The Lusaka City Council has commenced the exercise of re-burying the 13 human remains which were exhumed by storm water last week.

The exercise will cost the Council about K10, 000 in fuel and purchase of special bags called “Cadaver bags” in which to park the remains in readiness for burial.

Lusaka City Council Public Relations Manager George Sichimba said the exercise could not be done last week because the remains were still submerged in water.

Mr. Sichimba has explained that the level of water has since gone down hence the commencement of the exercise yesterday.

Last week, Council workers discovered 13 human remains exhumed at Chingwere Cemetery due to heavy rains which were experienced in Lusaka.

The remains could not be re-buried because the part of the cemetery where the incident occurred was still water logged.

This was the second time the unfortunate occurrence was happening this year. On 11th February 2019, a similar occurrence happened at the same cemetery though at a different spot.

The Council engaged a contractor, Treo Zambia Limited to construct the main permanent drainage to mitigate future occurrences.

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    • But I think proper draining of water can reduce or even eradicate the unfortunate occurrence.


  1. These are,some of the impacts of poor town and country planning where authorities do not adequately plan for essential facilities such as cemeteries land-fills ,sewerage treatment and disposal, water treatment,bus station s and other facilities of public importance.while people are planning for residential areas .let them also leave space or consider mentioned facilities in their initial land allocations which should also include proper and adequate zones for parks , trading and shopping areas sports complex swimming pool s, industrial zones etc unlike the current trends where towns in Zambia are characterised by absent of social amenities. How can one establish cemetery in water logged soils?


  2. Next time council please provide the people who will be burying human remains with proper protective clothing!!!



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