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Sean Tembo expresses concern over the leadership wrangle in the Alliance Partner UPND

Headlines Sean Tembo expresses concern over the leadership wrangle in the Alliance...

Opposition PeP leader Sean Tembo
Opposition PeP leader Sean Tembo

The Patriots for Economic Progress has noted with concerns happenings in the opposition UPND which culminated in the suspension of the Vice President for Administration Geoffrey Mwamba.

Party President Sean Tembo however says he has full confidence in the ability of the UPND leadership to deal with this matter conclusively, given the fact that UPND is a seasoned and experienced political party that has dealt with greater turbulence in the past.

Mr. Tembo says he also has reason to suspect that the current situation in UPND has an invisible hand of the ruling PF, as part of their wider programme to destabilize opposition political parties in Zambia.

He said these machinations by the ruling PF will not achieve their intended objectives because the opposition enjoy the goodwill and support of the majority of Zambians who are fed up with the corruption, incompetence and infinite arrogance of the PF and its Government.

Mr. Tembo said his party believe that the timing of the sponsored confusion in the Alliance partners UPND and NDC is designed to coincide with the attempts by the ruling PF to amend the Constitutional through the illegal and unconstitutional National Dialogue Forum.

He said the plan is to keep the opposition occupied with artificial internal wrangles while they sneak amendments to the Constitution and other related legislation, which are designed to disadvantage the opposition in the 2021 general elections.

He said his party expect the PF underhand efforts and attempts at undermining the opposition to increase as Zambia head towards the 2021 general elections.

Mr. Tembo whose party is in an Alliance with the UPND said these underhand methods will take the form of arbitrary arrests of opposition leaders on flimsy grounds, sponsored defections of senior opposition members, unconstitutional amendments to various laws among others


    • Gbm promised them a bemba vote if only he was given the vice President position. Because of his insulting language gbm failed to win upnd in bemba region and his support base has since declined. Hh is looking to go to bed with another who can deliver not only a bemba vote but also CB. Gbm life in upnd has now expired and the fact that he has no root connecting in the party he just has to move. Atleast if he was tonga he could have remain to fulfill the its the time for tongas to lead.
      Fasten your seat belts as insults begin.

    • Is your hunger strike over yet? ECL has not heeded to your demands, Sean
      Scared Sean Tembo at it again, yes, that shows how naive you can be. Weak and naive. Full of insinuations. Wait for GBVM to make a statement. Easter is just coming to an end. Scared to death on the self inflicted confusion. Mumble jumble before GBVM clears the air in an anticipated press brief. We will hear it from frail and proud GBVM. Stop implicating innocent people in the tribally packed top leadership grouping’s confusion.

    • “His Party”…..Zambians are jokers…..which “his Party” is this clown referencing to? With these kind of job seeker politicians….no wonder we dont develop….now every jim and jack thinks he is a politician…..Cant these guys just look for gainful employment and work 9 to 5 and help develop Zambia instead of masquerading as Politicians when they know all they want is stealing tax payers money

    • The strategy of PF cant work.You cant gain political support which is waining by destabilising the opposition, just sort out the economic and leadership mess you have created,the mess cant be sorted out by messing up the opposition,whether the opposition is messed up wont help you…

    • Is Sean’s defamation case dropped? Defamation of Ba Edgar doesn’t make just to society. Jails are full of working class people over insulting their leader.
      A medical doctor jailed for insulting ruling party leader.

    • And so what if PF is causing all the confusion? That’s what politics is all about-win at all costs. According to your thinking PF should be making things easy for you so you can win elections? What nonsense!

    • HH techipuba.
      The other day I looked at his previous Vice-presidents, most of those are political giants, and it’s unbelievable that a young man could be there boss.

    • hahahha says a chap following a self confessed visionless leader who has not only bankrupted the treasury but has failed to explain any economic direction. You are a funny guy Kudos.

  1. Who are the members of Sean Tembo’s party anyaway?Am sure it is just himself…kkkkk…..The best Sean Tembo can do is simply SHUT IT UP!!!UPND must just solve its problems minus involving PF.Is Sean Tembo telling us that it is PF leaders who told Liswaniso to insult GBM?or Katuka to say sh1t about GBM?Lets be real in our politics guys.We all know that Sean Tembo is jobless and his hope is about UPND forming Govnt in 2021 so that he can get a job and loot our resources!!!Hence,Sean Tembo should not cheat himself that majority Zambians want change.How?so that he can get a job?You really deceive yourself Tembo.Wait for GBM’s press conference tomorrow.HH played with fire by trying to shut up GBM,so he will reap what he sowed from tomorrow because GBM wont go down without a huge political…

  2. Tribalism in the UPNDEAD has nothing to do with PF. By the way you think you can underrate the PF wait and see

  3. This Sean Tembo, does not have a mind of his own, he speaks like a parrot. Echoing what his master(sponsor) tells him to. I wonder how this one man-party only becomes alive when it is “talking time.” The people of Zambia know all these noise makers and known international fraudsters. As long as you so called alliance live in denial and always think that your problems are created by PF you will never tackle the elephant (HH) in your midst. The problem is there in your own garden. It is laughable to always look for sources of your problems elsewhere without doing serious introspection. Sean Tembo you are a loose cannon and the worst thing that democracy ever brought to Zambia by attracting minions like you in politics. Without the so called alliance, Sean Tembo, you speak only for yourself…

  4. Sean Tembo: “He said the plan is to keep the opposition occupied with artificial internal wrangles while they sneak amendments to the Constitution and other related legislation, which are designed to disadvantage the opposition in the 2021 general elections. ”
    But you are boycotting the Dialogue Forum you trib.als, so what are you saying? Trib.al Sean, let your fellow trib.al sort out his own political death, Trib.al Hacks is unhelpable now.

  5. …and your family. You are afraid of talking about your alliance Vice President GBVM, popularly known as GBM. Sean you are just polluting the political landscape in our great nation Zambia. We need better politicians not time wasters and fraudsters like you.

  6. Thank you Njimbu for good question,”who are the members of Sean Tembo’s party”. Definitely Sean is looking for job from HH which he will never find.
    A normal person cannot blame the PF for confusion which is in the UPND, any in bemba they say uwawa tabulakabepesho. Already before 2021 you have started complaining about the elections. And Sean is saying majority of Zambians want change, yes we want change but we cannot vote UPND or any other opposition party,if that mistake is made,we shall jump from the frying pan into fire.

    • Kwena mwaliba ubupuba my Zambia. For you to be thinking that PF is the only credible party in the country is a shame a big big shame indeed. Could you kindly explain to me why civil servants have not been paid leaving families in abject poverty where they cannot send even their kids to school? And yet when someone like Sean Tembo comments on something meaningful, you label him an attention seeker. We will not develop ever in Zambia when the country is full of shortsighted kaponyas like yourself. Very very sad to read.

  7. Hunt on for the next running mate or vice president of Trib.al Hacks. Trib.als, you are in deep trouble, which trib.e are you going to choose this time?

  8. Stop blaming PF for your troubles. Call a spade a spade and not a spoon. Tackle the big WHY first… Live in the now. Every action has got a reaction. GBM has every right to react or act independently without anyone’s influence just as no one forced him to join opposition. Why don’t you ask Him the big WHY… Before you set your mind on the blame train

  9. This Sean Tembo I was thinking he would be talking about job creation? Hospitals , schools, Standared of leavening EtC ,The man is so cheap

  10. When Adam was asked why he ate the forbidden fruit he accused Eve and Eve accused the snake and Sean Tembo accused the PF. Mr Tembo let me tell you how the Upnd operates. In the daytime you will interact freely with them. In the night time they will have secret meetings discussing you OUTSIDERS on how to handle you, what use you are to the party and many other things they wouldn’t want you to know about.

  11. @njimbu & mbanje kakkis…! Filthy tribal!sts trying to outdo each other in dividing the people of Zambia on tribal lines. Kikikikiki..dull Pf cadres

  12. Someone kindly educate me. If GBM is (or was) UPND Vice President for Administration, then there should be another VP or VPs isn’t it? If then there is another VP or other VPs why not pick on another and forget about GBM?

  13. The problems HH is having with GBM are self inflicted and have nothing to do with PF. HH dumped a long standing loyal member Canisius Banda for the rich famous GBM. I’m surprised that UPND members are shocked with GBM’s insults and rebellion to HH. GBM rebelled openly against Michael Sata and the current President Edgar Lungu. From the days of Anderson Mazoka, UPND is a party that’s espouses discipline in its ranks, HH wants to sacrifice all that because of the “bemba vote”. Good luck HH as you invite Chishimba Kambwili as your VICE President.

  14. Sean E. Tembo MBA, BAcc, FCCA, FZICA, FCPA. Except for BA from Derby in UK, the other qualifications were attained via correspondence, outside registered institutions. HOW?

  15. On 12 December 2018 Upnd denied they were replacing Dr Canisius Banda with Sean Tembo. Could this be the reason this man is talking about? He was promised the job and he’s waited for too long?

  16. Sean u are a let down ,alliances in Zambia have failed don’t point at PF ,the problem of UPND is that their president is untouchable and the other factor is in alliance everyone wants to be a presidential candidate ,so forget about alliance.

  17. Let us call a spade a spade even if you hate ECL ba UPND.

    How do you expect GBM to allow insults from liswaniso and many small youth groups to talk to their leaders like that?
    How do you expect GBM to receive 0 vote out of 75 by his NEC members who he considered friends and supporters to push this country together if they form government together?

    Mr. Tembo really if it was in your shoes how GBM is being treated by UPND supporters how would you feel really.

    It’s no wisdom to blame ECL no matter how you hate him.

  18. It is well Sean.What should worry you is the hate politicians are planting among Zambians as exhibited by retirements in national interest.Listen to speech tomorrow and judge for yourself.Tongas will be insulted just because of HH.Disciplining a member is fine.I will listen to the speech tomorrow very carefully

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