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The National Dialogue: PF’s Commitment To Democracy And Constitutionalism

Columns The National Dialogue: PF's Commitment To Democracy And Constitutionalism

Patriotic Front -PF- Secretary General Hon Davies Mwila
Patriotic Front -PF- Secretary General Hon Davies Mwila


By Hon Davies Mwila_


The enhancement of Democracy and good governance internally and externally is a crucial component of the Patriotic Front Manifesto as we implement the Seventh National Development Plan (7NDP).

The 7NDP is a building block formulated to meet the goals contained in the Vision 2030 which is a long-term plan that expresses the aspirations of the Zambian people to live in a strong and dynamic, middle income industrial nation that provides opportunities for improving the wellbeing of all.

Vision 2030 embodies values of socio-economic justice underpinned by the principles of: Democracy and Good Governance among others.

A robust and coherent constitution is pivotal to Democracy and Good Governance.


It is in this regard that His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu having assented to the National Dialogue Bill on 9th April 2019 is scheduled to launch the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) on April 25th 2019.

The National Dialogue Bill is a significant milestone as it paves way for the establishment of the NDF whose mandate will be to propose amendments to the Constitution in a transparent manner with maximum citizen and stakeholder input.

Proposals for amendment will also include historical contentious aspects such as the Electoral Law, Public Order Act and Political Parties Bill.

In line with the Law, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has appointed Professor Muyunda Mwanalushi a venerated academician as chairperson of the National Dialogue Forum subject to ratification by the forum.

Another luminary, Mr Patrick Chisanga, has also appointed as Secretary to the forum by the Secretary to the Cabinet. Mr Chisanga brings with him vast experience in leadership and governance issues. His ratification will also be subject to ratification by the delegates to the forum in accordance with the Law.

The Patriotic Front Government of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is committed to a transparent and participatory process; self -seeking saboteurs, enemies of progress and malicious detractors of the process will not be condoned.

We find it tragically ironic that some opposition political parties that have institutionalised dictatorship and do not practice internal democracy, and shun dialogue amongst themselves with their own Vice Presidents, are portraying themselves as the patron saints of democracy and exclusive fountains of wisdom in good governance. Their need for intra-party democracy and internal dialogue appears to be more desperate than dialogue with others. They need to wash their hands before they can lecture others about clean hands. It is strange that these same political Party’s _Life Presidents_ are vitriolic in their opposition of the National Democratic Forum.

Those who will stay away should therefore restrain themselves from casting aspersions against those who will participate. The Zambian people do not subscribe to constant petty bickering and splitting of hairs; but they want the Governance and Electoral reforms as soon as possible and the Patriotic Front through the leadership of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has facilitated the necessary legal frame work.

It is also worth noting that during a recent sitting, the Patriotic Front Government through Cabinet Chaired by President Edgar Lungu also recently approved for publication and introduction in Parliament, the Electoral Commission of Zambia – ECZ- (Amendment) Bill, 2019.

The objectives of the Bill are to revise the functions of the Commission and revise the procedure for the removal of a member of the Commission. The proposal to amend the current ECZ Act is aimed at adopting international best practice regarding the functions of the Commission. This is particularly significant because the Act is currently silent on the qualifications and security of tenure of the members of the commission.

It is vital for the Commission to be streamlined and harmonised with the Electoral Process Act No. 35 of 2016, for purposes of clarity and ease of reference.

This just goes to show how the Patriotic Front Administration under the guidance of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu- a Senior Lawyer himself is committed to addressing, by consensus Electoral Reforms, Public Order Act and other historical contentious aspects of our country’s Constitution, in order to enhance Democracy and Constitutionalism in Zambia.


However, it is not just on the national stage that the Patriotic Front Government of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is committed to enhancing Democracy and Good Governance.

It has after-all been said “Charity begins at home”.

The credibility of a political party’s democratic credentials is ultimately a function of the existence, extent and functionality of its intra-party democracy and internal governance systems.

As we have stated before, Patriotic Front stands heads and shoulders above every other political party in Zambia not only in terms of our commitment to Good Governance and Democracy on the national stage through avenues such as the National Democratic Forum; but also in terms of our uncompromised devotion to Intra-party democracy as well.


As His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu highlighted in his opening speech at the recent Elective PF Copperbelt Province Party Conference:

“Let me remind you and through you, all our members across this great nation that as Patriotic Front no one can dare challenge us when we say we remain Zambia’s most Democratic Party, incomparable to none. Show me a Democratic Party in Zambia and I’ll show you Patriotic Front!”

“Patriotic Front, at an intra-party level has always gone back to the people to renew its mandate. All structures from the Section, Branches, Wards, Constituencies, Districts, Provinces and Central Committee are subjected to regular and free intraparty democratic elections, a feature so alien in some Parties which still enjoy life Presidency.”

The President of the Patriotic Front – who is also the Head of State further said;

“Even when the darkest cloud hovered over Patriotic Front after the death of our colossus, President Michael Chilufya Sata, it was intraparty democracy which birthed his successor in the name of Edgar Chagwa Lungu. In other Political Parties, just my name which comes from a different part of Zambia as that of our founding leader could have prevented me from standing here today as your President. It was not tribal or material consideration that got us to be here today, it was the values we have held on to as a Party since inception: Oneness beyond tribe, religion, gender or colour. If Edgar Chagwa Lungu, with an Eastern heritage could contest in intraparty elections and succeed Michael Chilufya Sata, a northerner, then every Zambian from every tribe can be assured that Patriotic Front has a place for them to aspire and contest too.”

President Lungu’s observations are sober reminder of what holds the Patriotic Front together-democracy.

While some political figures have cooked and manipulated their party constitutions to ensure themselves an _“indefinite Tenure”_ in their personalised political party that has never held any intra party elections for more than two decades, PF is constantly driven by entrenched democratic principles at all levels, in all parts of Zambia.

And while Tribe, Region and Ethnicity is an institutionalised determinant of leadership in some political parties, Patriotic Front has stimulated a sense of ownership and belonging by the majority poor and ordinary Zambians across the social strata nationwide.


PF is fervently committed to the Rule of Law and Constitutionalism. We look forward to the National Dialogue Forum as it will enhance existing political stability which is a prerequisite for attracting local and foreign investment and generally improving Zambia’s socio-economic environment.

As we look to attaining the goals of Vision 2030 through the implementation of 7NDP, Zambia under the Patriotic Front Government of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is enhancing her credentials as a truly democratic state governed by the rule of law.

The Author is Patriotic Front Secretary General

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  1. “PF fervently committed to the rule of law!!”……………..My foot! Go tell this to ignorant people

    • All PF MPs and Ministers are Dishonoured swines. None of them has an iota of concern for poors.

      May the Almighty Lord take them to hell, where they shall rot in eternal fire along with their concubines, wives, children and relatives as none of them is standing up to them and telling them to stop robbing the state exchequer

  2. ‘…We find it tragically ironic that some opposition political parties that have institutionalised dictatorship and do not practice internal democracy, …’

    Mwila, PF is threatening any one with GBH , grievous bodily harm, who wants to challenge your alpha and omega , lungu , for the PF presidency like Fube, is that what you call democracy????

  3. I might be in the minority but I feel this National dialogue is a fruitless exercise.

    I’m a phd holder



    • Mushota when you divorce your scottish Lord, do not marry a Zambian politician. Stay where you are. zambia is destined to be treading Zimbabwe path, Kwacha will be million kwacha to a dollar. Happy Christmas times K1,000,000 to 1 dollar

  4. Most of the PF deeds are very embarrassing. If the PF had behaved well there was no need to amend some Laws. The Public Order Act is the most abused, it’s very embarrassing that even MPs have to be arrested for visiting their Constituents. The church hasn’t been spared, shame on you!

    • That is right, and all this with lungu who claims to be a lawyer , watching over the unprecedented abuse of opposition. Lungu was a lawyer for crooks and thief’s who he eate with

      Safe to say if mmd brutalised the opposition like how lungu did , PF would not be in power

    • Ayatollah, your name tells about you. Keep your fundamentalism away from Christian nation. You stink with your beliefs and cult.

  5. Not this f**k again
    Tell us who wrote your grade 12 exam on your behalf and did he pass? …Who wrote this piece for you?
    Kindly leave constitutional matters to men and women with the grooming for them,we beg you.
    Ba edger took the baton from ba Sata and set for the opposite direction (the starting line).
    Zambia twasebana.

  6. Ba Mwila , mwilabepa abantu , what democracy are u talking about in your corrupt party with your corruty thief President to the core . u cant fool people anymore , people are intelligent than u shallow thinking mwila . it was only a couple of days ago when KBF announced that he wanted to challenge LUNGU for the PF presidency at your conference but look at the way senior party officials started coming out with regards to KBF s intentions, they came up with all sorts of insults and threats towards KBF , can you call that democracy in the party . when we flash back and look at the way LUNGU ascended to the PF presidency, was he democratically elected at your conference, that was a shame election . LUNGU is worst ever president zambia has ever had in its history . God please…

    • Dudelove
      How they fail to listen i fail to understand. PF if you think normal people can listen to Mwila,think again,it is like ZNBC,believe me no reasonable person can switch on to their channel,this tactic of marginalizing the opposition is working against you,even when there is something important coming from you only your cadres like Kamba,Commando 1 will have time for it,the rest are waiting for 2021,for your information i have not read Mwila’s article, change for your own sake…

  7. I have never seen an article from PF about the economy of Zambia. I might be wrong, but all I see is politics. Mwila are you aware that the kwacha is now 12.56 to a dollar. RB left it at 4.8. PFs enemy is not UPNDC but the economy. Focus most of your energy on the economy. There is time for politic and time to work.

    • You are preaching to people who wont listen their preoccupation right now is 2021,whilst they ignore the plight of the citizens, somehow athey think they will win God help them


    • Never use the word moral or moraly upright in the same sentence as PF,what they know is Great Leader,ukubomba mwibala and other socially retrogressive things, meanwhile time is ticking….they have less than 900 days on the gravy train…

  9. Thank you sir for updating us.Are you aware that your government retired alot of zambians in public and national interest based ethnic hate camouflaged as accusations of political participation? Are you aware that your government swiftly went to replace the fired colleagues without a single advert running and all the replacements were from one region.Sir are you aware that ethnic cleansing is a crime against humanity?

  10. The moral corruption of PF is unrelenting…….inyet they are supposed to be lead by a lawyer….

    Singing about their so called convention with their LT supporters yet they threaten anyone who wishes to challenge lungu !!! Meaning it is a fake convention, all challengers have been scared off with violence like K Fube

  11. Everything thing written in the article is TRUE.


    UPND chaps are mentally deranged.

    UPND has no right to preach democracy in Zambia.

  12. The same UPND warned Zambians about the worst economy under PF govt, exactly what is obtaining on ground . Now who has mental derangement? Akasaka ka bunga almost K150.

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