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SADC Commends South Africa for conducting a transparent and professional election


The SADC Electoral Observer Mission to the Just ended National and Provincial Elections in South Africa has commended the South African government and its Independent Electoral Commission for conducting a transparent and professional election.

Head of observer mission Joseph Malanji, who is also Zambia’s foreign Affairs Minister says the elections were transparent in the administration of key elements in the electoral process.

Mr. Malanji was speaking in Pretoria when he, together with other international electoral observer missions released their preliminary statements on the 8th May National and Provincial elections.

He said SADC observed that the campaigns and voting periods were conducted in accordance with the constitution, electoral and other relevant laws of the Republic of South Africa

Mr. Malanji commended the people of South Africa for their exemplary conduct, urging them to maintain peace in the post-election period.

However, Mr. Malanji expressed concern with the high number of eligible voters who were not registered to participate in the election.

Mr. Malanji said his observer team was concerned especially that the big number of the unregistered voters were youths.

He recommended to the IEC to improve the continuous voter registration system to ensure that eligible voters were registered.

Mr. Malanji further urged political parties and other electoral stakeholders to ensure that they increased the number of women to elective positions in line with the SADC gender protocols.

President Edger Lungu, in his capacity as SADC chairman on Politics, Defence and Security constituted a 48-man electoral observer mission drawn from 10 SADC member countries.

The personnel were deployed to all the provinces of South Africa to monitor the elections to ensure that they were free, fair and democratic.

This is contained in a statement issued by First Secretary for Press and Public Relations at the at the Zambian High Commission Naomi Nyawali.


    • Professional elections is where thugs don’t fight over a handbag containing election results. Kaizer lost a tag of war to Mwaliteta, fighting over a girl’s handbag with election papers in it.
      Mwaliteta was smeared with aggravated robbery, jailed..
      That was UNPROFESSIONAL elections.

  1. Ubupuba, yesterday they were demonstrating ati we want service delivery, today they retain the same useless corrupt politicians. Tomorrow they will be on the streets ati the foreigners have taken our jobs and we want service delivery. Things in Mzansi will just get worse and worse.
    The ANC govt will take away productive land from white farmers to give to lazy people who are like some lazy Christians sitting in church shouting I receive the Mercedes Benz, while they don’t want to work.
    ANC remember Zimbabwe. From the grain basket of Southern Africa to a drain pit of suffering.

    • You are choking from your vomit. SA democracy is far more advanced than your sh!hole Zambia. Please go and buy a cheap deodorant from Shoprite your armpits are suffocating me.

  2. Kikikikiki …… yes I watched the election from campaign to announcing election results today. Very nice, compared to Zambia. The South Africans are no better than us, I think what helps them to look better at running elections is the absence of trib.als. I remember Hacks tried to teach Maimane some bad manners on election campaigning, they even wanted to sign an MOU for upnd to export some of its trib.als to cause confusion in the south African elections this week. What saved the situation was when Maimane was sent back home. Otherwise the story would have been different now, President Ramaphosa would have been fighting an election petition by Maimane, Hacks style.

    • I doubt if you know and understand how RSA run elections. You can’t compare RSA and backward Zambia interns of running elections. RSA’s IEC runs elections in a more advanced and sophisticated way. Re, tribal Zambia: did you know Cyri Ramaphosa comes from the smallest tribe of less than a million people in a country of more than 57million and South Africans don’t even care. It will never happen in backward/tribalist/unwashed/raw Zambia.

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