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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Foxdale Court releasing sewage into drainage

Videos and Audios Foxdale Court releasing sewage into drainage

Dear Editor,

Earlier in the week, as I was jogging along Mulungushi road my senses were assaulted by an offensive smell coming from the drainage along the road.I noticed raw sewage flowing in the drains!

Apparently Foxdale Court releases the sewage night up to early in the morning into the outside drains. The water is not there during the day.

I enquired and was told LCC did not give them a permit to build a soak away. So when the septic tanks are full they have to pump the sewage out. If they don’t, the sewage which is connected to the pipe you can see in the video goes into the road.This happens every year from the time they opened the mall.

The road is mostly used by people who are going for work and pupils to Roma girls school. It’s a transit route. Mulungushi road is in a low density residential area and most local residents drive to work.

I appeal to the relevant authorities to put a stop to this as this is a public health risk.

By Concerned Lusaka resident

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  1. Well done buddy; wish there were many pipo like you in our useless PAMAFI Government today in Zambia. It’s corruption, corruption, corruption every hour/day/week/month and every year in our society today. All we are left with now is PENTECOSTALING!

    • Anyway, those with septics tanker trucks are not marketing enough, money is going in drains!! Like Mulyokela says, that’s money smearing, go pump it out!

    • ECl was bought gum boots, call him to clean the sewage. He has experience from town centre.

      ECL can be ably assisted by Margaret Mwanakatwe.

      K12.84 today

      K13.22 29/04/2019

      K13.78 2/5/2019

      K1,000,000 to 1 dollar on Christmas 2019

      Time to impeach Lungu and remove all his minions from Parliament.

      PF MPs for once be nationalists. UPND for once join hands with PF to remove the scourge from Zambian polity.

  2. My question is if this company was not permitted to build a soak-away how did they get planning permission? I know LCC is discouraging soakaways as they are polluting the water table. However there are so many innovative systems available for commercial entities even to the point where some of the water is recycled…this is not even a soak-away its raw sewerage… a proper efficient soak-away has worms and enzymes that digest the sewer and what is left is just water after passing through a couple of treatment tanks.

    • @Jay Jay you sound like you got so much knowledge on everything including manure.
      Sewage tankers look like Chibuku tankers. Just use those Chibuku tankers to go round pumping out septic tanks, and take to someone sewage farms where they play with it like @Jay Jay is explaining.
      I just paid $30 last month, the guy I use just show up every year beginning of spring, pump out and leave bill under my front door.
      Some one jump on that business.

    • Yes I know so much about sustainable solutions …there are so many efficient soakaways in Europe even have a small pumps in them and need to restocked with worms every 5 years if needed…they clean the system what is drained out doesn’t pollute the water table that you can spread soak away pipes right under your lawn.
      Gov’t needs to remove duty on these innovative technology or encourage it to replicated in Zambia.

  3. At times we should praise PF government for turning this country’s sewer systems into our daily bread and butter.
    It seems PF leadership have a thick material of insulation on their skull not listen and compare from its citizen and others countries like Botswana,Rwanda and Ethiopia.
    money have been paid to PF hand-picked contractors on work the drain system but still Lusaka is experiencing floods and blocked sewer.
    Meanwhile ,PF cadres when talking blocked sewer they will say there a tarmac road Makeni very illogical comparison. People are suffering ,but there will say is okay because poverty is every way. They are behaving like heterosexual meaning one is marriaged to a woman at home and other wife(man) as a girlfriend . They defend PF political and economical administration…

  4. They defend PF political and economical administration ,meanwhile at home their families are passing through poverty and high cost of living

  5. In the developments south of Lusaka, Twangale etc, they use septic tanks which are emptied regularly by sewage disposal companies who take the sewage to sewage ponds. I have no doubt Foxdale can do the same if the council did not give them a permit to use soakaways. No excuses whatsoever will be accepted when there are alternatives.

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