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Friday, July 3, 2020

HH and Charles Kakoma wish GBM well in his new endeavour

Headlines HH and Charles Kakoma wish GBM well in his new endeavour

HH with Charles Kakoma

United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema has thanked his former Vice President Mr. Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba for the services he rendered to the party in the party’s quest to run the country better.

In a brief reacting to news of his formaer vice president rejoining the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) party, Mr Hichilema said that he wished his brother , GBM, all the best in his new journey and future endeavour.

Mr Hichilema further appealed to his party members and the nation to respect his former Vice President’s decision as it was his democratic right.

And UPND Spokesperson Charles Kakoma has also wished Mr. Mwamba the best in his new endeavor and thanked him for the period served as Party Vice President.

Mr. Kakoma told ZNBC News in a telephone interview that now that Mr. Mwamba has re-joined the PF, the party will remain stable.

He explained that the party tried to reconcile the differences highlighted by Mr. Mwamba during his media briefing, but it did not work.

Earlier today, suspended United Party for National Development (UPND) Vice President Geoffrey Mwamba resigned from the opposition political party and rejoined the Patriotic Front (PF).

Mr Mwamba charged that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has sidelined him in party affairs, and has been scheming to replace him as Vice President with National Democratic Congress (NDC) leader Chishimba Kambwili and Democratic Party (DP) President Harry Kalaba whom the opposition party has been courting.

Addressing a press conference in Lusaka today, Mr Mwamba accused Mr Hichilema and UPND Secretary General Steven Katuka of disrespecting and isolating him.

Mr Mwamba said UPND party officials aligning themselves to him are being persecuted, with some officials having been suspended already.

He added that efforts by UPND Parliamentarians to mediate between Mr Hichilema and Mr Mwamba over the growing and widening divisions, failed to yield positive results.

Mr Mwamba has told the press briefing that the suspension and dissolution of the UPND political structures in Northern Province, is aimed at weakening his political presence and influence in the party.

Mr Mwamba charged that his suspension from the party and dissolution of UPND structures in Northern Province aligned to him were further aimed at blocking him from challenging Mr Hichilema at the planned convention for the party Presidency.

In an unprecedented move and demonstration of democracy, Mr Mwamba called on his supporters to form a political party, join an existing opposition political party or rejoin the PF.

In the midst of drumming, political cheering and ululations, his supporters resoundingly chanted in the affirmative to rejoin PF.

Mr Mwamba has also thanked traditional leadership in Southern Province and surrounding areas for welcoming him and helping him carry out his work.

The former PF Kasama Central Law maker and Minister of Defense, who served as UPND Vice President from 2016 to date, thanked the opposition party for having accorded him a chance to serve in the party.

He appealed to his supporters to desist from engaging in violence, but strive to work within the PF structures and establishments, in order to promote peace in the country.

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  1. GBM is very insecure , the tapped phone conversation proves so……for all intents and purposes he is very uninspiring as a politician and brought no value to UPND …..good luck GBM , we wish you well…

    • Mr Mwamba has also thanked traditional leadership in Southern Province and surrounding areas for welcoming him and helping him carry out his work.

      Why thanking southern chiefs. That proves the point we’ve been saying that upnd is a tonga party. Uwafitala ayumfwila. If upnd had a national character he would’ve thanked the nation at large.

    • Long are days gone when the elders where looked upon as role models…, surelly whats is GBM thinking, is the example of dull zambians.

    • Mr Mwamba charged that UPND leader HH has been scheming…to replace him with CK and Kalaba who he has been courting.
      They say too many alliances makes a king weak. These Delusionals claim to be educated and smart but they keep doing the same thing over and over.
      In 2016 they had every mascot from all over Zambia but still lost. UPNDelusionals should know by now that they lose elections not because of the Vice President but because of their “boiled egg” personality president HH the Delusional Dictator!

    • This is comedy all round. UPND is as much a joke as PF. Am Sorry to say. How can you have a thug like GBM as veep in the first place? It shows a lack of principle. You choose your bedfellows for convinience.
      We need more meaningful opposition.

    • HH’s quest is the same as that Gentleman back in the 60s who was training to go in space in a drum. He was also serious and committed….to madful thinking.

    • Look ahead. This one is done and dusted. GBVM is now PF and we’re waiting for and looking forward to C and H Ks to formally accept their veep positions in the UPNDEAD.
      However if the reasons for CK and HK to joining UPNDEAD is so as to help double h achieve plot 1 ambitions, the odds are against them too. They will soon realise that the voice is in the elite people of Zambia’s voice. All egomaniacs will soon realise that the Zambian people are really sharp.
      Damn, why would a President of the party start sidelining or even worse stop talking to his veep? Sure it is spooky, isn’t it?
      Move on folks!

    • Zambian politicians are so childish. Look at all of them kwati twaice tulebuta. Nakufitwa lelo all the time.
      GBM should not be welcomed in PF. Let him found his own party

    • For Zambians in the Diaspora this is entertainment because the majority of Zambians the Diaspora are lonely and no family or friends…but for Zambians back home this is fuuuuucked up….being played year after year…at the of the day only 1 individual has all the money….Edgar Chagwa Lungu

    • HH wishes GBM well= 3400 views 36 comments
      GBM rejoins PF…promises to dismantle PF= 130000 views 129 comments

      I feel sorry for HH….maybe it was never meant to be for him to become President of Zambia…HH looks subdued…he looks like he is about to throw in the towel

    • I have a statistical formula for all computations, permutations and combinations for an HH presidency in 2021 but at this rate of moral decay and despondency I don’t know if I need to give it to him or not.

      My personal opinion right now is that neither HH nor ECL is doing exactly what’s in the full interest of the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise … positional authority looks and sounds, at least to me at this point, as their main preoccupation.

      Unfortunately for us, all things being equal and the two contesting for the presidency in 2021, one of them is going to be President if they are on the ballot.

      The odds are more in favor of HH but he should not make a mistake of appointing either CK or HK as his running mate. If he does, he loses again.

      Numbers don’t lie and my…

    • Continued…

      Numbers don’t lie and my numbers have always picked the winner since 1990.

      Epo mpelele,


    • If HH wants to be President of the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise in 2021, he needs Guy Scott as his running mate.

      I will give him the rest of the formula after Friday if by then all postal Service workers, University Professors, Council Workers and everyone else is not paid by Friday like I said last week.

      I keep my word … I run this country. With my statistical computations, PF wins the majority of seats in parliament but HH wins the presidency. More details to follow.

      Epo mpelele,


    • @Spooked … then get Charlotte his wife as running mate and he can travel with her, here and there.

    • 1.10 Anonymous HH base is stl solid dont be delusional with your castles in the air throwing in the towel jst becoz GBM has joined PF pls Why were pipo running away from welcoming him in PF thats wat he expected i dont think so chill

    • In a matter where efforts are being made to resolve and fails my take on the following post actions by the parties involved is that the party that tries to protect itself by offering too many explanations and accusations about the other is most always the guilty one! Anyways GBM has to make hay while there is still a window to reap from PF mismanagement of national resources and he lamentably failed to make a notable difference to UPND gains in his home province. So reflectively running back to PF must help him in wisdom that should tables turn to favor UPND he may still need the ‘friends’ he’s leaving behind!

  2. Hichilema, are you in control of your Party? Reports coming are that so far 16 of your MPs have defied your directive to shun the National Dialogue forum. I have always held the view that you’re not as clever as your supporters project you

    • 24 PF MPs defied Michael Sata during the constitutional conference and attended did you say he ws not in charge were they not expelled

  3. The UPND is being cleansed of undesirable elements. As Zambia’s only credible opposition party, I urge UPND not to look back but continue fighting t liberate Zambia from its current colonial masters – the PF. The UPND should focus on the quality of its leaders, not their quantity. Only when you have quality can attract quantity.

  4. GBM is a coward and sell out, each time there was trouble where the opposition defied lungus oppression, he was always conveniently in SA …….

    As the UPND said, everyone should respect his wish to join PF ….

    • Suspicions that kapoyongo was warning GBM of impending crackdowns on opposition were being exchanged after GBM was most times conveniently found to be in South Africa during crackdowns

    • Spaka….your sa.tanic de.mon possessed leader hh doesnt remove money its like his money is blood money kaya! GBM funded most of the 2016 campaign and hh to do a judas iscariot on GBM is not right in fact its hh the dem.on possessed who is a coward.

    • Mwachepa manigee ba ngwele….. HH is an international investor , not your fontinee bussnesmen who get squeezed by lungu……even the whole GRZ has failed to finish him , infact the pf GRZ will go broke before HH …..

  5. But why should all your vice presidents, who are all not Tonga, be leaving you and your Tonga cult in frustration? It’s either you are a hardcore tribalist, a dictator or most likely both.

  6. “Spaka”,from today onwards,you need to know that the only UPND members whom HH can use like condoms are tongas only!!The rest will never accept that.It is impossible for none tongas to accept the way HH runs UPND.Look,all Zambians know that UPND is HH and HH is UPND,thats why 6 UPND Veeps have ditched HH since 2006!!!GBM said the truth about HH which shall scare Kambwili and Harry Kalaba.Believe you me,the votes HH got in 2016 from bemba speaking areas were due to support from GBM,Mulenga,Sata,Miles Sampa,Nevers Mumba,Lupando Mwape,etc who have now ditched HH.THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!POLITICS IS ABOUT NUMBERS,SO GBM’S REJOINING OF PF IS A HUGE PLUS FOR THE RULING PARTY!!!As GBM said today,the major reason why UPND has been losing elections since 2006 is HH.UPND should face HH and tell him…

  7. Oval HEAD it depends to which school you went.if I say I wish well people of Lusaka for welcoming me,then it is a problem.Think above my friend.Dont allow tribalism to enter your anus.

  8. Double H shud be ashamed of being left by non tongas. Double H is indeed tribal. Let’s wait and c where the next vice will come from.

  9. All the current politicians are useless! They are all after the treasury and GRZ contracts! At least PF has done a good job by squeezing GBM’s balls and pulling him back. See how much weight GBM has lost. He thought HH owes him a living! As for MrHH, please consider stepping down to save your party! UPND MPs don’t have freedom and that is not good! Come 2021, you are losing again!

  10. Gentlemen, is it true that 16 MPs attended the national dialogue as opposed to the instruction issued by the small UPND god.

  11. Henry you are just a pure tribalist.people from cola that your behavior want to fight with innocent people.Anway I don’t blame you but shot data you have in your brains.How much money did your tribal contributed for this country to have Independence? ask your tribal how much money tongas raised you Congolese.

  12. GBM has lost it.How come the bigwigs didn’t attend his presser.The reason is they knew he would go very tribal like he did and didnt want to be associated with him.They dragged him into a tight spot and left him there to unleash the tribal gabbage which in his bafoonery he executed to perfection.That tribalism he exhibited will haunt him and his children.most ordinary zedians want to live in peace with neighbors.This tribalism you see will soon not be selling politically.uuyu mudaala bamunyunya just like canisius. Ba pf balishiba tuntu

  13. You are all retarded either side. One fool is trotting parties for his hunger to rule and similar blind fools are applauding.

    On the other hand UPNDonkeys are busy helping the fools to showcase their anuses

  14. NOW THAT HE’S LEFT THE PARTY WILL BE STABLE says Mr Kakoma. Does it mean GBM distabilized the party? Sorry about that. You have to be polite because you are dealing with an unpredictable character. Unless you were excluding him from the “confidential meetings ” he has can full of worms on your party.

    • They were too scared to death of him.
      The pandora box will open.
      One thing also, is that due to this experience, double h will in future right from the word go be more constrained in forging open relations with whoever he makes allies with which will strain future such alliances on account of mistrust. He has just exposed himself to relationship failure on a miguided personality.
      GBVM is not done yet. If GBVM says double h is spooky, we are more likely to believe him. Guess what? If he says double h is a satanist, we will obviously believe him too. Anything GBVM uses or says about double h will carry weight.

  15. I was expecting the entire pf cabinet to
    Welcome him and present at his press
    Conference. It looks like Pf not intetested
    In GBM.

    • PF doesn’t operate like that. GBVM will be given the period Sampa was given for him to actively participate in party matters. Besides, during which time he has to pass security screening just in case he is a planted mole. GBVM is still respected from where he hauls except tongaland.
      PF will use its party SG to welcome GBVM. Cabinet is Government, you fooool. Learn to distinguish party matters from Government. Oh! I forgot. You have not formed and will never Government before.

    • What happened to 3 years grace period before rejoining? Its only applicable to Mulenga Sata i guess……..

    • GBM Should start from the ward councillor to shows the PF HIS HUMBLENESS.Next by election for ward councillor ask him to stand also to prove his popularity.

  16. I really wonder if some people on this forum know what tribalism is. You show so much hatred for one tribe and yet you call the same to be tribal? what are you yourself? Anyone who see a tribe before anything is worse than tribalism itself. On the other hand, if you have issues with an individual, deal with that particular individual and not innocent members of a particular group. This is why Zambia has failed to develop, no proper research – good at generalization fallacy

    • He who asks for the riddle is, himself, the riddle. Those who say “Tongas are tribal,” are, themselves, the tribalists.

  17. At the rate we are going, i for one would like to propose a law that will criminalize any tribal comments and actions. The funny part with some of us is that we are able to see the perceived tribalism and fail to see it within our ranks. E.g. have you taken time to ask yourself why Director ZNBC, Director ACC, director,IMMIGRATION, CV UNZA, VC CBU…… and many more all come from same region? is it a mare coincidence?

  18. Really why would HH weaken his own structures in Northern Province when he would gladly empower his party ba GBM. You just wanted to go my dear. Then this is a lesson to HH your people must be smiling. Empower those who have been with you for a long time. I know you want to get rid of the tribal element but to tell you the truth you will never please people no matter what you do or say they will always say Tonga are tribal. They have made up their minds that this is true but it is a myth. As for PF you can learn from the past and from what HH has suffered. Empower your own people who have been loyal to you they are there standing with you. You dont need to destroy UPND by speech or using GBM, destroy them by working. Undressing each other will not profit us or get us to vote for…

    • Nothing to learn but hh he is a demo.n, self centered,unteachable, always hearing never learning what a demo.n he is.

  19. Tribe as a term was used by our colonial masters to demean the African because it refers to animals.I feel so flabbergasted by people who are relatively learned to use such a term as tribe to others.We Tongas are proud of our ethnic grouping and we live with other ethnic groupings bearing in mind that it is by God’s design. Just a reminder to those who seem to be ignorant about ethnic composition in zambia that we have a lot of intermarriages, to the extent that one may have both the first name and surname in Tonga and yet one of the parents is not Tonga. So you people who talk a lot against us Tongas bear in mind that you are injuring a lot of people by your unreasonableness. Dont be more clever than God the creator of the Tongas

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