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37 UPND MPs that have stayed away from the National Dialogue Forum risk being prosecuted

Headlines 37 UPND MPs that have stayed away from the National Dialogue...


National Dialogue Forum Chairperson Muyunda Mwanalushi says the 37 UPND Members of Parliament that have stayed away from the National Dialogue Forum risk being prosecuted.

Professor Mwanalushi said the MPs have committed an offence and the law will take its course.

He said in line with Article 17 of the NDF Act, the MPs may be fined penalty units not exceeding 50,000 or imprisonment not exceeding six months or both.

And Professor Mwanalushi said the request to extend the forum by two days will be adequate to deal with all outstanding matters on the republican constitution.

He said that there will be no need for any further extension of the process.

38 UPND Members of Parliament had had written to the NDF asking to be guided whether they must stay away or it is mandatory for them to attend.

National Democratic Congress Member of Parliament had also written to the forum asking to stay away because he had not been sworn in.

Meanwhile UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema yesterday indicated that the party will not impose any sanctions on MPs attending the Forum as that would sway the attention of Zambians on issues affecting the nation.

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    You will waste your time dealing with those walkaways. Ask speaker of the house how unruly, unpatriotic uncooperative and unrepresentative and unreasonable those bunch of misrepresentatives are. Wacky leaders. Had not been that they have brocken the law, I would have yelled pass.

  2. Who is telling the truth between the chaiman mwanalunshi and government spokesperson Dora, on znbc news Dora said on MPs from the south are not attending and what i know is that the south has only 18 Parliamentary seats , how has professor come up with 37 MPs? I need serious ruling on this.

  3. Every few years the constitution is changed just to advantage the ruling party. Please concentrate on real issues affecting the economy. Useless!!!

  4. This is not hidden story,UPND MPs ,Three church mother bodies and a few disgruntled civil society orgs had their usual illicitly night gathering to ensure that National Dialogue Forum must fail ,to their strange , the process took on.
    UPND MPs would have just participated this NDF ,definitely they would have lost nothing.
    Bitterness,hatred ,malice and their vile manners towards ECL /PF are all about HH and his tribal folks.

    • READ – what they are doing is Constitutional Amendment (after you made contributions to countrywide consultations) – NDF is just the name of the team.


  5. Which law? The law which conceals the wrong doings of the pf cadres/thugs who are busy butchering the opposition and stealing our monies…

  6. The Upnd MPs are the wrong representation to the people they represent. Shamonapo such a useless opposition

  7. How can you give people to dialogue, if I don’t agree with your agenda u don’t simply attend ,you can’t make such a jaw in a democracy ,thus us being childish on the part of the PF( pathetic fools)

  8. So from the picture which one is the dead MP?

    “Meanwhile UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema yesterday indicated that the party will not impose any sanctions on MPs attending the Forum as that would sway the attention of Zambians on issues affecting the nation.”

    Kikikikikikiki ………… kuwayawaya fye ba Trib.al Hacks.

  9. Just click the fuc’n trib.als away from sight, who needs them anyway? Not even their so called “strongholds”!!

    Unless you want to JUSTIFY “FAKE” PROCESS
    The NDF has achieved nothing because PF is in dialogue with itself.

    • They are not dialoguing – they are effecting the submissions that you made towards Constitutional Amendment – DEVELOP A HABIT OF READING.

  11. All NDF resolutions will be null and void because what they are doing is tantamount to treason – mutilating the Supreme Law of the Land without full participation of citizens! This is not supposed to be left to MPs alone! Some of them are too dull to understand issues and we cannot always hide in the name of “people’s representatives.” This gathering is meant to Legalize all the illegal Deeds in PF! Ministers who drew salaries while parliament was dissolved will be made to pay when your time comes! There is a court order to that effect which you must obey! Don’t say you were not warned when your time of reckoning comes!

  12. Let those MPs 2move freely nothing wrong have done & we hed Dora Silila said only southern province MPs who were missed now how come the number of UPND MPs is increasing to 37 ?
    PF government what thy a doing is wrong… † † † †

  13. According to Article 17 (1) of the NDF Act, ” a person commits an offence who, when required to attend before the forum or before a committee or to produce any document or supply any information that is required by the members –(a) absents oneself from a meeting or sitting of the forum or any committee without reasonable excuse and permission of the chairperson.”
    Whoever commits such an offence is liable to a fine of up to 50,000 penalty units or six months imprisonment or both. Since this is an Act of Parliament, I would like to believe that UPND MPs boycotting the NDF must have been involved in its enactment.

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