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How Hichilema’s Greed Betrayed GBM

Columns How Hichilema's Greed Betrayed GBM

HH and GBM arriving at Dr Kambwili’s residence for the joint news briefing
HH and GBM arriving at Dr Kambwili’s residence for the joint news briefing

Part 2


By Wilfred Sameta


“Kukena mutu mwamba” is another curt but profound Silozi saying. It literally means “To enter somebody’s stomach” as it also infers stinging a person and giving them a very small portion of what is being shared.

The phrase is by a person when complaining a small share they are being given, ostensibly by a greedy person.

It could be said Bo HH’s betrayal of GBM and the UPND leader’s greedy desire to feed off GBM’s hard work in Northern Province at the expense of GBM himself as something that elicits the saying “Kukena mutu mwamba”. (No pun intended, it’s got nothing to do with the GBM’s surname!)

Nevertheless, it is important to note using and abusing others seems to be a constant theme of Hakainde’s corporate and political life. Most of his engagements in this regard have been plagued with varying shades and hues of regionalism, nepotism and tribalism.


However it would be unfair to Bo HH to suggest that UPND only became tribal when he took over; far from it. HH only benefited from it and upgraded it.

Tribalism was entrenched in UPND foundation right from its inception in 1998, right through its early years, even though its founder tried to give it a cosmetic national appeal. The reality is that even during Mazoka’s time UPND was steeped to its core in permanent tribal ink.

In his book “Institutions and Ethnic Politics in Africa” Daniel N. Posner documented UPND tribal prejudices as he captured what transpired in the Mbabala Constituency by-election of February 2000:

“The UPND candidate Emmanuel Hachipuka faced two other Tonga candidates. The fact that they were all Tonga both by tribe and language did not stop Hachipuka from implying that he was the only “real” Tonga in the race.

“Tonganess” he suggested, derived not from a candidates own background but from a candidate’s party affiliation: he reckoned that since he was the only candidate running on the ticket of a Tonga party, he was the only true Tonga candidate”.

Hachipuka did this with the approval of the UPND hierarchy and this is only one of the many examples of the blatant tribalism that has been interwoven into the fabric of UPND from the very beginning.

From the inception of Mazoka’s party, there was an unfair and absurd expectation by its leaders for all Southerners to automatically rally behind the party because it was an organisation led by a tribes mate rather than “outsiders”.

That is why Vernon Mwaanga was beaten and brutalised by UPND cadres at Mazoka’s funeral home in 2006, when as Chief Government Spokesperson for the then ruling MMD Government he went to deliver a special message from Levy Mwanawasa who was at the time Head of State. Mwaanga though a Southerner belonged to another political party and was thus considered a “traitor” by UPND and Hichilema who was waiting in the wings to usurp UPND leadership from Bo Sakwiba Sikota the non-Tonga Vice President of UPND, “an outsider” from Western Province.

UPND with “heir apparent” HH were brutally swift in “dealing with” Southerners they considered were not “Real Tonga”. Even before the UPND founder’s body was interred, the first act of political violence of UPND with Hichilema in the wings was the battering and bruising of a Senior Tribesman and Presidential Emissary, simply for not being a “real” Tonga. Bo HH has never publicly apologised for this well publicised atrocity,

How Bo HH usurped power from Mazoka’s Vice President Bo Sakwiba after the demise of the UPND founding father in a tribally inspired putsch, is well documented and I will not belabour it.

However it is worth noting that was another classic case of “Kukena Mwamba”. Mr Sakwiba Sikota was denied his rightful share to take over from Mazoka, in line with the hierarchy of the time. HH was not a visible UPND member and he was nowhere in the UPND structures or the hierarchy.

Although Bo HH was a Business mentee and associate of Mr Mazoka, he was never a UPND card carrying member until it was convenient to do so towards Mazoka’s death when it was visibly evident his that health was failing.

HH only came to the fore after the demise of Mazoka. This was in order to fulfil the “Quota Doctrine” that Only Tonga could lead UPND as notoriously promulgated in 2006 by party stalwarts Ackson Sejani and Madyenkuku.

The fact that this particular Tonga wa relatively young and exceptionally wealthy was an added plus. His political inexperience did not matter; He was Tonga– that was all that mattered to hard core UPND tribalists.

It is this theme of “Real Tonganess” that has continued to stain UPND internal and national politics today.

Bo HH despises fellow tribes mates who support other political parties.

The UPND under his leadership would rather see Southern Province and other areas under UPND influence starve and suffer underdevelopment; rather than see UPND officials work with the government of the day to ameliorate povertt and enhance development. The likes of Greyford Mbulu and others from UPND who were appointed to serve in a ruling party government were victimised and disparaged.

If Bo HH can savagely turn against his own tribes mates for “not being Tonga enough”, what hope is there for “outsiders” like Bo Sakwiba, GBM, Canicius Banda etc.?

As far as HH is concerned, his latest show of gluttony for power through his sacrifice of GBM is just collateral damage like the way it was with Sakwiba Sikota, Tiens Kahenya, Major Chizyuka, Canicius Banda et al.

Pride Arrogance and have blinded him. He is definitely not in the mould of Mazoka.

Mazoka stood as a party treasurer at Ward level in Bauleni under MMD even though the results were nullified.

Mazoka was greater than Hichilema but he humbled himself to “sink” to Ward level. Would HH be humble enough to subject himself to elections in the structures or even at an elective convention? Definitely not! He has a sense of “entitlement” and that has been his undoing.

He has even doctored article 70 of the UPND constitution, and has consequently conferred upon himself “an indefinite tenure”.

You cannot lead effectively without the experience of having followed effectively; Unlike GBM, HH has never been elected, so how can he lead others into an election?

Bo HH is nothing more than a glorified power glutton and an elaborately adorned opportunist. Hakainde’s opportunistic tendencies are sharper than the goal poaching instincts of any professional footballer including Paolo Rossi that great Italian Goal Poacher of the Italia 1990 World cup or the great German Gerd Mueller the master opportunistic goal poacher of the 1974 World Cup.

On the other hand it may not be appropriate to mention these footballing legends in the same breath as Bo HH, because while these great soccer players were team players, Hakainde is not a team player; he wants the ball to himself all the time.

HH leads UPND and bleeds UPND by fear and intimidation. Various Insiders have in fact sworn that he frequently changes resolutions of minutes of meetings with his change of moods as he often reportedly says “that’s what I said but that’s not what I meant-ive changed my mind now…”


You cannot be a leader, and ask other people to follow you, unless you know how to follow, too. Leadership cannot really be taught. It can only be learned by following first.

Bo HH’s pride arises out of a sense of entitlement he has arising out of the fact that he has never followed. Inexperienced followers make terrible leaders.

Like some people have observed, it is sad that Bo HH hasn’t been man enough to face GBM and look him in the eye to dialogue. Bo HH through his cohorts and surrogates has tried to pin the blame on GBM.

Jean-Luc Schneider Chief Apostle of New Apostolic Church once observed:

“It does not make sense to put the blame on the neighbour in the hope of diminishing our own debt. The point is not the size of my debt. What counts are my remorse and my longing for grace? It depends on my repentance”.

Bo HH should take heed and introspect.

As we’ve just come out of commemorating Holy Week we are reminded that our Lord Jesus the Christ was humble when he walked this earth. He had all power, yet used all Humility and Meekness.

HH thinks he has all power; yet he has no Humility and Meekness.

All he knows is to live by avarice and the ways of “Ku kena Mwamba”.

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  1. I can’t waste my time reading such rubbish of a heading.. It is clear that the writer is a PF sponsored idi0t..

    The PF are trying very hard to disturb the UPND stability as they smell 2021 but certainly it will be a fail.. In fact, UPND keeps getting stronger and stronger…

    • Honestly speaking, I also just read the first 2 paragraphs and the last one and knew Kasaka ka ndalama at work. But poverty takes away normalcy quiet easily.

    • I totally agree with you. The author is a PF sponsored mother fcker with no tangible thing to say other insult HH. The fact remains that the only person that PF fears most in Zambia and outside is HH.
      HH send a chill down the spines of all PF members from Lungu downward. They know they have stolen and HH will not spare them when he comes into office! Elo lwanya, come 2021!

    • The author has penned what a good number of none tonga people quietly think. If UPND cadres want any hope for their party to win, they should take such ugly views seriously. I have never voted for HH and will not vote for him in 2021.
      Ku kena mutu mwamba to much

    • Great piece.
      Mmmmmmmmh suffice to state that double h may have accelerated the demise of Kambela – just my thought. Not as naive as may think he was.
      Now this is not new to us. We have not only suspected this but known about it from inception.
      Now since we have always known this, we have always refused to hand him that which he so much treasures and dreams about on account that he lacks integrity and the fundamental requirements or rather specifications for a President Of The Great Republic Of Zambia – POTGROZ. But again, it’s up to those folks who get enticed, conned and f.o.o.l.e.d by double h even though they receive numerous warnings from us. Double h feels embodied even by known chiefs in the region which makes me wonder if ‘it’ is in their blood.

    • I simply do not understand the opposition in Zambia. As of today, the only meaningful opposition is that useless Kambwili party.

      Whatever problem there might have been should have been resolved quietly, and internally.

      And now GBM says he will spill the beans on HH. This is wrong and very childish by GBM.

      The only people that will suffer are the poor citizens.

      The PF will continue stealing and abusing office, especially now that opposition is in tatters.

      I just do not understand HH and his politics of exclusion. With GBM on board, HH would certainly have gained more Bemba votes.

      The only winner in this wrangle is Lungu and his cronies.


    • Total hate for HH and very scared of UPND and it’s alliances.

      You guys in PF, get a life!

      God bless Zambia.

    • People like Mwamba,Kakoma and Dr sosoliso will one day in the near future be on their knees for trying hard to distabilise the UPND for their selfish gains.

      Mwanya sold his soul to the PF devils for a promise of 50 million kwacha on condition that the UPND is disabilised. Unfortunately he fished a dry one as he will be reduced to a non entity in the Zambian political arena.

      Mwanya has become another chimbwi aline much ill huuuwiii.

    • It is actually you who is an IDI0T because you don’t like being told the truth. You always want to believe your own lies. No one has ever labelled you TRIBALISTS.You inflicted this on yourselves and you will live with it for the rest of your lives.

    • Fotoz of GBM & Sun.day Chan.da cuddling & holding secret meetings at GBMs house are on zambian scorpion faceb00k page.

    • Zambians will find time to write and discuss nonsense….ask a Zambian about work and development project trust me a Zambian has no time to discuss such…..but time to be Arsenal soccer fans and write nonsense and drink beer…truly Zambian
      This GBM story has become boring….LT please why wasting time ….its not news anymore

    • After reading the white supremacy handbook, I have come to realise the we are being used because of our PHD beliefs. The white boys are busy reaping from our wealth while we are busy pulling each other down.
      Google “The White Supremacy Handbook” ad you will begin to think with your brain and not your possessions.

    • Call it treason or whatever it’s high time Zambians started talking about a federal state and Barotseland for a country can not degenerate to a point where xenophobia of some sort becomes a way of political correctness! The wound inflicted is deeply traumatic and dangerous for the very existence of a once peaceful Zambia! Like it or not people can not be born doomed to curse created by the incompetent people who in a developed world adore ignorance of being grade 12 instead of college graduates for leadership! Zambia is in an unprecedented state and the danger is that fertile ground is being prepared for nurturing a new age breed of Adamson Mushala’s that is bound to mushroom! Change into regional groupings or governments abolish political parties then follow the Chinese government…

    • No, it is not “greed,” neither is it a “betrayal.” the idea, it would seem, is to destroy Hichilema.

  2. Nice write up,it puts UNPD as a party in its position of fueling regionalism and how HH has promoted that as an avenue to ascend to the presidency.But one question; who is Greyford Mbulu? Couldn’t this be a mistake to mean Greyford Moonde ( former UPND ,former Deputy Minister in PF) while at the same time thinking about the recently late Rayford Mbulu ( from Luapula),a former -unionist,MP,High Commissioner?

    • @Zambiaisours, you are right, he meant Greyford Moonde. But this illustrates how powerful the written word is, especially in the media, and how easily people will believe what they see and read. Very few people would have noticed this, and plenty more, especially the not-too-keen readers, would believe that an individual called Greyford Mbulu was “victimised and disparaged” in the UPND….

    • Ba Lusaka times you are too slow, we understand its almost free to read your news, but the GBM story is almost getting stale and you are not updating the latest when the press conference you helped in advertising went ahead a couple of hours ago! Come on, run for your money guys!!

  3. This PF government still thinks Zambians are still gullible and f00ls by trying to propagate tribalism against the UPND.. This time, tribalism won’t be allowed to work..

    Zambians will elect leaders based on their qualities and capabilities to drive poverty out of Zambia..

    • True, Zambians will vote for leaders based on their ability to work. Sonta epo wabomba, Nga tawasonte walalusa na kabili

    • Double h sows discontent, treachery and a complete lack of leadership. What are you talking about?

  4. Wilfre Sameta is just calling the Sky blue. If you type tribalism is google it will ask you “did you mean HH or T0ngas?”

  5. How does the writer explain all the ethnic cleansing going on particularly retirements in national and public interest?The tragedy of tribalism is very sad indeed

    • What ethnic cleansing? Any employee whether in private or public sector who reveals government or company secrets is in breach of their employment contract. Those in government can even be charged with treason. Just wait for GBM to reveal this as he leaves Upnd.

  6. With the observations made in the article, it maybe difficult for the UPND to have vice president from other tribes as they may fear being treated like Banda, GBM etc. It is high time the UPND realised that their internal problem is HH because they have given him too much power and space to run the party like his own business. GBM is equally not a down to earth man and mate his match in HH. However, it would have been better for these people to sort out their mess internally but that is simply asking too much. These wrangles are really exposing the behaviour of UPND under HH. They must as well forget about winning 2021 if they continue on this path.

  7. One thing that makes sense is that the UPND cadres won’t read an article like this BECAUSE THEY ARE SCARED OF LOOKING AT THEIR OWN UGLINESS IN THE MIRROR.

    That’s what makes them tribalists.

    Anyway,they have no defense.ANY NORMAL ZAMBIAN KNOWS HH IS A TRIBALIST.


    • 10:30 today, GBM will read from a script co-written by Sunday Chanda. 12:30 today, people will move on with their lives, GBM just another blabbering politician joining the likes of Caniscius and all other bought politicians while UPND will continue forging ahead and growing. The end.

  8. How much did they pay you to spew this rubbish? Not quite sure you will find anyone to read through the puke. Every Zambian knows it’s PK at play trying to find a way to continue beyond 2021. You are busy separately trying very hard to discredit HH and distubilise NDC using kasaka to pay Off some unprincipled politicians and name Ina nyokola

    • The article is 100% correct. The writer could be an insider of the the UPNDEAD who recounts how the original UPND was actually UPNDying.
      Point to us where you think the writer is lying.

  9. flag Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    PF now trying desperately to use a Lozi cousin to try and beat up this dead horse called “HH Tribalism” in the hope that it will wake up and cause havoc for UPND. They tried using Bembas and it has not worked (although some gullible people still buy it). Try something else as this argument is getting too old.

    HH is the leader of a political grouping called UPND, he can’t change his parents and where they came from. I would like to see an argument over policy and a UPND Constitution which says they will only develop and progress Southern province (is there one?).

    How the man came to power more than 10 years ago is immaterial at this stage (lest we forget how Lungu came to PF power not long ago). The corruption, incompetence and even regionalism that PF are exhibiting at the moment…

    • flag Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

      The corruption, incompetence and even regionalism that PF are exhibiting at the moment trumps any disadvantages of how HH came to power in UPND. I have never been a fan of HH and his politics but I would rather take him anytime every day of the week over these corrupt PF numskulls.

      Lozis should never be used like this as it is a shame and goes against the principles and integrity that run in their blood and taught at young age.

    • Thank you for your candor. This is what keeps me moving. There Zambians who can see through Sameta’s scheming and the tragedy is that he leans on his Lozi thing to authenticate his hatred of hakainde. Imagine if the one writing all this drivel was called Mtale or Mwansa, there would be an uproar. This is a new PF strategy; use a lozi to do the damage and we can claim to be an inclusive organization. It is the worst diabolical political scheme to have ever been laid in Zambia.


    • And before you know it him in power will breed tribal trees in Government institutions and structure then family trees in key Government positions. Then we will give birth to Zambia-dead. It would be very difficult to recover from such an ordeal.
      That’s why we the elite people of Zambia have traded carefully.
      We shall unequivocally debunk this bigoted grouping until they choose a level headed individual.

  11. Why was VJ beaten if it was not what this writer has said? No need for insults.There is alot of truth in this article.

    • Even Brian Hapunda was beaten at a funeral because he is PF. Remember that man who got killed by the girlfriend?

  12. With the way HH is being treated by fellow Zambians one would think he has not rights. I guess the day he withdraws from politics to pursue other businesses, the political scene and the blogging sites will become boring for some. Perhaps then we can sober up and find the mess that has built up in our country

    • Zambians have no capacity to debate development issues. No one has ever debated on demolishing shant compounds and set up modern structures. We don’t know anything of making our streets free of street vendors…we are stuck discussing corruption, ECL, HH, 2021, tribalism we cannot think beyond this. Imagine there is even a party formed to fight corruption

  13. @Kumulabasa @Fwebene @OTHER UPND cadres

    Your reasoning or defence of UPND is hollow. In others political parties, chiefly, PF when president Lungu passes on, today, madam Inonge shall become take over and other tribes will rally behind her. UPND shall not a non Tonga to be head, fact,

    • PF is the worst accident to have happened to Zambia . By the way unlike you luapula fimo fimo I am not anyone’s cadre.

    • True

      The bigoted view is in their party constitution. Maybe in the preable of their constitution.
      In black and white. Unretracted. Indisputable fact in word and writting. Scary too!


      Ushusha? Ask Ackson Sejani and his dear cohort Madyenkuku.

      How dare you trash this article?

      It is 110% correct and on point.

  14. Good analysis of HH. however the author could have also touched a bit on HH opportunistic behaviour on Zambian privatisation of mines that has caused alot of death to miners.

    HH is dangerous

  15. It’s true UPND can’t be trusted bcoz it’s supporters love HH.GMB was just used for 2016 elections.UPND is a tribal party.99.9% tongas suppport UPND period. HH may be a good leader but followers believe in tribalism.It’s about sharing position when they form govt.PF is not doing fine at the moment coz lungu is not listerning but UPND under HH would make other tribes suffer.I don’t know why UPND members think only a tonga would lead the party.PF tried somebody else and PF won.Why not even trust a lozi to lead UPND.It’s difficult to vote for UPND if you’re not a tonga.

    • 99.9% of Bembas supported Sata’s PF and now 99.9% of Easterners support Lungu’s PF so what’s your point?

    • @Dudelove

      Your point ,17.1, is Painfully true. Although both your figures may be skewed upwards or downwards.
      Keep misfiring and Udzamudziba Yesu.
      So where is the problem? Is it that Tongas were adamantly brave enough to have come out in the open and declare UPNDEAD as party for Tongas from head to votes or they made a costly mistake? I withhead my vote to voting for the unapologetic UPNDEAD the moment those bigoted words pierced my heart. Many of us quit voting for the self declared tribal grouping.

  16. NO,NO .This is cheap.Why so personal.Almost all notable politicians in Zambia have tribal power bases or strongholds.Of late even ECL has remembered his Eastern roots. GBM is talking about Bembaland belonging to him. Even Nalumino Mundia`s UP had a very tribal base.And forgive me, Sakwiba Sikota has never had sufficient credentials to lead a strong political party.So why this hatred towards HH when all around us now in politics ,except NDC which is urban based, is about tribe?Your article is not about politics .You have a personal grudge against HH but you should know that many,many Zambians not only Tongas have trust in HH because,whatever his weaknesses, he has worked tirelessly for the opposition and sacrificed so much that his leadership is now deserved.

  17. I am not Tonga, but I love UPND. i di not even waste reading this copy and paste dog poo. It is written by a low life pf beggar. What a waste of time.

  18. When I say Trib.al Hacks and trib.al upnd, the trib.als say that they are tired of what they call my constant “trib.alling”. Uuhhmm shouldn’t they be tired of their own trib.al party then? The upnd is all trib.al, when they sneeze or fart or diarrhoea what comes out is trib.al stuff, and their trademark trib.al stench.
    Some trib.al Civil servants to their colleagues in 2016: “..now if you cannot speak our language how are you going to work with us?….”. They assumed that they had already won the elections, failing to accept that Trib.al Hacks and their party will never win on trib.al ticket.
    Trib.als are nincompoops all round I tell you. Just look at their comments on the article! The author simply states what has happened since formation of upnd, and they have no answer but…

  19. Whether you like it or not wherever a person from the munshilumbulwa is in charge other tribes will be ostracized. Mention any quasi government institution where our brothers have been general manager or MD where other tribes have thrived, it’s almost zero. I know most bloggers are juvenile so they won’t believe or understand what I am talking about. Zambia Railways, ZCCM, Zambia Airways are but a few examples. At ZCCM Centralized Division all the people from the tribe under discussion became managers or something better depending on your qualifications. At head office the PAs were from this tribe. We can go on and own,the list is inexhaustible.

    • Ndanje, I think you are a tribal bigot. I grew up on the Copperbelt though my parents originated from another province. How often did I hear people say “Ni wakwisa uyu”? What does it mean? Please, grow up and stop that low life behavior.

    • Lipkwa, should I close my eyes when such things are happening just because you will call me tribalist? Here someone he’s saying PF are using Sameta a Lozi for propaganda. ..what does that mean ? It simply means you don’t expect a Lozi to CALL THE SKY BLUE, you expect him to bury the truth and stick with your tribe. What I say is real.

  20. My advice to HH are the words from a song by an American band TLC:”Don’t go chasing water falls (bemba vote) please stick to the rivers and lakes (Tonga, lozi votes) you are used to”. The bembas will never be pacified until they takeover UPND Presidency.

  21. Tribalism,nepotism and selfishness are every where in Zambia. The voting pattern can attest to this. It is not only in Southern Province but even in Northern Province. The only province that balances in voting and does not look at tribe is Eastern Province. Eastern Province is the only province that vote on issues. HH,as a Southerner, is not despised whenever he goes to campaign in Eastern Province. He is able to get votes because Easterners vote on principles. Tongas and Bembas vote out of hatred for each other. This is a fact. We should not pretend that Tongas and Bembas have no love for each other. They have tribal vendetta which no one knows. These are the tribes that will bring mayhem in this nation if they are not controlled.

    • You can be Tonga and vote Tonga, thats okay but you can’t be devious.

      Treachery, Suspense, Intrigue, Vindictive and Jealousy.

      Why maliciously eliminate and sideline your political colleagues just to protect ego and position?

  22. Ba Author ! Like a public toilet. Why talk about tribalism to the new born babies. Independent Zambia, 50 year still aba bemba, tongas , luvales whatever who cares, what matters is that we all Zambians. If your motives is to show people of Zambia how good your are , INE MUKWAYI AYA MALUSHI . NALALUKA.

  23. The writer is on point. The truth is clear. HH ascended to UPND leadership on tribal lines. All UPND Vice Presidents are just there to launder the tribal tag of UPND otherwise the party is about Tonga power. As for me, i have never voted for HH and i never will.

  24. Love, looooooove the main title in this article! ‘AVARICE AND THE AXIS OF REGIONAL CLEAVAGE,’…….giggling right now!
    Mr Wilfred Sameta, has engaged us with the absolute truth on UPND. The article is long but I chugged through it because it’s well written and more importantly, another opinion on UPND, to balance my own is a good practice. It paid off. Most Zambians cannot take UPND seriously because it is a vehicle for a Separatist, tribalist agenda. Zambians, be scared….be very scared of HH’s cult of Tonga Charisma. The truth is very apparent. What is happening in UPND, is very worrying. This group of wrong thinking individuals singing “ring a ring o roses, a pocket full of….. tribalism.” This ditty, was allegedly referring to the Black Death in UK, which was brought…

    • This group of wrong thinking individuals singing “ring a ring o roses, a pocket full of….. tribalism.” This ditty, was allegedly referring to the Black Death in UK, which was brought on by rats, in Zambia today, these tonga rats are leading us to a Black Death of Tribalism. Avoid UPND with all your might. THEY ARE NOT DEMOCRATIC AND HH IS OBESSED. I believe HH has lost the plot and his party is indeed a cult. Poor poor GBM, he must feel very silly for for those weird hand signs now! Look at that picture…he looks so silly with that hand sign!

  25. As a speaker of Silozi and one whose parents hail from Barotseland, I am dismayed by Mr. Sameta’s misuse of aphorisms and proverbs to score points against Hakainde. You have tired all kinds of ad hominem attacks against him many of which blatant lies meant to deflect genuine discussions on the subject of tribalism. You have chosen to use Siluyana as your tool to attack the character and intentions of HH. That is really going cheap. Where were you when Kambwili was attacking Tongas and when other uncouth elements within the PF umbrella were having a field day dicing people from your own homebase? Please give ME a break and tell me why today entire ministries and other government postings are reserved for some groups to the exclusion of other fellow Zambians. Only then will I know you’re…

    • GBM has resigned. The talk is mainly on HH and UPND to some extent. This begs the question. Who is more superior? I believe the truth is obvious and yet I leave to you to introspect.

  26. The article pin points the reality in HH like a needle. This is what is known about HH, I bet he will never be close to what he got in 2016 general elections and the reason is simple, you cannot fool all the people all the time. The realization by many Zambians who the real HH is, has led to the loss of ground in some or most of what was considered UPND territory. If we can cartel the militia of UPND, the man will be left naked with nothing on except the results of the true vote. Dundumwezi is not the same as it was in 2016, it has changed and known the truth. A known tribalist will never rule Zambia, but a real Zambian, whether Tonga or not will ascend to plot 1. In fact one shudders to imagine the kind of Zambia we would have under this (HH) shrewd, underfive politician.

  27. Its not greed, its just the fear that GBM was going to become popular in UPND. It is like when you have a junior at the office who starts speaking to the bosses above you and the bosses start noticing this junior. HH was just insecure, it has nothing to do with greed.

    • The roots are very important.Always find the roots of everything.It does not matter how many leaves that tree has.They may be green but do not be deceived go back to the roots.

  28. total crap from the chanda boys to feed kudos and upnd cader…………the fact UPND has had other tibes in its leadership says it all….

  29. In Zambia everyone is a tribalist. Sata sided with his people, KK with easterners, Chiluba with Bembas, Mwanawasa with Lenges, etc…. tribalism is a Zambian trait. Even those who vote PF, vote on tribal grounds.

    The beauty is the tribalism in Zambia is not extreme. It never leads to war or ethnic cleansing. Zambians just dont go that exreme. We just accept that Bembas want Bemba wives for their sons and Ngonis want Ngoni husbands for their daughters, etc…. but if it doesn’t play out, anything is ok that wasn’t a prostitute prior to marriage.

    The GBM thing has nothing to do with tribalism. It has everything to do with money. Being in opposition drains your pockets and GBM has felt it. It shows in his dramatic weight loss. His neck looks like that of a Tortoise. This shows the…

  30. The GBM thing has nothing to do with tribalism. It has everything to do with money. Being in opposition drains your pockets and GBM has felt it. It shows in his dramatic weight loss. His neck looks like that of a Tortoise. This shows the pressure is real.

    He can’t manage to wait till 2021 so he is giving in now. He needs all the cash he can get and GRZ has the bulk of it.

    This is nothing unusual from the likes of GBM. He was never a politician. He literally bought the Kasama seat from Xavier Chishimba and paid his way to the top.

    He talked of leaving UPND soon after ECL was declared winner in 2016. He has used UPND to stay out of court over his illegal Zesco pole deals and now he is ready to look for greener pastures.

  31. GBM joined UPND in order to stay out of jail for his illegal deals in the PF government. Now he doesn’t need them anymore. He just needs cash. He is broke and government has money to give.

    Its not about greed. Its about survival.

  32. Fear of this. Greedy, Mwamba, HH , names, this or that. We have been mining copper for 50 years and have no reservoir of it anywhere in this country. We recieve thousands of thousands of liters of water in rainfall but not even 5 litres of it is retained anywhere in the country to use the following or years after. Sad story but our leaders keeps on dancing. What do we dance for….that God is in control as we put trust in him to vote and work for us….hahaha. JUST DANCE. EVERYBODY DANCES. QUE IS WHICH TUNES U DANCE TO

  33. There is no tribalism in upndead show me evidence and I shall act immediately! I brought in CB and now GBM so where is it?

  34. But surely this generation is rotten. How does one just sprung up to write such tribe inclined useless articles and LT can agree to push such trash a site come to like so much. Talk about issues of how PF is performing compared to what the other party is promising.
    Some of us to date 23rd of April 2019 are not paid but there are allowances to pay people to sit in the so called NDP. It doesn’t matter for me as voter who gets to state house as long as they are able to deliver and I get my salary on time, find a job etc not this rubbish of this article. what value are such articles bringing to Zambians.

  35. I almost started drooling when I saw the title thinking I would read a piece that presents empirical evidence on HH’s egocentricism and tribalism but all in vain.

    What a fake Lozi unable to apply and interpret Lozi maxims properly.

    PF would have hired a better thinker and writer to hoodwink their fellow kaponyas than this fake Lozi writer who only exists in PF’s figment of your imagination.

    I wanted to read the whole article then I realised this PF goon is just blabbering without empirical evidence then I stopped reading. I have better things to read than defile my brain with this piece of bunkum!

    PF propagandist yena apa mwaloba lyauma!

    I wonder why Lusaka Times can sink so low to allow such codswallop to published here!

    • The story spells a total double h blueprint. A lack of leadership shrouded in envy, conniving betrayal combined with his arrogance of not letting go, selfishness and a clear manifestation of how double h views others in political circles and those who directly work for him. As just tools to get him there. The UPNDEAD genetic makeup; Infact both the genotype and phenotype of who double h and the total UPNDEADs are.
      Ushusha chani iwe mambala aisha?

  36. God himself will not let his people safer in the hands on unworthy leaders,,and he ,only see the right person to rule his people.
    so if indeed HH was destinies to rule Zambia he will rule have measured it worthy by the creator God the almighty….so no mater what the sayings,u are just wasting your time knew down and pray to God to give u a worthy president remember ” in a little David,God saw a mighty king worthy to rule his people” watch out and be clean in your doings its only the will God see a worthy “YOU” to rule his people, no matter how uyou will hide,,at the face of God you will never hide your dark doings.
    my thoughts.
    non partisan …

  37. I can’t believe that the people that we have put our trust, our hopes, our faith, our desperation that Zambia may rise again, I believe that politics is a dirty game but these people are playing with people’s lives this is not about HH or GBM this is about the people of Zambia our people and our country that they are finishing bit by bit like Zimbabwe everybody has got an Eden agenda for them it’s all business it’s all about playing with people’s lives for them it’s all about putting money into their pockets because they are not thinking about us they’re not thinking about the economy of Zambia they’re not thinking about anything all they’re thinking about is trying to get rich and tryna be there on the top…

  38. UPDATE ZNBC reports; Former United Party for National Development -UPND- Vice President Geoffrey Mwamba has resigned from the party and re-joined the ruling Patriotic Front -PF.
    Mr. Mwamba has called on his supporters countrywide to resign from UPND and re-join the PF.
    He has dispelled reports circulating on social media that the PF has paid him to re-join the party.
    Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka on Tuesday , Mr. Mwamba said he cannot be bought and has decided to re-join the PF on moral grounds.
    He said he is re-joining the PF as an ordinary member and is not looking for a position.
    The former UPND Vice President said he will work with PF to grow the party and has urged his supporters to refrain from violence.
    Mr. Mwamba explained that Hakainde Hichilema was side-lining…

  39. Mr. Mwamba explained that Hakainde Hichilema was side-lining him and had isolated him from party members in UPND.
    Meanwhile, some UPND party officials from Northern, Copperbelt, Luapula and Southern Province have resigned to join PF.
    One of the defectors Everest Chellah who was UPND Provincial Coordinator in charge of mobilisation for Northern Province said he has decided to follow in the footsteps of Mr. Mwamba there is confusion in UPND.

  40. Sameta, that’s low life behavior. Stop taunting people about their behavior. Please discuss real issues, not imaginary ones.

  41. I cant believe can sit comfortably and write rubbish. Guys lets be real here, we all need to rise up to the occasion and change the landscape of politics in this sweet nation, us the youths lets open our spiritual eyes maybe ask God to show us something we cant really see with our naked eyes…..politicians meet and share a cup of tea , we see them and they know how to make zambians look foolish. Same leaders running from this party to another like a headless chicken…..why cant they point out wrongs when within the system, am aware of this so called collective loyalty but hey dont wait until you re removed for you to pluck up your coirage and bad mouth your ex something…..Sha

  42. Like any grouping Tongas are good people. Do not lump all Tongas with the Politicians. I have a lot of Tonga friends znd acquaintances. Their culture is not very different from other tribes.. The main issue UPND needs to rethink and change is the article in their party constitution which states that only a Tonga can lead the party. What is the logical basis of this? In short the party must be inclusive. My point is do not demonise the ordinary Tonga man as much as no one should demonise any ordinary Zambian. All are made in the image of God.

  43. in spite of GBM’s resignation, the UPND should continue fighting for the liberation of Zambia from it’s current colonial masters – the PF.
    GBM has resigned because of lack of principles. I feel pity for Zambia because politicians who are rich are failing to show that even with money, they can be in the opposition and help Zambians to check PF reckless expenditure, violence, intimidation and other evils. I think he was not a genuine member of UPND but a mole sent by the PF govt.
    But it is good that GBM has now slimmed. Keep it up. Best wishes as you re-join the Plunderers.

  44. This is not about “tribalism.” It’s about unnatural tribal alliances undertaken purely for political expediency. What exists elsewhere as, say, “a political stronghold,” is, in Zambia seen as “a tribal stronghold.” Therefore, when a potential presidential candidate picks up a running mate, not on merit, but rather on the basis of where that politician hails from, it has to be seen as an attempt by that presidential candidate to win over the target tribal stronghold. Unfortunately, in Zambia, a politician’s value is closely linked to how much power that politician wields over his or her tribal stronghold. The corollary is that, there must have been a belief, within UPND, that GBM had to political power to sway the Bemba vote, or a potential portion of it, to HH. And that is not…

  45. The truth about Zambia is that of a beautiful country with good people who for the most part lack good leaders.

    The “kukena mwamba” man is one such example of a bad leader.

    Sir, you should be ashamed of yourself and all those you represent!

    I won’t spend any more precious time on rubbish.

    Dr. Willard Simukali

  46. I want to ask the author of this article a question.
    Can a Tonga stand as member of parliament in Luapula, Northern, Eastern, Muchinga Provinces and win?
    The answer is a BIG NO!!!. WHY SO?
    Because of Provinces apart from the ones that have Cities vote for their own tribes!
    Actually UPND has scored coz they are a pure Ngoni Honorable Mathew Jere as MP for Livingstone. Can a Tonga win in the above provinces? No
    Please stop the NONSENSE OF talking about Tribalism.
    It shows stupidity & shallowness of one’s mind & thinking.

Comments are closed.

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