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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Mwila says GBM is welcome in the party, warns KBF to refrain from insulting party leadership

Headlines Mwila says GBM is welcome in the party, warns KBF to refrain...

PF Secretary general Davies Mwila
PF Secretary general Davies Mwila

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila says the party has welcomed former UPND vice president Geoffrey Mwamba to the PF. Mr. Mwila says it is the agenda of the PF to mobilise and grow the party.

He however says Mr. Mwamba and those re-joining the party must follow the laid down procedures of the party through official notification in writing to the Secretary General of the party.

He has since encouraged Mr Mwamba to feel at home and work with the structures as he had indicated when he was received by Member of the Central Committee and Lusaka Province Party Chairman Mr. Paul Moonga at the Party Secretariat.

The Secretary General has further dismissed social media reports alleging that the top Party officials shunned welcoming Hon Mwamba, insisting that MCC Moonga is a very Senior member of the Party who was delegated to welcome the former UPND Vice President at short notice.

Mr. Mwila has since urged party members to embrace all those wishing to re-join the party as directed by the Party President who is also Republican President.

Mr. Mwamba and several other UPND members yesterday re-joined the PF.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mwila has explained that Kelvin Bwalya Fube has a democratic right to contest any position in the party but should refrain from insulting the party leadership.

He disclosed that preparations for the party general convention for 2020 are progressing well.

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    • You welcome a hoodlum and castigate a reasonable person who clearly is by far more intelligent than you. KBF has a clear picture of the situation on the ground. So it’s true that those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make them mad. PF awe sure!

    • Who will help GBM write that application letter to re-join the PF? The reception of GBM to PH has been very tepid to say the least

    • Wonders indeed shall never end, you welcome someone who insulted the weight of what you carry between your two legs and castigate someone who is respectfully pointing out your mistakes and want to exercise his democratic right? Bushe nikwisa babatolele aba ba SG?

    • GBM is a Fool this is all about Kasaka, Zambians should not allow him to rule. he just took back the bad omen into PF.

  1. #1 Musonda Kateule, “When upnd holding it’s convention?”
    In order for me to answer your question, first answer mine. “‘Have you ever seen a snake walking on its feet?”

  2. Well done Hon.Davis Mwila.Welcoming back GBM into PF is the good thing which all well meaning PF lovers should support.GBM is a big spender and because of that several cadres follow him.This is good news indeed and you have shamed the UPND camp who have been spreading lies on facebook today stating that the PF SG has refused to welcome GBM back!!
    UPND is in panic mood now!!Go PF go!!

    • Your leaders know that they are in charge of a bunch of very naive people or morons. Not more than 3 weeks ago the same GBM was insulting PF and all of the sudden he has joined the same boat he claimed to be sinking. And some of you are happy. Are you guys normal? Zambians are so docile that they are taken for a ride by fuls like GBM etc.

    • PF Zambians are the only ones abnormal and docile. They even praise those who rob them of their hard earned tax money.

  3. Imwe ba Mwila, when are you resigning from the party position so that Mumbi can take over?We are still waiting…kikikikikikikiki

  4. Intersting. Some people are told it is three years before they can be allowed back into the party. Others its automatic. What a circus. KIKIKIKIKI

  5. Ba guy these are politics at its best.CK one time insulted HH today they are sharing the same table,so what is wrong with GBM returning to PF?Infact for me GBM as democratic rights to choose his party he wants to belong to,so he as done well to leave the loosing camp in 2021.Garry Nkombo open your eyes.

  6. There is no money to make in UPND so
    Go where there is business. All his business is at stand still.Better to swallow your pride then sink in poverty.

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