13. What happened to Zampost? Recently they were applauded for being one of the effective parastals. But now it’s accused of mishandling funds. Theft and corruption should not be just linked to politicians alone but all people whether in government, in the opposition, in Civil Society or the private sector.

  14. They should just retire everyone at ZAMPOST, pay them off and close the institution period. Government has failed to run it and their is no need to continue it especially that Mushimba and his cohorts have no plans how to revamp operation and have it competitively start making profits. Bail it out today and sex months later the same problems will resurface. ZAMPOST is a failed project in this era unless they come up with serious innovations.

  15. What is the plan to sustain the recapitalization? It’s no use just to pour in money which will end up just paying salaries. Most important management must first come up with a viable survival plan.

  16. Even before that money is given them, I strongly encourage the company to think outside the box to catch up with today’s world; they need to go modern, coz less and less people do hard copy mail posting, they can be a strong link between online shopping platforms and the consumers, they could think of other modern and appealing ventures that accommodate modern world needs for costumers. They should ask themselves a question as to what led the downfall of SWIFTCASH; now such services overtaken by other serious companies…

  17. Whatever this good-for-nothing Mushimba touches dies. Absolutely no achievement to his name thus far – oops only a questionable PhD from YUNZA!

    This is a chap who was declaring dividends for ZamPost last year, at the backdrop of unpaid retirees, suppliers, salaries, etc. Really laughable. He was prepared to do the bidding for McPherson Chanda in exchange for kickbacks; how sleazy.

    This chap could wind up in jail in the near future. I hope that greatest ‘honor’ beckons him soonest!

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