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GBM was not made UPND President when HH was in Jail because he fled to South Africa

Columns GBM was not made UPND President when HH was in Jail because...

GBM talking to HH in court
GBM talking to HH in court

By David Zulu.

UPND sources cite reports coming through from former UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, suggesting that the Party appointed Mazabuka MP Gary Nkombo a Tonga as acting President instead of him(GBM) when Hakainde Hichilema was incarcerated on trumped up charges, as total nonsense, awfully and factually incorrect, and a desperate and despicable attempt by a grumpy old politician panhandling for political relevance.

According to the same highly placed sources, it was highly unsual that Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba was strangely left off the hook from the police dragnet when he too was in the HH traffic convoy in exactly the same way as his former boss. They say this alone raises a lot more questions than answers and is a fatal smoking gun conviction of GBM of a matter that largely still remains unresolved, perhaps until now.

They say most people that were in the convoy were interviewed by Police and some arrested save for the former Vice President who they claim it is becoming clear, was part of the consipiracy spearheaded by a former finance minister in collaboration with the PF to ensure Hichilema is permanently removed from the picture, so that GBM becomes leader of the opposition party.

Immediately after the arrest, Mwamba appear to have been given a safe passage to South Africa by the PF and whilst there he refused to issue any statements condemning the arrest of HH.

Zambian residents living in the Johannesburg area arranged a press conference for Mwamba in which it was expected he would denounce the trumped up charges against HH, he agreed but never turned up at the venue of the press conference leaving the organizers, international and local South African journalists in total confusion.

As a result of the strange behaviour by GBM and his suspicious absence from Zambia at a time the Party needed him most, three women stood out and galvanized local and international support in demanding that HH be unconditionally released and also be treated humanely and justly by the Police, prison authorities and government agents.

UPND Chairperson Mutale Nalumango took the helm while Mobilisation Chairperson Sylvia Masebo hastily arranged a consortium of writers and in collaboration with opposition Alliance partners particularly ADD President Charles and PP’s late Mike Mulongoti, a barrage of daily statements were released to inform the World of the unjust and barbaric arrest of Hakainde Hichilema by the PF.

The other woman that took the bull by its horns was Mutinta Hichilema who attended various vigils including church services to pray for the release of her husband. Mutinta released a moving tribute in which she described her husband as a simple villager and cattle herdsman who as a boy treasured roaming the country side a free human being than a prisoner behind bars.

When GBM realised the Party was functioning without his presence and participation, he scrambled for relevance, came out of the woodwork and flew back to Lusaka and begged that statements be drafted for him in support of HH. It was however too late as Zambians generally and UPND supporters realised that the man was not trustworthy, was eating with both hands and had a PF sponsored and sinister agenda against Hichilema.

Insiders believe this was the beginning of the relational crack between HH and GBM coupled by persistent reports that the latter was attempting to secretly create parallel structures around the country.

It is therefore absolutely fake and shameful for GBM to claim that Gary Nkombo was appointed as acting President because instead of himself because of his ethnicity. Such wild and preposterous claims by GBM further degrades him and puts him in the same grade with Bowman Lusambo and below Alex Muliokela who unsurprisingly has a more informed and intelligent perception of politics than the renegade and motor mouthed former UPND Veep.

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  1. UPND is a Tonga cult masquerading as a political party. Hakainde is Tonga, six of his bodyguards who were arrested together with him are all Tonga. His lawyers in the treason case are all Tonga except for one. When he was at Grant Thornton 98% of staff were Tonga, That’s how tribal that under 5 is!!

    • @Danielle Whats wrong with having 98% of tonga staffs if they are competent enough? Actually Grant Thornton’s performance was above board

    • UPND in its current form should never be allowed near Statehouse whatever the circumstances. They can bring serious divisions in the country coz tribalism to them is inborn. Any organization a Tonga heads is always full of Tongas and may be a bit of Lozis. That’s how these Lucifers Children are

    • They’ll say the same things about Kambwili just wait and see. Let Kambwili learn something about this if he is wise. Where is Patrick Chisanga today, Nevers Mumba, GBM…. and the list goes on. HH had a Chance to become vice President under Sata and possibly eventually president after Sata, Nevers had a chance of presidency used Mwanawasa but they blew their Chances. Some opportunity only come once in a life time.

    • I honestly dont understand why this Tonga is an issue. My wife is Tonga and she is far better than any tribes in Zambia. I’ve alot of Tonga friends and they are better than my bemba friends. Shame on all those who have not tested Tonga hospitality. Am proud of the Tsongas and for our uncle GBM am happy he wasn’t put as the President then cause he is not wealth it. He is a let down. Proud of the Tongas and who ever has an issue with them should deal with it personally not through social media.

    • Yea, everybody knows hh is tribal, just like many other tongas. Nevertheless, we have NO OTHER CHOICE but to vote for him

    • Preposterous that we should reading stuff so cooked up by the UPNDEAD.
      Caught naked trying to coverup their tribal nudity. As long as this tribally charged party becomes vividly shroulded in their tribal filth, it’s advantage PF. 2021 won’t be smiling. Who does that.
      GBVM remains more believable than the deads narrative.
      I guarantee you that Zambian is better off with any other President than this bigoted grouping. Like ANC in SA, sorry its PF in Zambia for now until another entirely new party is born.

    • Regardless of whether HH is Tonga or not, he has the plan for the nation of Zambia.
      If only those against can see with their eyes that our elected leaders go for treatment outside our country whilst the electorates have no hope! Because our own medical institutions are not good enough for the leaders you rush to elect.. where are your relatives when they fall I’ll? They die like flies because of your thinking.. so before you call HH trible whatever, look at yourself and see what you are.. be honest with yourself.
      Concerned citizen.

    • Kikikikikikiki! Nibakuwe! Nokwina kwine finshi bengalwisha ba chidumbo mafuta kapompa saladi!

    • Dear all,
      It is absolutely not a sin to be a Tonga or to be a Tonga speaker. It has never been a sin to be a Tonga or to be a Tonga speaker. Equally, it will never be a sin to be a Tonga speaker or to be a Tonga.
      The moment anyone raises eyebrows for the mere fact that a person is problematic on the basis of a Tonga, then such a person affirms that he/she is tribal and is of low intelligence. I honour anybody who values humanity, talent, relevance and competence without playing tribal ‘dirty cards’. GBM rid yourself of illusions wild imaginations. GBM, we expect credence from your mouth not a pack of lies. Bye. Thanks

  2. The country is bleeding the *****s in NDF that is when you are aproving to bring back deputy ministers for what? GBM is the most stupid ***** cadre, when was arrested he went and hide in south Africa , thinking that HH will be jailed for good,so that he can sale the party to PF.Gbm was a senior most in mongu but was not arrested but PF decided to arrest HH and his Juniors leaving GBM.Fat body but small brains.HHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh don’t answer back to a fool .

  3. We busy pointing at each other on tribal lines while now one can still figure out the differences between the Chinese who simply move and work together without xenophobic illiterates that draw tribal lines in society, we might as well bring back the days of Shaka Zulu for some of these Tribal whistle blowers

    • Some jobs are reserved for special people. For example in the Catholic Church there are parts which can only be performed by an ordained priest. So is with the Upnd. You must be from the anointed group to be its president.

    • Ba Ndanje, sounding less intelligent everyday. I always wonder where you disappear to when there is a story about how our economic indicators are a mess but anything to do with HH or UPND tamubulwa tata. Tu intelligence tulashupa to discuss real issues nangu shani?

    • Dude love you just have a problem understanding what I write. You know if I don’t sound intelligent why not just skip what I post. That way you’ll maintain a normal blood pressure.

    • By the Dude love I only comment on subjects that I am able to explain not like you hasn’t any knowledge about the subject but will have something to say. All you do is copy and paste things to show you’re knowledgeable. For your information I have seen the kwacha go mad either way depending on how much the country is making in foreign currency earnings. I’m not like you who sits at the edge of your chair hoping for the kwacha to slip so that you can have something to howl about. If the kwacha gains you say PF is tampering with it. I’ll keep on talking about HH for as long as he aspires to be a president of the country that I belong to.

    • Continues. …the country that I belong to. Besides the topic here is about HH and GBM. So you want me to talk about the economy here.

    • Ndanje, the topic may be about HH and GBM but my comment was that you thrive on these petty topics and are zeeee when it’s about the badness of the economy. So if you do not comment on things you cannot explain like economic indicators which actually impact on the livelihood of a common Zambian, what do you base your maniacal support of PF on? Buildings and roads? Like a typical street cadre only difference is your English is a bit better?

    • Ndanje, I racked my brain, I actually do not remember a time the Kwacha gained under PF because to me anything above the rate PF found it at when they came to power is never a gain and if you did understand economics, you would know that the first time the kwacha breached the K13 barrier a few years back, BOZ was forced to put in what are called ‘MONETARY POLICIES’ which is an artificial way of stabilisng and strengthening the Kwacha as opposed to what are called ‘FISCAL POLICIES’ where the Kwacha is stabilised based on economic roadmaps provided by Govt. Since PF has no economic roadmap, BOZ had to step in. Focus less on petty issues and direct those energies on things that actually matter to the economy. Make use of that brain my friend.

  4. GBM has himself to blame for the situation he in finds himself in politically. Politics is not a game for the emotionally impaired, it requires thinking and not acting based on your feelings. Many politicians would have failed if they let their emotions dictate their behaviour. It is very clear GBM made mistakes in the UPND and he was given a chance to exculpate him but he chose to move on to his ex. Therefore, it is very necessary for him to tame his mouth because we never know what to brings especially that politics has no permanent enemies. I hope GBM as well as other will always remember the Bemba saying ”Mwiponta mukabwela”! I hope one day these politicians will rise above personal agenda and contribute by discussing better policies for the country.

  5. Too little too late by trib.al upnd.

    The basic undeniable fact about upnd is that IT IS a trib.al party through and through, AND THROUGH again.

    What beats me is that the trib.als continue denying what everyone can see. The naked trib.al emperor!!

    • I’m beginning to wonder if you are Amos Chanda, it’s difficult to understand you. Bwana you don’t make sense. Everything you write has tribal in it, is it the only word you know. Very limited vocabulary!

  6. The incarceration of Trib.al Hacks happened in 2006 thereabouts, and IT WAS NOT on trumped up charges, it was Trib.al Hack’s own personal stup.idity arising from a bitter heart that failed to think. I am sure even GBV advised him against doing something stupiod but you know the little dictator, everyone must bow to him.

    If what these trib.al “sources” say is true, how come GBV lasted so long in upnd? In fact the fatso idoit would have been hacked by panga wielding trib.al “youths” and his stomach split open like a pig.


  7. “trumped up charges” the BBC during the interview with Hakainde did not refer to the Mingus issue as trumped up charges because that was real and HH was told in no uncertain terms that he was the one who wanted to kill the head of state. The issue of Veep this Veep that is your own internal matter.

    • HH refused to appologise as a condition to be set free , prefereing a treason trial , all forigne press were invited to watch how zambia was decending into a dictatorship , but lungu backed out.

      HH was released without condition.

    • I hate tribalists.
      It’s a disaster thinking of sending these tribal lunatic grouping to plot 1.
      Do you hear me?

    • And I hate the theives …..I would rather have lungu , the thief I know than his boot licking tribal theives ….

  8. Personally I am tired of this idle talk. It’s taking our time. Each politician is just a job applicant who wants to fill his tummy. The time a politician will forego their salary and continue living on the source they used before assuming office is when I start voting. As of now I don’t trust anyone of these job seekers.

    • You Zambians stop wasting your time on foolish arguments, GBM is not fit for any political position in any form and in any party, period. Don’t be distracted by PF, when you see them up in arms on social media just know they are trying to sneak in something big in the back ground. Don’t lose sight of them. They are now very desparate.

  9. While I agree that GBM does NOT demonstrate attributes of VP or indeed any political leader,his story of how he was tricked to go to S.Africa by Jack Mwiimbu to create room for Gary Nkombo to act sounds more credible than this write up! GBM chronicled how Mwiimbu told him to go to S.Africa to escape possible arrest that would have robbed the party of the President and VP but behind that was a plan to let Gary take the role of decision making in absence of HH! Further,GBM explained how he was being left out of decision making BUT PARADED for convenience and public deception at press briefings.Why hasn’t the author addressed these allegations and comes up with accusations they failed to tell GBM in the face when he was with them?!

    • Correctly observed however UPND sycophants and zealots and enemies of progress are into group think mentality and hence cannot analyse anything as long as their Supreme leader HH of the UPND does not support it

    • Try a different line of drivel from state house , GBM fled to SA on many occasions at the sign of trouble brewing …….

    • Why did GBM abscond from a planned press conference in SA with the press about the arrest of HH ???

      He was told by OP not to attend the planned press conference……every thing was in place to host GBM but he did not turn up

    • Spaka please be sincere. We are not children. I remember when we who are not Upnd accused GBM of cowardice, you vehemently defended him that he had gone for knee operation. Please there’s no shame in admitting a mistake.

    • 12.6 you can deny as much as you you can but the truth still stands. You never told us all theories about the OP or Kampyongo warning GBM during the absence of your VP. You make up stories because he’s deserted you.

    • Ndanji

      People who read LT comments will know I said about GBM fleeing to SA every time after being warned by kapoyongo…..I wrote this just after GBM defected …

      I also wrote GBM is a very uninspiring politician

  10. We know GBM was being tipped off by kapoyongo, infact when ever there was a case of protesters or UPND informing police they will carry out a demonstration or rally and the police refused a permit , GBM always found himself in South Africa , conveniently before the pending trouble.

    We of the thought of school GBM was in constant contact with PF

  11. The law actually does not stop tribal parties. So stop fighting issues that don’t exist. I am Chewa, I can form an all chewa’s party, no issue at, it is still morally, politically and legally VERY OKAY . So don’t put as if it is an offence to form a party of one tribe. Stop it, you spineless chaps. Talk development here and stop this cheap talk

    • Mwape

      It is the Bemba theives of PF who have no answers to demise of the economy who are trying hard to label UPND and HH a tribal party….,these are the same mostly Bemba thieves that have all but messed up Zambia to the tune of $17 billion debt….

    • These are the Bemba thieves trying hard to label UPND tribal who were singing none stop about HH being a privertisation thief only to be told lungu was in the thick of it selling cold storage board of Zambia , now you hardly hear them siging about privertisation

    • Sheep in wrong clothing. Just id your self correctly. You’re Tonga. We can have a Tonga president but not under the UPNDEAD.
      It’s a disaster thinking of sending these tribal lunatic grouping to plot 1.
      Do you read me.

    • Well then you mustn’t hide behind nationalism if you are tribalists. That WaY we will all know your true intentions

    • You can think what you want ,think who I am , I am a proud easterner , kwa madede, chief kalidabwalo….

      What I hate most is dirty tribalists…when I see these sustained tribal attacks on HH and Tongas , I give the tribalists a taiste of their own medicine , let them also feel tribal venom…..

  12. I told you just when GBM defected to PF that kapoyongo was tipping GBM off on impending trouble ……I also told you UPND suspected he was in constant contact with PF security which is in fact OP ……we know what was going on.
    We also know the pororted
    $ 50 million paid to GBM is part of the money he is using on his anti UPND campaigns as per agreement made in SA with Emmanuel Mwamba present….

  13. A good article and well written, never ever liked GBM always knew he was a snake.
    On the other hand love Mr Alex Muloikela, a very insightful man, should be president

    • Sorry, I would rather have lungu , the thief I know , than any of the tribal theiving tribe he has around him licking his boots….

    • That’s what we have now…thieving Bemba lunatics in plot 1…will change once UPND redeems the country.

    • @mwabupo Lungu is not Bemba. Like many Kopalans he can speak Bemba but that doesn’t make him Chitimukulu’s subject . I do speak English but I am not English. I see you don’t know what to throw at the Easterners except tribal talk

    • If a thought can be disasterous, what about actually making that mistake?
      Don’t entertain this tribal grouping near the corridors of power.
      They are like serpents with horns.
      Hopeless lots.

  14. Can’t we please just move on from this GBM/UPND riff. Neither party in this circus will say anything good about the other.

  15. UPND world view is tribal. It has been since formation. A good Tonga will never be a Vice President as long as HH is President, why? Because UPND wants another tribe. They also think a bemba VP is what they need and will bring you Bemba support. Then they got themselves a GBM what a shame. Bembas are cleverer than that – in 2006 so many Bemba parties came up but they still went for ECL. It took Sata some political beating to learn how to convince abena Lubemba. For UPND you are nothing but Bemba or Soli or Kaonde etc. Stop waiting time go for a convention and get a team to win elections. These hand picked VPs based on tribe will never win UPND elections.

    • Better the eastern thief lungu we know , It will be a disaster to bring in a Bemba into plot one while the country is on its knees , we all know what happened when we brought in Chiluba

  16. Tonga women are good leaders but MOST Tonga men are terrible tribalists and are jealousy. Some of us have worked with them and the story of being tribal is very true.If ever Zambians will make a mistake one day to usher into power that party,u will have yourselves to blame.

    • 98 % off all major thefts in GRZ was done by Bembas , it will be the biggest mistake Zambia will make to get a Bemba president while the country is on its knees

      Let’s rather keep lungu maybe he has stolen enough , the thief we know, other wise if we get a Bemba they will steal what ever is left.

  17. Looking at the bemba tribal bigots above , if choosing the next president is based on tribe , many neutrals would rather have lungu.

    With the low caliber of leadership shown by lungu, if he was bemba , the tribalists above would be still supporting him, but because he is easterna , they think they can join and encourage a rebellion against lungu only so they sneak a bemba clans man into plot one…….we have to be very carfull….

    I for one will rather go for lungu …..

  18. Looking at the bemba tribal bigots above , if choosing the next president is based on tribe , many neutrals would rather have lungu.

    With the low caliber of leadership shown by lungu, if he was bemba , the tribalists above would be still supporting him, but because he is easterna , they think they can join and encourage a rebellion against lungu only so they sneak a bemba clans man into plot one…….we have to be very carfull….

    I for one will rather go for lungu …..let’s rally behind lungu if the only alternative is based on tribe……and in 2026 hopefully lungu anoints another easterna

  19. I am a Bemba, brought up by a Tonga family who happened to look after me as one of their own, in fact I can not say the tribal issue ever arose at any time whilst I grew up with them, they educated me, found me my firsts job and were with me till I married. Today that is the family I know, and there has never been mention if any trivial tribal issues, SO WHY THE TRIBAL SEGREGATION ALL OF A SUDDEN!!! Tonga’s are Very Zambian just like all of us, stop this STONE AGE behavior, let us all remain united as Zambian’s, who ever is right for a job regardless of his or her ethnicity should be given the job, PERIOD!!!!

    • There is a tight bemba gang of PF thieves on LT who want to put a bemba as president if not lungu at all costs to avoid being held accountable for the stealing ………if they are not involved now, just be sure they want a bemba president so they also get involved in the stealing …..

    • Spaka nobody wants to put a bemba as president. Just change your strategy. See MMD had a president from Luapula, Central and Eastern Provinces. PF has had a president from Northern Province and Eastern province. Do you see the difference here. Because of your fear of the unknown you want to associate with any Bemba regardless of their character just for a vote. In short you are promoting tribalism by using a bemba to win you the election.

    • Other tribal talks from this repugnant unrepentant tribal grouping go this and remains unretracted.
      “United Party for National Development (UPND) Secretary general Stephen Katuka has complained that there is a problem with learned politicians bearing the surname ‘Banda’ because they have caused upheavals in the party and turned UPND into a laughing stock.”
      Who does that?

    • Ndanji

      It you and your elk fearing the unknown….just because HH is Tonga, you are ruling him out as president ??

      What hypocritical tribalists you are…

    • Spaka once someone said Upnd IS FOR THE TONGAS and IT’S TIME FOR US TO RULE. ..alarm bells started to ring in our heads.

  20. The defense in the article is abhorrent and stinks party tribals. I have a Tonga girl and have nothing agaist her. She is sweet too.
    I hate tribalists and tribalism.
    I detest this tribal party that saw itself from UPND to UPNDEAD.
    Detest means:
    – dislike intensely.
    synonyms: abhor, hate, loathe, despise, abominate, execrate, regard with disgust, feel disgust for, feel repugnance towards, feel distaste for, shrink from, recoil from, shudder at, be unable to bear, be unable to abide, feel hostility to, feel aversion to, feel animosity to, find intolerable, dislike, disdain, have an aversion to; archaicdisrelish.

    • Nooo badala ……we would rather have lungu if the presidency is based on tribe , by the mere classification of…..
      ” born thives ”

      big mistake if remove lungu only to get the unrepentant thieving group who think stealing is being clever…

    • @Thorn in the flesh…bufi ubo!! You cant have a girl who is “Tonga” when you passionately and openly despise people people from the South.

  21. This tribal non sense going on was created by HH …Remember when HH said only Tongas can rule upnd , this has brought a lot of hatred, We never knew any shi-t about tribalism untill a dem.on called HH jointed politics

    • Tribal hatredii ? What do you call satas 100% vote in luapula ???

      Or the tribal attacks on Tongas on air by CK cheered on and encouraged by 98% of bembas ???

  22. Never waste time on this tonga party UPND because it is a well known fact that only a tonga can lead UPND!!!GBM could have not been allowed to lead UPND when HH was in Mukobeko.HH was talking to his inner circle men( Garry Nkombo,Jack Mwiimbu,C.Mweetwa) from jail never to allow GBM as a Veep then to lead UPND!!!But as usual,UPND cannot accept that fact,instead,they have lied about GBM being a planner for the Mongu saga with PF.SURELY THIS IS PURE MADNESS!!!Was it PF or GBM who told HH not to give way to president Edgar Lungu’s motorcade in Mongu or it was due to HH’s arrogancy?After 2016 elections,HH never recognized ECL as our president and he kept on telling bantu botatwe in 3 provinces that ICC will have over power to him soon!!! Kambwili should open up his eyes because nobody would…

    • Indeed we would rather have lungu, the thief we know rather than those bemba thieves who are licking his boots yet conspiring to have a bemba take his place…..

      Zambians have to be carfull with this group who think stealing is being clever..

  23. The only way to teach these bemba supremacist theives that you can not write off some one from the presidency on account of his tribe is to give them back double their tribal attacks …..

    Call a spade a spade, a born thief a thief.

  24. Why has tribalism talk become rife nowadays. We have lived with one another peacefully before. Its normal for one to have inclination to their family or tribe. What is wrong is to promote someone or give a job to someone on family or tribal basis at the expense of better qualified candidates of different tribes or families. By the way by origin Tongas, Namwangas, Mambwes, Lungus and the like are one people. They originate from the Buganda Kingdom. They left the Bunganda kingdom due to a cruel king. Upon reaching the northern part of Zambia the Tongas in search of grazing fields for their animals settled in Southern part of Zambia. People please we are one people. Abash tribalism.

  25. @chibe Some people awe mwe! They are just Bembaphobes! They have an anti Bemba complex. The PF is led by a Nsenga his vice is a Lozi and the cabinet has only two Bemba ministers but all they see is Bemba Bemba everywhere. They see an enemy that is not there. They see what they want to see not the reality. Mwabupo Stop halucinating! That’s why you keep losing because you are fighting an imagination

    • You Bembas and ngonis have run the country into the ground, you all need to be punished. God created many tribes for a reason we can’t be having only easterners and northerners as president, there is a need to break from this norm so we can experience what other tribes have to offer. Abash this voting for only northerners and easterners.

  26. Northerners and Easterners have run the country into the ground and I don’t know why citizens keep voting for them. A pure case of insanity, it’s foolishness to call someone in the opposition tribalists when it’s very evident all ministers are bandas or mulengas. We profess to be Christians but hate and will not vote for other tribes, we need to stop this hypocrisy.

  27. GBM (Going Back Mukwiba) This man has become useless. HH even if his Tonga he will have my vote this time. I cannot seat and watch this country been plundered like there is no tomorrow when we have alternatives to choose from.

  28. GBM he is childish he cannot speak or do something about economy ,he only search were there’s money and after consuming he runaway ,very useless manh

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