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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

GBM’s Media Briefing and Home coming at PF HQ

Videos and Audios GBM's Media Briefing and Home coming at PF HQ


    • Great Bag of Maize (GBM), so his motivation is to make sure HH does not form govt in 2021 and not to improve the lives of his supporters and Zambians in general. Pathetic!!

    • Typical African mentality….why destroy something just because you don’t belong there anymore…..i really don’t like Lungu or HH but I have no intentions of destroying them….this shows how childish GBM is

    • This fight to ensure HH does not get
      anywhere near to plot one is essentially promoting the theory that the Zambian president is a preserve for a certain regional grouping or language and one is only good for the country when one aligns themselves to the kind of thinking and actions. For others they are aliens in a country they think it’s home and theirs is just to toe to the dictates of the ‘mighty’ regional groupings to be accepted as national. The haters promote Zambianess as only being originating from Eastern Muchinga and Northern provinces! GBM has experienced failing businesses in the country and to share the spoils he has to swallow his pride! Zambians must be tired of recycling good for nothing politicians who are considered angels when aligned to the party in government and…

  1. Ine pamo nge imfumu yobe nintemwa. Welcome home GBM. We missed you. This is what we Bembas call wisdom.

    The ability to realise and predict that where I am going there is no water.

    • Atase! Who calls this wisdom unless they are very immature. GBM himself said he has no choice but to return to PF meaning its not wisdom that forced him into this decision. He has nowhere else to go. If he joined other small parties he won’t meet his ambition of becoming a VP because they will never win elections so PF which has the chance to return to government could make him a VP one day. What an opportunist!

  2. Apparently the president has no full details of GBM s agenda in PF. Lungu does not like GBM. Davies Mwila and other senior PF ran away from PF secretariate to avoid GBM but why?

    Lungu and PF have now got GBM where they want and they will screw him big time and show him who is boss.

    GBM s only option is to form his own party and show us.

  3. The man has no swagger, if he had said he has gone back to pf to help fix the messed economy maybe people would have taken him serious, but his only aim for going back is to ensure that HH does not become president, like that will reduce the price of mealie meal, or bring the kwacha and dollar to 1:1., olo fuwelo will reduce to 3 kwacha per litre.

    • He only wants to return to PF for selfish reasons not to help PF win anything. How does a wise party accept such a man?

  4. Public service is not for everyone questionable principles in those seeking to lead and Liberate its people from poverty…I believe it was a suspension and not immediate expulsion should have taken time to reflect

  5. What a presser GBM had.The tribal bombardments were of course the main theme.He unleashed the unleashed the anti Tonga slurs and his supporters urged him on.Looking at this spectacle is at what point did we become like this as a country.The PF are clever of course coz they didn’t want to be associated with this tribalism .GBM has effectively reduced him just be preaching anti Tongas slurrs.Too bad this miscalculation will relegate him canisius Banda status

  6. Going somewhere but nowhere!! When GBM left PF he vowed to destroy it make HH and UPND win the Presidency.Two years he says the same about UPND.This is a guy who has a mistaken political stature about himself.How can you destroy a party that has existed for 19 years,just like that? This time around the PF will just use and dump him for they know who the problem he is! One wonders why he is even going on tours,in which capacity? To mobilise PF and certainly dismantle UPND as an ordinary member of PF,and then what? That is mere voluntary work after that they will say “wait for 3 years to vie for a party position”!

    • @zambiaisours
      You were almost there.GBM’s strategy has two goals.To help PF weaken UPND in it’s strongholds and then take over ‘his’ party PF.GBM left UPND without burning his bridges to HH strongholds.Indeed,in which capacity will he return to thank the three provinces except as a campaign.
      GBM cannot return as a mere cadre to a party he bankrolled and created.ECL can only bring that party convention forward before GBM has time to consolidate his power among the ‘True Greens’ and some rebel UPND MPs

    • You are very right. GBM will sooner or later quit PF again and we will see whom he will join. UPND again? Kekekekeke

  7. contd….. once they change alliances or are in opposition they are regarded devil’s! Either way integrity and dignity is not the guiding principle.

  8. President Lungu is a political strategist. None of his loud mouthed PF minions were allowed at this meeting. Mwila, Bowman, Lady Mumbi and Jeanette Kapata were not allowed to go here kikikikiki.

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