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KBF and Komaki get fresh ultimatum to appear before Provincial disciplinary committee

Headlines KBF and Komaki get fresh ultimatum to appear before Provincial disciplinary committee

Lusaka lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF)
Lusaka lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF)

The Patriotic Front Lusaka Province Acting Executive Committee has given lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube and controversial PF member Julius Komaki up to tomorrow May 10 to appear before the Party’s provincial disciplinary committee.

PF Lusaka Province interim chairperson Paul Moonga says the two have not appeared before the disciplinary committee despite being served with letters.
Mr. Moonga has also warned that the committee will have no option but to take disciplinary action against the duo if they do not avail themselves for hearing.

He says the PF is a democratic party and did not expel the Two but gave them an opportunity to be heard by the disciplinary committee.
Mr. Moonga was speaking to journalist at media briefing in Lusaka today.

And interim PF Lusaka province women Vice Chairlady Charity Banda said the party will not allow any divisive maneuvers among its members.
Ms. Banda said the PF is a peaceful party which believes in unity to further grow the party.

And the Patriotic Front – PF leadership in Southern Province has challenged Mr. Fube, to form his own political party if he feels he is popular.

PF Southern Province Chairperson, Lawrence Evans says the party in the region has already endorsed President Edgar Lungu as its Presidential candidate in the 2021 General Elections.

Mr. Evans says much as it may be appreciated that Mr. Fube helped with the PF constitution, there is no clause that requires President Lungu to hand over the leadership mantle to him.

He says there is no leadership vacuum in the PF and that Mr. Fube is free to leave the party with his supporters.

Mr. Evans says PF does not need individuals that are labeled as game changers of confusion.

And when contacted for a comment, Mr. Fube who is currently attending the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network Conference in Livingstone, said he could not talk about politics because he is in the town in his capacity as the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission-CCPC- Board Chairperson.


  1. PF have no shame..trying very hard to have them thrown out so the LAZY one can stand unchallenged

    • So ECL is going to stand against a frog. Who said my UNIP days are over? This UNIP 2.0.

      Come on guys and gals!!! I don’t know this KBF guy and his counterpart but he looks presidential to me and he thinks he can run this country with me.

      I think I like him … let him stand and if you all have endorsed ECL then defeat him at your convention. As much as I am nostalgic about our UNIP glory days, I ain’t no fun of anyone standing against a frog.

      It’s like we as human beings are equal to frogs otherwise how else can you justify a President of the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise standing against amphibians.

      It’s so funny but we have already heard from ECL saying he doesn’t mind the competition so who the crap is this foo000lish Tonga Bull called Moono advocating for this in…

    • Continued…

      It’s so funny but we have already heard from ECL saying he doesn’t mind the competition so who the crap is this foo000lish Tonga Bull called Moono advocating for this in PF???

      Is he looking forward to be VP??? … he needs to shown the door. Maybe it’s now a Tonga thing not to allow competition of any shape or form.

      Heaven help us all … he needs to be expelled no KBF, defeat him and all others who want to through their hats in the ring at the convention not otherwise.

      Epo mpelele,


    • Look at this gullible chap BR JUNIOR if you really think LAZY LUNGU does mind being challenged then why doesn’t he call off his dogs like Paul Moonga instead of hiding behind them. This is why I liked old man Sata he would have told them where to go BUT your LAZY is a yellow bellied coward.
      Wake up from your folly!!

    • @Gay Gay … Hi, how are you doing, mate???

      Oh my goodness, forgive my inquisition, I forgot your lows. I am inclined to believe ECL who publicly stated he doesn’t mind competition.

      But your Moonga guy heard me saying the road to state house passes through Southern Province in 2021 and he’s kissing up so hard so he can be on the ticket with ECL.

      And yes, part of ECL’s strategy for 2021 should be having a strong running mate from either Southern Province or North Western Province but this Moonga shouldn’t be on the ticket.

      ECL needs somebody young and fresh like that young man Brian Hapunda kid who he can pour his heart into and groom him for the presidency when his term ends.

      Now, there you have it!!! My choice for VP is Brian, recall him from Canada when the time is right…

    • Continued…

      Now, there you have it!!! My choice for VP is Brian, recall him from Canada when the time is right. Kirby Musokotwane was recalled from there, young and fresh when KK made him VP and the rest is history.

      Let’s roll … Epo mpelele,


    • @1.2 meant to say “throw” not through

      Autocorrect drives me crazy most times, sorry about that.

    • JUNIOR you can fiddle with the thumbs up button all you want: I don’t give a monkeys but that doesn’t make you smart…you can recommend your buddies in North America thinking someone would notice your squeaking squealing yapping shrilling etc…you are NOBODY the sooner you realize it the better it will be for your health and your soul. Look where your favourite auntie Maggie has led us to ….did I not tell you? Where is your NATIONAL AIRLINE? Really laughable…sit down and put a sock on it little man!!

    • Am in love with BR Mumba’s contribution how can I meet you. I’d love to talk to you over coffee. You my man.

    • @Gay Gay … what’s with all this urinalysis today. Are you having your usual issues??? You remember how your mum called you a moron growing up???

      She was right … now sit down and keep quiet for a minute. Who told you I am somebody??? I am the least of all bodies and I ain’t even smart anymore.

      The only problem is that as dull as I am, you are way too crypto to even figure me out. Now back to the business of the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise which you are not part of.

      I have been in politics since I was 6 years old. My grand father used to take him with him campaigning in Mwansabombwe where he was MP before you were born.

      We would drive from Kansenshi, Ndola to Mwata Kazembe in 12 hours via Pedicle. Boys, those were glory days in those 4×4 Land Cruisers with the…

    • Continued…

      Boys, those were glory days in those 4×4 Land Cruisers with the Zambian flag flying, I miss being a kid.

      Do you know why KK was the greatest President of all times??? He always balanced his ticket. He had Nalumino Mundia at one time, Mainsa Chona at another, Enock Kavindele another time, etc.

      Do you see how he balanced the One Zambia One Nation mantra??? When he finally realized he was getting old, he pushed for a young blood, Kirby Musokotwane as his potential successor, unfortunately Kirby never got to be president because that was the losing ticket to FTJ/LPM for the MMD.

      It’s time for a Tonga President after ECL and that’s not HH. It’s Brian Hapunda. Brian comes from a strong lineage where his dad was a Member of the Central Committee under UNIP.

      The kid is…

    • Continued…

      The kid is smart and humble, pliable, coachable, affable and electable. Politics is about all those things I listed. To add to my calculus, ECL needs to eat a huge chunk of SP votes and name recognition of the Hapundas is strong in SP.

      Him on the ticket with ECL gives a breathe of fresh air to the election for 2021. Now go and advise your preferred candidate who his next running mate should be.

      Then let’s compare results post election 2021 and let’s see who runs this country between you and me. I guarantee you, you don’t running nothing except your mouth.

      Your mother was right, you are just a moron. Now go hang if you want to and this world won’t miss a bit of you.

      By the way leave Margaret out of this, she is doing a heck of a job. All the other nonsense you…

    • Continued…

      By the way leave my Margaret out of this, she is doing a heck of a job. All the other nonsense you are talking about is useless just like yourself.

      Natotela … Epo mpelele,


    • @Ba Kenny Kasonde Kolala … I will be in Zambia in about a month and half. I would like to have coffee and I will let you know when I am there through this forum.

      Now, be careful … my wife will kill you if she hears you calling her man, yours.

      Kalombo mwane,


    • Shameful “Rhodesian” politics
      The Zimbabwe High Court Ruling which invalidated MDC President Nelson Chamisa as the legitimate opposition leader has opened a can of worms as President Emmerson Mnangagwa and former Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko power debacle in the wake of Robert Mugabe collapse in November 2017 comes into retrospection.
      United Kingdom-based renowned academic lawyer and advisor to the former Premier the late Dr Richard Morgan Tsvangirai, Alex Magaisa, has it that under the Zimbabwean constitution former Robert Mugabe’s deputy; Mphoko, should have taken over as President ahead of President Mnangagwa,  who had been fired for lacking probity.
      “If someone goes to court and argues that Mr Mnangagwa was illegitimately installed as President in November 2017 and that…

    • Continued
      .. in November 2017 and that under Zimbabwe’s Constitution Mr Mphoko should have been the lawful successor in the interim, Justice Mushore might just agree. But I’m NOT going to bet on it!
      “Many did not notice what the coup authors did in November 2017 to create a veneer of legality.  Dubious cases were brought to court;  one of them was to declare that the military’s conduct was constitutional and another to declare that Mnangagwa’s firing as VP had been unconstitutional,” Magaisa wrote on his micro-blog Twitter Thursday morning.
      Magaisa further laid into the judiciary saying the same High Court was skewed by the November 2017 power transition architects, who intelligently sold the nation a dummy in a bid to clear a way for Mnangagwa ahead of Mphoko.
      “In this way, the…

    • Continued
      “In this way, the authors of the coup used the High Court to legally sanitise the coup and incredibly, to reinstate Mnangagwa! This was to pretend that Mnangagwa and Mphoko were at par therefore opening a way for Mnangagwa to succeed Mugabe while elbowing out Mphoko.
      “The capture of referees is probably the most egregious assault on democracy. They bend to the ruler’s will while the rest are under the spell of legitimacy, believing that referees are impartial, fair and deliver legitimate decisions. One has to overcome that naivety,” he added.
      263Chat could not get Zanu PF’s side as party  spokesperson Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo is in South Africa where he is overseeing polls while secretary for administration Obert Mpofu and secretary for legal affairs Munyaradzi Paul…

    • Continued
      … Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana were not available.
      Meanwhile, early Thursday, Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Permanent secretary Nick Mangwana wrote on his micro-blog Twitter distancing President Mnangagwa from court interference charging there is no value for him.
      “The way courts are demonised in Zim is highly contemptible. To even accuse President ED of being involved in a judgement with zero political dividend to him smacks of ludicrous paranoia and conspiracy theories reaching fantasy grade. What value would he derive out of this?” he wrote.
      Chamisa’s MDC has however treated the court ruling as an empty thunderbolt vowing to progress with the party’s fifth elective congress end of this month for the first time without the party founding father, Dr. Tsvangirai…

    • Continued
      Chamisa’s MDC has however treated the court ruling as an empty thunderbolt vowing to progress with the party’s fifth elective congress end of this month for the first time without the party founding father, Dr. Tsvangirai.
      Chamisa, who is heading for the congress uncontested, is on the brink of shaking off legitimate controversies surrounding his ascendancy to power in February 2018 after the death of Tsvangirai, who succumbed to the cancer of the colon battle in South Africa on Valentine’s Day.

    • JUNIOR – Really laughable simpletons like Kenny Kasonde Kolala there might flabbergasted with your phony speeches ..but we know your make-believe rhetoric…you are just a sideshow Bob!!

    • JUNIOR – Really laughable simpletons like Kenny Kasonde Kolala there might flabbergasted with your phony speeches ..but we know your make-believe rhetoric…you are just a sideshow Bob!!

    • No Jay Jay, it’s unpatriotic idyooits like you that are sideshows not BR Mumba. I always enjoy reading his blogs they are always sensible and pragmatic. He is always outwitting you and calling your bluff. Your inferiority complex is evident in all your posts. You must have a really pathetic life, I feel sorry for you. Always belittling others. Like Mumba says, sit down and just shut up!!!

    • @Kenny don’t mind losers like Jay Jay, we are all grown ups and we can tell who the simpletons are on this forum.

      Mumba, your posts are brilliant. I am a fun of yours. Your suggestion of Brian Hapunda makes electable sense as well plus it shows we can groom future leaders. Keep posting, thanks

    • JUNIOR please toss one of your sweets to Luchembe sat over there he deserves one for beating the drum!!


    • Fact is LAZY LUNGU can not debate…just look at his performance in Roan he was wallowing in the dirt with BUFFOON CK and he was knocked out cold even after relying excessively on bribing voters and abusing GRZ resources.

  3. KBF should be allowed to challenge Lungu at the PF convention whenever it will be held. However, to DEMAND that Lungu hands over the leadership mantle to him even before a vote is cast is pure insanity on the part of crooked Fube. And this is the guy who has been suspended by LAZ countless times for stealing clients’ money. Unfortunately he qualifies to stand since the Zambian presidency has been reduced to a circus.

    • But even the one holding the mantle did the same to client’s money and had his licence suspended

  4. When HH is indorsed as the presidential candidate for upnd, the pf cretins jump & condemn upnd as being undemocratic. But here they are, screaming & swearing at anyone who wants to challenge the humble one. Hypocrites

  5. These guys will be expelled at the worst or at least suspended at best. They contributed to creating this monster and now the same is out to finish them.

    • PF does not like anyone who has an Independent mind, just look at how ECL got rid of all Presidential contenders.

  6. I urge KOMAKI AND KBF to be patient, Deputy Minister positions are coming back, you will be appointed Deputy Ministers soon.

  7. If people think Lungu is more popular why they form another party so that they can vote for him? Fube has every right to challenge for the presidency.

  8. There is a clause in the PF Constitution which anyone aspire for presidential position but it is invisible so any visible or normal man trying to stand will not attending the convention or must killed by Holocaust assassin General Lusambo

  9. Southern province chairperson please don’t go that way. Who told you that when you feel like you popular you need to form your own party. What makes you different with these people talking from blues. You’re the ones killing PF and you want to claim that it’s democracy. You just making the opposition stronger by kicking out any one who talks on the happenings in our party. Some of you with less wisdom are best not given the stage.

  10. No wonder we have so many political parties in this country because in established parties, the power belongs to only one individual who is worshipped and praised. Anyone who tries to challenge that person is forced out of the party. Sometimes we laugh at these people who form their own parties as to why they never stayed in the party and fight to change the perceived wrongs. This mentality of calling KBF to leave and form his own party is very retrogressive. How many people will leave PF because they have presidential ambitions? Endorsing does not mean everyone agrees but simply shows the cowardice to challenge each other thought an election within the party.

  11. @jay jay or gay gay as B R Mumba snr has said, you know little to nothing about him. And like him, I will give you a pass. Why not google him if you want to know the truth about because he went to “I-league schools as an investment banker and an economist mist who would let you blink when you get to know him. You have no idea who you are dealing with and your mother was right. Brian Hapuunda who father is Frederick Hapuunda has proved to most of us that he is beyond tribal politics. I would not put it like be B.R. Mumba as the next would be president from the southerners though. Just do a bit of research before you get into the ring with a Liger as a chuahua. Most of us are not as gullible as you assuage. When the PF faulters, we call them out. You kids are an encumbrance to our newly…

  12. Found democracy. By the way, I was born before you were even an incling in your parents thought. Do research because you cast aspersions against people that have been there before and far well qualified than you assume to be. We are not enemies of our country, but we stand for what is right for mother Zambia. Kuja waja, nomba pano ugebe nepa kunye….. Kabotu basa.

    • Ba Mayanda; This hero worshiping mentality makes you no different from the Paul Moongas of this world.

  13. This is worse than the old days ifyabukaya on radio one .The person behind all of this is hiding and lazing about but building mansions in Swaziland.

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