People’s Party leader Mike Mulongoti
People’s Party leader Mike Mulongoti

Hundreds of mourners today gathered at the Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Cross church in paying their last respect to late People’s Party leader Mike Mulongoti.The funeral service was attended by a cross section of people who were drawn from the political arena, government, civic leaders, Members of Parliament, family, friends and church members. Mr Mulongoti took ill in December last year and died at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) on Thursday May 2nd, 2019 after a long battle with cancer.

In a speech read on his behalf by Minister of Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili, President Edgar Lungu described the late Mr Mulongoti as a vibrant leader.President Lungu told mourners that Mr Mulongoti served government with devotion, commitment and diligence.He also implored mourners to emulate Mr Mulongoti’s legacy of serving the country with loyalty and hard work. President Lungu said he received the news of Mr Mulongoti’s death with deep sadness and shock. He noted that Zambia has been robbed of a great son, a compatriot and an illustrious politician.

President Lungu implored the family to find solace in the word of God and also urged all well-meaning Zambians to support the Mulongoti family by showing them love during this painful period.

And speaking on behalf of the family, Leslie Mbula described the late Mr Mulongoti as a fearless and courageous man. Mr Mbula stated that Mr Mulongoti was a bold man who believed in the rule of law. He noted that due to his unwavering principles, Mr Mulongoti positively contributed to the country’s political landscape.He also said that the late People’s Party leader will be remembered as a dedicated family men and a loyal father, who freely interacted with everyone.

Meanwhile, Mr Mulongoti’s widow, Betty Mulongoti says the family has been robbed of a loving husband and father. Mrs Mulongoti noted that the late husband was a fountain of wisdom and a source of strength to the family. And People’s Party Secretary General Christopher Lungo has described the late politician as a principled man.

Meanwhile UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema who spoke on behalf of the opposition alliance said the Late Mr Mulongoti had the interest of the Zambian people at heart. Mr Hichilema revealed that Mr Mulongoti was instrumental and played a cardinal role in the forming of the opposition alliance.The UPND leader implored mourners to emulate the life lived by Mr Mulongoti of putting others people’s interests first.

“Anchored our coming together, he was strong inside and outside.” he said.

The late Mike Mulongoti has left behind a wife and ten children.President Lungu accorded him an official funeral.Mr Mulongoti served as Cabinet Minister in the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) government.He served as Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services and Minister of Works and Supply.

President Lungu declared Tuesday, May 7th, 2019 as a day of National Mourning in honour of the late Mr Mulongoti.Among the prominent people who attended the funeral included, Acting Secretary to the Cabinet Patrick Kangwa former Vice President Enoch Kavindele, Former First Lady Maureen Mwanawasa, former First Lady Vera Chiluba, First Deputy Speaker Catherine Namugala and Second Deputy Speaker Mwimba Malama.

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  1. RIp. Why is hh always quick to go to funerals. He has two more to attend to just this week.
    One wonders whether he is truely mourning or just seeking sympathy to gain his political standing.


    • Mulongoti WIN again..
      He proved that Edgar don’t attend funerals. Imagine national mourning, and guess where Edgar is, in game park looking at Elephants with some State House thugs.
      Edgar don’t attend funerals!!!!


  2. Fresher Siwale now he is left alone with LAZY LUNGU’s secrets about his true name…


  3. @Ndanje Khakhis Can you mention one funeral which you think HH should not have attended and why you think so ? Mulongoti was an Opposition Allaince co-leader and Mwachingwele was a key UPND MP. I think he has been very prudent in this respect as any good leader of a big opposition party should be.Let`s be fair.


  4. ECL doesnt attend funerals , he writes powerfull messages and doesnt choose whether the dead is from opposition or ruling party. Dont expect him to shun naional duty to go see elephants for mulongoti, his tribesman enoki kavindele was their so what else do u pipo want?


  5. This guy died coward and a$$ kissing Person. Sorry for your loss I have no respect for thieves or snitches



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