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Mosi-oa-tunya echoes to Day of Thunder

Headlines Mosi-oa-tunya echoes to Day of Thunder

Yemi Alade

Zambian Breweries’ Mosi Day of Thunder has resonated the sound of Zambian music and culture with local superstars joined by Afro pop diva Yemi Alade drawing more than 10,000 fans to the tourism capital.
The cream of Zambian music hit the stage on Saturday (April 20), along with the Nigeria artist, keeping fans in awe as they sang along to the thundering music at Livingstone’s Villa Grounds.

“Zambia is laka. I look forward to doing more collaborations with Zambian artists as I have done in the past with JK. I really love the music here, exclaimed Yemi before her performance at the annual festival, which is now in its fourth year.

“I am grateful that I have been to the Victoria Falls, I love it. My entire band went out and we experienced it together. I felt like a kid or over again because I do love to play in the rain, and I got the opportunity to do that,” she said of the spray from the mighty falls.

Yemi called for more collaboration with Zambian musicians: “When it comes to music it does not matter where you are from.”
The music festive brought thousands of people together from all corners of Zambia and the region.
Zambian mega-artist Slapdee was filled with excitement after performing on the Mosi stage about how fans responded and embraced local musicians at the event.

Local artists on the Mosi stage included Slapdee, Mampi, Cleo Ice Queen, Jay Rox, Chef, and Empire 408, Thunder Beats finalist K-Leb and team, DJ Mucky, DJ Drew and DJ Boogie were also in the line-up.

Zambian Breweries Head of Marketing Sibajene Munkombwe said: “This year’s Day of Thunder was bigger and better thanks to all the partners that came aboard to support, and to the fans that keep making the event super-thunderous year after year.”

“We had a fantastic selection of local artists that pulled the crowd, along with Yemi, to promote Zambian tourism and the Victoria Falls,” he added.
The event also benefits local talent and local suppliers from Livingstone and other parts of the country, with hundreds of people making a living from the event through catering, security, transport and accommodation.

The Mosi Day of Thunder has grown to be one of the region’s leading music festivals, attracting fans from across Zambia and from neighbouring countries, boosting tourism and travel to Zambia’s tourist capital Livingstone.
The event is a celebration of music and culture that brings together top local artists, a leading regional artist, and up-coming talent. Previous performers have included Cassper Nyovest, Diamond Platnumz and Patoranking, Danny Kaya, Urban Hype, James Sakala, Jay Rox, Chef 187, Wezi and Slapdee.


Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade performing

Yemi Alade performing

Yemi Alade performing

Yemi Alade performing

Slap Dee performing

Mampi performing

Jay Rox

Jay Rox performing

Cleo Ice Queen performing

Cleo Ice Queen performing

Chef 187 performing

Chef 187

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    • We already have Mampi who are the other useless booty shakers futi! Sad that these women have to be naked to be heard.

    • No kidding, Zambians are funny people indeed! If this music festival was held across the river in Vic town, you the same people would be asking why Zambia can’t hold similar events to promote tourism on our side of Vic falls. You the same Id!ots would be complaining about lack of initiative on the Zambia part to use the Vic falls and the river Zambezi to bring in those tourist dollars the same way Zimbabwe does. Now that you have Zambian businesses working hand in hand with local musicians to do just that, it is “Useless…” to you.

      You don’t even seem to understand the economic benefits such an event brings to both local businesses and country at large. Those ten thousand people who showed up for this festival had to eat, drink, sleep somewhere, some move around (using local…

    • Continue….

      transportation,) extra. And that’s money into the local economy and country. Especially given the fact that some of the revellers at this festival come from neighboring countries and beyond. So what’s “useless” about that?

  1. wow more than 10,000 i can imagine if for example 1 person spent K100 on average that is K1,000,000 already spent in Lstone, we should have such event as they are good for the economy. Congrates to Zambian Breweries for hosting such events in our tourist capital.

  2. When it comes to spending on entertainment, we find money. For household goods government has failed us. Zambians spend on beer more than Europeans and USA.

  3. In the western countries, one’s salary first goes to mortgage or rent, utility bills, groceries, transport and saving then if anything remains goes to entertainment.Here its the other way round, hence poverty

  4. Just look at Yemi Alade’s hair simple and beautiful even offstage ..compare it our Zambian ladies who want to look like some hybrid creature with no identity or culture.

  5. @The Nubian Princess
    I’m guessing you are not into the liberation of women to freely express themselves.
    Do you think the government should create a dress code for women to follow? You know because if you leave it up to women they will be showing us legs and cleavage ka.

    I’m sure you are just looking out for men who shouldn’t be blamed when they assault a woman who wearing a short skirt or any revealing clothes #Denim-Day.

    How do you equate skimpy clothes to lack of culture? When did we change from the culture where men women only wore a patch to hid their privates and women walked around bare breasted. If you ask me, we are now more conservative.

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