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Inonge Wina out of SA Hospital

Headlines Inonge Wina out of SA Hospital

Vice President Inonge Wina
Vice President Inonge Wina

Vice President Mrs. Inonge Mutukwa Wina has been discharged from hospital.

This was after completing her treatment for a cardiac condition and undergoing a medical check up.

Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya said Mrs Wina is remarkably well with all the cardiac parameters within the normal range.

Dr Chilufya said Mrs Wina, who is in a jovial mood, will rest at a hotel pending her return home in the next few days.

Yesterday Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya revealed that Vice President Mrs Inonge Wina has been evacuated to South Africa for a medical check up after she fell ill.

Dr Chilufya stated that Mrs Wina was first evacuated to UTH where a multidisciplinary medical team competently treated her for a heart condition.

He stated that President Lungu visited Mrs Wina at UTH and commended the team of specialists for competently attending to her.

Dr Chilufya that in order to consolidate the scheduled review and the anticipated short recuperation period, the President has facilitated her evacuation for a thorough medical checkup.

Dr. Chilufya said that Mrs Wina who was in high spirits was seen off at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport by himself, the Minister in the Vice Presidents Office Sylvia Chalikosa and acting Secretary to the Cabinet Mr Patrick Kangwa among other senior government officials.



  1. She should step down and let someone else be appointed. People love money More than their own lives. You will still die and live the money.

    • You can count on one hand people who have resigned from government without being forced by circumstances – most nothing to do with health issues; I think of such as VJ Mwaanga when there were allegations of misconduct, Mwanawasa when he was not impressed with stuff going on in government, and our Kalaba when he noticed stuff that apparently he couldn’t stomach anymore… On the other hand health-wise most wait for nature to take its course and now with fantastic words like “high spirits”, “multidisciplinary”, “state and private visit to such and such”, “jogging”. Fili uko tuleya mwana yama… mum is here; need to leave the keyboard!!!

    • I am very happy to hear that she is well. Without you mama, things would not be the same for Zambia. Keep healthy mama. We need you to retire honorably!

    • I hope they are not the ones that gave her Tea that was poisoned and raised her heart beat!
      Wina is vulnerable and has been surrounded by strange people that cannot ordinarily be interested in her good health.
      Chitalu wants her job and knows he would be the one taking over if anything happened to her; Chalikosa Katwishi.
      Wina should not close her eyes to reality and should have at least one person who means well for her at all times!

    • Sh.ithole Dr. Chilufya, which cardiac parameters cannot be measured in Zambia at UTH? And what was the purpose of this one-day vacation trip that cost Zambian taxpayers money, only to confirm what UTH had already confirmed before repatriating her to SA?

    • How much has this medical tourism cost the Zambian taxpayer ?Next she will be campaigning for PF in a by-election.In high spirits indeed!

    • Zampost workers 6 months no pay, yet this old woman has travelled to India and South Africa in the last three months with expenses that cost more than the Zampost 6 month wage bill.

    • A team of Zambians doctors had seen her at UTH but the foolish President and has no confidence in them including their minster Chi Dr Chilufya …so now that’s more money being wasted on the old hen who will now stay in 5 star SA Hospital whilst people are waiting to see a doctor in rural areas.

    • A team of Zambians doctors had seen her at UTH and treated the old hen but the foooolish President has no confidence in them including their minster Chi Dr Chilufya …so now that’s more money being wasted on the old hen who will now stay in 5 star SA Hospital whilst people are waiting to see a doctor in rural areas.

    • There for, living in diaspora is a great thing since a great hospital is only 5 km for my house and within 10 km are the specialists I prefer located. ECL need to stop asking us to get back home to help him balance his shortfall BUDGET caused by theft and corruption. How many years after independence.

  2. Nice to hear she’s better. But Chilufya is a very dull chap. If she was competently attended to by the local doctors why was she evacuated then? Just say the hospital has no capacity.

  3. But why evacuate at the expense of the country considering the condition the minister describes… There are hundreds of other zambians in rural areas that need to be brought to UTH to get specialist treatment at a fraction of the evacuation cost.

    • Well, my take is that Government did not want fingers pointed at it in case the worst happened (God forbid) to the VP after only being attended to by UTH doctors.

      Are we not the same people that would have cried foul to the Government for not affording the VP the ‘best medical care’ had the worst happened whilst she was at UTH?

    • Iwe @Jean Bonheur,
      There is nothing worse that would have happened……you are just giving them the same lame excuses so that they can continue wasting taxpayers money. When mam Inonge was evacuated, UTH the same Dr Chilufya confirmed she was okay, but they wanted to make sure she gets a rest. It’s a vacation !!!
      What happened to those who were evacuated, if they were meant to die, they will and no evacuation will prevent that. Sorry for being harsh, but that is the reality. I know someone started this “evacuation business”, now there is no one with balls between their legs to stop it, for fear of being accused of having not “evacuated them”

  4. Am so amused to hear that the whole of the UTH MDT decided that the patient should be “evacuated” to South Africa for medical reviews !!! What is it that the Zambian cardiologists couldn’t do for this patient ? What medical equipment is required to keep such patients alive? The money spent on “evacuating” to foreign hospitals and hotels could be spent on purchasing much needed equipment for all Zambian patients and not for a few minorities !!
    We hear about the influx of Chinese in Zambia, surely there are some very good cardiologists amongst the chinese doctors and since they are so advanced with technology, can’t they provide Zambian hospitals with equipment?
    Where is the logic here ? Minister of health and the Finance minister, what’s going on ??? How can you even be proud of…

    • Don’t look for logic in what these are people doing……fikopo fye or they are doing these evacuations for a purpose

  5. announcing to the national such embarrassing news ?? The whole culture of paying extortionate funds for medical treatment abroad should be abolished once and for all !! We need fair health care accessible for all Zambians !!

    • Welcome home mama Wina, no amount of money is worth the half of your value to Zambia.

      Us patriots are very happy at this happy news as you are our most valuable asset. God Bless your every hour.

  6. #1.7 Gay Jay, it was the correct thing to evacuate our Inonge. Out of reach of the evil.l trib.als who sleep at the graveyard
    You have seen the comments of your fellow trib.als when they heard that she was not well. One trib.al even wished that she does not come back…. sick and evil.l!!

  7. Madam Inonge, God.bless you and grant you many more happy.birthdays.
    Remember to ignore the trib.als, don’t let them raise your blood pressure count, leave the trib.als to me, I know how to deal with them
    In fact they will be off the scene not too long from now, to sleep at a mukuni graveyard forever….. kikikikikikiki …..

  8. #8 Just comment about the specific subject please !! Stop the usual , sickening tribal politics . You seem to enjoy including tribal issues each time you comment and it makes you sound like the real tribalist . Can you not see how unfair your health care system is in Zambia ? Maybe you don’t care about the poor citizens ???

    • Enlightened – Its best you just ignore that attention seeking grotesque blogger …he will post under various names seeking attention everyday. He has no shame…no one wants to engage with the moron even sober minded PF bloggers keep their distance…just ignore the moron he is a product of lustful incest!!

  9. Rest is necessary immediately she arrives home. She is lucky because there is no bye-election within 90 days. From India she went straight to Roan for campaign then UTH now South Africa. How can she be evacuated to South Africa for medical Check Up. She was evacuated because she was very sick and she went for treatment not medical check up.

  10. why can’t she just retire and enjoy her pension money with her great grand children? This wasteful expenditure of our meager resources must come to an end !!

  11. Gogo Inonge Wina just retire and rest at your farm. You have done your part. Heart problems do not require stressful jobs such as yours.Afterall you have made your money

  12. This is medical tourism sanctioned by Mr Lungu who has no political will of improving UTH so that people like Inonge can no longer cost Zambians bus loads of hard earned tax payers money .

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