Effervescent electric violinist Caitlin De Ville is set to release her first covers collection after a huge European tour with Korpiklaani and Turisas. The album of covers is her first streaming release since 2017 and is to be released via Ostereo.

Caitlin De Ville has built a reputation as an outstanding and unique live act who has performed all over the world (28 countries, 5 continents)  Through her highly engaged YouTube channel, Caitlin has found a home for her performances with over 425,000 subscribers and over 100 million plays on her videos and counting.

Her sound – her movement – her playful style; there’s no mistaking Caitlin for a traditional violinist. Expect her to perform everything from Pop through Classic Rock to well-known Dance hits & her excellent original arrangements. Caitlin’s remarkable on-stage energy is the result of a long term love affair with popular and underground dance culture.

Covers Collection’ is a compilation of Caitlin’s covers from her popular YouTube channel, allowing her listeners to enjoy Caitlin’s music on all the major DSPs, which has been a popular request from her dedicated fan base. The tracks feature Caitlin’s characteristic sound and channel all the energy from her electric live performances. Including hits tracks such as ‘Despactio’, ‘Rockabye’ and ‘Shape Of You’, the Covers Collection is an album that shows off Caitlin’s unique natural talent.

The new covers album is just the start of a busy year for Caitlin, with a string of new original releases on the horizon, 2019 is set to be an exciting one for Caitlin De Ville.

1. 2U
2. Galway Girl
3. Rockabye
4. Shape of You
5. Despacito
6. Subeme La Radio
7. Alone
8. Hey DJ
9. The Middle
10. Crying in the Club
11. Something Just Like This
12. Attention

13. Youngblood
14. Don’t You Worry Child
15. Perfect Strangers
16. Mi Gente
17. Hey Ma
18. Particular
19. It Ain’t Me
20. Echame La Culpa
21. Me Enamore
22. Galamukani
23. What About Us
24. Wild Thoughts
25. Don’t Let Me Down
26. Mad Love
27. Colors
28. El Bano


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  1. ni nani uyu wine?. I’ve no clue and I have neither the energy nor the desire to google her and waste 2 minutes of my life. every minute counts lol
    is she big on the Zambian music scene?


    • Guys, she is Zambian born bred in Kitwe. She is internationally renowned as an excellent violinist. She has not denied a nation she was raised in and still resides but promotes herself as Zambian. Let’s support her!
      Her young brother was at Simba School in Ndola and is now a Professional Photographer in Kitwe if some know them?


  2. I stumbled upon her on YouTube playing the violin some months back and in the background, there was what appeared to be a Zambian flag. I had play back to make sense of the flag. I’m still not sure of what I saw.

    On the other had, I too like you @Mukolwe have neither the desire not the inclination to Google about her. She could very well be Zambian.


    • The ignorance of some people is mind-boggling! Caitlin De Ville is very Zambian. She was born in Chingola but grew up in Kitwe where completed her senior secondary education at Lechwe School.


  3. The ignorance of some people is mind-boggling! Caitlin De Ville is very Zambian. She was born in Chingola but grew up in Kitwe where completed her senior secondary education at Lechwe School.


  4. if you happen to know her well and good. those like myself who don’t know her don’t know her
    if i were really interested in her i would have googled her.. but i didn’t feel like it
    how is someone not knowing right away by looking at her that she’s Zambian born and raised mind boggling?


    • If every minute counts in your life, you sure are spending a lot of time commenting on someone you have no desire to know or care about. Why not just move on without all the negativity and nobody will care or know you where even here?

      I came across KaitIin on YouTube some years back and I have been following her music ever since. I think she is awesome and knows what she is doing. God bless you Kait!



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