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Zambian comedian ‘Kasaka’ detained

General News Zambian comedian ‘Kasaka’ detained

The Ndola Magistrate Court has detained seasoned comedian Webster Chiluba popularly known as Kasaka, for failure to present an accused person before court, after signing as surety.

Mr Chiluba signed as surety for Mathews Silungwe 28, a musician of Ndola’s Kabushi Township, who is charged with impersonation and six counts of theft, after allegedly swindling six teachers in the district.

It is alleged that on September 25, 2019, in Ndola, with intent to defraud, Mr Silungwe falsely represented himself as an inspector from the Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ), to Grace Sokoni.

It is also alleged that Mr Silungwe further obtained money amounting to six thousand two-hundred and thirty-kwacha from Silvia Nalungwe, Daniel Phisi, Natasha Mwansa, Ketty Siwale and Herald Mwila, all who longed to join the teaching service.

Further, it is alleged that Mr Silungwe used different mobile phone numbers to call some teachers and threatened to have them deregistered from the service, should they fail to register nor apply for their licence with the teaching council.

When the matter came up before Magistrate Veronica Sikwangala in Ndola, the accused was not present before the court.

The prosecution stated that the accused was supposed to come to court or a bench warrant be issued for the accused as well as the sureties.

However, the Arresting Officer Sergeant Mercy Sianga who was present before the court said the suspect was still on the run and that one of the other sureties had gone to Kasama to look for him.

Magistrate Sikwangala asked Mr Chiluba to prove to the court of law why he should not be cited for contempt.

In response Mr Chiluba said he was still looking for Mr Silungwe, asking the court if he could be released in order to carry out his task.

However, Magistrate Sikwangala dismissed his plea and reminded him of his promise before the court, when he signed bail for his colleague.

“I want to sign bail for my friend as surety. I will make sure he attends court. If he runs, I will be ready to be apprehended or pay K5000,” “Margistrate Sikwangala read.

The matter has since been adjourned to April 26, 2019.

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  1. This is a misleading article or news item. How can someone have committed an offence on September 25 2019? Proof read your stories imwe ba LT, ninshi kanshi. We can’t even do simple story writing correctly.

  2. Signing surety for crook. The crook will surely crook you. They have no mercy. They look out only for number 1, themselves.

  3. Y’all need to start proof reading your stories before you publish them. Now no one cares about the story because of your negligence and incorrect timelines.

  4. This case has not happened yet. On serious note Chiluba should not think signing surety is like acting in the Kasaka series. The guy he signed bail is a seasoned conman and should consider this fact before commitment.

  5. kkkkkkkkkkk are you sure it happened on 25th September 2019 and the case has since been adjourned to 26 th April 2019 awe pa zed I think even the one who wrote is a comedian

  6. Thank you my Lord we will be back in September after my client has duly committed the anticipated crime. Mr Kasaka will then become relevant at that point. Kkkkkkkkkkk

    This is a joke right?

  7. Having read almost everyone ‘s comment. Am delighted and glad to say ,as a nation ,Zambia is going someway. Because of how u have dissected and analysed the facts of this case ,it is so amazing, and inthrilling.
    As the saying goes, the devil is in the detail . The true story of this issue primarily lied in the details of the facts . Now allow me to provide u with the true finds of this case .
    Based on analogy and common sense ,I hereby affirm and confirm that the case before us is a myth as such, i t shall be treated as such …..without furtherdo ,I hereby dismiss this case .

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