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NDC Youth Official died of Malaria and High Blood Pressure- Autopsy report

Headlines NDC Youth Official died of Malaria and High Blood Pressure- Autopsy report

Dr Kambwili and HH during the Church service for late Obed Kasongo at Northmead Assemblies of God.
Dr Kambwili and HH during the Church service for late Obed Kasongo at Northmead Assemblies of God.

A coroner’s report released after an autopsy was conducted on late NDC Lusaka District Youth Chairman Obed Kasongo has revealed that the deceased did not suffer any trauma at the time of his death.

The autopsy showed that Mr Kasongo was treated for Hypertension and Severe Malaria.

It further showed that had more than 1000 parasites seen on the microscopic slide (MP) slide.

The autopsy report also showed that the deceased had viral infections and suffered from Pulmonary Edema which can be caused by viral infections such as the hantavirus and dengue virus or exposure to certain toxins.

The results of the autopsy report also indicate that Mr Kasongo suffer from alcoholic liver disease with hepatic encephalopathy which is a result of liver failure.

And there was confusion leading up to the burial of Mr Kasongo on Saturday.

His relatives refused to have the post mortem conducted but some NDC officials insisted that they wanted to know what killed their colleague.

Police on the other hand also insisted that an autopsy was procedural given the amount of publicity the death of Mr Kasongo had generated.

Later on it was agreed that a Postmortem be conducted but the NDC insisted that only a private coroner should be allowed to do it.

Late in the afternoon, a private coroner was brought in to Levy Mwanawasa Hospital to conduct the procedure which revealed that the deceased did not suffer any trauma at the time of his death.

A funeral service was later on conducted at Northmead Assemblies of God Church around 16:30 Hours before proceeding to Leopards Hill Memorial Park where Mr Kasongo was buried around 19 Hours.

NDC President Chishimba Kambwili led party NDC members in paying their last respects to Kasongo who died on Tuesday.

UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema and other UPND members were at the funeral service held at Northmead Assemblies of God.

Mr. Kasongo is survived by a wife and nine children.

Pallbearers carrying late Obed Kasongo’s body
Pallbearers carrying late Obed Kasongo’s body

NDC Leader Chishimba Kambwili waves the party symbol at late Obed Kasongo’s body during body viewing at Northmead Assemblies of God
NDC Leader Chishimba Kambwili waves the party symbol at late Obed Kasongo’s body during body viewing at Northmead Assemblies of God

HH views the body of late Mr Kasongo during Church service at Northmead Assemblies of God
HH views the body of late Mr Kasongo during Church service at Northmead Assemblies of God

Family members lay flowers on the grave of Mr Kasongo at Memorial Park on Saturday evening.
Family members lay flowers on the grave of Mr Kasongo at Memorial Park on Saturday evening.

Mr Kasongo’s Children and other family members lay flowers on his grave at Memorial Park.
Mr Kasongo’s Children and other family members lay flowers on his grave at Memorial Park.

NDC Leader Chishimba Kambwili on the grave of Mr Kasongo at Memorial Park on Saturday evening
NDC Leader Chishimba Kambwili on the grave of Mr Kasongo at Memorial Park on Saturday evening

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    • We are building kilimanjaro out of a molehill. However I mourn with the bereaved family. May the soul of the departed in peace. Don’t start a fight because the person you want to fight may be a dying person.

    • Whatever the case… Bowman need face the law.
      Every time Lusambo goes in silence like toilet or bed he can hear the voice of Katongo say “…Bowman walanjipaya nine Kasongo”.
      Bowman says “…sorry boyi nakuchena…. boys stop, bena katongo kanshi”.

    • Abena Kasongo when coming from drinking with Lusambo could sing.. “Tukafwa fye ku manga teku makofi…”

    • Comment on Coroners report on Zambia Watchdog:

      To some extent, Cardiac arrest can be caused by a trauma such as the one sustained by the deceased. One doesn’t need to be a clinician to understand that irregular (obstruction) supply of blood to the heart can cause death. I quote from a UK Government Journal: “Abstract. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is an important cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. TBI patients frequently suffer from lung complications and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), which is associated with poor clinical outcomes”. Source – www(dot)ncbi(dot)nlm.nih(dot)gov/pmc/articles/PMC5756968/

      Lusambo and his cohorts should be arrested immediately.

      Aluta Contua

    • RIP.
      I am reading this report with skepticism, I am not a medical doctor, but just my common sense there is a lot that is not mentioned here. I don’t know whether its LT reporting that picked out a few things that they wanted their readers to hear or simply a bad job by the private coroner.
      No mention of injury that this man sustained. No mention how long this man had BP. This whole report raises some questions than clarification.

    • That autopsy report I read is grossly inaccurate and deficient in information. I wonder what kind of professional would write such a report.

    • RIP once again
      Intelligent beings don’t just talk and mumble.
      We now have learnt more than what we can chew.
      Bownan Lusambo is as innocent as he claimed.
      Legal practitioner Akafumba should undergo another ZIALE exam. CKinsultor lied and as usual used his foul mouth to defame an innocent man Lusambo.
      What next for Lusambo. Guilty until proven innocent by an autopsy.

    • How many deaths is it going to take for LAZY LUNGU to show himself at a press conference….you can not just sit back when such allegations are being thrown about…you are a Head of State not just a Party President.

    • We always fact checked poor CKinsultor diarrhea narrative. So skewed and dangerous. I have always warned CKarrogance that his wild claims, allegations on his running mouth are always live evidence. Live on youtube. Incriminating bluffs.
      I can’t imagin such a liar getting back to Government again. Never!
      Sue CKinsultor. CK is a bluff. What a freak!
      BLUFF means:
      an attempt to deceive someone into believing that one can or is going to do something.
      synonyms: deception, subterfuge, pretence, sham, fake, show, deceit, false show, idle boast, feint, delusion, hoax, fraud, masquerade, charade; trick, stratagem, ruse, manoeuvre, scheme, artifice, machination; humbug, bluster, bombast, bragging.

    • Politicians….even death becomes something useful to gain Political mileage….at the of the day we all heading home to be with the Lord….and by the way Mr Kasongo was buried around 19 hrs…..thats at night

    • Politicians are big pretenders….acting all sorrowful like they really care for the people….and once they get into the State House they start acting like devils just like the so called humble President Lungu…. not humble anymore now flying around in a Private jet and yet people are dying in hospitals due to luck of medical supplies

    • Being a self appointed Coroner my findings are that he died on behalf of the mosquito who bit him with an iron bar when he was dreaming and saw an invisible minister in a company of fellow die hard mosquitoes who cannot die or be arrested because mosquitoes in this country are the beginning and the end of law.

    • NDC and others should consider having the coroner prosecuted privately otherwise this pattern will grow as we head towards 2021.

    • The doctor didn’t see the cracked skull so how can you who’s thousands of kilometers away see it. The postmortem was conducted in the presence of Kambwili so if there was a cracked skull Kambwili would have pointed it out HEY DOC, WHAT ABOUT THIS CRACK. But it wasn’t there and only a marathon of assorted diseases were discovered as the cause of the mort.

  1. We must all respect the Doctor’s report and not what dull Kambwili and HH think because these two always politicise everything in Zambia!!!
    Looking at the pictures above,one would agree with GBM 100% who recently said “HH would eat matuvi if he is told that the matuvi will take him to state house”.Today HH sees Kambwili as a conveyorbelt to plot one though he does not know that he is playing with fire!!!This is the same Kambwili who told the world that tongas would reject Jesus Christ in Southern and vote for a fellow tonga!!Sadly since HH has a very short memory,he has forgotten evil words from CK.But a Leopard is a Leopard.CK can pretend now,however his true colours shall come out anytime and start painting HH black the way GBM is doing now!!!

  2. Ba HH I hope when a PF cadre is killed you will also attend his burial. Or better still why don’t you attend all burials since you have the interest of Zambians at heart. Otherwise this is just a political gimmick.

    • Yes I hate him and I will not hide that fact. He is a pretender. How can Kambwili become his friend? We know how your party used itemize the crimes that Kambwili used to commit as minister. But because of your desperation for power all that doesn’t matter. Do you know how monster Frankenstein was created? If you know then you must know what would happen if somehow Kambwili helped HH come to power.

    • Same way Lungu attended the funeral of that UPND lady shot in the head by PF police? Oh wait, he did not. Let us not have double standards bane, very childish.

    • So all politicians now should chase away people they had differences with even if those same people come to propose an alliance? Are you sure you understand how politics work or you just hate HH so much that you have a whole new set of standards just for him? Because he is not the first politician to embrace people who he spoke out against. Using your logic then you are supposed to hate all past presidents, both in opposition and ruling parties. Your hatred for HH is just personal mune, do not lie using those bogus reasons. Could be you are just jealous of his success, could be because of his tribe, thats for you to know but the fact is it is just personal hatred for a man you do not even personally know and that is just sad coz your little hate will not diminish what he has achieved in…

    • Dude you’re the one who’s 12 years old because you don’t judge by yourself. If HH recruits a jailbird it’s ok because this is what politics is about. I’ll tell you if I was a member of the PF I would have left the party because it has accepted GBM in its ranks. Because of your mentality we shall never have a clean government.

    • Dude love I hope you don’t feed on the droppings from HH. I don’t envy what he has. I have got my own houses, farm and vehicles which are enough for me. What I have feed me and entertain me. No matter what HH may have he still remains an ordinary human being with the same end as everyone else. You don’t hate people because they are rich but because of their stoopidity

    • Ba Ndanje tata, I do not know HH personally or are connected to him in anyway, I just support him because he is fighting to remove this PF animal that is killing Zambians with the way they are destroying the economy which is a fact considering all economic indicators are showing it. Somehow you choose to side with them and hate a person who has had no impact on the life of the ordinary Zambian. How he does his politics has no impact on the exchange rate and on the high cost of living that is crushing the masses. But in your wisdom, HH bad, Lungu whose cadres are terrorizing every one is the best thing that ever happened to Zambia. You need your mental faculties checked my friend. I say again, your hatred of HH is personal because how one chooses to do his politics as an opposition leader…

    • I say again, your hatred of HH is personal because how one chooses to do his politics as an opposition leader can never breed such hate. I mean how does it affect you?? You are not a good person at all Sir. A good person recognises that ordinary people are suffering, people are not getting paid on time and the economy is nosediving because of a lack of leadership. Not a person whose comments must always involve HH who does not run economic policy. Hate is a bad thing dude. That’s why HH himself does not preach the hate your preferred party preaches. Do some ka reflection and say no to aimless hate. Ok bwana?

    • HH does not attend a PF cadre’s funeral, Ndjanje ‘I hate HH!!”
      Lungu does not attend a UPND member’s funeral, Ndanje “I love Lungu”
      HH accepts Kambwili even though Kambwili used to diss HH, Ndanje “I hate HH!!”
      Lungu accepts Antonio Mwanza and GBM even though both repeatedly referred to Lungu as a corrupt thief, Ndanje “I love Lungu”
      See that you are a hypocrite muntu wandi?

    • Where did I say I did not want you to hate him? I just wanted to dispel that bogus reason you gave that’s all. Make you accept that you are just a bitter hater, kwasila.

  3. He is hacked and then suddenly dies of malaria and bp…………………… we are corrupt and rotten to the bone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • But the doctor was hired by Kambwili. His relatives didn’t want postmortem because they knew that it wasn’t that small bump to the head that killed him. I don’t understand why people want things to turn out only the way they want them. It’s finished it’s gone. Find some other way of getting to State House not these lies you have subjected the nation to for the past week.

    • What makes you come to the conclusion that his relatives KNEW that it wasn’t the injury that killed him? Pure speculation.
      LT coverages show signs of poor reporting, this is not all, more will come. Hence, to say the relatives KNEW….is a bit way stretched.

      Let the family mourn their beloved and do not accuse them.

    • Wechikopowe! Bakweba ati no physical trauma, iwe ati hacked.
      Extremely dull individuals.
      Awe mwe.

    • General Kanene I am sure you wouldn’t mind if a person is killed by the PF so long as it gives your Upnd leverage. I’m sure you regret that Mr Kasongo died of natural causes. That’s how desperate you’re for power. You even incite your members to provoke the PF cadres so that someone can be killed to give you political notches.

    • But the coroner was selected by NCD and we expected professional input and examination by the doctor. Am sure the party had a representative during the postmortem

    • Ndanje Khakis, there you go again……if you run out of arguments your only weapon, is accuse others of being UPND. That’s all you know. You can do better and stop that shi.iit.

      We are talking about a family that lost their LOVED one, and you are busy accusing them of things you don’t know and don’t understand, just for you to get some thumbs up on LT. Only hyenas behave that way.
      I have never voted in any of the Zambian elections sh.iit, I don’t even know who is UPND, apart from reading on LT. I have never ever seen neither HH nor ECL. But you have the guts to accuse me to be UPND., its the kaponya way of thinking.

    • Kanene so it’s ok for you to accuse others of being PF and not so for to labeled Upnd? Does one have to be in Manchester to be a supporter of Manchester United? It’s easier for you to call me a Kaponya but offensive for you to be called HHs licker

  4. 1. “The autopsy report also showed that the deceased had viral infections and suffered from Pulmonary Edema which can be caused by viral infections such as the hantavirus and dengue virus or exposure to certain toxins.”
    RECOMMENDATION: All his partner to check their viral status and start treatment.

    “The results of the autopsy report also indicate that Mr Kasongo suffer from alcoholic liver disease with hepatic encephalopathy which is a result of liver failure.”
    COMMENT: Is encephalopathy something to do with brain or head?

    3. Assault: IG Kakoma Kanganga must now conclude his investigations into violent assault and bring the culprits to book (regardless of their status in society… and trib.al or party affiliations …kikikikiki).
    4. Chimbwili, Trib.al Hacks, anything that…

  5. We must all respect the Doctor’s report about Mr Katongo’s death and not What Kambwili or HH thinks because these two always politicise everything in Zambia.MAY MR.KATONGO’S SOUL REST IN PEACE!!!
    But looking at the pictures above,one would 100% agree with GBM who said “HH would eat even faeces if he is told that faeces will take him to state house”.This sound bad but HH’s desperation for plot one shows that.Today HH sees Kambwili as a conveyorbelt to state house just like he considered GBM in 2016!!!This is the same CK who told that JESUS CHRIST would be rejected in Southern via the ballot…kkkkkk…Sadly HH has forgoten this.A leopard is a leopard.CK cannot be trusted.Soon CK will be painting HH black the way GBM is doing now!!!

    • with or without a postimontem BOWMAN must be first be arrested for assault and then the issue of postimontem come latter period.
      Once u are assault some u have to be arrested before

  6. 4. Chimbwili, Trib.al Hacks, anything else that you want to add? Or you are boycotting as per your standard practice of non participation in national issues?

    Just one last matter…..

  7. By the way just one last thing.

    REPORTER to Trib.al Hacks: 1. Your party has been accused of being a trib.al party with the latest evidence being that only the upnd MPs from southern province have boycotted the NDF while the MPs from other provinces are all in attendance except who has excused himself because he has not yet been sworn in.
    2. The electorate in those areas of southern province have demanded their MPs to attend the NDF (Jack Mwiimbu, Gary Nkombo, Cornelius Mweetwa, Belemu etc etc) the NDF.
    3. Your party has been accused and reminded of remaining silent on the beating and chasing away bembas from Namwala and destroying their property after the results of the 2016.
    4. upnd cadre, of no fixed abode, c/o LT, believes that upnd and yourself are trib.als.
    Your comments…

  8. #4.1 Fwebene, my brother you must be a trib.al. You think that trib.alism is a small thing in Zambia? Something which has shattered Trib.al Hacks ambitions for state house is a small thing??
    You gotta be a TRIB.AL, Mr Fwebene!!!

  9. #5 ENOUGH trib.al, it was a private coroner chosen by NDC. Chimbwili himself and his party the bereaved have no comment, what is your role trib.al?

  10. What a way to go ba Kasongo! Everything private exposed, and buried at 19:00 under flood lights kwati ni kucibansa ca mupila. Umusebanya, yet your party NDC and its leader and Trib.al Hacks claim that they came to pay their “last respects”.

    • There’s an audio by Kambwili cataloging how Mr Kasongo was butchered by Lusambo. He appeals kuli ba mayo ba Katanga to do the right thing ie ARREST LUSAMBO. In this era I would have thought a video would have been a better evidence instead of narration by an interested person.

  11. These postmortem results seem inadequate and therefore inconclusive to me. The body and all organs are examined during postmortem and a comment given about each. To present a full picture a clinical history of the patient is given. For instance if a patient had malaria and on his way to the hospital was beaten up. We can cannot just report on the malaria but also need to mention the abrasions and wounds sustained. In this report there is no mention of the deep scalp laceration,there is no mention of the presence or absence of septicaemia (bacterial infection that could have resulted from the wounds).The report mentions Pulmonary Edema and lists a few probable causes but not the commonest cause -heart failure.What was the condition of his heart? Which viral infections specifically did…

    • How so? Did you see the wound? The NDC doctor says there was no trauma etc. Please just go and have another cadre “properly killed ” by PF if you want to use death to get votes. This one has drawn a blank.

    • No trauma mwaice. Do you understand medical terms.
      Tauma in medicine means physical Injury or a serious injury to the body.
      injury, damage, hurt, wound, wounding, sore, bruise, cut, laceration, lesion, abrasion, contusion.

  12. Coronation is not enough in the minds of politicians just soon we shall hear the private a Doc. who carried out the autopsy report of remains of late Kasongo is a PF cadre.
    Then why burying the remains of late Kasongo at 19:00 hrs sure.? Going to graveyard like cult practitioners just because interventions of politics?

    • Not so fast. There a claim for defamation. Thick necked and skull CKinsultor and Akafumba need to be put on defense. A cadre and lawyer are not doctors to ascertain the death of someone. Very serious accusations from the culprit dual. They defamed the Minister and his Office.
      CKinsultor sued Lusamba for a mere slap on one cheek. We expected CKinsultor to turn the other cheek for another smack.

  13. Since when did hypertension start killing so sudden and goes unnoticed through the doctors who discharged????
    Am smelling a stale fish here…

    • Hypertension has taken so many lives, people just move without knowing and just drop dead in the toilet or bathroom.

    • Zinc I am sure if the death of Mr Kasongo was not connected with the PF it was going to be alright for hypertension to have killed him. The report has mentioned other causes not just BP. Oh I forgot that you are looking for a report on death caused by a bump to the head.

  14. Jokes keep getting funnier and funnier!! Welcome to Zambia the real Africa…
    So Bowman and those Cadres insulting Kambwili and his Mother will never see the inside walls if any CID office fir their role in the Violence they caused!!

  15. Ubufi bulaya nokubwela.what next are you going to say ba Kambwili.ALA INSONI E BUNTU.ubufi ba tata muleke.

    • Bowman now must sue the Faintman for defamation. Lies are now the basis of campaign. Tell us what you will do for us and how. If Lungu &Co are stealing we shall catch them after they leave office. Umulandu taubola. So don’t spend time creating stories to impress us.

  16. Quite easy to manipulate Social Media and consequently negatively impact society. The doctor never saw wound photoshopped and beamed on social media. Similarly, voters wonder what the hell is this fuss by Bloomberg, So called Confidential and the masked Unsmiling one.

    Votes come from being real, uplifting lives, giving hope, inspiring people, being affectionate, being humble, allowing colleagues to learn and make mistakes…………. Not being a know it all and demonising genuine efforts of others.

  17. It very ease to alter the autopsy report. My late friend facilitated by manipulating the autopsy report at UTH to rescue his brother from murder case he was facing for murdering wife after a mid-night fight.
    However, the relative of the victim applied Advanced African Technical know-how both my friend and his young brother are deceased (mysterious death)
    Now the late Kasongo MHSRIP I don’t know his height but the one hit him on the head must be taller than him
    To the family members please from now they must workout retaliation using Super Natural Methods to teach others a lesson. The suspect can run mad before the sunset the same day the SNM is applied or the death of Child or himself. So Zambia Police wont demand for investigation or autopsy report.

    • To make it simple for you, if this report is anything to go by, it says no trauma.
      Now even a bruise is trauma enough.
      So no trauma.
      Pepe basa, no trauma.
      No injury.

    • And you didn’t report your friend to relevant authorities? You know that you can be charged for concealing a crime? Please be careful with what you post.

  18. This Autopsy Report sounds Doctored!
    Not surprising because among doctors, we have hard core cadres who will tell lies to protect their own!
    Even the Autopsy report for Vespers raised more questions than answers. The report said almost nothing about the critical area of interest! We saw the wound on Mr Kasongo’s head but no mention of the state of the skull or bleeding within the brain. Anyone can have Malaria as an incidental finding. How did they diagnose High BP at Autopsy? A good Autopsy is coherent not this word salad of an Autopsy! Only God knows!

    • Money and power can manipulate almost anything. An iron bar to the head: conclusion ati Malaria. What???? Yayoll must be crazy

    • @ The Zinc – Absolutely right!
      Reminds me of the Soldiers who were manning the Tomb of Jesus! Having witnessed the resurrection, they were given hush money by the Church leaders of the time. To account for the missing body of Jesus, the Soldiers were instructed to tell a lie that the disciples of Jesus stole the body of Jesus in the night! (Matthew 28:12-15). I am sure our colleagues were under a lot of pressure from the Minister. Just a word of advice to doctors: when you are writing an Autopsy report, make sure you type it to look professional and include important Negatives and Positives! If possible, do imaging scans of the body and take Photos before, during and after the Autopsy. That is what modern medical Jurisprudence demands! Protect yourselves from these politicians! Gone are…

    • Gone are the days when a doctor’s word was final! Doctors are human and therefore prone to error! Some have gone to jail for falsifying medical evidence! Lies have short legs! Only the truth will set you free!

    • Mwine Mushi you are on point. Hypertension diagnosed via autopsy, malaria parasite on peripheral smear on an autopsy necessitated by sudden death following trauma? Our God, are we serious? We refuse to be objective or honest with anything political, no matter how adversely our lack of honesty affects our own people. Also, this article needs an autopsy. There is no way this was written by a qualified, let alone objective journalist.

  19. Zambian circus at its best. From the politicians down to the know-it-all commentators, all are a disgrace. What is the problem pa Zed kanshi? Twasebana!!!

  20. Now back to real issues. Learned. HRC!
    In Zambia, do we have laws governing privacy of dead people?
    Do rights to privacy die when a person dies?
    The autopsy NDC forced reveals a chilling narrative on the life of the victim.
    The family, I gather, refused that the autopsy should not be conducted. CK pushed his lack too far and bulldozed his way into this somewhat humiliating resultant report. They tell you,let sleeping dogs lay, ati no.

  21. Why does Kambwili tell lies? He earlier argued that the man was killed by PF. That facilitated the presence of HH at the funeral. Arrest Kambwili now!

    • Tell that to Dude & co. They really wanted that man to be KILLED not to DIE. Like if our Lord had died an ordinary death it wouldn’t have carried much weight.

  22. I now understand why our politicians evacuate themselves to South Africa even for a Flu attack!
    This Autopsy report is All over! The presence of Malaria parasites in someone from a hyper endemic region does not mean they have Malaria! There are also other causes of Liver Cirrhosis apart from Alcohol! Is that not unprofessional where you appear like you are blaming the dead as having been alcoholic? The Coroner has listed a lot of things but has failed to tell us the Actual Cause of Death! If this was my relative, I would have flown in a Forensic Pathologist from UK at my cost to do a professional job! This Autopsy report leaves much to be desired where the truth is concerned! It’s shameful!

  23. In response to Thorn in a Flesh #20.1 My friend told when he started suffering and experience strange illness .How do you expect me to report to the police logically speaking. Lusambo and his fetuses will one day pay their sins when the tables will be turned upside down.
    Gestapo officers who committed crime in 1943-44 there were later find with the case to answer after 40 years.

  24. Imwe vi wa Bemba simuziwa na wamene amwalila. Vinangu vikuti Katongo, vinangunso vikuti Kasongo! Sha!!! You do not know who has died ndaba? Olo mufuna nawinangu amwalile ka? Koma Bembas are dull bati! Make up your mind a mbuya wanga napapata!!! Meanwhile whoever has passed away RIP koma mwe.

  25. So the Coroner appointed by NDC concluded that the cause of death was not trauma but other issues. But because the Coroners conclusion was not in line with what the small gods had told their supporters, a lot of cadres from UPND and NDC are disputing the results. Even if JESUS had been the coroner these UPND and NDC cadres would still have disputed the results

  26. So what caused the 1000virus to multiply ? Is it alcohol or immunity…or because infection due to the wound?

    • No matter how nice a cover up autopsy results have been done.According to the common sense the death of Kasongo is as a result of wounds he sustained after he was assaulted in Luanshya. But days are numbered the adage says:Uwipaya Nolupanga Nikulupanga eko Akafwa.No matter how much money these culprits will use to cover up, but one day these thugs mascrading as politicians will pay for there sins.

  27. This is scary sh!t right there so this is how powerful PF is hmmmm for an ordinary citizen this has sent chills down my spine so it’s that easy one or two strings and you die for nothing hard lesson right there

  28. Accordingly , the deceased was well and fit before the brutal attack, he was well and hit enough to participate in marathon campains but only succumbed to illness after the brutal assault by bowman….???

    A second autopsy by an independent pathologist will clear lusambo….or not.

  29. The autopsy reads like a getaway clause. Suddenly we are so sophisticated as to come up with a?l these myraid of complications in a shòrt assessment?
    No link to the severe injuries originally suffered?


  31. So he died of malaria, wasn’t he supposed to be admitted in hospital all this while, therefore how could he die of malaria in a hospital where they could have checked his blood? Something is not right here

  32. Why does this government like insulting our intelligence? Mr. Kasongo’s head injuries were very visible for all to see. Defending that which cannot be defended!!

    • When are you going to get it? It’s not the government that announced the cause(s) of his death. NDC hired a PRIVATE coroner who declared an independent verdict. The government had nothing to do with the postmortem. So you wanted this private doctor to tell a lie?

  33. Rip … So the postmoterm clears everything.. and the whole two weeks we been discussing lies. Using our bundles time immortions on nothing but lies from NDC. I have stopped reading their articles.how can a Nation develop when 90% of the discussion are on fake issues.

  34. in 2021, this body should be exhumed and subjected to a professional autopsy by a coroner from south Africa, if at all the coroner fro South Africa will concur with the Zambian Coroner, the case will be closed, but if on the other hand the coroner fro South Africa will come up with a different story, the Zambian Coroner will have to be subjected to a hearing for him to justify his report and the rest will follow accordingly, for now let us temporarily close this case but we shall not forget. Meanwhile the South African sangoma can break the egg.

  35. Politicians must learn to respect professional judgements; the man died of natural causes and not hacked as alleged by Chishimba Kambwili and HH. A medical report should not be massaged to fit the narrative of the opposition parties.

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