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Friday, July 30, 2021

Kambwili doesn’t rule out 2021 coalition with HH

Headlines Kambwili doesn’t rule out 2021 coalition with HH

HH and Kambwili
HH at Dr Kambwili’s residence

NDC President Chishimba Kambwili says he does not rule out possibilities of entering into a Rainbow Coalition with the UPND ahead of the 2021 general elections.

Dr Kambwili said if the Zambian people want the NDC and the UPND to work together, they will respect the wishes of the people.

He said his party will be open to entering into a Kenyan style Rainbow Coalition with Mr. Hakainde Hichilema’s UPND in order to deliver Zambians from the PF’s misrule.

Mr Kambwili was speaking when he featured on United Voice Radio’s Add Your Voice radio programme.

“We will listen to the people, if the people want us to wok together, we will have to respect their wishes and form some kind of an alliance like the Kenyans did,” Dr Kambwili said.

He added, “the Minister that we politicians make is to dictate to the people on what he think the people want, that shouldn’t be the case. We will listen to the Zambians and hear their views.”

And Dr Kambwili has charged that Zambia is undergoing food insecurity because of the PF Government has wrong agriculture policies.

Dr. Kambwili said wrong agro policies have largely contributed to food insecurity in the country.

Dr. Kambwili says there is need for Government to investment more money into the agro sector.

He has observed that if Government was serious in revamping the agriculture sector, it would have forfeited the purchase of a presidential jet for instance at a cost of 68 million United States dollars.

The NDC leader said the pf Government has a number of misplaced priorities that have negatively affected the country.

He said instead of spending over 300 million US dollars on the construction of Ndola Airport on the Copper belt, Government should have used this money on agriculture.

He adds that this money could have been used to buy irrigation machinery for farmers and opening up of agro zones countrywide.

Dr. Kambwili noted that the NDC in Government Will prioritize the opening of agro zones.

He said the agro zones will in turn open up several job opportunities in the country for locals besides contributing to food security.

The NDC President said this on United Voice Radio in Lusaka on Wednesday.

NDC President Chishimba Kambwili aggressions appearing on United Voice Radio on Wednesday
NDC President Chishimba Kambwili aggressions appearing on United Voice Radio on Wednesday


    • Dream come in freely. Niyabule! HH will not even allow it as he has worked very hard to be where he is now unlike CK who thinks that a sinle seat in Parliament make him a president of the whole country. Ma Rubbish.

    • Go for it and that will be the beginning of end of both parties’ gravitas … they remain forever in opposition that way and ECL wins the presidency in 2021.

      That coalition actually loses 2 or so UPND seats and is a net negative. Roan by-election was what we call in statistics as an “outlier”. It’s not representative of the whole statistical sample of the entire country.

      Anyhow, I am told GRZ has secured funds for salaries for all unpaid workers and will soon disburse them.

      That’s what a listening government does but we should never get to a place where ultimatums are issued just for GRZ to act.

      Let’s be proactive and look after all the hard working people of the Zambian Enterprise. I want to thank all the relevant authorities involved.

      Let’s roll … Epo mpelele,


    • Zambian Politicians will do anything to align themselves to loot tax payers money…..anything that can put easy Tax payers money into their pockets is welcome…….Both HH and Kambwili are desperate….and i quote ” respecting the wish of the Zambian people”…..stop fooling Zambians iwe chi Kambwili….Zambians will never wish you to become President of Zambia

    • @Obatale … my numbers show differently. They are better off working independently to eat at PF numbers not working together because the goal is to … not gonna tell.

      Anyhow, my request has been met so, ECL is back in my corner and I am going to support him for 2021 unless he proves me otherwise in the next 18 months.

      He has better qualities of being a better President than HH despite his flaws.

      Epo mpelele,


    • Nothing has ever been good about Kenyan politics, stop copying. Let other countries copy from Zambia.
      Rainbow is symbol for GAYS. it sounds styupid to call it Rainbow coalition, and people will be confusing with Rainbow party of useless Kabimba. No one will want to associate with Wynter. So Kambwi, be more smart in the way you use terms.

    • copying Kenya will destroy Zambia. remember HH and GBM were dribbled by the Kenya formula during the petition case. Odinga and his friends have never been a good example to African politics. Listen to people my foot! he should just tell us that he wants to listen to were more money is. CK and HH can not work along for 5 years. please do not waste my time.

    • He can’t even dress up for the job he wants, because ama suit yalakana. In a suit he looks like a gorilla man

    • B R Mumba Snr is quite dull, i have followed some good comments, but for him to say he will support Lungu who has done damage to the zambian economy is unfortunate.

    • @Fake Zulu AKA Benzu fimo fimo … give me a better or more palatable candidate in the current field and I will support him.

      Unlike you, I take a holistic approach to serious matters such as governance and the like than usual simpletons like you who even quantify later alone qualify their statements.

      Would you please itemize for me how ECL has damaged the country and how your preferred candidate would be a better replacement for him?!!!

      In your diatribe, please be so kind to highlight your preferred candidate’s experience and governance achievements so far that way his track record beats the incumbent for us.

      Let’s start there and excogitate with intellectual honesty before we start grading each other’s score cards with derogatories such as “dull” and the like.

      Trust me…

    • Continued….

      Trust me there are no shortages of similar verbiages from my side to yours but to start with A Zulu or Bo Zulu, itemize as requested above.

      Zikomo … twalumba … natotela mukwai


    • Having spent $17 billion and you still import 80% of what is in shops, you have some of the highest unemployed rates,

      If that is the best some knob can hope for, Zambia is in trouble…..

    • Zambian politics is one of divisiveness and selfishness all around. The general public has always advised on the good of a united front to the opposition but because of self weaknesses cracks soon appear at the point of victory. Politicians don’t listen to their inner selves or assess the environment pertaining thus easily derailed. At least Kambwili has a CB following he can contribute to the alliance. It’s about numbers not so?

    • That’s the way to Go, why so many oppositions. If you all have the same vision to improve the lives of Zambians eliminate corruption. Go for it.

  1. He added, “the Minister that we politicians make is to dictate to the people on what he think the people want, that shouldn’t be the case. We will listen to the Zambians and hear their views.”?????

    Please get yourself a qualified editor

  2. A single seat in his home town he already feels like a US president. Whta if had 4 mps

    Milupi won mp seat in his territory. Did you see any dust and hear noise like CK. Its just a one single seat where they know you

    • Roan is not an ordinary seat.It was won against all odds.PF spent an equivalent of half of their presidential campaign budget for 2016 in one bye-election. You may not like CK but he deserves the credit.No my dear you do not understand politics.

  3. Kekiekiekiekie, that is the end of CK working with HH the quota doctrine only a Tonga could lead UPND. Bangoshe babili tabekala chulu chimo it is easier to swim across the mighty Zambezi river than CK and HH work together.

  4. That coalition won’t help u win the general elections in 2021.

    Kambwili u a thief and a crook. HH same. Therefore birds of the same feathers …….

  5. Go for it CK!! Which Party in Zambia has ever scored a By-Election within less than a year of being formed?
    The Country is illing with potential intergenerational burdens: Debt, Unemployment, Ever Skyrocketing Cost and Standard of living, Unpaid Salaries for the civil service, Shrunken GDP Growth, Endemic Corruption; the list is endless!! The only way to stand half a chance at recovery if that half is all we need, is to change Guard of the Economic caretakers of this Country.

  6. LT can you stop addressing Kambwili as ndc president! The registrar of societies has revoked his hand picking as ndc president. Let him concentrate on filling the vacancy left by GBM in upnd. NDC is going no where because very soon it will be de registered and mwenya musenge will troop back to PF.

  7. Kambwili don’t say Zambian people say MEMBERS OF THE TWO PARTIES because even those not supporting NDC and Upnd are Zambian people.

  8. The coalition talk is a fore-gone conclusion but CK must be prepared to be Vice he cannot lead the Upndead nothing democratic consultant(ndc) accord. So just go out there form your coalition and lose in a united and unified manner. After that petition the results lose at the concort and then spend four years looking to find the answer then split…

  9. CK has delivered a win and that is how Sata started. HH President and CK as vice with the promise that HH only rules for one term and CK takes over.
    VIVA UPNDC pact, finally God has answered our prayers and $68 million jet (while workers remain unpaid) Lungu and PF will be thrown to the dust bin of history.

    • Dreaming is free. Why not make it CK president and HH vice? If you support HH and trust CK to deliver CB for you then start looking a rope to hang yourself in 2021

  10. All Zambians know that HH begs you day and night to be in an alliance with him in 2021 but nothing will change because HH’s UPND has been in several alliances since 2006 but still lost.What makes you ba CK special?nothing bwana.GBM will neutralize CK’s impact in Copperbelt and in the Northern Zambia.The impact for NDC and UPND could have been HUGE had HH kept GBM too.But for now,Kambwili’s impact is very little!!PF GOT BACK A BIG FISH IN GBM-IF YOU KNOW YOU KNOW!!
    After 2021 defeat at the hands of Mighty PF,the Kambwilis will return back to PF-mark my words!!Moreover,CK and HH cannot work together,so nothing will work out between the two!!

    • Ati GBM big fisheeee ???

      The same big fish lost in kasama, and his anointed daughter lost as well to a novice ????

    • just like GBM was over rated when he joined UPND so is Kambwili, because of winning 1 seat in his home town. To me the return of GBM to PF is nothing to sing about because he will not add much value to the party. My prediction is that at some point Kambwili will return to the PF at which point he will have realized that he had over rated himself.

  11. The trouble with rainbows is that they only appear after raining …..on your parade!

    Airports are needed to transport agricultural goods or by products too. Aggri. business people should be able to travel across country more effectively, so airports in each region of Zambia should be part of infrastructural developments. A presidential jet is not a personal purchase, if by some terrible miss-miracle, Kambwili becomes President with HH as his running mate (there is a joke in there about two big egos), they too will be able to travel on it safely and efficiently inbetween all the new airports in Zambia, to get to these aggri. centres. We started a planned infrastructural program based on the fact it was non existent in Zambia, to connect far off remote areas to deliver equality…

    • We started a planned infrastructural program based on the fact it was non existent in Zambia, to connect far off remote areas to deliver equality especially to the poor cut off from developmental benefits. We can’t flip flop between policies. Agriculture has been a main target for PF, and have created an effective industry.

    • Patriot

      No one is disputing the need for what you have mentioned , what we are disputing is the order in which things were prioritised……most of us were from the onset insisting on building a manufacturing capacity to cut imports, start exporting and create jobs to increase the tax base , together with agricultural development,

      Instead the PF insisted on roads and buildings that would probably only see financial benefits years from now

  12. Kambwili is a bitter man since he was given the boot.
    For Zambians who forget easily, it is Kambwili who said that and I quote ” even Jesus Christ can lose to a Tonga if He participated in elections.”

    Kambwili has also got another thing that Luanshya and Zambia have to remember him for, Luanshya will never see a train for a long time to come because of Dr Chishimba’s selling of the railway line to scrap metal dealers.

    You who have eyes can see what greed can do to a person but no normal person from Southern Province will forget the words the incoming no, 1 or 2 said.

  13. I can not imagine Kambwili being president of Zambia.In my opinion, he is rude and sarcastic.ECL is still the best option for Zambia and he shall surely rule even in 2021.

  14. Iwe Chimbwili trib.al, fuma apa fuseke ZWA!!
    We are quite happy with the new Ndola Airport. Surely can any sensible person be happy with that existing ramshackle pretending to be an airport in Ndola? It is shameful that it is even called an airport. We want to eat but sometimes in our lives we sacrifice some good food in order to build a decent house for the family and the children. No wonder the fatso is so untidy, smell.ly and sweaty.
    This gives an insight of the quality of “politicians” we have as Chimbwili or Trib.al Hacks.

  15. U Zambia people u no ck and hh . Kambwili selling of the Zambia railway line to scrap metal dealers and hh selling zccm mining’s and companies in Zambia ba Lungu is strong leader building hospital school roads respect president Lungu w a going to vote for u ba Lungu in 2021 coppersbelt it’s for pf

  16. This will be stupid for UPND. They will not win any election together. In Chilanga they lost. NDC should go for the presidency and also UPND to reduce PF votes. The alliance will not work.

  17. UNIP and FDD were the first victims of Hichilema’s predatory behavior, he destroys whoever gets into an alliance with him. You’re free to add to the long list of casualties

  18. My take is that this platform is full of hard core supoters who tend to overlook reality sometimes.
    When you find a country in a state and you want to put everything in order, you come up with a strategy. For your goals to be archieved, you have to follow through your strategy to its core.
    If you need to promote manufacturing, you need to identify where which manufaturing industry will be, where the potential raw materials will be grown or extracted and mode of transportation to these industries. First, you put road infastructure to as close as possible between industry and source of material. Then move to the next phase.
    Off course haters will always want you to have started with the results and not the process. Just ignore them and concentrate on archieving your goals.

  19. Hahahahaha, ati Dr Chishimba Kambwili?? This guy has no other career other than politics especially that he has finished selling all the scrap metals using his under hand company “ Mwamona etc” if the enlighten Zambians do not come into mainstream politics to help out our great nation am afraid we will continue to have loud mouths messing up our political landscape of our great nation.

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