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National Dilaogue on the amendment of contentious laws in the constitution opens

General News National Dilaogue on the amendment of contentious laws in the constitution opens

Justice Minister Given Lubinda
Justice Minister Given Lubinda

The National Dialogue Forum has officially opened in Lusaka with emphasis that stakeholders should fully dialogue on the amendment of contentious laws.

Justice Minister Given Lubinda has emphasised that stakeholders have a mandate to facilitate the amendment of laws that will not only safeguard the interests of the current but also future generations.

Mr. Lubinda said this during the official opening of the National Dialogue Forum in Lusaka today.

He called on members of parliament and other stakeholders to fully participate in the National Dialogue Forum.

Earlier National Dialogue Forum Secretary Patrick Chisanga said his Secretariat will facilitate the dialogue process for the amendment of contentious laws.

Mr. Chisanga said this will go a long way in ensuring that the amended laws have a positive impact on Zambia’s posterity.

Meanwhile, the National Dialogue Forum has ratified the appointment of Professor Muyunda Mwanalushi as Chairperson of the National Dialogue Forum.

In his acceptance speech Professor Mwanalushi called on stakeholders and Zambians to attach patriotism to the National Dialogue.

He said the objectives of the forum transcend partisan and individuals’ interests.

The National Dialogue Forum paves way for the amendment of the constitution, electoral laws and Public Order Act.

The Forum has a legal mandate under the recent National Dialogue Act.

President Edgar Lungu assented to the National Dialogue Bill-2019 on April 09,2019.

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    • Learn from the great Nelson Mandela who had genuine reconciliation without legislative coercion. This won’t heal the land especially that we are leaving level headed people of God outside as the so called leaders maneuver to beat political foes.

    • Yes, we should all participate as Zambians because this will surely affect us in one way or another. We should not the copy-and-paste type of changes in the constitution and the laws must be very clear for even the layman to interprete e.g the 14 days issue

    • And what stops HH from participating so that he makes sure he is not “targeted”…..if that even makes sense!

      Oh, I forgot, he stopped himself so he can have something to cry and morn about when he loses again. Same M.O, same results every time; don’t you think it is getting old already?

  1. On this National Dialogue Forum, trib.al upnd has really scored an unprecedented 4 own goals, the goal keeper Trib.al Hacks has been beaten clean….. I love this … kikikikikiki

    You can see that even Spaka and trib.al Gay Jay are lost for words…. …. kikikikikikikiki .. I am enjoying this!!

  2. Two UPND MPs were seen serving their credentials for attendance of the National Dialogue Forum.
    Am trying to weigh the psychology of UPND’s Ayatollah who has been chasing after wind for so long.He tried by all possibilities of making these National Dialogue forum fail by using Church groups, NGOs,CSO etc .His evil schemes have failed him.
    ECL’s regime has taught him a lesson.Money can’t buy WISDOM.

  3. How do some of you people see a tribe in every story & yet still call others tribal? Do you really understand what tribalism is? May govt please come up with a law that will criminalize all tribal comments & actions before this situation gets out of hand. Kaunda managed to unite us for 27 years, but looks like all his effort is going down the drainage of inbuilt hatred of some people here



  5. Boycotting the indaba will only disadvantage you and don’t cry. You chose not to fish so you won’t eat fish. The decisions in this indaba are legally binding and those who shun it will only have themselves to blame.

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