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21,500 hectares of land in Kawambwa offered to investors

Rural News 21,500 hectares of land in Kawambwa offered to investors

The Kawambwa Town Council has allocated 21,500 hectares of farms to new more large scale investors to diversify the local economy driven by agriculture, mining and tourism.

Kawambwa Council Chairperson, Kalumba Chifumbe said the district has continued to attract more large scale investment in order to create employment for the people, reduce poverty levels and grow the local economy.

Mr. Chifumbe said among the new investors that have been given land are; the Green 2000, Kashwini Investment, Luena Goat Scheme, Luapula Palm and Van Tek Valves.

He disclosed this during the First Ordinary Full Council meeting which was also attended by Pambashe Member of Parliament, Ronald Chitotela, Chief Munkanta and Chief Chama today.

And the National Heritage Conservation Commission has offered the Kawambwa Town Council to operate the Bar and Restaurant at Ntumbachushi Falls site.

This was contained in the Council Secretary, Isaac Mwale’ s report to the First Ordinary Full Council meeting.


  1. Why do we always rush to give land to anything that comes in the country and claims to be an investor, don’t tell me that land you have given out there is absolutely no one was occupying or using that land for other social and economic benefits, why can’t this locals own the land while the investors can pump in the finance ,do you know that the biggest taxi company in the world does not own taxi but has just partnered with taxi own, do you know that you can own cattle without owning a farm,

    • They steal in the name of investors.

      If title deeds are given, it will be 99 years before this land is released back to the citizens of our country.

  2. Not only a bar and restaurant , you also need to allow them to operate a guest house there.

  3. Oooh this country,@1 is thinking outside the box and some people are voting him down!! This land we are giving out “freely” ( of course corruptly,just look at the name of the MP/Minister involved) will make us slaves in our own country.His/her concern is genuine,what stake are the original traditional occupants going to have in the so called investment that will displace them!? We should be looking at them being automatic share holders in the investment other wise we are blaming to perpetual servitude and poverty! It’s a shame,We are losing our country!

  4. As long as land is given to zambians, we will have no quarrels. Land is a greatest asset any country can boast about. Let the so called investors partner with locals when it comes to land development. The 99yrs land lease given to foreigners is tantamount to selling our future and eventually our children will be slaves in their own country because we are wide awake robbing them the land ownership rights. Let us wake up.

  5. Investors with knowledge who know what to do with the land will add value to the Zambian economy, this is what turned the Country around after KK we must never forget this.

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