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Zindaba Soko says his accident was unfortunate and regrettable, RTSA says he was within Speed limit

Headlines Zindaba Soko says his accident was unfortunate and regrettable, RTSA says...

RTSA Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Zindaba Soko
RTSA Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Zindaba Soko

Road Transport and Safety Agency Chief Executive Officer Zindaba Soko has described the accident he was involved in on Tuesday this week in Kafue as unfortunate.

Mr. Soko said it was unfortunate and regrettable that it was him involved in an accident in the process of his line of duty to protect and save lives on Zambian roads.

In a statement, Mr. Soko however said he is however grateful that the accident was not severe and no life was lost and has encouraged all road users to be extremely careful on the roads because accidents still happen even when they are trying their best to eliminate them.

On Tuesday this week, Mr. Soko was involved in a road traffic accident in Kafue district.

And RTSA Head of Media Relations Fredrick Mubanga said investigations into the accident have revealed that the crash could have been severe had Mr. Soko been moving at excessive speed.

Mr. Mubanga said according to the expert opinion of accident investigators, the position of the impact of the vehicles was at the centre line of clearly marked road stretch.

He said the Driver of the Mitsubishi Rosa Minibus, ABR 3197, failed to keep to his near side and consequently was hit at the rear right side wheel.

Further, Mr. Mubanga said looking at the extent of damages on the vehicles, point of contact and their respective length, it can be concluded that the vehicles were being driven within a recommended speed limit based on the principle of “the higher the speed, the severe is the damage”.

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    • When we tell you that this PF govt is morally decayed and destroying our nation this is what I mean… Zindaba Soko’s boss is Brian Mushimba remember he was involved in an accident in wee hours of the morning alone on a residential road..he was never breathalyzed, he was never charged…he got away with it now his junior is involved do you think he would act when his boss LAZY LUNGU let him off evn gave him time to rest in RSA luxury hospital.

    • This morooon should just resign or be fired…..no wonder we dont develop because we have a bunch of cretins in very important positions….was this bandit appointed by the President?

    • Next time there is a PSV accident and the Bus operator is given 7 days to respond guess who will be overseeing proceedings this moron Soko. Please do honorable thing and sack this imbecile

    • Sometimes keeping quiet pays. Damage control is making people more angry. Wina ayenda. Payipa pano

    • Foolish why do you always want to justify a wrong. Stop defending a wrong. Just what’s wrong with you people? For once respect the voiceless .

    • This guy should be dropped in national interest if he doesn’t want to resign. He is a disappointment and a let down to our dearest and beloved president and his government.

  1. LT write RTSA (Road Transport and Safety Agency) in full if you don’t know the short form. This mistake keeps coming up in most of your articles concerning the Agency.

  2. Panicking! A lot of us have been involved in car accidents and the earlier you accept that it has happened the better, being RATSA CEO does not make you immune to accidents, ask Mushimba. Tawapukapo mu gate, its also an accident, can you blame the gate. Accept the police charge and move on. Not this rubbish you are trying to tell us.

  3. This is everything that is wrong with our governance…this dull chap Soko should be no where near RATSA offices…And why RTSA Head of Media Relations Fredrick Mubanga getting involved? Suspend this guy to pave way for investigations…

  4. Very funny indeed. Was the charge about speeding or about causing an accident? I thought the police said that Mr Soto was wrong hence charging him with careless driving which could be either at high speed or low speed. When did it become LEGAL to drive slowly in a wrong lane??

    RSTA now playing the spin doctor for their Boss, is this even right? I mean its crazy ,, I mean somebody is injured and could have even died, and them you show up and make a public statement that.. ok that is fine because I was not speeding, Really?

    Looks like the President has to issue another DIRECTIVE to Soko’s BOSS.

    • Even if this guy was caught with half a bottle of whiskey in vehicle …RTSA Media Dept would have been defending him: the right thing to do is put him on suspension..the ministry of transport should have done that BUT then again the Minister of Transport, Brian Mushimba was also involved an accident where he too should have been suspended…no one had been breathalyzed ..he escaped to RSA.

    • Morality doesn’t exist with the elite Zambians …its just for you commoners that’s why they have that pointless Christianity clause.

  5. This guy always looks drunk. I hear he smokes too much chamba. And what’s this nonsense of “the driver of the minibus failed to keep to his near side”? How come traffic police blamed this chamba man and has since been charged? Ukutumpa

  6. Ba Zindaba ( probably a female name)
    Reduce drinking of alcohol.Mushimba and you are known potential drunken local masters.Your friend (Mushimba) almost lost his life on road carnage (Addis ababa drive)luckily he had his dorsal Palmer broken as he was awaiting to obtain his PHD in Engineering.He served his admission to South Africa for good months.

  7. His face says it all; he is a drunkard, like most of our leaders – how can we develop our great nation with all these enjoy-masters at the helm? God bless Zambia!

  8. “Further, Mr. Mubanga said looking at the extent of damages on the vehicles, point of contact and their respective length, it can be concluded that the vehicles were being driven within a recommended speed limit based on the principle of “the higher the speed, the severe is the damage”.”

    All that is needed is an apology. Then his fines or court date. All this is hot air.

    • This is why I laugh at foooooools on here who defend that Christianity clause…its laughable..in Britain this guy would have resigned even the Police got involved

  9. Zambia kuwayawaya zoona,let us just shift to Botswana olo Namibia were morality reigns and not this matakatakas we are seeing around.

  10. What’s wrong with these Mujajati’s and Sokos? They can’t just shut up!
    Absolutely no Public Administration Skills!
    You can’t run public Institutions in an acrimonious manner! Instead of saying sorry and allowing investigations to run their course, you are busy pointing fingers! Why not say I can’t comment as investigations are still on-going?
    Have some self-restraint and self-respect!
    Silence is Golden!

  11. Let’s not practice animal farm in Zambia, this guy can’t be more zambian than anyone else. The law is blind; indeed if records show that the guy was high on either alcohol or ganja let investigations pave way. In kitwe it’s even worse, police officers don’t obey traffic rules. We see these guys seating carelessly on police vannet tail gates, they cut so many corners in traffic; making unlawful u-turns, climbing on road embarkments. In short they committee all sorts of traffic crimes on the road as if these rules do not apply to them.we are all equal before the law. No one is above the law.

  12. You morons screaming with hatred, chill out because an accident is not planned for. I survived a near plane crush at OR international airport enroute to Bristol U.K. Stop making noise always. Been through 2 car accidents because the bitch in black was busy on the phone and the ***** white had just had a bingy sunday night and was rushing for work with a hung over and stench you can smell miles away. Stop being clevery stupid imwe amambala.

  13. Why posting insults . The majority of us who are posting comments were not there . It’s better to keep quiet .Pa road palishupa .

  14. I also wonder why it’s always insult when commenting. So when you insult when you comment,you think us reading will say you are intelligent in your comment? You talk of morality in those in leadership ati they should resign? What of you commenting insults,do you have morals? You should even stop commenting because no morals in your coments.

  15. Did anyone realize that LT was quick to pull out the story of this accident? were you threatened like Care for business staff?

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