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UPND Convenes in South Africa to raise Funds for 2021 General Elections

Headlines UPND Convenes in South Africa to raise Funds for 2021 General ...

UPND  National Chairperson for Stategy and Mobilization, Sylvia Masabo addressing UPND Members
UPND National Chairperson for Stategy and Mobilization, Sylvia Masabo addressing UPND Members

The Opposition United Party for national Development (UPND) convened at Sandton Conference Centre, with about 200 hundred UPND members from three countries for a Mobilization Conference organised by the UPND South Africa 2021 Chapter.

The mobilisation conference which was graced by party Secretary General Stephen Katuka drew about 30 participants from Zambia, 4 leaders from Botswana and the rest came from within South African being the host country.

Mr Katuka said the initiative of SA 2021 Chapter to mobilise for UPND on the South African soil was not a new thing in as far as politics was concerned in Southern Africa.

“The Africa National Congress (ANC) set up base on the Zambian soil to mobilize the party during the liberation struggle of Southern Africa. ANC took advantage of our peace and stability to strategise and mobilise the party from Zambia and it worked.

Therefore, the SA 2021 Chapter is in order to moblise for the UPND from here in the rainbow nation. We need to take advantage of the strong economy and some opportunities available in South Africa to mobilize for 2021,” Katuka said.

The UPND SA 2021 Chapter Chairperson, Bizwell Mutale invited Hounorable Romeo Kang’ombe to the front and said that his victory in Sesheke was an example of the sweet presidential victory that shall be delivered in 2021 by UPND for the people of Zambia.

“Through this mobilisation conference, we are gathering momentum for 2021 and our wheels are steadly turning on a journey whose final destination is Sate House.

When you are buying a car, you dont just buy a car for the sake of it; you look for a brand that represents your image. Undoubtedly, president Hakainde Hichilema, is a great brand that represents the type of leadership the people of Zambia need today.”

And speaking at the same function, National Chairperson for Stategy and Mobilization, Sylvia Masabo described the UPND SA 2021 Chapter as one among the best in terms of visibility in party work, and patriculary in mobilization efforts.

She said the major patners in the effort to mobilize membership for the party were through the departments of Youth and Women Affairs, especially.

“Women and Youths are very interested in voting because they feel the brant of bad governance and the sitation under the PF has digenerated to unpreccedented low levels.

In terms of comparison from 1964 to date, the current PF government, stands out as the worst administration Zambia has had since independence and people who are suffering the most are women and youths,” said Masebo.

If the department of Staragey and Mobilisation is not working well enough in UPND it shall be very difficult to win any elections, especially the 2021 presidential and general elections.

Masebo also emphasized that if the mobilization efforts being done by SA 2021 Chapter were replicated by the party in Zambia from branch to National level, UPND could have easily been winning every election.

“The function of Mobiliation cuts across all sectors inncluding the Media Depeartment becuase though media, we can be heard and be seen, and people make a decision to vote based on what they hear and see in a political party.

An effective media department in the UPND is critical in the sucess of mobilisation. Without an effective media department, mobilization shall low down and possibly drind to a halt.” Masebo said.

She also quoted the statement made by UPND President Hakainde Hichilema on 27th February 2021 regarding mobilization.

Quote; ” We are here to ensure that we are organised to win the elections in 2021. Although we won the elections, both in 2015 and 2016 presidential and general elections, we have to ensure that we are ready to protect the vote so that we do not just win the elections but we should be able to take over the government; and taking over govenment includes ensuring that we are sworn in.

The leadership of the party must understand and articulate the reasons why the people should support and join the UPND. This is also true for those of our members, you must understand what the party will do once in govenment. In short understand your party policies, namifesto and programs,” Unquote.

And National Chairperson in charge of Youth Affairs, Likando Mufalali told the gathering that the party was not seeking change of government out of jelousy but in the sense of restoring hope and dignity for the people of Zambia.

“For us to win the 2021 elections we have to be very simple and very objective too. As UPND Youths our job must be that of teaching people and not to compete in singing campaign songs and chanting political slogans.

Our focus should be about teaching people regarding what has gone wrong in the country to eneble them appreciate why voting for UPND and our beloved President HH is the only option Zambians have in 2021,” said Mufalali.

And Sesheke Central lawmaker Honourable Romeo Kango’mbe thanked SA 2021 Chapter for endorsing the candidature of president Hakainde for 2021 adding that he saw no other leader capable to lead the party as of now.

“If UPND is to form government in 2021, there is no another leader as at now other than president Hakainde Hichilema and I thank the Chapter for endordsing his candidature for 2021,” Hon. Kangombe said.

Earlier, the Secretary General of SA 2021 Chapter, Ishmael Chong’ombe explained that they had a specific mission with a spacific target in mind.

He said that the key to effective mobilisation is to get involved is all activities and and grow the party from strenght to strength to strenght . Already, there shall be the Anderson Mazoka Soccer Tournament on 11 May 2021 in Johannesburg.

It was very encouraging to see Lazarous Mulenfwe a 19 year old Zambian Student at Water College take a solo lead in singing the South African National Anthem at the opening of the Mobilization Conference.

Among some notable persons present was Macenje Mazoka, the daughter of the founding president of the UPND. She is a Trustee – SA 2021 Chapter


  1. Ndipo the 2021 elections appear to be a very expensive affair. The voting plebs will be fed, clothed, feted and schmoozed silly!

    • Masebo is sick. She will pinch 20% of the collections as has been done by HH for decades. Boers have been funding his campaigns for over 15 years and he has been stashing half of that money in RSA and Channel Island.

      Bring the money back to Zambia and cage the buffoon Hakainde

    • HH is loaded with money. He is a lucky bastard, win or lose elections, he gets richer with every Presidential elections. He stashes a big chunk of Boer funding into his overseas accounts

      By the way Wina is struggling. She will not see her 79 birthday. Who takes over as VP of PF government?

    • Iwe Bizwell Mutale take it easy, Upnd belongs to the Tongas stop wasting your energy in the party where you can never ready. Bembas like ba Chisanga he was a very senior person he’s no where to be heard of, Banda vip is gone, mutati supported hh and Upnd he came back saying that party is evil and many more Bembas have left Upnd and not forgetting GBM. So ba Mutale if you don’t want to join PF please just stay home and look after your family if you have one. Because you’ll be so disappointed one day. Upnd fully belong the Tongas, all those non Tongas in Upnd are just been used and you Bizwell you’re one of them.

    • Atleast they were not auctioning HH clothes, like PF does.
      Even street kids like ka Nathan Chanda bought Ba Edgar’s bamba and a hat at K20000.

    • Katuta says ” The Africa National Congress (ANC) set up base on the Zambian soil to mobilize the party during the liberation struggle of Southern Africa. ANC took advantage of our peace and stability to strategise and mobilise the party from Zambia and it worked. ”

      Katuka has got it wrong. ANC was fighting for #Liberation & #Independence and the majority of its top leaders where exiled. So you cannot compare the two scenarios.

      Simply just say – we are raising money from foreign entities. Zambia is a free country. Dont paint it the opposite.

      IF HH IS NO MORE (may God forbid) does it mean that UPND will be dead without a leader??????

      And Sesheke Central lawmaker Honourable Romeo Kang’ombe thanked SA 2021 Chapter for endorsing the candidature of president Hakainde for 2021 adding that he saw no other leader capable to lead the party as of now.
      “If UPND is to form government in 2021, there is no another leader as at now other than president Hakainde Hichilema and I thank the Chapter for endordsing his candidature for 2021,” Hon. Kang’ombe said.

  2. Hopefully you raise enough money and become independent of HH cash and then hold a true convention and elect a true leader other than you cult or Tong a faction leader call Hh

  3. Satanist gathered in South Africa to see how they will capture Zambia.
    You will come and meet us here in Zambia

  4. #1.2 Hitole (of a t-bull) & #2.1 jade, if you must know we are not short of leaders in Zambia but for now we still have our beloved Inonge and being decent Zambians we wish her well. Remember that is what sets us apart from trib.als: trib.als are naturally? evil and the rest of us Zambians are doves.

  5. Kikikikikikiki …….. the trib.als can raise all the funds in the world but what matters to us majority sensible Zambians is the trib.al genesis of the trib.al upnd since 2006 complete with a trib.ally annointed unelected “leader” and trib.al aspirations.

    Trib.al politics is the albatross around the neck of the trib.al upnd. Until the trib.al perception is addressed, trib.al upnd goes nowhere. Window dressing and appointing idoits and fellow trib.als like GBV and trib.al Chimbwili will not blind Zambians to who trib.al upnd really is

  6. ……When they were overconfident during 2016 campaigns they dropped their guard and really exposed their trib.al principles, remember Munk.omb.we at a rally in Cho.ma? He repeated Ack.son Se.jani and unguardedly Trib.al Hacks even warmly embraced him!!! Remember the voting pattern in Dundumwezi? We remember everything you trib.als said during the 2916 and other campaigns. While PF were dancing to useless but harmless Dununa reverse, trib.al upnd were exposing examples of how much harm they would do to Zambian unity if they got their evi.l trib.al wishes!!

  7. The only worry is, the fundraising taking place in a foreign country and the secretary general saying it’s not new in southern african countries, and further comparing organisations such as ANC of South Africa which sat camp in zambia during the liberation struggle for that country. If you compare these two scenarios, there is a very big difference. What were the prevailing conditions in SA then and what are the conditions prevailing in Zambia today that can warrant to set camp in foreign countrires?

  8. The Satamic cult will never see the corridors of power!
    Selling our country to the Boers ahead of 2021? Akainde is really under pressure. This is massive desperation.

  9. And pf belongs to bembas and esterners so what happens to the Western, north western and central province muzo

  10. Not all members of upnd are Tonga but almost all Tongas are upnd! That’s your handicap ba dundumwezi, not funds.You can raise trillions and trillions of dollars but as long as upnd remains a Tonga cult with Hakainde at the helm, you’ll forever remain winners on Facebook.

  11. This is why I HATE this political party because it’s not after improving the lives of Zambians as they claim BUT for ANGLO AMERICANS to come after our minerals.
    Sad that he has produced unnumbered demons that are “TOO BLIND “ to see and learn.

  12. The late Chanda Chimba 3 with his program “stand up for Zambia “sent every evil word against the the late Sata on the national broadcaster for every Zambian to hear.One of the untrue things he kept saying was that when Sata gets to power, he would advance homosexuality. At some point (though I was a fun of Sata) I believed. When Sata became president, I saw it not coming to reality. Am no longer a fun of any political party but I don’t agree with sentiments against the opposition UPND leader. I have been listening to things about him most of it being said out of mere hate. Just like Sata, HH may not respond to most of these accusations just to show maturity. No-one will ever be loved by everyone and no-one will ever be hated by everyone. God bless Zambia

  13. Come on Madam Masebo, you WERE PF until your corrupt conduct had you booted out. Bitterness is not a firm foundation to build goodness from.

    Worst Administration? What about the UNIP era that bankrupted the country? Have you no irony? Our cherished President Kaunda is the longest surviving Zambian president if we had continued with one party state, he’d still be president today from 1964!

    I don’t understand the language of opposition. It’s often lies and worse simply defamatory of its honourable fellow politicians. It’s not the polite language of the learned, but savages. UPND is responsible for unacceptable tone in politics.

    • Masebo has been changing political parties the same way she changes men. She was MMD, went to BY’s ZRP, went back to MMD, then PF and now UPND. A modern day Jezebel

  14. The masses in the villages are starving due to poor rainfall in Southern province.Suerly that money can sink in boreholes to feed cattle,for once let us put our people first.

  15. Zambian government WAKE UP….this is all a ploy for UPND to launder / smuggle funds for their party into Zambia.
    Sylvia is a fundi in such transactions.
    She assisted / facilitated President Chiluba in a similar transaction in his early days of his Presidency. He developed confidence in her to an extent that he contemplated appointing her as / would have been Zambia’s first Republican Vice President in the aftermath of the infamous Captain Solo saga. It’s actually late President Sata then an insider in Chiluba’s administration that changed Chiluba’s mind and subsequently appointed Late General Tembo.

  16. My fellow Zambians , do you really have to exercise so much hatred towards your colleagues? The tribal comments against upnd are so sickening! What have they really done to you? They are simply Zambians who belong to another party, surely do you have to exercise so much hatred? Calling them witches, satanists , and so forth will never make our country better. Please Zambians, we need to learn to exist together. I am sure we can be more civilised. This tribalism and hatred won’t take us anywhere.

  17. I did not see Trib.al Hacks at KK’s birthday party today, did anyone spot him? I concluded that to miss such an auspicious occasion, Trib.al Hacks must hate the One Zambia One Nation slogan coined by KK. How can he miss such an occasion if he wants to rule Zambia? Can you imagine, five foreign heads of state had to fly in thousands of miles or kilometres and this trib.al cannot drive no more than 2 km? Awe mwebantu Trib.al Hacks is not fit to be President, he has no iota of unity in him just trib.al and hatred, pure evi.l. Maybe he should try to rule those trib.als in Sandton Johannesburg.

  18. Where did o this come from can someone please tell me so that we tackle this political hatred in kk 95 we lived with one Zambia and one nation chiluba come and went but were did we miss it, I am lungu my wife is HH and we have a daughter HH LUNGU the which tribe is our daughter

  19. The party mobilizing in South Africa.Selling the country to Afrikaners or Boers.It’s a party of one tribe unfortunately.I can’t trust this party coz of bitterness of members

  20. and you are complaining that Zambia is a dictatorship?
    the devil you know is better than the angel you have not seen.
    let us hope that the precedence is not set where opposition political parties are going all over the world fundraising to come and contest 2021. South Africa must repent for advocating gay rights

  21. THat is where they got it wrong.They should done the fundraising in Zambia so that they connect with the the people.But alas they go and dance on foreign soil in order to appeal to boers for funding.This money should not be brought home as it may be used for terrorist activities.It is a pretext and lets be warned.

  22. Who is going to be HH’s walking mate so that we can start ukumulepaula now now? GBM has already said he will dismantle all the UPND structures he created in muchinga, northern and luapula provinces. How are you going to win?

  23. Fundraising in South Africa did coincided with General Elections in the South Africa. It would be better to hold such fundraising events outside of the national election calendar of that country. It seems that UPND is desperate looking for visibility abroad. Visibility is activism. Activism in itself is for civil society. In the politics, the election campaign must be founded on a compelling manifesto. In the manifesto, policies must be articulated for the voters to be persuaded to vote for this particular political party and not the other political party. There is no need to draw South Africa into the ideological battles between UPND and PF. To be honest, the fundraising tour was provocative and uncalled for. Or is it sour grapes?

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